Edelstein: ‘Still More to Be Done’ in Fighting COVID-19

“The virus is changing its behavior and we must adjust ours accordingly.”

Israel’s Latest Source to Balance Ailing Budget: Facemask Fines

"I do not plan to vote for or support raising the fine to NIS 500. It's excessive," the Knesset committee chairman said.

Sovereignty Movement Goes All Out to Support Netanyahu’s Move

The movement promises to continue its activities with the ministers, members of Knesset and politicians to bring about essential changes leading to the first step of sovereignty.

Lawmaker: ‘Israel Doing More for Palestinians Than PA’

Israel is not turning its back on the residents of the Palestinian Authority and continues to provide them with medical treatment in life-saving cases.

Likud MK Threatens Committee Chair He Could Lose his Job over Digging into Submarine...

MK Moshe Ya'alon (Yesh Atid-Telem) echoed the demand for a State Comptroller examination into the affair, and also called for the establishment of a state commission of inquiry.

Risk of Capture too Great for Ministers to do Reserve Duty in their Secret...

Israeli Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel and Culture and Sports Minister Yehiel Tropper serve in a unit that operates behind enemy lines.

Knesset Committee Approves 17% Discount to UN Group Supplying Fuel to Gaza

“The straw that broke the camel's back was in the beginning of 2018, when the Palestinian Authority decided to impose sanctions on Gaza."

Sister of Murdered Wife to Knesset Committee: ‘This Isn’t Domestic Violence, It’s Terror in...

"The memory of Michal and Maya Vishniyak (another domestic murder victim) will start a revolution."

Israeli Government Proposes Legalizing Cannabis, Will Submit Bill to Knesset

Out of the 14 ministers in the ministerial legislative committee, only Yaakov Litzman (UTJ) and Rafi Peretz (Yamina) opposed the decision.

Angry UTJ Boss at Netanyahu: I’m Not your Marionette

Gafni demanded that Netanyahu resolve the Haredi yeshivas' funding issue as soon as possible, but he did not receive satisfying answers.

Netanyahu Determined to Declare Sovereignty Even Though Few Want It

Should Netanyahu go ahead and succeed in adding almost half a million Israelis to their homeland, it would erase the damaging effect of the recent High Court of Justice decision to revoke the Regulation Act

Shas Dumps Ethiopian MK over Misogynistic, Racist Quotes

Like other non-Ashkenazi preachers in Israel, Rabbi Gazahi provokes intense reactions from secular Jews.

Knesset Passes ‘Norwegian Law’ to Help Ministers-Rich Blue&White Party Add MKs

The new law is a double edged sward for Gantz, seeing as close to half of his original slate is currently in the opposition, under MK Yair Lapid's leadership.

Israel Passes ‘Norwegian’ Law Allowing Ministers to Temporarily Give up Parliament Seats

The ‘Norwegian law’ was sought by Blue and White as 12 of the party’s 15 MKs are ministers or deputy ministers, and thus are unable to formulate laws or sit on parliamentary committees.

After Discord, Knesset Committee Pushes Off Tax Breaks for Anti-Israel Orgs Operating in PA

Many of the organizations that would have received tax breaks are anti-Israel groups and BDS supporters.

Smotrich to Netanyahu: The Rope Choking the Settlements Will Some Day Circle Your Neck

"Do not expect justice," Smotrich told the PM who is in the midst of a court fight for his political future as well as his personal freedom. 

Likud, Blue and White to Work Toward Decriminalizing Cannabis

Legislation to be advanced “as soon as possible” to make it easier for patients to get access to medical marijuana and easier for growers to obtain licenses.

High Court Revokes Law Regulating Problem Land Purchases, Move Could Lead to New Elections

Health Minister Yuli Ederlstein (Likud) said in response to the ruling that "the High Court has lost it."

Knesset Committee Demands Bill Regulating Shin Bet Tracking of Coronavirus Patients

The Committee also determined that if the bill regulating the matter were not submitted, the decision authorizing the Shin Bet would expire.

Another 4 Arab MKs Sent into Quarantine

MKs Matanes Shahadeh, Hiba Yazbak, Aida Toma Suleiman and Ayman Odeh as well as 2 faction directors and 4 guests who visited Abu Shahade’s office were also required to enter into home quarantine.

Arab MK Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Knesset Shuts Down

Balad faction members who visited with Abu Shehadeh the family of Iyad al-Halak who was shot dead by police in eastern Jerusalem will also go into isolation.

Smotrich: Efrat Mayor Revivi Wants Palestinian State – Not Sovereignty

"You have to understand, the bluff of a demilitarized Palestinian State will not hold water for too long," Smotrich argued.

Knesset Speaker: Netanyahu’s Trial a Low Point in Israel’s History

Levin also presented Netanyahu as a victim of a hostile law enforcement system.

Habayit Hayehudi Approves Rafi Peretz-Netanyahu Deal, Bennett Signs Opposition Pact with Liberman

The Bennett-Liberman alliance will bombard the Likud with rightwing bills that will embarrass Netanyahu and set him up for failure in the settlements come next election.

Israel’s New Unity Government Sworn In, Ending Political Crisis

“The people wanted unity, and that is what it got,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Despite Yamina’s Absence, 7, Possibly 8 Knitted Yarmulkes in Bibi’s New Government

And, on behalf of Blue&White, Omer Yankelevich, a Haredi woman, will be the next Diaspora Minister.

Netanyahu Continues Doling Out Portfolios, Putting Out Fires in Agitated Likud Party

The new Opposition Leader will be MK Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid). MK Yariv Levin (Likud) will run for Knesset Speaker against MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint Arab List). He will win.

Israel Hayom: Likud Politicians Are Smelling Netanyahu’s Weakness

It's Lion in Winter time for Bibi Netanyahu – the inevitable chapter in every great leader's biography.


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