Haredim Slam Religious Services Minister Kahana for Allowing Local Conversions

Shas Chairman MK Aryeh Deri, in an interview on Radio Kol Chai, referred to Kahana and Naftali Bennett (Yamina) as Hellenized Jews, always a good slur for Chanukah.

Reform Movement Wins Shas’ Tender to Share Shabbat Experience with Israeli Youth

Turns out the Haredim are not the only religious Israelis who can game the system.

Bedouin Attacks on Israel’s Highway Become Left vs. Right Wedge Issue

According to Rogel, the frequent reports on Israeli media about those attacks on the road are part of the right-wing's effort to retake the government.

Religious Zionism MK Objects to Transport Minister’s Shabbat Buses Unless She Privatizes All Public...

MK Rothman told us that he trusts the public to read all three lines of his tweet, including the one about the dire need to preserve Jewish values.

Likud Challenging Bennett, Shaked, to Extend Electricity to Jewish Outposts, Not Just to Arabs

Chairman Taha tried to pull a fast one behind Shaked's back when the Interior Minister was on a trip abroad.

Smotrich Announces Party Registration and Primaries, Wants 10 Seats

Smotrich shared his dream of winning 10 seats in the next elections (he now has six with two partners), which he plans to tear off his rivals in Yamina, Likud, and UTJ.

Smotrich: Decent People Must Not Remain Indifferent to the Circus Emerging from Netanyahu’s Trial

It is "difficult not to attribute malicious intent to the police and the State Attorney's Office and all their senior officials."

Leftwing Israeli Activist Asks for Guns to Protect PA Arabs from Jews

Palestinian Authority citizens need protection from Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, Shadmi said.

Ra’am Appears to Condemn Terror Attack – But Only in Hebrew

Normally Ra'am releases statements in Hebrew and Arabic, not this time.

Knesset Education Committee in Historic Statement: Israeli Schoolchildren Must Visit Temple Mount

The committee determined that the Temple Mount should be included in the mandatory sites for Ministry of Education tours.

Minister Kahana Launches Campaign to Elect Zionist Chief Rabbis

Kahana wants to prevent the election of yet another Haredi rabbi to lead the Chief Rabbinate which is adhered to by very few if any Haredim.

Supermarket Chain Owner Rami Levy Expelled from Committee Meeting as Investigation of Price Fixing...

The senior executives of the chains under investigation are expected to be interrogated yet again on Thursday by the Competition Authority.

Cracks in the Coalition: Opposition Wins Two Knesset Votes As Ra’am MK Votes with...

With the budget passed, the coalition is no longer showing as unified a front in the Knesset as it did before.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Yair Lapid May Be Tied to Messianic Jews

A request for comment from Yesh Atid was refused on the grounds that this is a personal matter. Well, yes and no.

MK Haim Katz Indicted for Fraud, Will Only Pay a Fine

After waiving his parliamentary immunity, an indictment was filed against Member of Knesset (MK) Haim Katz.

Meretz MK Says He Was Misquoted on Social Services Removing Settlers’ Children – But...

But even if he's right, I endorse everything that the above folks said about the Meretz MK. He deserved it.

In a Save, Shaked Praises Bennett’s Booster Call as European Corona Numbers Soar

Shaked, quickly erased the bizarre tweet and posted a clearer version.

Meretz: Plan to Increase Jordan Valley Housing Endangers Coalition

"The Jordan Valley is not expected to be part of Israel once a final status agreement is reached," two Meretz MKs wrote.

Ma’agar Mochot Survey Shows 52% Reject Reform Section Compromise at the Kotel

There are some hard numbers about the Reform in Israel, and they're quite low.

Lapid-Bennett Coalition Passes 2022 Budget; Smotrich: We Lost this Battle But Will Win the...

We have the next 12 months to see whether the quality of life across the board in Israel is getting better with reformed services and more up-to-date money allocations.

PM Bennett Asks MK Kariv to Cancel Kotel Visit Friday for Fear of Violence

Kariv has preciously used his parliamentary immunity as an MK to break the rules of the Kotel plaza.

Coalition Passes 2021 Budget at 5:30 AM, Bennett Beats Netanyahu Again

Benjamin Netanyahu is the biggest loser in this morning's budget vote.

Bill Proposed to Fully Subsidize Dishwasher Purchases for Families with 4 Children in Response...

MK Porush pointed out that the sector that is likely to be hurt most by the new tax is the observant Jews.

Knesset Begins Marathon Debate on State Budget; Votes Expected Late Wednesday

Political pundits in Israel estimate that the Bennett coalition stands a chance at passing the budget in its final reading. The coalition has until November 14 to do so, or it falls by default.

Leftist Coalition MK Goes After Supermarket Chain that Favors Haredi Shoppers

And that's why we must have one million American olim in Israel – to teach local politicians that if the market ain't broke you don't fix it.

New Poll: This Time Bennett Retains 6 Seats, Sa’ar Doesn’t Cross the Vote Threshold

Amazingly, the very coalition parties that lead the reforms and capture the headlines today suffer the worst losses in the next elections.

Islamist Party to Divert $32 Million of Its Budget to Poor Haredim in ‘Alliance...

Abbas met Monday night with several Haredi MKs and shared with them that "Gafni's speech touched my heart."

Police Complaint Filed Against Islamist Org Tied to Ra’am Party Over Terror Related Offenses

The complaint alleges connections between Aid 48 and Hamas, meeting between the association members and terrorist elements, and a violation of the Anti-Terrorism Law that explicitly prohibits the transfer of financial assistance or property to a declared terrorist organization.


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