A Definition of Antisemitism that Harms Jews

The White House undermines its Strategy to Counter Antisemitism by citing the Nexus definition.

Beat Iran at its own game

As Iran takes advantage of Israel's enemies, Israel should respond by taking advantage of Iran's enemies.

Why Should the Western World Support Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan can play a key role in the effort to curb Iran due to its location right next to the Iranian territory.

Is Hezbollah Preparing for Total War with Israel?

Will Israel face a united front of Iranian proxies?

A True Hero of the Pandemic

Dr. Schiffman often implemented this process while facing great risk and a wall of bureaucracy from political stakeholders and hospital leadership.

At The Foot Of The Mountain

On Shavuos night, look up at the sky. Tilt your head a little and lower your eyelids to half-mast; if you are a seeker of the divine or a hunter of truth, the shadow of the mountain slowly materializes, piercing its way through the inky veil of night.

The Ten Commandments…For Religious Zionists

Jewish history is linear, and our return to Israel was enabled by the heroism of the past generations which preserved Jewish emunah, religion and identity through brutal conditions of exile.

Where Nobody Knows Your Name

Jealousy leads not only to hatred, but, G-d forbid, theft, or worse, targeted against the subject of our envy.

Soros, Antisemitism, and Progressives’ Assault on Language

It is legitimate to criticize the billionaire’s politics and support for anti-Israel groups.

We are the Problem: Biblical Lessons for Israel’s Modern Challenges

During the time of Joshua, the Israelites wanted to conquer the entire land, but lacked military strength. During the time of the Judges, they had the strength, but lacked the will.

75 Years after Independence, Israel Rethinks its Identity

If we succumb once more to division, we will lose the basis of our identity as a nation whose purpose is to serve as a model of cohesion. In consequence, the nation will fall to pieces and the country will disintegrate.

Fusion: The Worldwide Race to Capture the Power of the Sun

The nation that creates a genuine, sustained, fusion reaction will own the future.

 ‘Nakba’ Narrative=Nonsense

It’s a testament to the power of propaganda that so many in the West believe that Israel caused the Palestinian refugee problem.

‘Murdered Like Animals’

The Genocide of Christians in Nigeria Reaches New Heights

Turkish Voters Prefer Erdogan’s Faults over a Return to 1990s

Despite his combative rhetoric, the Turkish leader has managed to strike a delicate balancing act between east and west and between Russia and the US. And above all, he has made sure not to cross any red lines.

Eternity is Jerusalem

Our sages taught us: In remembrance lies the secret of redemption, and just as an individual cannot live without bread, so too the nation cannot survive without Jerusalem. In honor of Jerusalem Day, here are a few cultural waystations in over 3,000 years of memory.



To Believe Or Not To Believe

Orthodox Jews fortunate to believe in Hashem as that higher authority have a bedrock of faith that sustains them through the vagaries of a deviant and duplicitous society. However, as American Jews, that society sadly creeps into the Orthodox world like through osmosis.

Our Lives Come First

The national poet would have dismantled and dismissed the recent demoralizing narratives, the attempt to engage in moralizing at the expense of the justness of our cause in the war against terrorist organizations.

The Palestinians’ Other Jihad Against Israel

Instead of demanding that ICC punish the terrorists -- who are intentionally firing rockets at Israeli civilians -- the PA is asking the court to prosecute Israelis for launching operations to counter terrorism.



Yom Yerushalayim: One Kotel For All

For thousands of years, we were scattered across time, yet we all davened to one common location. Hashem had departed Yerushalayim, but He remained hidden behind the Kotel, listening to our prayers, and patiently awaiting geulah and the reconstruction of history.

Under Rocket Fire, We Become One United Family

As a soldier stationed in Gaza, I had experienced it several times. But as a civilian, with a family, I can tell you, without a doubt, it is an entirely different experience.

Who Wants to Destroy Israel? You Might Be Surprised

It is the first time in Israel's short history that a large-scale movement has been launched using undemocratic means to overthrow a democratically elected government.

Constant Prayer

Kaplan says that in the days when relations with the Arabs were friendlier, there was an Arab store owner near the Kotel whom they would pay before Shabbat and he would bring out drinks for Kiddush.

Why the Deafening Silence from Antisemitism Envoy Deborah Lipstadt?

ZOA Blasts UN “Nakba” Nazi-Like Antisemitic Hate-Fest and Abbas’ Evil Antisemitic UN Speech

Did You Hear The One About The Rabbi And The Singer?

As well known as both Rabbi Rimon and Noa Kirel are in Israel, it’s not surprising they hadn’t heard of each other until they met this week on an airplane.

Mahmoud Abbas: Disaster

Despite his very public antisemitic rantings and incitement against Jews "and "their dirty feet," he falsely claimed at the UN that he was not against Jews.

The Ten Commandments of productive debate

Israeli society is currently wrapped up in a heated debate, one that is missing the key components of dialogue: compassion and understanding.


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