In America, Corbyn Won

When push came to shove, the British Jewish establishment stood up for the Jews, even at the price of turning its back on progressive intersectional slogans.

The Inspirational Life of Menachem Begin

He was fiercely ideological and partisan, but in times of crisis, he always put the interests of his country ahead of ideology and party.

Ten Lessons Learned After Three Years As Shul President

It’s so much more important to maintain your friendships in the community than to fight to be right on any particular issue at the expense of a relationship.

Welcome to the Party — the HYPOCRITE Party

May he rest in peace. Who will take up the challenge of eviscerating the ridiculous and the hypocritical?

Now The Left Label’s Negev As ‘Occupied Territory’

Labeling a territory ‘occupied’ means saying that it is wrongly and illegally occupied. Calling the Negev ‘occupied’ is a call for Israel to surrender the Negev.

Every Millisecond Matters

As endless and limitless as time may seem in our lives, in truth every single moment counts. T

Let ‘Em Choke on Woke

You think Jews cannot be Jew-haters?

Jews Gaslighting Jews: A Primer

This gaslighting of Jews by other Jews on behalf of the Democratic Party and its progressive causes is in keeping with longstanding Obama-Biden-era practice.

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

A message to Naftali Bennett about his partner Yair Lapid's statement's on antisemitism.

How Do We Treat Our Holy Books?

I’m not sure when I started using a kiss to my prayer book as a sign of more than affection, a sign of love – and gratitude.

American Jews are Signaling their Own Dire Straits

Simply stated, it seems clear that for an enormous number of American Jews, being aligned with the Progressive focus on intersectionality and its approved list of victims and oppressors is more important, far more important, than a willingness to defend one’s own.

Achdut Through Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s Israel Boycott has United MANY Jews

Some issues simply go too far, and Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop selling its ice cream in “Occupied Palestinian Territories” was one of those.

Ben & Jerry’s Joins Long List of Failed Israel Boycotts

Boycott supporters don't really want to isolate just settlements; their goal is the erasure of Israel.

What We Can Do About The Ex-Charedi Crisis And Its Constant Media Focus

I recently discovered that Hollywood doesn’t consider Jews a minority. That’s why we don’t get minority protection.

The Jew Haters in Power Were VERY CAREFULLY Taught 

The “values” leftist Jews and Democrat pols share override their interest in anti-Semitic American professors, violent Jew-hating racist groups like Black Lives Matter, or genocidal mullahs––values like saving the whales, the colossal hoax of global warming, and slaughtering infants in the womb right up to the moment of birth

Abbas Demands Decree of Surrender from Israel

The demands issued by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas show a clear intention to turn the clock back. Israel cannot accept these dictates, which would have been rejected out of hand by Yitzhak Rabin.

The King of Jordan’s Visit to Washington: Implications for Jerusalem

By granting the Jordanian monarch the honor of being the first Arab leader to visit the new president, the US administration is putting wind in Jordan’s sails as it seeks to fend off Saudi claims regarding custodianship of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.

No More Slogans

The inane messaging and feckless leadership behind the ‘No Fear’ campaign shows that mainstream Jewish organizations are running scared and the Antisemites are winning

Ilhan Omar’s Principles: Demanded US Boycott China; Now Fighting for US Cooperation with Regime

Ilhan Omar's reputation for anti-Israel attacks and antisemitism dates back to 2019, when she made her famous accusations that defenders of Israel were guilty of...

NOT All BDS Movements are Created Equal

Why is there no grassroots BDS movement for any other country in the world?

From ‘Peaceful’ Anti-Israel Vilification to Antisemitic Violence

Over the past decade, extremists from the Islamo-Leftist alliance have become increasingly brazen and violent.

Marxist, Extremist Support for Palestinian Terrorism Leads to Jew-Hate Throughout West

For decades, most articles on the Middle East have portrayed Israel in a negative light, not as a democracy under constant threat. Willfully or not, they promote Jew-hate. Hamas is often described as a "Palestinian militant group," almost never as a terrorist organization.

This Tisha B’Av, What Are We Going to Do?

Fast forward 33 years, and society has become even more terrified of quiet unprogrammed moments in our days.

Did Israel Lose the Social Media War over Gaza?

The weapons of this asymmetrical social media warfare are not guns, rockets, and bombs. They are TikTok, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Wikipedia.

ADL Chief’s Disingenuous Epiphany about Left-wing Antisemitism

Lest one was tempted by Jonathan Greenblatt’s recent op-ed to give him credit for doing his job, he made sure to let his leanings come out in the conclusion.

How Palestinian Leaders Are Deceiving Americans

Abbas has no problem telling the Biden administration and members of the Congress what they like to hear (about a peace process with Israel and the so-called two state solution) in order to receive US financial aid.

On Wars and Changing Threats

Israeli society must recognize the intensity of the new threats that surround it and critically assess the conventional wisdom that the era of big threats has passed and Israel need no longer be a “mobilized nation.”

Israel’s Longest-Running Role: Media-Designated Bad Guy

Not even the 1979 peace treaty signed by Israel and Egypt bought better press for Begin, who throughout the negotiations was derided as the stumbling block standing in the way of Anwar Sadat’s noble quest for peace.

Iran is Racing Toward a Nuclear Bomb and the Lapid-Bennett Government is Silent

Netanyahu: Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid have handcuffed Israel to a policy of “no surprises” with the Biden administration and have abandoned the fight for global public opinion.


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