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Smotrich: Bennett and Shaked Left ‘Atomic Mess’ in Habayit Hayehudi

"They abandoned the religious Zionist party at the last-minute, and now in Habayit Hayehudi there is a war of everyone against everyone else, its all empty, and void, and waste."

MK Betzalel Smotrich Wins Chair of National Union Faction

Members of the central committee chose Smotrich over his contender, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel.

With Fatalities Rising 1600% in 4 Years, Electric Scooter Riders Must Wear Helmets

The current fine for not wearing a helmet while riding an electric bicycle is 250 shekel ($68).

New Right Candidate Looking to Become First Deaf MK

Deaf from birth, Pinto has felt the difficulties resulting from the hearing community's lack of facility with sign language.

Defending Against Surprises, PM Limits New Faces on Likud Knesset List

The relatively low reserved spot on the Likud's list means that the PM is not planning to attract a new, big name to his party's Knesset delegation.

Report: Netanyahu Weighs Dismissing Ministers Bennett, Shaked

According to Shaked, she would be able to return to the Likud only after the Netanyahu era is over.

New Poll Shows Bennett, Gabai, Gambled Well

Bennett, Shaked and Smotrich have won a dizzying victory – up from 8 to 15 in the wake of one brilliant exercise.

Labor Chairman Dumps Tzipi Livni, Zionist Union No More

Seeing as MK Dov Henin, the only Jewish Knesset member in the United Arab List, is retiring from politics, Livni should consider becoming the next Communist in the Knesset.

Knesset Passes Bills Punishing Prostitution Clients, Compelling Security Cameras in Old Age Homes

The bill's authors did not consider the option of permitting prostitutes to work in secure environments, where they are examined for venereal diseases and where their income is taxable.

Report: Netanyahu Fears Losing Religious Zionist Voters

On the question of who should lead the New Right party, 57% said they wanted Ayelet Shaked, compared with 43% who chose Naftali Bennett.

MK Michael Oren Leaves Kahlon’s Kulanu

He is likely to be recruited by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the Likud list for the next Knesset.

Israeli Arab Lawmaker to Quit Knesset in April

Zahalka, a member of the Arab Joint List faction, is the chairman of the Balad party.

Netanyahu to Reduce Vote Threshold to Save Right-Wing Block from Splintering

So far, the only significant effect of the 3.75% threshold has been the forced unification of four Arab parties as the Joint Arab List.

Bennett’s, Shaked’s ‘New Right’ Party to Challenge Netanyahu

According to Bennett, Netanyahu's contempt for religious Zionism has reached an intolerable peak.

Bennett, Shaked, to Announce Leaving Habayit Hayehudi Tonight, Form New Party

The two will deliver a statement to the media at 8:15 PM in Tel Aviv.

Knesset Rules: No Early Release for Convicted Terrorists

"A terrorist who comes to carry out an attack does not act against the individual victim, but against all of society."

Report: Lieutenant General Gantz Would Rather Run Alone

The former commander of the Israeli military forces has attained messianic proportions for Yesh Atid and Labor.

Knesset Passes Medical Cannabis Export Regulation Bill

Under the new law, each export license for medical cannabis must be approved by the Israel Ministry of Health.

First Elections Poll Is Out: Bibi Stays, Labor Sinking from 24 to 9

Habayit Hayehudi headed by Naftali Bennett receives 11 seats in the new poll, compared to 8 in the current Knesset.

Roseanne Barr Reportedly Invited to Speak at the Knesset Jan 30

According to Walla, Barr was invited by the Knesset Deputy Speaker MK Hilik Bar (Zionist Union). They are probably not related.

Elections Set for April 9, So What About Benny Gantz?

At the polls he has been sinking in direct correlation to allowing his run to gain a realistic substance.

Haredi Parties Could Pay a High Price for Failure to Cooperate on IDF Draft...

Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid said on Monday: "After the elections, a government headed by myself will pass the draft law without tricky combinations."

Coalition Partners Vote to Dissolve Knesset, Early Elections Set for April 9

Religious parties in the coalition refused to back the legislation called the Hareidi Draft Law.

BREAKING: Coalition Heads Move to Disband Knesset – Elections To Be Held in April

Israel’s general elections will be held on April 9th, seven months ahead of their scheduled date in November 2019.


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