Almost an Apology: A Disgraced Corbyn Regrets Pain Caused by Labour’s Anti-Semitism

"I regret the pain this issue has caused the Jewish community and would wish to do nothing that would exacerbate or prolong it."

Trump Concedes, No He Doesn’t (Blames Loss on Rigged Election)

Trump suffered a major setback on Friday, after nine cases challenging Democratic candidate Joe Biden's win in key swing states had been denied by the courts or dropped by his legal teams.

Israel Notes Wave of Support from Arab Countries on Social Networks following Abraham Accords

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has been flooded with a massive number of messages of love and peace from residents of Arab countries from Morocco to Iraq, Syria to Yemen.

SI Registered Sex‌ Offender Arrested for Threatening Schumer, Vowing to ‘Blow Up’ the FBI

According to prosecutors, Maiorana also used the pseudonym “Proud Patriot Sailor” to post violent messages on, where neo-Nazis go to meet and greet.

AOC Calls on Followers to Pick Dream Cabinet Members: Tlaib Gets Justice, Omar in...

The Democratic party is facing a challenge almost as great as defeating President Donald Trump: defeating the Squad.

Dem Camp Disintegrating as Biden Centrists Exchange Fire with AOC Radicals

AOC "got elected in a district where a ham sandwich with a D carved on it would be elected."

Facebook Uncovers Iranian Operation Supporting anti-Netanyahu Protests in Israel

The platform said a network used fake accounts to develop fictitious personas who purported to be based in Israel and Iraq.

Haifa U. Study Finds Winning Recipe for Fake News: 80% Truth, 20% Lies

"They look for information or sensational details that have some grounding in reality, and then add details that are sometimes true and sometimes not."

Jewish Pro-Trump Groups Accuse Facebook of Censorship Ahead of US Elections

The platform had moved to ban several pro-Trump groups comprised of Russian American Jews, raising questions over the role social-media companies play in the current free exchange of ideas.

Israel Reveals Thousands of Anti-Israel Posts came from Bots, Troll Networks Aiming to Influence...

An investigation conducted by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs (MSA) discovered that at least 21% of posts related to an International Criminal Courts (ICC) investigation against Israel came from fake Twitter accounts - and had 180% greater engagement rates than posts from real users.

Proof Positive Anti-Semitism Is Dangerous

Michael Doran is an American analyst of the international politics of the Middle East and a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute. But his...

March of the Living Launches #LetThereBeLight Global Interfaith Initiative Commemorating Kristallnacht

"Anti-Semitism and racism threaten our society as a whole, they endanger our values ​​and our democracy."

Twitter, Google Decline to be in State Department Event Countering Antisemitism

Facebook and TikTok, however, each sent a senior representative in the same week that Facebook also banned Holocaust denial on its platform.

Twitter Still Blocking NY Post from Tweeting

NYPost: Twitter has refused to unlock The Post’s account unless the news organization deletes tweets about its own reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails.

Twitter CEO Admits Blunt Blocking of NY Post Biden Story Was ‘Unacceptable’

No other news organization has so far verified the Post’s article.

Facebook Bans Posts Denying and Distorting the Holocaust

Responded the Simon Wiesenthal Center: “At a time when the Internet is awash with fake news and technological tools that enable governments and virtually anyone to manipulate information, we welcome Facebook’s change of policy to stand with historic fact and the 6 million Jews murdered by Nazi Germany during World War II.”

After Zoom Deplatforms Terrorist Leila Khaled Event, Facebook and YouTube Follow Suit

In response, San Francisco State University Professor Rabab Abdulhadi posted on social media: “We are not accepting Zoom’s caving in to Zionist and racist pressures. SFSU has an obligation to protect our classes.”

Naftali Bennett: Infectious Dose Determines Severity of Consequent Illness

If 80 percent of Israeli citizens were to wear masks, we would beat Corona in just six weeks.

Zoom Denies Service to SFSU Panel with TWA Hijacker Leila Khaled

Zoom said it was responding to a protest in front of its headquarters of several Jewish organizations led by End Jew Hatred.

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Moving to Nashville

The company employs 75 people, who must decide by Erev Sukkot (that's October 1 to you and me) if they'd like to make the move to Music City or stay in LA and work on their screenplays.

Report: Israeli Courts Secretly Asked Google to Remove Critical Articles Against Judges

A judge who was offended by a critical story about him or her would call Barak Laser and demand that the offending story be gone from Google.

Watch: Ukrainians Attack Arriving Breslov Chassidim in Uman

Last week marked the 79th anniversary of the murder of more than 23 thousand Jews in Ukraine.

Neo Nazi Richard Spencer Disavows Trump, Pledges Allegiance to Biden

There's no telling if all Spencer is going for is an embarrassment to Joe Biden, frustration at President Trump's failure so far to raise his poll numbers, or maybe the guy is just a crazy Nazi.

FBI Tweets Protocols of Elders of Zion, Later Apologizes

The treasure trove of clandestine US anti-Semitism also includes letters received by the legendary FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover on said world domination.

Think Tank: Facebook Algorithm Actively Promotes Holocaust Denial

When one follows public Facebook pages offering Holocaust denial content, Facebook recommends additional, similar content.

Hey, Mark Zuckerberg, There’s No Denying Max Arpels Lezer

Every week, a recorded message from the final generation of Holocaust survivors to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is posted on Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Twitter.

Media Malign Marjorie Taylor Greene after her Win in Georgia’s 14th

Trump said on Twitter. “Marjorie is strong on everything and never gives up - a real WINNER!”

It’s Time to Admit It: Trump Supporters Are Braver

I've been a registered Democrat for many years, and I can tell you without hesitation: I would never put a Joe Biden sticker on a bear.

Hey, Mark Zuckerberg, There’s No Denying Pinchas Gutter

Every day, a recorded message from the final generation of Holocaust survivors to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg will be posted on Facebook.


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