Netanyahu Indicted

The move means that the indictments against Netanyahu can now be filed in Jerusalem District Court.

Netanyahu Assigns New Ministerial Portfolios in Year-Old Temporary Government

These are all temporary appointments, although, with the Israeli voters' track record so far and this being the third election in less than a year, in their place I would buy a suit.

Edelstein to Convene Knesset Plenum on Netanyahu Immunity Next Week

Edelstein said he neither expedited nor delayed the meeting, making “all decisions based on the values I have had my entire life."

Terror Victim Demands Arab MK Be Banned from Running for Knesset After Praising Notorious...

Heba Yazbak, of the Arab-majority Joint List, shared a photo of Kunter and praised him as a “martyred warrior” who died while waging Jihad.

Laptop Sets Off Bomb Scare inside the Knesset

A Knesset guard came across the unattended bag near some offices.

Knesset Committee Removes Speaker Edelstein’s Power to Influence Netanyahu’s Immunity

"No democracy in the world has changed the rules of the electoral process during a vacation. "

Knesset’s Legal Advisor: Edelstein Can’t Block Committee Formation to Rule on Immunity; Edelstein: Convening...

The Likud believes that the Knesset Advisor has a conflict of interest, as his wife participated in the state prosecution’s ruling on Netanyahu’s cases.

MK Rabbi Yisrael Eichler Hospitalized in Jerusalem

“His condition is listed as good, and stable,” according to the hospital spokesperson.

Scandal: Knesset Counsel Who Quashed Netanyahu’s Immunity Hopes Married to PM’s Prosecutor

The counsel's affair serves to reinforce the common view in Israel that the judicial system is a den of corrupt elite operators with scant regard to the rule of law.

Inviting PM’s Defeat, Knesset Counsel Approves Debating Netanyahu’s Immunity Now

The Knesset counsel's opinion puts the ball in Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein's court, and it's up to him now to adopt or reject it.

Gantz Trying to Out-Maneuver Netanyahu on Immunity, Clash Expected Sunday

Knesset Counsel Eyal Yinon's opinion will certainly determine Benjamin Netanyahu's political future.

Netanyahu’s Appeal for Immunity from Prosecution Reveals Hidden Legal Strategy

The reality is that should the Knesset decide to grant Netanyahu immunity based on police mismanagement of the case against him, his protection would not likely go away when he is out of office.

Knesset Finance Committee Approves $10 Million to Secure Settlements

Judea and Samaria municipalities ended the previous year with budget deficits due to unexpected spending on security.

Midnight Drama: Jewish MKs Foil Arabs’ Last Minute Attempt to Kill Law Banning Illegal...

Avigdor Liberman's Israel Beiteinu inserted a proposed amendment into the law, that foreign workers in Israel will not receive double-time holiday pay on election day.

It’s Done: Israel to Hold Third Round of Elections

Israel's unprecedented third election in one year will be held on March 2, 2020.

Knesset Passes Bill to Dissolve Itself, 91-0

It's a real cliff-hanger . . . Well, not really. If at first you don't succeed, you return to the polls. And then repeat.

Poll on Eve of Knesset Dissolution Shows Gantz Way Ahead

The right-wing union (Habayit Hayehudi), without Bennett and Shaked, does not pass the threshold vote.

Einstein’s Insanity Definition at Work: Israel Going to 3rd Elections Expecting Entirely Different Results

Israeli media claim there are silent negotiations between Likud and Liberman, but there is still no way to match the maximum Haredi concessions to Liberman's minimum demands.

Labor MK Collecting 60 Signatures for Likud’s Yuli Edelstein as Next Prime Minister

"We have to tell him – You are the Speaker of the Knesset, it's all on your head."

Liberman Won’t Join Anyone, Kahlon Weighs Resignation, Next Wednesday Israel Starts 3rd Election Campaign

Liberman said: "We are going to very difficult, very turbulent elections, and no one knows what level of cursing and slander we will reach in the coming campaign."

AG Mandelblit Clashing with Justice Minister Ohana over State’s Attorney’s Replacement

Despite the appearance of a wild west style clash between two gunslingers, Mandelblit can't stop Ohana, who is the minister responsible for the judiciary system.

Report: Haredi Draft Dropped 20% in 2018

The number of actual Haredi yeshiva students who answer the call to defend their country has remained about the same: a little more than 1,000 each year.

Liberman: We’ll Sign for Both Gantz and Netanyahu to Assemble Coalition

It's hard to believe that either Gantz or Netanyahu would be able to actually put together a new government even in the extra 14 days allowed by the law, should Liberman refuse to join them.

Blue and White Again Dismisses Unity Deal, Bringing Closer ‘Israeli Elections 3.0’

“We will not sit in a government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, unless a court acquits him of the serious charges against him."

Knesset Speaker Announces the Renewal of Negotiations for Unity Government

“Everyone understands: Israel is in the midst of a government crisis that could lead to an economic and social collapse. It is indeed a real alarm.”

WATCH: Thousands Rally in Tel Aviv to Support Netanyahu

“The rule of law isn’t above the law ... The essence of democracy is checks and balances."

Likud MK Gets Bibi’s Green Light to Propose Direct Elections for PM

In early November, Shas chairman Aryeh Deri proposed swift elections for prime minister between Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu – believing the voters would favor Bibi.

Yair Lapid Hastily Brushes Off Primaries Called for by Yesh Atid’s Constitution

Lapid will continue to rule, as the party elders explained, "Due to the exceptional situation."

Liberman Wants to Cut Down Election Campaign to 2 Months

Other parties intend to join the election time-curbing initiative, and promote a swift vote over the next 21 days, before the Knesset is dispersed.


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