The Soul of Israel: How to Dance in the Field

Is It Safe To Come Out And Be M’sameach?

A wedding invitation? I could feel my heart racing. It felt like getting a jury duty summons.

Five Takeaways from the Jerusalem Flag March

While many of those advocating for the cancellation of the march did so out of a genuine concern for the well-being of Israel, their good intentions were not synonymous with good policy.   

How will Bennett Deal with Bedouin Illegal Negev Land Grabs?

Israelis think of the desert area as its “Wild West,” a place where sovereignty is more honored in the breach, and where concerns center on crime and national security. For the government, the biggest challenge is bringing to heel unregulated Bedouin building on state land.

Finishing the Job: A Welcome Condemnation of Antisemitism

The unending campaign of anti-Semitic demonization of Israel by Rep. Ilhan Omar and her fellow progressives will not stop until Congress takes a zero-tolerance stand.

Israel’s Apartheid State: Arabs, Most Women & National Religious Prime Minister

This is a very unusual alliance of very different ideologies – the very essence of democracy at its finest.

The Baseless Charge that Israel Is an Apartheid State, Again

Advocates of the Israel-apartheid libel hope that their campaign will lead to Israel's eventual replacement with a Palestinian Islamic entity.

Nine ‘FIRSTS’ About Israel’s New Government

The coalition headed by Naftali Bennett includes a spectrum of lawmakers—Orthodox, Arab, female, gay and even Israel’s first deaf Knesset member

What Bennett can Learn from Biden–and Vice Versa

Joe Biden and Naftali Bennett have plenty to learn from one another as they try to keep their ambitious and fragile coalitions together.

What Does Antisemitism Want from the Jewish People?

It’s the indicator of a deeper societal pain. When it rears its ugly head, it almost always extends beyond Jews.

This Government is a Distortion, but Still Deserves a Chance

Despite the dubious nature of this government, a fifth election would have been just as bad and this new government should be given a grace period.

Changing the Focus of Israel Advocacy

Those who advocate for Israel often take a defensive posture in response to endless attacks from advocates for the Palestinians. The debate focuses entirely on Israel’s perceived imperfections. Instead, pro-Israel advocates should take an offensive posture, shifting the focus of debate onto Palestinian behavior and holding Palestinian leaders accountable for their malfeasance.

Yoo Hoo, Patrisse 

“If we don’t step up to end the imperialist project that’s called Israel, we’re doomed,”  proclaimed one of three co-founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors

Break Hamas’ “Gaza-Jerusalem” Equation

Israel must break the “Gaza-Jerusalem” equation that Hamas is trying to establish as a fact. This equation is dangerous to Israel’s security, and Israel...

The Great Unravelling

Israel may soon abandon its diplomatic achievements because Yair Lapid and most of his partners in the new coalition want to erase Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's achievements.

Ten Commandments for the Bennett-Lapid government

Nevertheless, in my opinion there is ample room for the Bennett-Lapid government to set a few things in order, and to make it clear to Israeli friends and adversaries abroad that there is principled continuity in Israeli foreign and defense policy.

Israeli Sovereignty Is Being Tested by Extortion and Threats

Surrendering to Hamas threats and canceling the flag parade in Jerusalem constitutes a grave violation of Israeli sovereignty that will lead to no less serious acts of extortion on the political and security levels.

The Kid At The Back Of The Class

As I got older, those questions that I explored in Israel never went away, and I started researching and compiling answers.

The Orthodox Community Must Lead On Israel

It is also much easier to decry antisemitism than fight back against a pro-Palestinian movement that has become increasingly popular.

Anti-Zionism And The Critical Role Of The Gap Year In Israel

Incredibly, the Spies managed to convince the masses that they were incapable of conquering and settling in the Land.

For American Jews, the honeymoon is over

The anti-Semites are giving us a wake-up call: We can no longer afford to be complacent.

The Muddled Thinking of ‘Antiracism’

The goal of many on the left these days is not clarification but obfuscation, particularly on racial issues.

The Legal War: Hamas’ War Crimes and Israel’s Right to Self-Defense

The deliberate and cynical use by Hamas and Islamic Jihad of their own civilians as human shields, as well as their use of mosques, hospitals, schools, and private houses as weapons storage facilities and firing platforms, are severe war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law.

Why Israel NEEDS the Jerusalem Flag March

It’s true that Hamas views the march as a provocation, but then, Hamas sees the existence of a Jewish state as a provocation. Does that mean we should pack our bags?

The West’s Nauseating “Post-Truth” Over the Gaza War

In the wake of the Israel-Gaza conflict in May, an American author was suspended by Twitter for comparing a Boston Globe cartoon to Nazi propaganda. NY Times writers who, in expressing their sorrow over the fact that “most of the children who died were Arabs,” are in fact admitting that they would be happier if most of the children who died were Israeli Jews.

Amid Questions About Abraham Accords, Israel’s Alliances In Europe Flourish (Daled Amos)

Far from being isolated, Israel has many allies and has formed alliances that have helped to prevent one-sided condemnation of Israel from the European Union.

The OLDEST Hatred Fulminates and Flourishes at 1600

How can Jews blind themselves to official antisemitism?

Fetters on Israel’s Political Passions

A straitjacket “change” coalition would be good for Israeli politics and society. National unity, however temporary and fragile, along with a change of leadership after 15 years, is necessary and worthwhile.

The Price of Friendship with Biden’s Washington

Leaders whose most important goal is maintaining friendly ties with the Biden administration will necessarily be less willing to approve operations that will anger it.

Why are SO many Israelis Angry with Naftali Bennett?

The head of Yamina has made himself an accomplice to what the right sees as the left’s take-down of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu through illegitimate means.

When Scientists Support Hate, Racism and Antisemitism

Always employing the virtuous grandiloquence of “justice” and “rights,” Marxist ideas may be comforting to and mislead those who have not been exposed to them in their crystalline form.


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