Police to Launch Probe Against 2 Arab-Party MKs for Assaulting Officers

Due to the documentation of the two incidents, Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara will have no choice but investigate the incidents.

Regavim: Bennett Selling Out the Negev in Exchange for Coalition Stability

"The policy of whitewashing illegal Bedouin settlements is racist and absurd."

Yamina Crisis Worsens – Bennett Fires MK Kalfon, Returns Kahane to Knesset

Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana informed Bennett on Friday he would resign his ministerial post to return to the Knesset and “help strengthen the coalition."

Coalition & Opposition Pass Bill Banning Contact with Palestinian Authority’s Security Services

The amendment is intended to change the definition in the law of "foreign agent" to include the PA.

Arab MK Helps Suspect Escape Police Detention during Abu Akleh Riots

Yasser Arafat’s top advisor on Israeli issues in the 1990s, Tibi has not missed an opportunity to challenge Israeli law enforcement.

Yamina Minister Kahana: Mansour Abbas Is Brave and Good for the Jews

For perspective, MK Mansour Abbas also has a Facebook page...

Abbas Saves Bennett’s Hide: We’ll Give the Coalition Another Chance

Following the Abbas announcement, the opposition withdrew its proposed bill to dissolve the Knesset and will likely try again in the near future.

Abu-Akleh Was US Citizen; Bennett: the Arabs Did It

"The Palestinians decided to bury journalist Shireen Abu Akleh within an hour after her death."

Islamist Party Delays Decision on Staying in Coalition Citing Jazeera Reporter’s Death

Ra'am demands a written commitment by the PM to soften Interior Minister Shaked's rigid stance on burning issues in Arab society.

Bennett Coalition Survives No-Confidence Vote

There does not seem to be any interest among a majority of the Knesset’s members to move to new elections so soon.

Government to Submit Law Permitting Facial Recognition Cameras in Public Spaces

"When a police officer can post a biometric camera in every neighborhood, there’s an opening for the exploitation and over-enforcement in certain populations."

Knesset About to Vote on Istanbul Convention Trojan Horse that Undermines Israel’s Immigration Policies

Just look at South Tel Aviv today, mired in thousands of illegal aliens, and multiply the number of destitute foreigners.

As Knesset Prepares to Topple Bennett Government, Shaked May Have Readied a Lifeboat

PM Bennett has an urgent need to appease his coalition partners quietly.

Opposition Preparing Vote to Disperse the Knesset; Ra’am Demands Jordanian Control of Temple Mount

Whether or not this vote happens is almost completely in the hands of the Islamic Ra'am party.

Knesset Health Subcommittee Critical of Government’s ‘Anemic’ Climate Targets

“When it came to the Government's commitment in the [2021] Glasgow Climate Pact, I thought things would be different."

MK Abbas to Lapid: Israel Must Coordinate with Jordan Status Quo Change on Temple...

Abbas also told Lapid, referring to the Jordanians, that “their demands are our demands.”

MK Amichai Chikli Officially Declared Party Defector by Knesset Committee

The Likud reportedly told Chikli they would offer him a ministerial position in the next government, which does not require that he be an MK.

Dog-Loving Lawmakers Howl at Proposed Astronomical Haredi Dog Tax

The bill raises the current annual fee of NIS 50 for dogs that are spayed or neutered to NIS 3,500 (nearly $1,100) regardless of the dog’s reproductive status.

DM Gantz Says Chomesh Will be Evacuated Soon and Evyatar Deal Won’t be Implemented...

Gantz claims that Bennett, Shaked and Sa'ar all know he is going to make this happen.

MK Amichai Chikli’s Ninety-Eight Theses on Yamina’s Indulgences

On April 7, 2022, the Yamina faction announced its decision to declare MK Chikli a “dissenter.”

Islamist Ra’am’s Demands for Remaining in Israel’s Coalition Government

“If the reality changes and the policies (on the Temple Mount) change, this freeze will also change.”

Ra’am to ‘Temporarily Freeze’ Membership in Coalition Government

The freeze is to last two weeks -- meaning it would have little to no effect, since the Knesset is in recess for the next four to five weeks.

Smotrich: I’ll Sit in One Government with Bennett But Not One party

If Netanyahu is stupid enough to leave me out, I'll come back with five more seats.

Smotrich Calls to Ban Bennett from Shul, PM Responds: This Is Why Judaea Fell

There’s no doubt that Smotrich has gotten under Bennett’s skin.

Joint List Chairman MK Ayman Odeh Incites Israeli Arabs to Mutiny

“In a normal world this man would have been arrested last night, with a speedy indictment."

Hadash MK Calls for Immediate Release of Pisgat Ze’ev Terrorist

Convicted teen terrorist Ahmed Manasra is facing a hearing in three more days. His sentence has already been reduced by 2.5 years.

3 Polls Show Right-Wing Bloc Ahead, Without Bennett in the Coalition

While not as dramatic as Thursday night's poll, they do confirm the trend in Netanyahu's favor for building a post-election coalition.

Yamina MK Orbach Poses 3 Ultimatums to Bennett or He Walks

MK Orbach threatened Bennett that "without a solution to these issues I will not be able to remain in the coalition."

2 Yamina MKs Play Hooky in Moldova, Away from Bennett’s Watchful Eye

Bennett didn’t explain how he plans to fix the coalition gaps with at least 2 MKs from his faction having gone AWOL. Should be very educational.


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