The Language of War

The Palestinian Authority declared that President Herzog “broke into the Ibrahimi Mosque and defiled it,” an act tantamount to a “declaration of war.”

When is a Terrorist NOT a Terrorist?

The fact that media outlets and advocacy groups employ essentially the same language is evidence of a mindset—the mindset of partisans who want to present a certain perspective, which they hope will influence public opinion.

Improving Online Discourse Starts with ALL of Us

Let us pause, take a deep breath and remember that flagrant and hurtful language doesn’t get us anywhere.

Israel’s Initial Response To Hamas Rocket Attacks

Did Israel's initial slow response to Hamas' barrage influence cause the international community's to downplay Hamas terror threat?

The Moral Imperative to End China’s Regime

If there is now no reasonable hope for a benign Chinese communism — almost all observers and political leaders once thought the system would evolve in a welcomed direction — then we must not tolerate the regime, which means we have, in the first instance, a moral imperative to cut ties with it.

Urgent Necessity to Find a Refuge: Why Not America?  

Rabbi Stephen S. Wise and other American Jewish leaders did not deem it prudent for the Agudah and the Vaad to pressure the Roosevelt Administration for more than 500 applications, though there was, ostensibly, no limit to the number of individuals eligible under the program. 

Will The Real Jew Please Stand Up

‘When you fight a war, you don't attack it with soldiers alone. You require a navy, air force, marines, special ops with everything in between, each designated with specific tasks and talents necessary to win the war.’ – The Chofetz Chaim

India MUST Target Radical Islamists

In fighting the Islamist terror, India, like Israel, must not expect much from the international community.

Vaccines and Power

The U.S. Constitution is not "waived" due to disease or natural disaster. We must beware of politicians and other officials who seek to exercise power through "mandates" without a single vote or the active exercise of informed consent.

Chanukah Miracles: The Little Dreidel

Step into my library and you see countless reminders that miracles surround us, here, there, and everywhere. No matter where we look, our lives are touched by miracles. Our lives are miracles.

Cyber-attacks on Hospitals are the New Pandemic; What’s the Cure?

With more hackers targeting health care, technology helps safeguard patients and their records from ransomware and other money-making attacks.

The Set-up on ‘Debating Israel and Apartheid’

Members of a four-person panel to speak at a conference sponsored by the American Historical Association essentially hold the same harsh viewpoint towards Israel.

#TefillinAgainstTerror Campaign Tackles Terror and Antisemitism

The campaign was created to shine light through darkness in response to the murder of Eli Kay, South African immigrant to Israel.

Despite Serious $, PA Still Begs

Financial reports released by the Palestinian Authority show that the the PA's income during the first 10 months of 2021, was the highest ever. Curiously, this fact was entirely absent from the report released by the World Bank in preparation for the meeting of the Ad-Hoc Liaison Committee for Palestine – an international meeting during which the PA cries about its financial woes and begs the international community to donate more and more funds. According to the PA’s financial report, the PA net income for the first 10 months of 2021 totaled 11,391,800,000 shekels. This reflected a rise of 1.798 billion shekels in comparison to 2019 and over 3 billion shekels in comparison with 2020. Over the last decade, the PA net income has gradually doubled.

Self Defense In The Jewish Tradition

Lethal force is invoked to protect life, and not property. Everyone who can safely save lives, must do so.

A Lost Tribe and a Lost Holiday

“This Hanukkah will be very special,” says Hanan Singsit, “because we will celebrate it where the Maccabees prevailed. Their victory is now our victory, too.”

Chanukah’s Lesson In Humility

In addition to our passionate dedication to following the Torah as best we can, we must also be self-reflective enough to know that we are not immune from the destructive effects of confirmation bias, which serves to prejudice and distort how we see the world.

Hamas, the Enduring Thorn in Israel’s Side

The reality in Gaza is complex due to the fact that Israel hasn’t truly disengaged from the coastal enclave.

Inspiring Identity: Chanukah And The Year In Israel

When Jews lived in ghettos and were barred from interaction with general society, they could more easily maintain their unique identity. When surrounding societies permitted interaction, assimilation grew.

Strength Is Not In Numbers

One of the seminal lessons of Chanukah is that might does not necessarily, or even usually, make right.

Build Homes, NOT Blockades

Israel's capital will not be bought with countless defenses, fences, and the thwarting of attacks. Security is the means. Life in Zion is the goal.

Hypocrisy Knows No Party Boundaries

One of the most frustrating challenges in the ongoing fight against anti-Semitism is that the hate comes from so many different directions.

Kyle Rittenhouse and the Ticking Racial Clock

Without the rioting, Rittenhouse would have remained anonymous. Instead, he became a symbol of vigilante justice.

The Palestinian Jihad Against Jews

Western donors might wish to consider the 'Judenrein' type of Palestinian anti-Semitism and incitement against Israel and Jews the next time they open their wallets to the PA.

Bennett Blunders Big on Twitter

The Israeli PM’s social-media team blocked a bereaved parent—on the day of Eliyahu Kay’s killing, no less.

A Tale of 2 Cities

The discourse about Israel in Dubai and Ramallah couldn't be more different: cooperation versus confrontation, celebration versus demonization

The Blight that Bennett Brought

It will take a long time to repair the damage that the machinations used to ensconce the current coalition have wrought.

Kyle Rittenhouse is Free – and the Left is Enraged

There isn’t supposed to be justice in America today for those who resist leftists.

Illegal Immigration Spiraling Out of Control: Spotlight: Spain

"Guys, listen, most of you want to emigrate. Follow this plan: we need 40 volunteers. All the Brooklyn guys who book a flight to Turkey will fly over Spain. One of you will activate the GPS and when the plane approaches Spain you will begin to scream and feign an illness..."


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