The World’s Moral Bankruptcy

Raisi’s triumphalism at the U.N. is a result of the West’s surrender

Choosing Israel’s Path Forward

Israel can choose to join the woke army, erasing our heritage and identity in the name of so called “democracy” or we can remember and cherish our traditions while respecting others.

Oy Vey Survey: Another Problematic “Poll” by “Nishma”

It is like the street demonstrations in Israel. One side gets a zillion people in the streets 38 weeks in a row, while the other side holds only two large rallies during that same time. Does that mean one side is stronger by 19 times (i.e., 38-2)? Or does it reflect that one side has enormous leftist-zillionaire funding from America that the other side does not? And that one side uses such street tactics while the other side, uh, votes instead?

Thank You Obama and Biden

For giving the world the existential threat of a New Axis of Evil – Russia, China, North Korea, Iran

My prayer for Yom Kippur 5784

I hope that we, as a people, wake up and see the big picture, and understand that the evil intentions of our enemies are much more lethal to our existence than anything that can divide us.

Netanyahu Made Israel Important Again

At the U.N., the prime minister described an extraordinary vision of peace for the region and the world.

Palestinians: Israeli Concessions Are a Sign of Weakness

The Biden administration and other international parties that continue to promote the idea of a "two-state solution" are simply empowering Iran's Palestinian proxies and encouraging them to pursue their "phased plan" to increase terrorism, destroy Israel and replace it with yet another Islamist state.

Emotional Week for Zionists in NYC This Week

Those of the American Jewish left who join protests at the United Nations have never stood outside of the UN to protest a terrorist attack in Israel.

How To Bring About A Less Divisive New Year In 5784

Both sides need to decide on their own now that there will be no more victories of one side over the other and that from now on, key decisions on the country's future will have to be made by consensus.

Another Palestinian Reverie

What crime did these non-Muslim cities, nations, and continents commit against Muslims to deserve being targeted for violent conquest?

The Dance Of Love

In the spirit of Yom Kippur, I publicly apologized to this person as I realized my words had obviously caused him pain. This interaction seems simple yet it wasn’t.

Why Are Palestinians Fleeing the Gaza Strip?

Gazans can no longer tolerate life under the Islamist movement of Hamas. They are not fleeing because of Israel.

Academic Freedom Isn’t An Excuse For Antisemitism

A Palestinian event featuring Jew-haters at the University of Pennsylvania shows that in the age of DEI loyalty pledges, some forms of prejudice are tolerated on campuses.

Yom Kippur: Forgive Us For Forgetting

Every sin is rooted in a deep-seated character flaw. Ignoring these flaws and focusing our teshuva solely upon actions or behavior increases the likelihood of recidivism.

Syria: The Israeli Interest

What is the current Israeli interest in Syria, and what should Israel be seeking from allies and partners in terms of the diplomacy on Syria?

MAGA Dog for Trump?

To be a world leader, you need a dog

Palestinian Terror is Allah’s Religious War Against the Jews

The UN must recognize Israelis murdered by Palestinians as victims of religious violence

The Desire For Meaning

Charging a fee for absence from shul likely strikes many of us as unusual. A desire to avoid financial loss (about $260, when adjusted for inflation) feels like the wrong reason to pray.

Biden Bribing Palestinians

The Palestinian list of demands for refraining from condemning a Saudi-Israeli peace accord can be seen as tantamount to blackmail. The Palestinian leadership is telling the Saudis and Americans that if they want to avoid Palestinian condemnation, they must pay the price -- with money and territory.

Should Children Come To Shul?

Every shul should do what they can to bring in children.

Jericho is NOT a Palestinian Heritage

Remember: Until the seventh century there were not even any Muslims in the world, let alone Palestinians.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Jewish problem

Why the Palestinian leader can’t make peace with Israelis.

My Elul Journey

I started the journaling project with the anticipation that it would bring focus and accountability to the month of Elul. I didn't anticipate, however, that my definition of teshuva would change.

UNESCO Vote Highlights Continued UN Bias Against Israel

Congress Must Block Funding, Biden Should Reconsider His Decision to Join

Netflix’s Latest “Hit” Movie Mocking Judaism: “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat...

The “Rabbi” is G-dless, essentially a circus clown in a yarmulka. She — of course a woman “rabbi” — is so G-dless that she teaches a class session proclaiming to the young pre-BM kids: “God is random.”

Today I Saw Evil

This is what a satanic act looks like: bright, metallic, swinging with ease across the sky.

Unlearned Lessons of 9/11

A short memory may be helpful as a coping mechanism, but it is deadly in matters of foreign policy.

Forgetting 9/11

On 9/11, we learned that we have more in common than we do that separates us. One generation later, the president of the United States speaks about his fellow citizens as threats to democracy and declares that those who don't deal with him are existential problems for the republic.


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