Israeli Lawmakers Launch Gaza Resettlement Caucus

"Only when Jewish children are playing in the Strip will the Nukhba terrorists realize that they have lost," said MK Zvi Sukkot.

Gantz: Israel Should Withdraw from Gaza for Hostage Deal

"If there is a change in the fighting and our hostages are returned, and we do what needs to be done in the Gaza Strip in a year, or in two years, that's not an issue."

Likud MK Danny Danon Reappointed as Israel’s UN Ambassador

Danon: “At a time when the State of Israel is fighting on a large number of fronts, each of us must do the best within our skills and experience."

High Court Orders State to Explain Why the ‘Al Jazeera Law’ is Legal

The Court ordered the State of Israel to respond to a petition calling for repeal of the law.

Recommended: All the October 7 Generals Must Resign Now to Save the IDF

The last time he tried to sack Gallant, who broke protocol and a clear order from the PM, Netanyahu was faced with “Gallant’s night.”

Disunity: Gantz’s Party Submits Bill to Dissolve Knesset

National Unity Party leader Benny Gantz seeks to topple Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government.

‘UNRWA Law’ to Designate Agency as Terror Organization, Passes First Knesset Reading

Hundreds of employees of the organization working in Gaza were exposed as members of the Hamas terrorist organization since the start of the October 7 war.

Knesset Extends Israel’s State of Emergency Through 2024

The recommendation -- and its approval -- makes clear the seriousness of the continuing multi-front war being fought by the Israel Defense Forces.

Nikki Haley: What Happened on Oct. 7 was ‘Pure Evil’

"Don't listen to the media bites you hear. America is with you. October 7th hurt us all."

Nikki Haley Arrives in Israel on Solidarity Visit

The former ambassador is scheduled to meet with former hostages who returned from captivity in Gaza following their release in November 2023.

Ra’am Party Head: Hamas ‘Part of the Palestinian People’

"What, are they a Lebanese faction? What's wrong with you?" Mansour Abbas said.

Israel Cancels Disengagement Law for Northern Samaria

"The State of Israel today corrected in a state and official manner the injustice and folly of the expulsion from northern Samaria."

Likud MK: DM Gallant Is Lying About Hamas’s ‘Inevitable’ Collapse

"All the Hamas battalions without exception, and even all the Islamic Jihad battalions are active."

Netanyahu Submits Haredi Draft Bill

Benny Gantz submitted this bill in the previous Knesset.

Likud Trio Proposes New Rewards-Based Draft Law Amid Government Stalemate

Haredi party leaders have expressed openness to the proposed legislation as it does not include forced enlistment quotas.

US Renews Effort to Forge Israeli-Saudi Peace Deal in Exchange for ‘Palestinian’ State

The White House is offering the Saudis a formal defense treaty, civilian nuclear plants, and a chance to boast that they got Israel to agree to a “Palestinian” State.

Columbia University Tries But Fails to Stop Event with Israeli Lawmaker

"The administration in Columbia did everything possible to stop us from talking on campus, making the bureaucratic process for approval of the event impossible."

MK Gilad Kariv Makes a Big Racket and Carries a Tiny Stick

MK Gilad Kariv has degraded his public reputation from responsible politician to party hack.

Direct Polls: Likud Back on Top, Gideon Sa’ar Gone

On the right, the big winner besides Netanyahu was Itamar Ben Gvir's Otzma Yehudit, which rose from its current 6 mandates to 9.

Tel Aviv District Judge Rules Arab Party’s Charity Is Funding Terrorism

After years of complaints, investigations, and publications about the ties of the Islamic Ra'am party and its many associations to the terror organization Hamas,...

MK Illouz Introduces Bill to Annex Jordan Valley on Oct. 7, 2024

"Imposing sovereignty over the Jordan Valley will also close the option for establishing a Palestinian state."

Watch: Anarchists Rehearse Meltdown at Knesset Committee Hearings

Malka also reported about going to the tent compound that was pitched in front of the Knesset on Tuesday and discovering no one was inside.

Israeli MKs Accuse Ra’am Party of Terror Links, Demand Probe

A charity associated with the majority Arab party has been accused of being a Hamas front.

Knesset Passes Law to Close Qatar’s Al Jazeera Network in Israel

Israeli lawmakers and government officials have for years expressed the desire to shut down Al Jazeera.

Ra’am Party’s Mansour Abbas Pushing US to Recognize ‘Palestinian’ state

"I say to them in a clear manner...It's on you to take an immediate decision to recognize a Palestinian state," said Mansour Abbas in an Arabic-language interview.

Haredi Parties Welcome Financial Penalties on Draft Dodgers in Draft Bill

Haredim who enlist would get benefits while those who do not would be financially disadvantaged through what is called “negative incentives.”

Israel Can Refuse UNRWA Access to Gaza, Says Ex-Agency Legal Adviser

“Some donor nations, probably led by the U.S., could defund and in whole or in part end UNRWA,” says James Lindsay.

Knesset Passes Updated Wartime Budget

The revised framework raises the expenditure limit to $160 billion, up $19 billion from that approved before Oct. 7.

Direct Polls: Gantz Leading, Lapid Crashing, Liberman and Ben Gvir Soaring

Balad, the vehemently anti-Israeli party, for the first time, received 4 mandates.


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