Biden Tells Youth Culture Interviewer He Is a Zionist Who Did More than Anyone...

Speedy Morman asked why a Muslim or an Arab American would vote for him, given his Zionist status.

Pro-Israel Influencer Yoseph Haddad Banned from YouTube Again

The few pro-Israel accounts need to be defended,” the IDF veteran said.

Facebook and Instagram Update Ban List to Include Posts on ‘Zionists Who Control the...

Meta emphasized that the policy update is designed to combat instances where "Zionist" is used to propagate harmful stereotypes.

Does Meta Have Different Rules for Jews?

“Once again, Meta has shown that it has double standards for the Jewish community, which is facing a global tidal wave of antisemitism.”

‘Doctors Without Borders’ Attacks Israel for Killing Jihad Terrorist with Medical Day Job

Later, the IDF spokesman posted the video of the elimination along with the announcement that "an Air Force aircraft eliminated the terrorist Fadi Jihad Muhammad Alwadia.

Most Popular Video on Arab Social Networks: Jerusalem Day Multitudes at the Kotel

Tthe Arabs understand that the key to Jewish life on God's Little Acre is the Temple Mount. Now it’s time for the Jews to get the message.

Israel-Arab Arrested for Impersonating Soldier, Spreading Fake News of Massacre

Online incitement targeting Arab teens has also been traced back to the Palestinian Authority and local PA Arab clergy.

Israeli ‘Eli Copter’ Joke Taken Seriously By Hamas Morphs Into Fake News

The same people unquestionably parroting Hamas's fake numbers, repeated the Israeli joke, believing it was real.

Singapore Orders Israeli Embassy to Take Down Post for Being Dangerously True

Singapore was not amused, which is what this story is really about.

Pro-Hamas Antisemites Call to Boycott Jewish Actor Cast as James Bond 007

British-Jewish actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 33, has been cast in the role for the next film in the James Bond series.

‘Daily Wire’: Relationship with Candace Owens ‘Ended’

“Good riddance to bad (antisemitic) rubbish,” wrote Arsen Ostrovsky of the International Legal Forum.

Man Banned from Dating Apps after Posting IDF Uniform Pic

Noy Leyb believes antisemitism lies behind Tinder and Hinge dropping him from the platforms.

Herzog, TikTok Execs Discuss Rising Antisemitism on Social Media Platform

Hebrew University social media researcher Tom Divon noted that some content had been removed from the platform, albeit only after an extended period, and some had not been removed at all.

Social Media Monitor Say Denial, Distortion of Oct. 7 Atrocities is Skyrocketing

The 313 antisemitic posts appeared on Facebook, Instagram YouTube and X, reaching nearly 26 million viewers on all platforms, according to the CyberWell organization.

Fake Iranian Social Media Accounts Recruited Israelis For Espionage

These social media channels encourage activities such as hanging signs composed by the Iranians, photographing demonstrators and filling out surveys.

Study: Extremists Migrate to the Less Restrictive Russian Social Network TamTam

Visual and verbal violence is more prevalent on channels espousing jihadist beliefs than extreme right-wing beliefs.

Billionaire Nelson Peltz Resigns from Wiesenthal Center Board over Call to Boycott Ben &...

Since the October 7 massacre, Anuradha Mittal, founder of the progressive think tank Oakland Institute, and the head of the board of directors of...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Attacks Zuckerberg’s Censorship of Pro-Hamas Messages

Come January 5, we should find out just how much worse Facebook and the rest of Meta will have become.

Jewish TikTok Workers Reveal Antisemitism in Workplace, Biased Content

The Chinese-owned social network that has received scrutiny for its anti-Israel propaganda appears to struggle with a bigoted company culture.

ADL Greenblatt’s Support of Musk’s Counter-Antisemitism Plan Prompts Progressive Objections

“Censorship of these phrases will not reduce antisemitism,” said ADL advisory board progressive member Eli Pariser.

Elon Musk: ‘From the River to the Sea’ to Result in Suspension from X...

The question is, how does the platform define "clear calls for extreme violence"?

Meet Ashager Araro, Israel’s Secret Weapon Against Woke Antisemitism

As a Black Jewish Zionist woman, she had many surprises in store for the Western Woke hordes.

TAU International Students Combat Anti-Israel Disinformation

Every post made has been fact-checked through multiple sources.

Israel Releases Images of Dead Babies from October 7 Massacre in Response to Hamas’s...

Isn’t it amazing, though, that every Jewish Holocaust quickly gives rise to Holocaust denial?

Israeli TikTok Influencer Mocks ‘Palestinian’ Rally: ‘From the River to the Sea, Petah Tikvah...

Cohn is obsessed with Petah Tikvah, fondly known in Israel as the "Mother of the Settlements."

Protest Leaders Shocked as Israelis Reject their Extremist Message

Protest leader Shikma Bressler was upset. Some group dared to splash the entire side of a building in Tel Aviv with a gigantic ad...

100 Progressive Jews Boycott Elon Musk, Urge Big Advertisers to Join

Jonathan Greenblatt has managed to elicit the support of his fellow Jewish progressives against the offending X and Elon Musk.

Channel 14 Reporter Exposes Protest Leader’s Tweet to Sink Saudi Invite

Let’s hope the Saudis read her old tweet with great interest.

15 Yair Lapid MKs’ Phones Were Hacked

Hadash MK Ofer Cassif’s WhatsApp has also been disconnected.

Elon Musk Threatens to Sue the ADL for Lost Revenue

“Alex Jones doesn't want to #BanTheADL because ‘they're the most pro-Hitler organization I've ever seen.’"


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