4 Days Before Deadline, Netanyahu Preparing for New Elections

Netanyahu's fixer, Natan Eshel, has not given up his effort to recruit a Kachol Lavan deserter, who would give the PM a 61-seat coalition, with Liberman out.

Thousands Rally Against Bills to Curb Court Activism, Enhance MKs’ Immunity

The accusations that tweaking the high court's power to intervene in the political process means the demise of Israel's democracy is clearly an exaggeration.

Liberman Tells Netanyahu He Won’t Vote Yes to 60-Member Coalition

The religious-Zionist parties stand to gain the most from an election re-run, seeing as they've probably lost as many as eight seats due to the threshold vote.

Report: Netanyahu May Dissolve the Knesset, Call for New Elections

Liberman is not the only one refusing to accommodate Netanyahu's demands: the Rightwing Union has yet to be satisfied regarding the two portfolios it demands.

Knesset Modifies Same-Sex Couple Policy for MKs

Israel's 21st Knesset, which has 5 openly homosexual MKs, is amending its forms and granting legislators' same-sex partners more rights.

Immunity Bill Submitted to Knesset Approval, Will Determine Netanyahu’s Political Future

The PM's mortal enemy, MK Gideon Saar, skewered him over the move, suggesting the amended law would yield "zero benefit" and cause "maximum damage."

Netanyahu May Settle for Minority Government over Conflict between Liberman, the Haredim

It means that at any point Liberman could join the rest of the opposition in toppling the Likud government.

Rightwing Union Leader: Coalition Negotiations Stuck over Justice Portfolio

"We lay down on the barbed wire fence on behalf of the right wing."

Israeli Arab Lawmakers Lead ‘Nakba” Demonstration Opposing Existence of State

Much of the Arab sector is still taught to use the term “Nakba” – in Arabic, the “catastrophe” – for the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

Israel Marks Remembrance Day at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

The number of fallen IDF soldiers stands at 23,741 since the birth of the state. Some 3,150 civilians have lost their lives in terror attacks.

Gantz, Lapid, Labor, Call Bibi’s Ceasefire Another Surrender to Hamas Extortion

Rubbing Netanyahu's face in it, Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh warned: "Finally, if the Israeli occupation does not implement the ceasefire understandings, the battlefield will witness more escalation."

Netanyahu Supports Edelstein for Third Term as Knesset Speaker

The appointment must still be approved by the Knesset, and traditionally the vote is unanimous.

Haredi Parties Offer Liberman Compromise on IDF Draft law

In addition, the Haredim want to pass a constitutional-level Basic Law: The Value of Torah Study.

Smotrich Firm on Justice Portfolio, Expects Pushback from Supreme Court

Smotrich noted that "trust in the judicial system is at an unprecedented low according to all public surveys and studies."

Israel’s President and Parliament are Set for Passover

Israel’s president and Knesset made the final preparations for the Passover Holiday, which will begin on Friday night, and sold their Chametz, leavened foods that are not kosher during Passover.

President Rivlin Receives Official Election Results from Judge Melcer

A disenfranchised citizenry is more likely to choose desperate measures than one that feels it is being heard.

Kachol Lavan Tell President They Won’t Join Netanyahu-Led Government

Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman said he had just been informed that his party had risen to eight Knesset seats at the Likud's expense.

Report: Rivlin Pushing Netanyahu, Gantz, to Forge National Unity Government

To comply with the President's request, Blue and White would have to violate their promise to their voters not to sit in a Netanyahu-led government.

Smotrich Demands Justice Portfolio

Samotrich conditions his party's entry into a Netanyahu-led coalition an outright rejection of President Trump's peace plan.

President Visits Knesset Ahead of Consultations on Picking PM

The president meets with representatives of the factions and at the end of the round of consultations announces which Knesset member would be trusted with forming a government.

Smotrich to Usher Otzma’s Ben-Gvir into Knesset Using ‘Norwegian Law’

"I intend to insist on Netanyahu's parallel commitment to this. The High Court will not win this election."

Huge Netanyahu Victory, Israeli Left Trashed, Orthodox Judaism Rules

Never before have Orthodox Jews been deposited with this much power and responsibility to do good and show secular Israeli Jews the power and beauty of our Torah.

Knesset Elections to be Held at Foreign Missions Worldwide

Some 5,137 eligible Israelis are expected to vote in 96 locations across 77 countries worldwide.

Legendary Spymaster Rafi Eitan, Dead at 92

“The foundations that Rafi laid in the first years of the state are a significant layer in the activities of the Mossad even today. The people of Israel owe him much."


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