Judicial Election, Deri 2, Gifts Law Going to Knesset Vote Despite Gallant’s Objection

Netanyahu and Justice Minister Yariv Levin have presented Gallant with an ultimatum.

Military Threatening Netanyahu with Coup to ‘Save Democracy’

The PM ordered his defense minister to stay away from the microphones and spoke to the nation himself instead.

Coalition Defeats Ankle Monitors Measure, Ben Gvir Promises More Thoughtful Version

"It’s important to prevent false complaints resulting in damage to innocent men.”

Knesset Passes PM Incapacity Law Blocking AG, Court Coup D’état

Any reasonable person reading the original law understands that it deals with the PM’s medical condition.

US Rebukes Israeli Ambassador for Amended Law on Jewish Expulsion

These are not new settlements. These are Jewish villages that were ripped from the land.

Gideon Sa’ar to Fellow Opposition MK Opposed to Ending the Expulsion: ‘You Are a...

“Is this the time to give a hug to the people who violate the laws of the state with their staying in Homesh? The answer is no!"

Economy Minister Barkat: I Will Surrender If the Court Annuls the Judicial Reform

Barak’s announcement was the ultimate attempt to please everybody.

Levin Justifies Reform Downgrading, Will Not Accept Nullification by the Court

A court annulment of the judicial reform would "constitute crossing a red line – which we will not accept."

It’s a Good Day: Knesset Reverses 2005 Expulsion Law (Partially)

The amended law recognizes forward land rights acquired by Israelis in northern Samaria.

Judicial Reform Gutted, Now It’s Mostly Bills to Save Bibi’s & Deri’s Hides

The entire legislation banning the Supreme Court from annulling constitutional laws has been shelved.

Rothman Offers Judicial Committee Compromise; But Is Anyone Else Negotiating?

No one is openly negotiating from the opposition, so the coalition are offering generous compromises with itself.

Coalition Heads to Debate Softening Judicial Reform Sunday Night

So far, Minister Levin is insisting that his bills must not be neutered. So, hope is still alive.

Edelstein’s Independence on Judicial Reform Is his Springboard for Likud Leadership

Edelstein was fighting Justice Hayut before anyone else on the right had even dreamed of challenging her tyrannical rule.

Likud MK Illouz Forms Caucus to Build Bonds with Diaspora Jewry

The caucus, intended to “create bonds with Diaspora Jews,” was formed with the approval of Likud Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana. The effort is not expected to clash with those of Israel’s Diaspora Ministry.

Legal Counsel Forbids Govt. Videos Explaining Judicial Reform; Protest Movement Spent $30 Million

The Hasbara Ministry is only allowed to do hasbara about the Hasbara Ministry.

Knesset’s Judicial Override Law Passes First Reading

If passed, the measure will empower MKs to protect approved laws from judicial override by Israel’s Supreme Court.

Prime Minister Incapacitation Bill Goes for First Knesset Vote

The bill is to prevent a legal coup by the attorney general.

Jewish Businessmen Threaten Netanyahu with BDS Action

The Times of Israel skips the part about this being a ransom note.

Karma Everywhere: Now Moody’s Is Hit

Just imagine it’s your $80 billion you are trusting to Moody’s ability to predict the market.

Survey: Only 12% of Hi-Tech Employees Want their Company to Protest Judicial Reform

“The absolute majority of hi-tech employees in Israel want quiet, and to put the split behind us.”

Rothman Strongly Disagrees with Herzog but Will Meet Today

Last Thursday night, former Labor Chairman and currently the President of Israel Itzhak Herzog broke all the rules.

AG Postponing Bill Extending Immunity to Israeli Soldiers

Otzma Yehudit, which initiated the bill, issued a defiant statement, saying a decision has not yet been made on postponing the bill.

300 Senior Israeli Academics Sign Petition Supporting Judicial Reform

"A comprehensive reform of the justice system is essential due to the constitutional revolution that was led by Prof. Aharon Barak."

President Joins Opposition Parties, Leftist Mobs, in Attacking Majority’s Judicial Reform

Like a banana republic despot taking advantage of a crisis, the president announced he was suspending democracy to preserve democracy.

Negotiations Shmegotiations, Coalition Revving Up Judicial Reform Legislation

Israeli media are saturated with speculations regarding the president’s suggested compromises.

Moody’s Ultimatum to Netanyahu: Stop Judicial Reform or Face Diminished Credit Rating

Moody’s is issuing a warning based on editorials in Haaretz and demonstrators blocking the Ayalon highway.

Lapid Shuts Down Gantz’s Behind-the-Scenes Discussions on Judicial Reform

Members of Gantz's party have reportedly been holding secret discussions on judicial reform with the coalition.

Direct Polls: 78% of Israelis Support Judicial Reform

Why is Gantz rising, and why at the expense of Lapid?

Former Finance Ministry Director: Judicial Reform Will Benefit Israel’s Economy

Investors would be criminally stupid to keep their money out of Israel because it is changing the composition of its committee to elect judges.


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