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Sukkos – Hashem Loves You Even More

Human beings are limited in their understanding of Hashem’s efforts in creation. We fail to see that magnificence of each component of creation, each being imbued with a portion of Hashem.

A Hinge Moment of History

It was certainly the weirdest year. It began with a supremely weird decision by the entire world, except China and Sweden, to tank the...

Sukkot: Diamonds In The Dust

Hashem in His anger forced us to take the very long way home, and yet, throughout that difficult journey, His holy presence surrounded us and kept us going.

War on Terror: Not a Bad Record

The last terror attacks by Hezbollah in Western Europe and the seizing of Western hostages took place in the 1980s. Even occasional action taken against Israel comes at the behest of Tehran in the form of state-sponsored terrorism.

The Not So Simple Willow

Even the most literal mind would be hard pressed not to see the unequivocal connection between my grandfather and the willows that he had planted.

‘Israel’s Top 50 Christian allies’

Israel Allies Foundation names the top 50 Christian leaders to contribute to the Jewish state in 2021.

Why Oslo Still Rules

The Oslo paradigm has survived despite the fact that it has been a catastrophe for Israel on every level for 28 years because Israel’s permanent ruling class supports it.

Afghanistan and Its Implications for Israel and the Palestinians

What the Palestinians need is not a new model of “armed struggle” but a reconciliation with the existence of Israel while striving for a sustainable peace settlement that will ensure security, prosperity, and respect for mutual rights.

Seeing G-d Along the Way

How often in life do we immediately assume the worst of a situation, without ever considering that many setbacks are – more often than not – setups for something better.

An Abbreviated History of Anti-Zionism* 

Branding Israel as racist, portrays her as a country that harms civilian populations, oppresses minorities, establishes restrictive immigration laws and religious statutes as part of their ideological raison d’etre. Thus, Israel’s wars, its military response to terror and laws passed by the Knesset are racist.

Why Freedom Is in Serious Jeopardy

Today, the Left is leading a three-pronged assault on liberty:

The Old Peace Treaties vs. the Abraham Accords

Unlike Israel’s earlier peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, the Abraham Accords involved Arab countries that do not border Israel, have never fought it on the battlefield, and are relatively unburdened by the Palestinian question. Accordingly, they were able to implement a “people to people” peace that eluded their predecessors.

The Terrorists’ Escape from Gilboa Prison: A Wake-Up Call for Israeli Society

Recent events, including the escape of six terrorists from Gilboa Prison and the death of Sgt. Barel Hadaria Shmueli, who was shot point blank by a Palestinian terrorist, represent a wake-up call for Israelis who have grown too accustomed to the pursuit of day-to-day quiet as a strategic choice. Whether Israelis recognize it or not, they are in a state of war with their enemies.

The Kotel and the Jews

Yom Kippur, just like the Kotel, should unite all Jews and reflect our highest religious aspirations


Here I offer a different type of list: A smattering of “interesting” Jews to follow in 5782. Interesting in my book means profound, substantive, and making a real contribution to the long-term future of Israel and the Jewish People.

Puppeteers or Puppets in Control in Washington?

It seems there are individuals in Washington wielding enormous power without concerns about what Biden might think or do. If true, it has the makings of a nightmare situation.

Breaking the Will of Terrorists in Israeli Jails Will Lead to the Defeat of...

Israel should make the lives of Palestinian terrorists in its jails miserable, despondent and hopeless.

Is Europe Using Afghanistan as an Excuse for a New Explosion of anti-Americanism?

Rather than criticize the Biden administration for the Kabul debacle, Europeans are reverting to their misplaced contempt for the United States.

Assessing the Twin Disasters of September 2001

The opening shot in the war to break America’s belief in its right to lead, its right to defeat its enemies and its right to be strong was fired in Durban, not New York.

Condemning the Terrorists

Motives may explain, but they do not ever excuse.

J Street’s Atheist Rabbi (sic) Named Harvard’s Chief Chaplain

Where Greg Epstein’s influence may well be felt, I fear, is on Jewish students’ perceptions of Israel, the Holocaust and anti-Semitism.

The True Legacy of 9/11

The enduring image of 9/11 must not be people falling from buildings but of a nation lifting each other up.

The Taliban’s Palestinian Partners: Implications for the Middle East Peace Process

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad see the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan as vindicating their longstanding ideological claims that patience pays off and that “resistance” can defeat the American-led Western alliance and dismantle the State of Israel.

The Goal of Palestinianism

What the supposed quest for Palestinian statehood and social justice is really about.

A Vacation In Sof Hama’arav

Even with the excitement of arriving in California, there was a tinge of sadness. We were not going to be in Yerushalayim. We would have a good vacation, but it is just not Eretz Yisrael.

Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Weeks Away

From the perspective of Iran's mullahs, Biden's desperate efforts to resurrect the nuclear deal manifested his weak leadership and therefore a delectable opportunity for Tehran to buy time, get more concessions, advance its nuclear program and become a nuclear state.

Multiple Political Choices for 5782

Coming off our hot summer, and before settling into the High Holiday season (hopefully without coronavirus lockdowns), take this quiz and calculate the 5782 political future you need to pray about. My answers are at the bottom of the article.

Israel: Still the ‘Strong Horse’

For both the Israelis and the Gulf's Arab monarchies, Iran's Shia regional empire and drive to lead the Muslim world is still justifiably considered an existential threat

When Antisemitic Lunatics Take over the Academic Asylum

The vicious doctrine of "intersectionality," which links different categories of "victims" together and demonizes their purported "oppressors" such as white people, men or those who believe in biological differences between men and women, also targets Zionism and the Jews.


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