Rewiring Our Approach To Smartphones

Ironically, research suggests that most people, even most kids, don’t even like social media.

Why Seinfeld’s Commencement Speech At Duke Was So Special

Seinfeld gave an anti-cliché, speech, the antithesis of almost every other which tells people to follow their dreams or passions.

The Omer: A Mirror Of History And A Roadmap To The Cosmos

Since kabbalah is centered upon the unification of the entire cosmos, it is holistic and integrated. Events and aspects of our own reality which seem unrelated are jointly impacted by upper worlds and are therefore related.

NYC University Enabling and Encouraging Anti-Israel Boycotts and Activities

The purest of Anti-Semitism, a boycott of the Jewish state is being proposed from a major NY university.

Deciding Who Can Speak Is Not Free Speech

Time and again, with dozens of videos as evidence, these campus encampments have not merely been places to advocate for a cause but to limit the advocacy of anyone else’s cause.

US State Dept. to Israel: We have a bridge to sell you-AGAIN

Ex-diplomats never have to deal with the consequences of their bad advice.

The PA’s Return to Gaza: Impractical and Unwanted

Abbas' comments at the summit have further deepened the division within Palestinian society.

10 Challenges Facing the Jewish World

The axiological framework of each era and its repercussions have shown that the Jewish people can never feel safe.

Sunflowers and Bad News

Languishing in blissful ignorance is no longer an option—or of any interest.

Trust Biden On Israel Anymore? Don’t

Don’t threaten us with cutting off aid to give up our principles, Begin said. I’m not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilized history...

Wag The Dog – 2024 Edition

Keen observers such as Alan Dershowitz assert that these protests are being organized from the outside, with Iran, Qatar, and George Soros among the suspects.

Who Needs Hasbara?

Israel’s version of 9/11 was far greater in terms of deaths per population than America’s tragedy. However, it went completely belly up in garnering the anticipated support.

Ignorance Is Bliss

The behavior I witnessed, as commonplace as it has become, is unacceptable. One can protest legally, one can have an opinion – but showing a lack of basic decorum is wrong, no matter what you believe.

At The Intersection Of Jew Hatred

This warped cultural narrative creates the ludicrous scene of gay people supporting Hamas murderers, even though Hamas terrorists would gladly toss them off a roof and drag their bodies through the street. But to people blinded by intersectionality, facts don’t matter.

See the Change; Be the Change!

The Netzach Education Network has been asked by the Ministry of Education to develop an entire curriculum of Civic Studies, customized to include Charedi values, and this will be shared with 74 state-regulated Charedi elementary schools around Israel.

The Real Reason Hamas and Egypt Oppose Israel’s Control of Rafah

The Palestinians actually owe Israel a huge debt of gratitude for finally driving Hamas out of the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing.

The Betrayal of Israel by the US Administration Is Almost Complete

Biden does not appear ever to have issued the slightest threat, warning or ultimatum to the authors of the war: Hamas, Iran or Qatar.

A Historic and Monumental Leadership Failure

May HaShem watch over Kol Achainu Bais Yisrael, bring home the hostages, console the bereaved and clear the path for a speedy and complete end to the war.

The story of US Army Chaplain Oscar M. Lifshutz and the Jewish DPS’ at...

‘Rabbi,’ he said ‘I am a Christian and I feel that I, too, have had a hand in helping to bring the Children of Israel to the Promised Land. I want to tell my children that I helped a people find a homeland.

The UN’s World of the Absurd

A Palestinian "state" in the General Assembly

Take Back the Campus!

Don’t expel just Hamas supporters – expel the neo-Nazi Left.

Helpful Idiots: Jewish Politicians Who Act Against Israel and Don’t Help Jews

In the year 2024, we must heed the words of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, “We were not created in order to teach morals and manners to our enemies.”

Biden Risks American Lives to Protect Hamas

No American should die to protect Hamas or its supporters in Gaza.

Chosen, But for What?

It is up to our rising to the moment, to be proud, practicing, moral, ethical, Torah Jews, to demonstrate we are indeed the chosen people.

Jews Unsafe in New York: From Manhattan to Syracuse

Our greatest nightmares as Jews are coming true. It is happening again.

Love Letter To The Israeli Teachers Of My Youth

Though Israel in the 1980s was a bit primitive in some ways, I was filled with idealism for the orange groves, and Israeli music, the tourist venues and holy sites that I celebrated every Yom Ha’Atzmaut at school. The transition was pretty seamless, in ways, at the time, I took for granted.

Israel’s Newest Security Threat – Is the US Next?

Is the enemy, already inside Israel's gates, also inside the US?

Yom Ha’atzmaut After October 7: How We Should Celebrate This Year

We must not allow our mourning and pain to overshadow the process we are privileged to be part of.


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