Part III: After the Anschluss  

According to Nazi ideology, the unique qualities of every race, except for Jews, were to be respected and the Gypsies, though suffering punitive laws and restrictions were not persecuted as were the Jews-at first.

Death of an Antisemitic Journalist – should we mourn?

Jew-hating Al Jazeera, jpurnalist went out to a live battle scene and met her death. That's the story.

RIGHT Makes Might

Israel Is Right and That Matters More Than Good PR.

The 5 Miracles of Israel

On days when we celebrate the very existence of the Jewish state, we can take a timeout from activism and marvel at the big picture.

The Hardest Choices

I have been blessed to experience, four times over, the moment when the theoretical child that has been growing in your belly looks up at you, blinking, and leans against your heart.

Bedlam and Blood Libels

Look around. Chaos is everywhere, along with declining public confidence in just about everything.

Abortion And Jewish Public Policy

No law can address every situation. Some people will be adversely affected by any law.

The Harvard Crimson Normalizes Campus Antisemitism

It is hard to know whether this benighted editorial suffers more from ignorance or bigotry.

Coalition A Failed Experiment With Deadly Consequences

I had believed there was a lot of value to moving away from the inertia-like force that came to characterize Bibi's tenure.

Jordan and the Temple Mount

Recent enhanced Jordanian activism raises questions about Jordan’s commitments pursuant to the 1994 peace treaty with Israel.

Will NATO Fight?

Can we expect Europeans to fight and die for countries whose histories and modern sense of worth have been roundly denounced and condemned by their own leaders?

Why ‘Harvard Crimson’ BDS Support Demands Attention

Parents have a right to know who is teaching their kids about Israel and to decide if they are comfortable with a particular professor’s perspective.

Recipe for Temple Mount Explosion: Israel and Palestinians in Parallel Worlds

The religious beliefs and core values of Arab and Palestinian nationalism portray the Jews in general, the Zionists in particular, and the settlers all the more, as the ultimate evil.

Biden’s Israel Policy has Made Things Worse .

The Palestinian Authority pays terrorists to slay, but the administration gives them money anyway

Time to Change Israel’s Electoral System

Israelis are used to voting for a party that exactly fits their worldview, but the plurality of parties is the root of all evil.

New Views of Moderation, Resistance and the Holocaust in the Middle East

The real dispute in the Middle East is actually between two axes: an Axis of Moderation and an Axis of Resistance (to moderation, non-violence, normalization and peace).

The Cynical Manipulation and Misleading of Congress by Rep. Ilhan Omar

Her cynical attempt to camouflage this fixation and obsession with Israel by linking it to Ukraine and by couching this in language and terminology that she knows will generate sympathy and wide identification is intended to mislead Congress, the American public and media.

Hamas Scared Out of its Wits

The terror group understands that Ra'am's policy of integration into Israeli society is gaining popularity among Arab Israelis, and that even Palestinians would prefer Israeli citizenship had they had the choice.

Far-Left Rabbis’ Defamatory War Against Pro-Israel Jewish Charities

T’ruah is making common cause with the anti-Israel “Squad” in the U.S. House of Representatives and efforts to persuade the IRS to remove the tax-exemption status from these charities.

Part II: Gypsies: A Danger to Societal Stability

The first time the Gypsies were specifically targeted to be murdered, was when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941

You Say Nakba, We Say You Fled, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

The vast majority of Arab residents left Israel of their own volition. No one forced them out of their homes. They could have stayed. But they didn’t.

Why I Started Davening In A Minyan At Age 50

As a newly minted pillar of the minyan, I wanted to understand what was sparking my desire to disrupt my preference for davening alone. As I started exploring my journey to davening and its uneven trajectory, I looked at my childhood experiences.

Home Is Where The Soul Is

Instead of trying to get them to be religious in America, try and get them to make aliyah.

The Ramadan Escalation in Jerusalem

So, cameras were okay for the Great Mosque of Mecca and for the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. But for some reason, those responsible for security on the Muslim side felt inhibited about authorizing cameras in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. And that was just an invitation to disaster in subsequent years.

The REAL Truth Behind Al Aqsa

Moshe Dayan demanded the Israeli flag at the Temple Mount be lowered, and personally oversaw the meetings with Jordanian religious authorities to ensure they maintained the status quo. But even that didn’t stop the lies.

There is No Such Thing as a Lone Soldier in Israel

In Israel, there is no such thing as a Lone Soldier because the country acts as if it’s one big family.

New Hope For Agunot Or Halachic And Constitutional Problem?

In California, a judge can grant sole custody to one parent who demonstrates that the other parent is engaged in a pattern of behavior that in purpose or effect unreasonably interferes with a person’s free will and personal liberty.

Prospects for Peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan Have Improved: President Aliyev

The speech coincided with Israeli finance minister Avigdor Liberman’s April 24 visit to Azerbaijan.

Days that Define a Nation

In one week, Israel goes from mourning victims of the Holocaust and honoring its fallen soldiers to celebrating the nation they helped create.

Whose Temple Mount?

No one calls the Temple Mount the “Mosque” Mount.


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