Twitter’s Elon Musk Attacked by ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt

In response, Musk tweeted back a brief request to Greenblatt and the ADL: “Hey stop defaming me!”

Meet Yomm, Largest Social Networking App Exclusively for Jewish Women

The spark of connection on the Yomm website will deepen on the app, inspiring a global community of Jewish women.

Twitter Delays $8 ‘Twitter Blue’ Premium Service Till After Election Day

The move comes as the company begins the arduous process of asking some of the 3,700 workers who were terminated in last Friday’s massive layoff to return to their jobs.

Bedouin Criminals Declare War on Tik Tok against Israeli Crime Lord

News12 cited a Bedouin criminal from the south who said, "We declared war on Amos Lavi and his people."

Update: Following Silence, Adidas Cuts Ties with Kanye West’s over Antisemitism

“It’s been 14 days since Kanye started spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric and adidas has remained quiet."

WhatsApp Was Down, Now It’s Up Again, Phew

This reporter was unable to revive his desktop app, and his smartphone phone app has been functioning only sporadically.

Killing of Terrorist Who Won’t Die Now Set to Music

Warning: the images in these tweets are disturbing and graphic, please avoid them if you are sensitive.

New York’s Largest Jewish Instagram Page Documents Spike in Antisemitic Attacks

Jews of New York representatives have gone out into the city streets to erase hate, such as "Jews suck" written on light posts. But threats against the city's Jews persist daily.

IDF Force Incinerates Terrorist from Squad that Shot at Har Bracha

The terrorist squad used to document its shooting attacks and posted the videos on social networks.

TAU Study Exposes Facebook’s Negative Impact on College Students’ Mental Health

According to the findings, there was a rise in the number of students reporting severe depression and anxiety.

Golan’s ‘Next Political Murder’ Was Leftist Clash with 2 Teenagers

Expect more biased reporting as the country wades closer to November 1, election day.

Haredi Combatants Become Pariahs over 14 Seconds of Arab-Edited Video

"These are dangerous weaknesses and laxities that result from a desire to look good even at the cost of abandoning fighters."

Chinese, Anyone? New Video Series Explores American Jews’ Food Choices

“Food is one of the most powerful connectors between people and therefore, it is an ideal vehicle for an initiative that forges warmer ties between Israelis and American Jews.”

Meet Noor Dahri, Kind of a Muslim Tzadik

"This is the great example of Muslims Apartheid in Jerusalem"

Whiplash: Facebook Reverses Permanent Suspension of ‘Libs of TikTok’

Libs of TikTok gave exposure to the "gender-affirming" surgeries at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Meet Emirati Princess Hend bint Faisal Al-Qasimi, Privileged Idiot with Twitter Account

It’s OK, friends, our brave soldiers and pilots do not avoid killing children for fear of bad press.

These US Jews Are Mad as Hell and They’re Not Going to Take It...

I’m simply stunned by the realization that these astute individuals still believe they can fix it.

Gotcha: Smotrich Caught Saying ‘We Must Kill Evet [Liberman]’

Religious Zionism Chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich occasionally comes down with the hoof-in-mouth disease.

R.I. Restaurant Apologizes for Stupid Anne Frank Joke

Perhaps what we need is a new museum to house all the post-Holocaust banalities. It’ll take a really big building.

Italian Israeli Journalist Defines Modern Antisemitism in ‘Jewish Lives Matter’

Nirenstein’s powerful analysis traces the post-Holocaust emergence of a new, virulent, Israel-focused, antisemitism.

Israeli Media Outlet Exposes Lapid’s Plan for Revitalizing 2-State Talks

Yes, Virginia, there is a 2-State solution, and it’s being cultivated behind the scenes by Israel’s latest prime minister.

Bennett’s Neighbors’ Sigh of Relief: The Nightmare Is Over

175 participants of the Ra’anana Facebook forum attacked the user viciously.

Manischewitz Introduces ‘Gefilte Dogs’ (Oy Vey)

You might as well serve sushi under the July sun, and chrain is basically red wasabi.

Bennett Beats Bibi in Wiki Ratings

In third place is Transport Minister Merav Michaeli.

Brazen Attack of ‘Collaborator’ has Eastern Jerusalem Residents Worried

The victim, a resident of Wadi Joz, was beaten and humiliated on the Temple Mount in broad daylight, and the video was uploaded to social media • “Every one of us could become a target,” says one resident.

Russian Rapper Morgenshtern Appeals Foreign Agent Designation over Ties with Israeli Media Group

His grandfather was Jewish, and even though Morgenshtern is not halakhically Jewish, he has been interested in Judaism and is close to Chabad.

NGO with Links to Terrorism Funded by Meta and Influences Leading Tech Corps

While the organization says it is involved in training and advocacy, research into the organization demonstrates that 7amleh has ties to organizations that are closely linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which makes its “Trusted Partner” status with Meta troubling.


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