Solving the Vaccine Crisis

Every evening, Governor Andrew Cuomo sends out an e-mail blast blaming the vaccine chaos in New York on inadequate supply from the federal government. It is a lie. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show New York is delivering only 37% of its vaccine supply into people's arms.

Israel, the Palestinians, and the COVID-19 Vaccines: The New Blood-Libel

What are Israel’s legal requirements? Israel is under no obligation under international humanitarian law to provide vaccinations to the population of the territories.

Nixon, Rabin and Trump: Unfinished Business In The Middle East

And then there is the problem when you just run out of time.

Why the Jews? Answer number 1,800,018

We will not submit; we will not appease; we will not surrender.

Israel Goes Back to the Future

Israel was able to withstand unrelenting pressure and hostility from Washington during the Obama years. Will it be able to do the same after Biden takes office?

A Tribute to Trump’s Winning Mideast Policies

US President-elect Joe Biden ought not jettison the outgoing administration’s Mideast achievements – successful policies that made the US and Israel safer and stronger! – because of Trump’s turpitude.

Purging Trump Supporters Doesn’t Bode Well for US

The press and political echelon have been transferring blame for the president’s behavior to the more than 70 million Americans who voted for him, making the prospect of a balanced future in the United States almost impossible.

Azerbaijani MP: “Israel can play a role during reconstruction process in Karabakh”

For Azerbaijan, one of their greatest tasks after restoring their territorial integrity is to rebuild the infrastructure that was destroyed

Israel Is Facing a Domestic Existential Threat

The Israeli government is living in denial about the growing violent anarchy in the Negev, the Galilee, and in certain cities. Putting a stop to this phenomenon, which is developing into an existential threat, requires an all-out effort to enhance the power of the military and the police alongside appropriate preparations by the State Attorney’s Office and the legal system to restore sovereignty and governance.

‘Your suffering is our pleasure’: The anti-Zionist Glee at Sheldon Adelson’s Death

With Holocaust survivor and writer Elie Wiesel as with businessman and philanthropist Adelson, far-left invective was soaked in hostility to the Zionist movement that seeped into a frankly disturbing detestation of the deceased person.

Turkey-Israel Reconciliation?

The Framers of the Constitution debated impeachment extensively. It is clear that they intended it to apply only to sitting presidents and other office holders and not to private citizens who previously held that office.

Israeli Land Stolen in Broad Daylight

The Palestinians have learned that in order to conquer Israeli territory, it is better not to go about it through armed resistance, but through “silent” seizures, such as the planting of trees.

What Is Judaism’s View On Women?

One has to wonder about the intentions of some Jewish women who insist they be given a greater role.

How To Fight Pro-BDS Academics More Effectively

Giffey announced she would no longer be using her doctor’s title. In the public eye she is now profoundly associated with an academic scandal.

Why I Got Vaccinated

One thing that 2020 and the Covid-19 experience has made clear to me is that I am not in charge.

Crystal Ball: 2021

A political-diplomatic forecast for the year ahead: Fourth and fifth Israeli elections, a rotten new/old nuclear deal with Iran, more trouble from Trump’s insurrectionist/authoritarian movement.

Why Hasn’t ANYONE Attacked Iran’s Nuclear Sites?

The recent killing of Mohsen Fakrizadeh, the “father of Iran’s nuclear program,” is another in a long series of attempts to disrupt Tehran’s dogged drive for nuclear weapons. These strikes, which have ranged over decades, have included the killings of Iranian nuclear scientists, cyberattacks on the Iranian nuclear program, and mysterious explosions at the regime’s nuclear sites. Yet no one, including the US, has conventionally attacked Iran’s nuclear sites despite the clear and present danger posed by a nuclear Iran to American national interests and general international security. Why not?

Iran, China, Promise to be the Biggest Tests of Biden’s Presidency in 2021

As Iran has demonstrated consistently since signing the 2015 nuclear deal with the Obama administration, Tehran's primary objective is to become the dominant power in the Middle East -- not to live in peaceful coexistence with other nations in the region.

Media: Israel Must Be Denigrated for Its World-Beating Vaccination Program

The same negative policy [by the press and many purported human rights groups] extends to other major benefits that Israel has brought to the world, including scientific innovation, medical technology and life-saving intelligence. It goes against editorial agendas to report on the Jewish state in a positive light unless they can somehow twist a good story to turn it bad.

Trump’s Approval Ratings Rise, Poll Shows

Despite many in the media and on the Left accusing the US president of incitement that led to the storming of Capitol Hill, a Rasmussen poll finds Trump's approval rating holding steady at 48%.

The Democrats’ Hypocrisy: Censorship Disguised as Enlightenment

Republican senators presently find themselves between the American media's insatiable appetite for Trump's head and the 74 million Americans who voted for him.

Germany’s Battle Between the Light and the Darkness of Antisemitism

Reports of antisemitic incidents continue to rise in Germany. Problems concerning Jews, Israel, the perception of the Holocaust, and other related issues still plague the culture 75 years after the end of the attempted destruction of the Jews. One way to analyze this phenomenon is to view it as a clash of viewpoints within the generation of Germans whose grandparents participated in the Holocaust: those descendants who look toward the light, and those who continue to live in the darkness of antisemitism.

Who’s Next?

The succession battle in the Palestinian Authority Heats Up Ahead of the Change of Government in the United States

Can the Senate Try Private Citizen Trump after He Leaves Office?

What they want to do is to impeach President Trump without giving him an opportunity to defend himself at a Senate trial.

Can the Abraham Accords withstand the Democratic Party’s LEFT-wing ?

It is always astounding to realize that Democratic Party members slam Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia over human rights issues, but are more than willing to ignore the brutality Iran shows its own people.

3 months after Abraham Accords, Palestinians Have Lost the Arab Street

Contrary to the views of Israel’s many detractors, the growing indifference of the wider Arab world to the Palestinian issue is a long-term phenomenon.

Jan. 6, 2021, a Day that Will Live in Infamy

When we get to a point where lawmakers are being evacuated from their legislative chambers, that concentrates the mind. There is nothing else to discuss.

Israel beware: Here Comes a New Sulzberger

A family dynasty that has guided “The New York Times” since the 1930s has made it a standard not to portray the Jews too favorably.

Progressive/LEFT Hypocrisy and Hatred

Now the Left tells us merely being "white" -- whatevertheheck that means -- is to be racist.


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