Manischewitz Introduces ‘Gefilte Dogs’ (Oy Vey)

You might as well serve sushi under the July sun, and chrain is basically red wasabi.

Bennett Beats Bibi in Wiki Ratings

In third place is Transport Minister Merav Michaeli.

Brazen Attack of ‘Collaborator’ has Eastern Jerusalem Residents Worried

The victim, a resident of Wadi Joz, was beaten and humiliated on the Temple Mount in broad daylight, and the video was uploaded to social media • “Every one of us could become a target,” says one resident.

Russian Rapper Morgenshtern Appeals Foreign Agent Designation over Ties with Israeli Media Group

His grandfather was Jewish, and even though Morgenshtern is not halakhically Jewish, he has been interested in Judaism and is close to Chabad.

NGO with Links to Terrorism Funded by Meta and Influences Leading Tech Corps

While the organization says it is involved in training and advocacy, research into the organization demonstrates that 7amleh has ties to organizations that are closely linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which makes its “Trusted Partner” status with Meta troubling.

Man Urging ‘Extermination of Anyone that Claims to Be a Democrat,’ Sen. Schumer Included,...

A search of Maiorana’s home yielded a semiautomatic Glock pistol, two magazines of .45-caliber ammunition, parts for a .22-caliber firearm, and extra ammunition.

Ruderman Foundation Website Covers Jewish Communities in 50 US States

The first Jew in present-day Wyoming “seems to have been Joseph Hahn, who arrived during the Gold Rush of 1862.”

Shin Bet Exposes Fictitious Iranian Recruiter on Facebook Named Sara Puppi

According to the Shin Bet, Bitcoins were transferred from the Iranian operator to the Israeli undercover agents.

Security Guard at Columbus Jewish School Arrested for Making Online Antisemitic Threats

According to media reports, Thomas Develin posted a photo of himself holding a gun with the message, “I’m at a Jewish school and about to make it everyone’s problem.”

Watch: Bedouin IDF Soldier Robs Gas Station

The officers found in his vehicle the property he had allegedly robbed.

Watch: Israeli Natural Honey Making without the Bees

By isolating the properties of real honey and producing it without the bees, there are more bees left to pollinate plants to their little hearts’ content.

Would You Like Ukrainian Dressing on Your Salad? ‘Freedom Fries’ Go Eastern-European

There are many foods and consumer products associated with Russia which aren’t really Russian.

TAU Researchers: If You Wish to be Taken Seriously Stop Using Emojis

Employees who use pictures and emojis in emails, Zoom profiles, or even company logos on t-shirts are perceived as less powerful than employees who use words.

Haifa U Expert: Both Russia & Ukraine Disseminate Misinformation, ‘Recycle’ Old Videos

"There were videos ‘borrowed’ from other armies and even Star Wars movies,” says psychological and information warfare expert Dr. Yaniv Levitan.

Research Shows Link Between Media Coverage of Hate Crimes and Frequency of Attacks

“That is something that nobody has talked about or tracked before—that media could actually make a difference in making the world a safer place,” said Daniel Pomerantz, CEO of HonestReporting.

Itamar Ben-Gvir Suing Facebook for ‘Deliberately Harming His Exposure for Political Reasons’

According to Ben Gvir, Facebook lowered the exposure of his publications, imposed various restrictions on his account, and sent a warning message without any details on how he violated its rules.

Zelensky: ‘I Don’t Need A Ride, I Need More Ammunition’

Zelensky is “the kind of leader I’d want to go into combat with.”

Red Sox Dump Minor Leaguer for Racist Attacks on their Jewish Chief Baseball Officer

At 6:10 AM on Saturday, Feb. 26, Netzer tweeted: "Chaim Bloom is a bad actor."

UK Jewish Group that Cursed Out Smotrich Loves Militant Horowitz’s Conversion Therapy Ban

Minister Horowitz dropped the clinical discussion of a weighty issue and switched to the language of religion.

Kuwait Bans ‘Death on the Nile’ Film Starring Israeli Actress Gal Gadot

The decision was made following social media demands to ban the film, according to a Kuwaiti newspaper.

Comedian Jimmy Carr Learns Holocaust Jokes Can Be Career Enders

This is a disturbing step forward of the cancel culture, which no longer destroys comics for their misbehavior, but for the things they say in their acts.

Florida Nazis Out in Force in Orlando with Flags, Swastikas & Salutes

That's all you need to know in terms of background. The rest are tweets that say everything.

TikTok to Offer Easy Access to Holocaust Information

If you receive your information about the world from TikTok – you could do worse than using this resource.

Hebrew U. Poll Finds 53% of Israelis Expect Things to Get Worse for European...

“This survey reveals the urgency of studying the multidimensionality of Israeli-European relation."

Wikipedia Editors Remove Entry on Fallen IDF Soldier

Shmueli’s sister wrote on Facebook after the Wikipedia deletion that “I thought it could not be more painful.”

Meretz MK Who Almost Became IDF Chief Calls Homesh Settlers Untermenschen

Turns out not only right-wingers were repulsed by Golan's blatant antisemitism.

Utah Software Entrepreneur Sacked for Perfect Storm of Antisemitism & Antivaxing

"the Bateman letter is impressive in the sense that he almost got a full antisemitic bingo in four paragraphs."


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