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5 Ways to Break the Bibi-Gantz Stalemate

There are no simple solutions to Israel's tight deadlock, other than Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Liberman waking up from his 4-month drunk and saying, "I did what?"

Second Time Around: Initial Exit Polls Give Blue&White Slight Edge, But No Coalition for...

Otzma Yehudit does not cross the vote threshold in any of the major polls.

Report: Likud Members Deny Plan to Dismiss Netanyahu If Rightwing Bloc Falls Short of...

MK Gideon Sa'ar (Likud), considered Netanyahu's heir apparent, said "attempts to stick a wedge into the Likud leadership will not succeed."

100 Israeli Academics Endorse Joint Arab List

"It's not enough that these radical academics set the tone for Israeli academia, now they are trying to decide the future of Israel."

Despite Friday the Thirteenth Final Poll, Bibi Has Path to Victory

The rightwing bloc without Liberman will probably get 60 seats, with the expectation that Netanyahu would be able to entice Orly Levy-Abekasis to join the coalition.

In Your Face, Likud Fails to Pass Camera Bill, Mayhem Ensues

Netanyahu blamed MK Avigdor Liberman for the bill’s failure to pass.

Election ‘Cameras Law’ to Be Submitted for Knesset Vote Despite AG’s Objections

Police have launched investigations into only six out of hundreds of suspicious polls where there is clear evidence of cheating.

UTJ’s Gafni: It Won’t be Terrible to Sit in the Opposition

"We were in a similar situation when [Lapid] was part of the evil brotherly pact of Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett, and Netanyahu went with them and left us outside – we survived, nothing terrible happened."

High Court to Rule on Otzma Yehudit Disqualification on Sunday

Bentzy Gopstein did not attend the hearing because he believes the game was fixed and the court would not discuss his case with unbiased eyes.

IDF Ombudsman’s Annual Report Says Soldiers’ Complaints Get Faster Treatment

Some 61% were legitimate, justified issues. The others were found to be false or trivial.

Likud: Lapid Never Protested his Own MK’s Petition to Cancel Trump’s Meeting in Israel...

The signatories include former Communist party MK Dov Khenin, Labor's Eitan Cabel, and Lapid's Yesh Atid MK Yael German.

Simcha Goldin, Israel Victory Project, Giant Chicken, Protest Israel’s Weakness against Hamas

The Israeli Victory Project called on the elected officials, the IDF and the entire Israeli society to move from policies of appeasement to a policy of victory against Palestinian terror and rejectionism.

Right-Wing MKs to Congress: Palestinian Statehood Far More Dangerous Than BDS

“Such a state would, undoubtedly be a dysfunctional terrorist state, which would distance peace and undermine stability in the Middle East.”

Report: AG to Recommend Disqualifying Otzma’s Marzel, Gopstein

Yamina chairwoman Ayelet Shaked objected to Mandelblit's position, recalling, "[Joint Arab List candidate] Ofer Cassif said I was neo-Nazi scum, so for that he didn't run to the Knesset?"

Likud Threatening to Fire Smotrich over Attacks on Netanyahu

Smotrich's partners at the top have been absorbing some of the fire that has been trained on him, and have largely supported Smotrich.

On Eve of 9 B’Av Religious Zionists Purge Otzma Yehudit

On the morning after that tense game of chicken between Ben-Gvir and United Right, it has become clear that refusing to accept Otzma's demands was not a United Right failure, it was their strategy.

Liberman Predicts Labor Will Carry Bibi over 61-Seat Threshold

"He (Netanyahu) has nothing to do with the right, he promotes only two principles: his own ruling with God's grace and his cult of personality."

Arab Opinion-Shaper at the Knesset: ‘Israel is a Dreamland’

The bloggers and journalists are in Israel on the invitation the Foreign Ministry, some coming from Arab countries which have no diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

Shaked Taking Zionist Right to Next Level Over Netanyahu’s Objections

Shaked has been quoting a lot of traditional Jewish terms these days – much the way Hillary Clinton used to drop the hard G's at the end of her sentences the further she got below the Mason-Dixon line.

Arab MK Urges Boycott of Israel at Pro-BDS Conference in London

Other than depicting a vastly unequal relationship between a largely white government and darker skinned subjects, there are no factual comparisons that can be made between the PA and the Gaza Strip and Bantoestan.

Smotrich Gifting Justice Ministry to Shaked as Religious Zionists Continue Headless Chicken Rumba

A pathetically unreliable poll last Friday gave them 19 seats (never gonna' happen), but in reality they could play this out to keep everyone away from the next Knesset.

Shaked Insists on 5-Party Rightwing Slate, Including Otzma Yehudit

Shaked's casual text was Shaked's rebuttal to Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, whose sweet manner and French accent often makes his listeners forget that he represents an extreme-Haredi line with questionable notions regarding Israeli society.

Erdan Attempting to Keep Communist Arab MK from Attending UK Pro-BDS Conference

An amendment made six months ago in the Knesset's house rules, according to which the Ethics Committee must consider not approving an MK's travel abroad which is funded by elements who publicly call for a boycott of Israel.

Ben Gvir’s Otzma Yehudit Breaks with Habayit Hayehudi

Chairman Peretz is interested in an alliance with Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett, and Bennett is unwilling to run in the same list as Otzma Yehudit.

Watch: ‘We Hereby Declare a Palestinian State’

The campaign was launched in response to the Netanyahu government's shirking its responsibility to demolish illegal Arab construction in Israel's Area C, which is tantamount to establishing a Palestinian State in the near future.

Report: Qatar Pouring Tens of Millions into Anti-Zionist Arab Party Satellites

Over the years and to this day, almost all the Balad MKs and their family members have worked for the Association for Arab Culture.

4 Arab Parties to Run Together Again Sept. 17

The list is ideologically as diverse as can be imagined, with most of the members having precious little in common with one another other than their ethnicity, which is also questionable.

Likud MK: Netanyahu’s Promises to Cannabis Consumers Were Just That

Haskel now admits that, contrary to her hopes, it won't be possible to approve the bill, and therefore it is not expected to come up for a vote in the current Knesset.


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