15 Yair Lapid MKs’ Phones Were Hacked

Hadash MK Ofer Cassif’s WhatsApp has also been disconnected.

Elon Musk Threatens to Sue the ADL for Lost Revenue

“Alex Jones doesn't want to #BanTheADL because ‘they're the most pro-Hitler organization I've ever seen.’"

Shameless Anarchists Blood Libel Minister Strook

With our rich experience, we were wondering, is it at all possible that not all of the above is true?

When Did ADL Start Hunting Down Jews?

“ADL has pushed hard for us to shut down accounts like Chaya’s, even though it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, which is their supposed charter!”

White Supremacists Call to Ban the ADL on X (Twitter) while Elon Musk Looks...

X’s owner, Elon Musk, is taking a benign approach to this campaign, and is even considering how to increase the site’s revenues through it.

Nahariya Undertaker Suspended for Grave Dancing, Singing, Cooking & Posting It Online

The disciplinary court ruled that it is hard to believe that this was done by a sane civil servant.

Bar Ilan Research Shows Link between Collecting Streaming Music and Enjoyment

This research opens up exciting new avenues for streaming app developers and music listeners alike.

Did an Israeli Reporter Lie Brazenly to Badmouth Haredim on a Plane? You Be...

What I’m saying is that maybe she didn’t understand what the Haredi man was asking of her?

Watch: Bus Driver Brutally Pushes Haredi Passenger to the Curb

It makes you wonder how many pogroms could have been prevented if people in 1930s Europe had smartphones.

Study Reveals Impact of Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism on Twitter in Real Life

Human rights terms used on Twitter target Israel almost exclusively, perpetuating anti-Zionist narratives that mirror traditional antisemitic tropes.

Jenin, Jenin

Leaving aside the 57-year-long dispute over the liberated-occupied territories, what is the origin of the name Jenin?

This Secular Israeli Is a Fanatic Hater of Torah Judaism the Way Only a...

When Naor Narkis finally gives in to his true urges and starts observing Shabbat and learning Torah out of love, the Heavens will be so happy.

Arab Terror Groups Exploit Social Media to Recruit Minors

The terrorist orgs are brainwashing their children to be cannon fodder via the social networks.

Exposed: Iranian Agents Sowing Discord Online between Right and Left in Israel

The patterns of the new channel, "The Hunters," are identical to those of the "Trial of Traitors" channel that was just shut down.

Twitter Trans Backlash After Elon Musk Runs Banned Video ‘What Is a Woman?’

Walsh discusses the terms "non-binary" and "transgender" with a Maasai tribe in Kenya.

US Supreme Court Rules for Big Tech in Terror Cases

“The victims accuse the social media giants of knowingly providing services to groups like ISIS and Hezbollah.”

Watch Out: Islamic Jihad Hacks Israeli Social Networks

Always be suspicious of links from strangers, even if they list 100 mutual friends.

Watch: Terrorists’ Live Video Tweet Captures their Death

The live feed on Twitter shows two terrorists removing rifles from a stash before they are hit.

Attention @ElonMusk, Twitter Bans Rabbi Yishai Fleisher [Updated]

Fleisher did not write anything particularly outrageous, unless you like Jihadi terrorists.

Twitter Fact-Checks Rashida Tlaib’s Anti-Israel Claims

It was the seventh time Tlaib has called Israel an apartheid state on Twitter.

Smotrich Shares his Woes in the Shadow of Gali Baharav-Miara

The AG not only blocked his plan but also banned him from submitting it to cabinet evaluation.

Ehud Barak Explains his Plan to Take Down Israel’s Elected Government

Barak's regime change strategy involves mobilizing 3.5% of Israelis to force the democratically elected government to “either fall or capitulate.”

300 Senior Israeli Academics Sign Petition Supporting Judicial Reform

"A comprehensive reform of the justice system is essential due to the constitutional revolution that was led by Prof. Aharon Barak."

Report: Neo-Nazi Elements Flock to Twitter Since Takeover by Elon Musk

The findings indicate that a sea change is taking place on Twitter with respect to the proliferation of extremist antisemitic content.

GW Professor Accused of Antisemitism Deleted her Twitter Account But Twitter Doesn’t Forget

The Title VI complaint made the situation untenable for her, so she deleted the account.

Meta’s Oversight Board Tells Company to Allow ‘Death to Khamenei’ Posts

"In the context of the post, and the broader social, political and linguistic situation in Iran, 'marg bar Khamenei' should be understood as 'down with.' It is a rhetorical, political slogan, not a credible threat," the board wrote.


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