Edelstein’s Ultimatum: Make Me a Minister or I’m Out

The leak was a shot across the bow, warning Netanyahu that Edelstein could hurt him as did Sa'ar and Elkin.

Yariv Levin the Big Winner; Edelstein, Hanegbi, Face Voters’ Wrath in Likud Primaries

Also rejected was Ariel Sharon’s son, Gilad, another Gush Katif annihilator, who took the 48th spot.

Kahane Warrior Michael Ben Ari Gets his Day in Court

"There will be an expensive trial here, with the best lawyers.”

Labor Voters Dump Internal Security Minister Barlev, Diaspora Minister Shai

On Wednesday, the Likud party is having its primaries, stay tuned.

Arab List MK Will Be Questioned for Assaulting Police Officer

MK Ofer Cassif took advantage of his immunity and entered with his vehicle into an area declared a closed military zone.

Gotcha: Smotrich Caught Saying ‘We Must Kill Evet [Liberman]’

Religious Zionism Chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich occasionally comes down with the hoof-in-mouth disease.

Shaked, Hendel Close to Announcing Union, Would Join Netanyahu Despite Kahana’s Objections

Shaked is expected to keep the no. 1 slot and Hendel will get the second.

Litzman’s Successor at Agudah Welcomes Gantz as PM, Eyes Finance Ministry

Goldknopf ruled out any cooperation with Prime Minister Yair Lapid: "We don't go with Lapid, you know the beatings we got from him.”

Smotrich Promises to ‘Clean the Stables’ following Internal Affairs Deputy Chief’s Corruption Interview

The stables of Israel’s law enforcement system, alas, have more than 1,000 heads of unsanitary cattle.

Smotrich to Transport Minister: Relieve Airport Crowding, Stop Hiring Ban on Shabbat Observers

According to media reports, the best time to fly out of Ben Gurion Airport is during the day on Shabbat, when the place is almost empty.

Report: Orit Strouk Eighty-Sixed Shin Bet Bills after Demand to Dismantle Jewish Dept. Refused

The Shin Bet wanted a law that permits them to cram together as many suspects as they see fit if need be.

New Poll Shows Ben Gvir Is Vote Magnet at Likud’s Expense

With Bezalel Smotrich in the lead, the most the RZ had scored in Fuchs’s poll was 9 to 10 seats, but under Ben-Gvir they can reach 13.

Poll Shows Yoaz Hendel & Zvi Hauser Can Brighten Yamina’s Grim Future

Netanyahu then has only 60 guaranteed seats and would be forced to trade horses with Yamina for its four seats.

All Hail Yair Golan: Horowitz Won’t Run for Meretz Leadership, Will Stay On as...

Esawi Frej was the first senior party official to respond to Horowitz’s announcement with a desperate call for Gal-On to come back from the cold.

Ben Gvir: United We Can Bring 15 Seats, I call on Smotrich to Join...

“Saar and Gantz are doing what’s right for them, to defeat the right in the election."

Yair Golan: Calling You ‘Leftist’ Is Like Using the N Word

In a sense, Yair Golan is the leftist Itamar Ben Gvir.

Musical Chairs: Chikli Quitting, Kalfon Returning to Knesset, Gantz and Sa’ar Merging

MKs Nir Orbach and Idit Silman will also need to quit the Knesset soon if they are to run on the Likud list.

Latest Poll: Yamina, Meretz, Disappear, Netanyahu Has 61

Netanyahu may prefer to go with a weaker coalition that would not include Religious Zionism.

Yair (Israel Reminds me of Nazi Germany) Golan Running for Meretz Chairmanship

It appears that it’s Golan who’s borrowing a page from the playbook of Germany 70, 80, and 90 years ago.

UTJ, Arabs, Left, Pass Bill Compelling Police to Document Using Water Cannons on Demonstrators

In 2018, four Haredi residents of Jerusalem petitioned the High Court of Justice against police use of the riot dispersal chemical Skunk.

Likud’s Yuval Steinitz Leaves Politics: ‘Need to Breathe Some Clean Air’

Steinitz grew up in a liberal home and began his political activity in the 1980s as a left-wing activist, supporting Peace Now.

Electronic Bracelet Bill Passes First Knesset Reading

The measure would force domestic abusers who are under restraining orders to wear a tracking device.

Poll: 66% of Haredi Voters Want Netanyahu to Step Down If He Fails to...

MK Moshe Gafni is by far the most popular leader in both the Lithuanian and Chassidic segments of UTJ.

Panels Politics Poll following Knesset Dissolution: Netanyahu Government with Shaked, Meretz Eliminated

On paper, had all the eligible Israeli Arabs exercised their right to vote, they could win between 20 and 24 seats.

Rabbi Pachter (Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah): Yamina’s Downfall an Opportunity for Moderate Religious Zionists

"Many religious Zionists are going to overcome their considerable difficulty and vote for the Religious Zionist Party."

It’s Final: Israeli Elections on 7 Cheshvan, 5783 (November 1, 2022) and Interim Prime...

"They promised change, talked about healing, experimented, and the experiment failed.”

Soon: MK Nir Orbach, Likudnik

Likud needs Orbach’s services not only through the demise of the 24th Knesset but during the months leading up to the 25th.


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