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Palestinians, Happiness, and the “Occupation”

In an academic ranking of countries according to happiness level, the “Palestinian Territories” are far from the bottom of the list – something of a surprise, as the never-ending lamentations about the “Israeli occupation” would suggest a different outcome. The real tragedy is Tunisia, which achieved democracy but has not registered expected economic dividends. Its citizens are more discontented than the Palestinians.

Let G-d Handle It

We must allow our limited selves to take a step back, lean into Hashem's presence, and trust that whatever outcome occurs, we can embrace it with Hashem’s help.

Breaking News: Women’s March Dumps Zahra Billoo

Zahra Billoo's tenure as a board member for the national Women's March lasted three days. Three days too long.

The New Anti-Semitism is the Old Anti-Semitism

The battle for the soul of Western Civilization will be won when voices of rational debate and civil discourse join together against ideological extremism on both sides of the aisle.

The Israeli and American Left are ‘Criminalizing Politics’

So says Mark Levin, author of “Unfreedom of the Press,” on the cusp of the second round of national elections in the Jewish state.

The Phantom Of Palestine

Truth is not a tenet of Islam – which perhaps explains how the very basis of the modern battle against Israel can be based on a lie: the lie of “Palestine.”

Israeli Policy Blueprint: How to Annex Judea and Samaria

This generation’s major challenge is, how the Jewish people will achieve full integration of Judea and Samaria (the Biblical Heartland), into the modern State of Israel. Here's how to do it...
Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT"L (left), Rav Yosef Eliyahu Henkin ZT"L

Rabbis Who Care, Rabbis Who Don’t

There is no doubt that the job of rebbe or rav is tough beyond words. Many times, it’s a thankless job. Yet, every rav and rebbe possesses enormous potential to help people by reaching out to the klal. It’s where their greatest strengths lie.

A Perspective on Elections: Why Character Is Overrated

Politicians’ moral and ethical profiles, however, deserve far less attention than they receive.

Bureaucracy Trumps Democracy in Judea and Samaria

Israel’s Civil Administration is protecting and even granting post-facto “legalization” to illegal P.A. structures through the application of a far-reaching, radical interpretation of the law.
Sign prohibiting entry to Israeli vehicles into Area “A.” Photo: IDF

Does Israel Have Rights—and Need—to Assert Sovereign Control over the Jordan Valley?

Accusations of Israeli “land grabs” are attempts to establish in public opinion what is not provable by law: that Israel is illegally occupying Judea and Samaria.

In Face of Growing Iran Threat, Debate Resurfaces over US-Israel Mutual Defense Pact

While the idea isn’t new, it hasn’t really been seriously discussed in while. Proponents say that a narrow defense treaty would add a layer of deterrence to enemy aggression, but critics caution that it could undermine the relationship between the two democracies.

The Jordan Valley Is Waiting for Zionist Action

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Beyond its unquestionable vitality for Israel’s security, the Jordan Valley in its full geographical scope can accommodate millions of Israelis and national infrastructure that cannot be compressed into the coastal plain. If PM Netanyahu’s declaration of sovereignty is not immediately borne out by a surge of building and focused governmental support, it will sputter and die.

Reality Check: Pre-Election

Our strength comes from Middle Israel, from the millions here who know, while maybe not being able to fully articulate it, that Israel is a just, humane and decent society.

It Is Absurd To Blame The West For Muslim “Honor” Crimes

Another honor killing. But this one was different: Ghrayeb's murder has sparked outrage.

The Khazars: Judaism, Trade, and Strategic Vision on the Eurasian Steppes

Harnessing the Eurasian lands has always been difficult. The Khazars, an obscure people from the steppes that converted to Judaism many centuries ago, stand out as an exceptional example of how geography, economy, and religion can be used to advance geopolitical interests.

Boltonism Must not be Allowed to Disappear

In the wake of the national security advisor’s departure, members of the Trump administration have been at pains to stress that there will be no let-up in America’s policy of reimposing sanctions on Iran.

Israel and John Bolton’s Departure

The fact that Netanyahu announced his annexation plan just as Bolton was departing suggests the administration’s positions on Israel are unlikely to change now that one of its allies is gone.

Did We Learn Anything From 9/11?

Wars go on for as long as one side is willing to fight them. The nightmarish reality is that the other side is willing to fight forever. That is a truth too troubling for most people to come to terms with but until we understand that, we will have learned absolutely nothing from September 11, 2001.

Russia Will Likely Collapse from the Inside

Russia is historically prone to internal collapse, as is shown by numerous examples from both the imperial and Soviet periods. The collapse usually takes place as Russia rests on the laurels of recent military victories while internal economic and social troubles grow. History teaches that the best way to deal with Russia is to keep intervention to a minimum and wait for its internal troubles to bring about its collapse.

Wisdom That Transcends Time: Self Esteem and Public Service

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel." — Socrates, "On Personal Service," 469-399 BCE.

An Election Outcome Reflecting the Will of the People

Any suggestion of holding a third election is not an option. Besides, the fact is that, apart from supporters of the Joint Arab List and the haredim, most Israelis will vote holding their noses.

An ‘Enlightened’ Secular Democratic State of the Jews

Freedom of and from religion is what we’ll get if a defiantly secular, left-of-center Israeli government is formed later this fall, comprising Blue & White, Israel Beytenu, Labor-Gesher, the Democratic Union and the United Arab List. Just imagine…

Why Israel Needs Otzma Yehudit

Benjamin Netanyahu cannot form a government without Otzma Yehudit. Anyone who supports a right-wing government, therefore, has no choice but to vote for it. It’s simple math.

Omar, Tlaib, and Israel’s Nonexistent Anti-Propaganda Agency

The clumsy manner in which the Israeli government handled the non-visit to Israel of US Democratic Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar was not a mere mishap. It resulted from a structural problem. The government’s refusal to establish an anti-propaganda agency has led to repeated public relations failures against vile verbal aggression.

The Target Is Chassidim, Not Overdevelopment

The actions of the political class and many locals in Rockland prove that overdevelopment is not their real issue. They oppose chassidim in general due to their dress code, religion, family size, and a number of other reasons that can be properly called fake news.

How Different Is The U.S. From Pre-War Germany?

Is it really inconceivable for such evil to unfold here in the U.S.? Most would dismiss the question out of hand as ludicrous, arguing that we are blessed by a constitution and a politically-moderate electorate. But so was Germany – until it wasn’t.

Turkey Faces “Almost a Revolution in the Middle East”

Erdoğan was unjust, wrong and unrealistic in his quest internationally to isolate Israel. The world has not quite moved in the direction he wished for.

Was Israel’s Entry Refusal a Boon or a Bust for Tlaib and Omar?

The dual abilities of Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar to arouse the ire of President Trump and spout antisemitic, anti-Israel messages with impunity have raised their profile well beyond that of other junior representatives and significantly boosted their popularity. Supporters of Israel, as well as those who care about the interests of the US, will have to strive to defeat them in the next Congressional elections.

Today I Saw Evil

This is what a satanic act looks like: bright, metallic, swinging with ease across the sky.


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