300 Senior Israeli Academics Sign Petition Supporting Judicial Reform

"A comprehensive reform of the justice system is essential due to the constitutional revolution that was led by Prof. Aharon Barak."

Report: Neo-Nazi Elements Flock to Twitter Since Takeover by Elon Musk

The findings indicate that a sea change is taking place on Twitter with respect to the proliferation of extremist antisemitic content.

GW Professor Accused of Antisemitism Deleted her Twitter Account But Twitter Doesn’t Forget

The Title VI complaint made the situation untenable for her, so she deleted the account.

Meta’s Oversight Board Tells Company to Allow ‘Death to Khamenei’ Posts

"In the context of the post, and the broader social, political and linguistic situation in Iran, 'marg bar Khamenei' should be understood as 'down with.' It is a rhetorical, political slogan, not a credible threat," the board wrote.

Ontario College of Psychology Demands ‘Retraining’ for Conservative Pundit Jordan Peterson

Peterson, a psychologist, writes about climate change models, gender-change surgery for minors and potential political vengeance activities.

Rob Desantis Offered ‘Libs of TikTok’ Founder a Place to Stay Following Doxxing

During an interview with Tucker Carlson, the creator of popular conservative Twitter and Instagram accounts revealed that the Florida governor had reached out to her.

Jewish Twitter: Hanukkah Celebrated in Muslim Countries

The Amram Blau group, disciples of the late founder of the Neturai Karta movement, burned an Israeli flag on Hanukkah

Jewish Kentucky State Senator Condemns Anti-Trans Vitriol Surrounding her Son’s Suicide

"The vitriol against trans people is not happening in a vacuum,” the senator said.

TikTok Banned in Jordan

Videos from violent demonstrations and last week’s strike by truck drivers protesting high fuel prices have been flooding TikTok in Jordan.

A Very Twitter Chanukah/Hanukkah

First, an explanation. This morning, I posted to The Jewish Press Online team: “Let's stick with one spelling: Chanukah.” And my colleague Hana Levi...

Campus Watch Founder Daniel Pipes Ascends Temple Mount

Pipes told his host that he had ascended the Mount after the Six-Day War.

StopAntisemitism.org Names Kanye West Antisemite of the Year 2022

Last year, StopAntisemitism.org picked Ben & Jerry's Anuradha Mittal.

Bennett on a Rampage Suing Anyone Who Slandered Him

It’s the kind of apology a journalist posts because otherwise they’ll take away his house and his car.

Ben Shapiro Objects to Twitter’s Banning of Kanye West: He Didn’t Incite Violence

"People who are treating [West] seriously for their own purposes are sick, deviant."

Twitter’s Elon Musk Attacked by ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt

In response, Musk tweeted back a brief request to Greenblatt and the ADL: “Hey stop defaming me!”

Meet Yomm, Largest Social Networking App Exclusively for Jewish Women

The spark of connection on the Yomm website will deepen on the app, inspiring a global community of Jewish women.

Twitter Delays $8 ‘Twitter Blue’ Premium Service Till After Election Day

The move comes as the company begins the arduous process of asking some of the 3,700 workers who were terminated in last Friday’s massive layoff to return to their jobs.

Bedouin Criminals Declare War on Tik Tok against Israeli Crime Lord

News12 cited a Bedouin criminal from the south who said, "We declared war on Amos Lavi and his people."

Update: Following Silence, Adidas Cuts Ties with Kanye West’s over Antisemitism

“It’s been 14 days since Kanye started spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric and adidas has remained quiet."

WhatsApp Was Down, Now It’s Up Again, Phew

This reporter was unable to revive his desktop app, and his smartphone phone app has been functioning only sporadically.

Killing of Terrorist Who Won’t Die Now Set to Music

Warning: the images in these tweets are disturbing and graphic, please avoid them if you are sensitive.

New York’s Largest Jewish Instagram Page Documents Spike in Antisemitic Attacks

Jews of New York representatives have gone out into the city streets to erase hate, such as "Jews suck" written on light posts. But threats against the city's Jews persist daily.

IDF Force Incinerates Terrorist from Squad that Shot at Har Bracha

The terrorist squad used to document its shooting attacks and posted the videos on social networks.

TAU Study Exposes Facebook’s Negative Impact on College Students’ Mental Health

According to the findings, there was a rise in the number of students reporting severe depression and anxiety.

Golan’s ‘Next Political Murder’ Was Leftist Clash with 2 Teenagers

Expect more biased reporting as the country wades closer to November 1, election day.


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