The Games We Play

When it came to other mitzvot, like davening, which were very dear to him, he would pray for twice as long as the average person, constantly criticizing the chazan for moving too quickly.

There Can Be No Ceasefire in Gaza with Hamas in Power

The Israeli people, irrespective of their political differences, will never accept any long-term deal that allows the terrorist masterminds of Hamas to remain in control of Gaza.

DTALE Should Replace DEI

A better way to ensure inclusion would be a different acronym: DTALE – diversity of thought and life experience. This ideology would emphasize the importance of varied perspectives but highlight diversity in its truest form, which is a mosaic of unique personal stories rather than an oppression Olympics.

The Pro-Hamas Fifth Column Intends To Kill People

I was neither shocked nor surprised by the news. It was inevitable from the moment the pro-Hamas fifth column in the United States began its pro-terror campaign. The instant the genocidists took to the streets, it was obvious that behind all the screaming and slogans was nothing more than an inchoate murderous rage.

A Four-Year Revolution

Our soldiers discovered Hamas paraphernalia and munitions in almost every civilian home. Yet, there are many totally innocent people who have been caught in the crossfire of this just and moral war. Such is the horrid legacy of terror. It kills indiscriminately.

The Nuremberg Trials Didn’t Justify All Resistance: Lessons For Pro-Hamas Protesters

The claim that Gaza is occupied is debatable at best. The legal precedent in international law is that occupation requires boots on the ground -- an actual, physical presence in the territory that allows the "occupying" force to exercise control and authority to the exclusion of local government authority. That is clearly not the case in Gaza, where Hamas is in control.

Corrupted from Birth: UNRWA’s Forgotten History

Everyone in UNRWA knew and lied, just as everyone in Gaza knew

Recognizing Palestinian State Renders ALL US Diplomacy Meaningless

Biden's threat to recognize a Palestinian state derives from his personal dislike of Netanyahu

Putin Is Pushing Where There’s Mush

Putin feels unbound--And he should.

Searching for Peace-loving Palestinian Arab Leadership is DELUSIONAL

Only when the Arabs truly understand that the Jews are in Israel to stay can there be a chance for a dialogue. Until then, Israelis are negotiating with themselves and seen by some as "walking like sheep to slaughter."

Holier Than Thou Thinkest

While most of us may not be guilty of heinous, public crimes, aren’t we all guilty of faux pas, bad judgments, slights, even sins? Are all our other efforts and contributions therefore annulled and void?

Qaradaghli and Khojaly Massacres Were Precursors to October 7

"When a woman is raped, the humanity of a human being is severely violated.”

Protect Yourself And Your Family Digitally

We are currently experiencing a technological revolution, and we have not yet begun to understand the ramifications. As much as we have all benefited from these new tools, we also have a grave responsibility to use them for good.

The Red Cross Has Abandoned Israeli Hostages and Its Pretense of Neutrality

When the Red Cross speaks about the Israel-Hamas conflict without mentioning Hamas' attacks, and its president meets with Hamas' leader but does not advocate for Israeli hostages, the message is clear.

Our ‘New’ Color

For a culture which discourages ostentation and flashiness, the attire of the kohen gadol seems aberrant. His glittering clothing clashes with our overall inclination to dress quietly and discreetly.

The First Step In Helping To Free The Hostages

Those of us who wake up to see our children every day cannot fathom the reality people like Rachel and Jon have been subjected to.

How the ‘Settler Violence’ Campaign Works

One of the many distressing aspects of the campaign to criminalize Israeli civilians is that it’s apparently the first target. The next one? The IDF.

How Muslims Transformed Jerusalem into a Sacred City for Islam

Egyptians identify with the Pharaohs and Syrians and Lebanese with the Phoenicians, so the Palestinian Arabs decided to claim to be part of the Jebusites, an extinct tribe who lived in Jerusalem before being conquered by the Jews.

The Situation in the West Bank: Joining an IDF Raid

It would be a mistake to ignore the simmering tensions in the area south of Jerusalem.

And the Winner Is…

(drum-roll, please)— Hamas!

Can Super Bowl Ads Reduce Antisemitism/Increase pro-Israel Sentiment?

Will this be the spark that Gen Z needs to be more open-minded? Did we connect with the right feelings to inspire action?

This Land is WHOSE Land?

Nearly a century after Winston Churchill’s surrender of Palestinian land to the King of Transjordan, the boundaries of the Jewish state remain a continuing source of contention.

Yahya Sinwar Is on the Run

The leaders of Hamas in Gaza, including Sinwar, are currently evading capture, possibly seeking refuge in the Rafah area. It is imperative for the IDF to promptly take control of Rafah to locate him.

Antisemitism Crisis is out of Control

In both Britain and America, politics is becoming increasingly distorted.

‘Why Doesn’t Hamas Go to Hell and Hide There?’: Other Voices from Gaza

One cannot understand why the foreign media is turning a blind eye to the critical voices coming out from the Gaza Strip and Palestinians and Arabs living outside the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave.

Time-Challenged Gazans Must Be Shown A Calendar – Then Nudged Forward

Pretending and hoping, however, that sooner or later the Gazans would come to their senses, look to their children’s futures, put down their slingshots, cease and desist with the tunnel digging, and take advantage of their astoundingly fortuitous location astride the Mediterranean Sea, was a colossal failure.

G-d Dwells Within Us

For reasons that are far beyond our comprehension, G-d wants to be in this world with humanity and wants us to be His partners.

We Know That You Know: Bridging The Gap Between Israelis And The Diaspora

Our common struggle for survival dwarfed every petty difference which, in the past, divided us.


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