The Barring of Eurovision from Jerusalem Is a Win for the BDS Movement

The €28.5 million Eurovision Song Contest, which draws 200 million viewers from 42 countries, might seem to be just a huge pop spectacle, but it is a good deal more. In addition to serving as an entertainment vehicle, it is a powerful mechanism of soft power – a tool that is critically important to the modern State of Israel and particularly to the city of Jerusalem. Europe’s refusal to allow the contest to be held in Jerusalem, in contravention of Eurovision’s own rules, constitutes a victory for the BDS movement.

‘Nakba’ – Infantilizing Arab Aggression

The Arabs will once again mark the “Nakba” day tomorrow. Here are historical facts to shed some light to their Rejectionism and mythical narrative.

Why Do Democrats Honor Al Sharpton?

Sharpton has been rewarded for all his debauchery, intemperance, and bigotry. Despite his notoriety – or possibly because of it – he has become mainstream even among so-called moderate Democrats.

The Double Standard on Killing Jews in California and Israel

Is there really a difference between Hamas or Nazis trying to murder Jewish children?

Eurovision, Valhalla and Baghdad – Must Israelis be Europeans?

Israel sought and was granted admittance into many different European structures, including Eurovision. Yet as Israel matures into a more established country, this association requires scrutiny.

Halt the Delegitimization of Netanyahu

Reasonable disagreements are degenerating into demonization and double standards applied against the prime minister.

Why Pundits Hate Trump’s Peace Deal

The media are infuriated, not only because it’s their default reaction to everything this White House does, but also because Kushner and Greenblatt have managed to keep their work remarkably leak-free.

A (Euro)Vision for the Future

Israel’s cultural image is in dire need of improvement. The Best Countries Index shows that Israel scored a 1.4 out of 10 in terms of cultural influence in 2019. The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), which is scheduled to take place in Tel Aviv in May 2019, allows Israel to enhance its cultural image through civil society initiatives centered around the arts.

Hamas Couldn’t Have Asked For More

In the tweets of Omar and Tlaib, a Hamas spokesman could scarcely have hoped for a more faithful reflection of his own talking points.

Keeping Up the ‘Narrative’

With all the financial, political and emotional capital already invested in the cause of ‘Palestine’, it is vital to keep up a certain ‘narrative’ with which facts must never be allowed to interfere.

In NY Times, Halbfinger’s Narrative Protects Hamas

Again and again, Halbfinger soft-gloves Hamas but pulls no punches with Israel.

A Looming Crisis in the Mideast

What is Kushner's plan? He has avoided the term "two-state solution" and the plan is believed to be more focused on economics than political issues, like where to draw borders or the "right of return." Those two items stalled previous talks.

As Israelis Hid in Bomb Shelters, a DC Synagogue Honored Dead Terrorists

Would Sixth & I hold a ceremony honoring the memories of the 9/11 terrorists? What about the Nazis who died fighting the Allies in World War II? What kind of demons are these rabbis trying to exorcise?

A Memo to Jared

A recent report indicates that President Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner suggested that then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and other policy makers read a January 2018 Wall Street Journal piece regarding the cutoff of American funding for UNRWA, the international agency for Palestinian ‘refugees.’ As authors of the piece referenced in the leak, we are flattered. With the administration’s much discussed peace plan to be announced in June, let us offer some last minute suggestions.

The Strangest War

Netanyahu’s declared limited goal of ‘ensuring the peace and security’ of the south is a problem. The goal should be total victory: A complete and utter defeat of the enemy. Anything less, as the past 15 years have amply proven, will only lead to escalation.

Millennia of Anti-Judaism

The Jewish Ethical monotheistic ideology eventually defeated the ancient cultures: Rome converted to Christianity, and Islam was created. But it only fuled the nations’ need to delegitimize Judaism and to cast blame on the Jews.

The Middle East anti-Peace Movement

One is left wondering how any Arab leader would accept any peace plan with Israel when a mayor is being widely condemned and shamed for being caught on camera in the company of Israelis.

On the Right Side of History

Contrary to all the negative predictions, the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem has been an extraordinary success.

The ONE Thing we Should Try to be on Mother’s Day? Ourselves

As a society, we’ve made remarkable strides for women in the workplace. But in the post-feminist era, we’re still grappling with the fallout from that success: Women have more responsibilities at work and at home than ever before.

US Sanctions on Mullahs are Working

Iran's national currency, the rial, has dropped to historic lows — one US dollar, which equaled approximately 35,000 rials in November of 2017, now buys you nearly 130,000 rials.

Ilhan Omar’s Ignorance and Bigotry on Gaza Rockets

Israel is also celebrating its 71st year of independence. No nation has contributed so much to humankind in so short a period of time. No nation faced with threats compared to those faced by Israel has ever had a better record of human rights, compliance with the rule of law or concern with avoiding civilian casualties. The world should join Israel in celebrating its 71 years of statehood.

Who Won The Weekend Mini-War In Gaza?

the ultimate goal must be to remove Hamas yet Israel still follows the strategic goal of "quiet for quiet" instead of actually restoring deterrence.

Is A Jew Allowed To Vote Democrat In 2020?

The next US presidential election will involve issues of the most basic morality. If halacha is more than a set of intricate social practices how can Torah Jews vote for a candidate who would subsidize abortion-- shefichut damim?

The Cleverest Kind of Lie: Accusing Israel of Future Crimes

One tool of verbal demonization that is extremely difficult for Israel to combat is accusations of crimes it supposedly will commit in the future. These are far more difficult to contest than outright lies about current events. An example of this kind of manipulative lie is a remark in an interview by the outgoing French ambassador to the US, Gérard Araud, in which he said that Israel will officially be an apartheid state in the future.

What if the NY Times Cartoon Depicted a Muslim, a Lesbian, an African American...

For years now, the New York Times op-ed pages have been one-sidedly anti-Israel. Its reporting has often been provably false, and all the errors tend to favor Israel's enemies.


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