The Furor Over Rav Firer

All Rav Firer asked is that the performers at a concert devoted to honoring him and his organization – at which he would be sitting front and center – not include female singers. But as soon as this request became known, an explosion of vitriol ensued

Israel’s Weather Brightens as NY Times

Perhaps a map of ISRAEL would help the NY Times to improve their knowledge of Israel's geography

A Point Of No Return For The Democrats?

The Democratic Party is fast reaching the point where it must either succumb to the new radical leftist positions on Israel or return to its traditional support Israel

Turkey: Erdogan’s Campaign against the West

Mosques, migrants and the military are now Erdogan's new weapons in his threats against the West.

Trump’s Mideast Moves Show Why Israeli Deterrence is Crucial

{Reposted to the author's eponymous website}U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest Mideast decisions cast Israeli airstrikes in Syria and (reportedly) Iraq in a different light....

Pushing Back Against Antisemitic and Anti-Israel Agitation

For Jews everywhere, this has been a depressing year – with antisemitic and anti-Israel activity on the rise. Thankfully, Stephen Harper and others are there to defend Israel.

Israel Agrees to Monitor Foreign Investment

Jerusalem and Beijing have cultivated a flourishing economic relationship in recent years, but that bond is limited by the tension it has engendered with a Washington wary of China’s growing footprint in Israeli strategic assets. In an effort to mitigate this tension, Israel’s security cabinet has decided to establish a mechanism to monitor foreign investment.

Turkey: Hate Speech against Christians and Jews

A Turkish Parliamentarian hinted that the government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has not only failed to do enough to prevent hate speech, but actually has been instrumental in spreading it.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Agitates for Violence in the Gaza Strip

Israel seeks to prevent a powder keg from detonating on the southern border as it prioritizes the more threatening front up north.

The New York Times vs Orthodox Jews

More than a few people were left scratching their heads when The New York Times claimed, “We have been and remain stalwart supporters of Israel.”

U.S.-Israel Security Cooperation Is A Win-Win

The two countries are drawn together by common values and common threats. The bipartisan support for Israel has been a testament to those values, as well as to the practical recognition that the threats require cooperation in intelligence, technology, and security policy.

GOP Presidential Primary Challenger Joe Walsh Vows to be even ‘More Pro-Israel’ than Trump

“I would push for a one-state solution from Jordan to the Mediterranean. The two-state solution is a fallacy. It’s a pipe dream. I would advocate a one-state—an Israeli state—for the entire region,” says former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh, who is throwing his hat into the 2020 presidential ring for the Republican Party.

A Corrupt Resolution’s Damning Consequences

While the House Intelligence Committee negligently fixates on carrying out their coup against the President, what are they missing from the real threats arrayed against our country?

Reflections From A Former Conservative Jew

If you practice nothing, that's all Judaism will mean to you – nothing.

Political leaders: Stand and be Counted

Due to the current impasse in Israel, Trump has been forced to suspend the release of his peace plan. It is highly unlikely that Israel will ever have a more opportune time to pursue a sustainable regional settlement with its neighbors. But alas, this opportunity will be lost if our political leaders cannot get their act together.

25 Reasons You Should Live In Israel

Avraham Avinu made aliyah when only idol worshippers filled the land. He came even though there were no deluxe apartments, no Jewish army, no flourishing yeshivot, no synagogues, and no kosher pizza shops as there are in abundance today.

Why Are We Embracing Tohu Va’vohu?

The first act of creation involved making boundaries. What does this mean? That without boundaries – without distinctions between light and dark, heavens and earth, man and woman – we live in chaos. In tohu va’vohu. We, as a society, have thrown away the very first lines of Bereshit.
Hassan Nasrallah was the first interviewee on Julian Assange's new show on Russian TV.

Israel Did Nothing To Create Hezbollah — But Arafat Did

As Khomeini and his followers took over control of the revolution in Iran, they did the same thing where it had all began, in Lebanon:

It’s Time to Close Down UNRWA

UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, was created in 1949 via UN Resolution 302 (IV) with a short-term mandate. It flouted its original mission and perpetuated rather than alleviated the Palestinians’ status as refugees. It has long since become corrupt and functions essentially as a front group. The UN should close it down, and Palestinian refugees should be integrated into the economic systems of the countries that sheltered them.

Security Tasks Awaiting the Next Israeli PM

The next Israeli government will have to make critical decisions on urgent security challenges stemming from multiple arenas simultaneously. It will also have to waste no time in securing the next defense budget.

Medoff vs. Singer – Felix Frankfurter and the Holocaust

In September, Jewish Press columnist Saul Jay Singer wrote an article on Felix Frankfurter to which Dr. Rafael Medoff took great exception. We decided to let the two of them duke it out in this week’s issue.

Reform’s Rabbi Jacobs, Eretz Yisrael and the Reformatting of Reform Judaism

The Midrash makes it clear that the Bible specifically notes land purchases and transactions, so that nations can never castigate the Jewish people and say, “You are occupying stolen territory.”

The Cyrus Debate Ironically Confirms the Truth of Jewish History in Jerusalem

Some see in the Cyrus Cylinder, housed in the British Museum, as a confirmation of the Bible and its historicity about captive peoples: ”All their people I collected and brought them back to their homes,” (line 32) which could be the confirmation of releasing captive Jews, even if these are not named in the text.

Weaponizing Impeachment Against Political Opponents

Misusing the impeachment power in a partisan manner would pose, in the words of Hamilton, "the greatest danger" to our Constitution.

Pro-Palestinian Student Group, SJP Promotes Antisemitism at US College Conference

Antisemitism is a deadly virus and has now infected many college campuses across the U.S. as a mainstream movement – and is being embraced at a national conference at the University of Minnesota this weekend.

How Could the Turks Not Know Where Baghdadi Was Hiding?

How could Turkish intelligence not know what was going on within shouting distance of its border?

Does Jewish Morality Require Israel to Leave the ‘West Bank’?

Jewish tradition links the Jews’ continued presence in their land with their moral conduct. But nowhere does it require national suicide.

Shoah survivor Hands Israel’s Enemies a Victory on a Silver Platter

One would think a renowned scholar like professor Harold Kasimow would have immediately challenged the heinous lie that Israel practices ethnic cleansing, rather than calling it a “complicated issue.”

Connecticut: Where Ridicule is a Crime

Among the most fundamental First Amendment rights is to ridicule — regardless of the reason. The same is true of holding people or groups up to contempt. Were Connecticut's absurd statute to be upheld — which it will not be — it could be applied to comedians, op-ed writers, politicians, professors and other students.

Democratic Presidential Candidates and US Military Aid to Israel

Three leading Democratic presidential candidates recently threatened to use US military aid to Israel as leverage to force changes in Israeli relations with the Palestinians. Their statements were hypocritical and ignored both the value of military aid to the US military and defense industries and the realities of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The threats should be seen in the wider context of growing antagonism within the Democratic party toward Israel. The next Israeli government will have to address this challenge.


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