US Ambassador to Knesset: Recognition of Jerusalem Caused Explosion – of Peace

Relations between the US and Israel, and between Israel and the Middle East are completely different after David Friedman took office.

Bennett, Smotrich Preparing to Split as Latest Poll Predicts Only One Survivor

With a little bit of luck, Bennett and Sa'ar could go a long way together.

Health Minister Promises ‘Green Passports’ for Vaccinated Israelis

The purpose of the green passport initiative is to enable the opening up of as many different sectors of society as possible.

Meretz Going After Joint Arab List Voters, Looking to Boost the Israeli Left

In past elections, Arab voters have saved Meretz's hide, giving it the votes it desperately needed to stay above the threshold percentage.

Chevron Official to Israeli Monitoring Agency: Expect 50% Increase in Natural Gas Consumption in...

"We are sitting on a huge stockpile of vinyl records while the world has transitioned to digital music," said MK Kahane.

Polls Show Likud Still in the Lead as Newly Minted Parties Rearrange the Map

In the end, Israel's parties may have new names, but the problem remains: a split down the middle between Netanyahu and those who want to see him gone.

Druze MK Calls on Likud to Secure a Spot for Pollard on Its Election...

"For years we waited for the moment when you would make aliyah to Eretz Israel and, thank God, this day has come."

Someone Tell Gantz: Justice Minister Nissenkorn Jumps Ship to TA Mayor Huldai’s New Leftwing...

Meanwhile, it's expected that if Nissenkorn does not hurry up and announce his resignation from the post of Justice Minister, Gantz will do it for him today.

3 New/Old MKs Sworn into Knesset

They will serve their Knesset terms for less than 3 months.

Doctors See ‘Significant Improvement’ in Condition of Likud MK David Bitan, Ill with COVID-19

“The MK is feeling well [and] he continues to be hospitalized in the coronavirus intensive care [unit]."

Netanyahu Asking Court to Dismiss All 3 Criminal Indictments Against Him

It should be noted that there's not even a slim chance the court will consider this request seriously.

Knesset Education Committee Reverses Government Lockdown Keeping All Grades Open

The Teachers' Union would declare a labor dispute with the Ministry of Education if all teachers in Israel did not receive Corona vaccinations.

Election Commission CEO: We’re Adding More than 1,000 Polling Stations to Deal with Corona...

She said that a remote or computerized vote would have made her life simpler.

Rightwing Ministers Defeat Labor’s Plan to Regulate Illegal Bedouin Outposts

"Netanyahu continues his fire sale of Zionism and right-wing values."

Israelis to Go Back to the Polls for National Election 4.0

An interim financial package presented as a “continuing budget” measure was approved by the cabinet.

Legalization Champions Behind Dispersal Vote Ushering In a More Anti-Cannabis Knesset

According to the polls, the next Knesset will have a larger presence of rightwing parties that oppose legalization.

Knesset Speaker Declares High Court Not Authorized to Rule on Constitutional Laws

Netanyahu argued: "The court accepts its authority to rule by virtue of a basic law and it cannot judge the source of its own authority."

Knesset to Dissolve Tuesday at Midnight, Israel Goes to 4th Election in 2 Years

The election comes as the political parties are fighting with each other and with themselves.

Gantz Ready for New Elections that Would Decimate Blue&White, Empower ‘Newcomer’ Gideon Saar

If no government budget is passed early next week, then on Tuesday at midnight, the Knesset will automatically dissolve and Israel will go to a fourth election campaign in less than two years.

Elections Have Consequences: If Knesset Is Dispersed Many Israelis May Be Denied Unemployment Benefits

As a tragic consequence of the coming dispersal, all the extra-budget, one-time corona-related grants to Israeli citizens will be canceled.

Israel’s ‘Young Settlement’ Regulation Bill Advances in Knesset

"We will have to pass this law in three readings as early as next week."

Knesset Committee Allows Non-Israeli Diaspora Jews to Enlist in Israel’s National Service

The goal of the amendment is to encourage Aliyah and strengthen the connection with Diaspora Jewry.

Knesset Revokes Guardianship Rights of Parent Who Murdered Family Member

“I do not know if this bill will be able to prevent murder, but it will correct the terrible injustice families face down the line when dealing with the attacker."

Benny Gantz Fires Minister Yoaz Hendel

Zvika Hauser and Yoaz Hendel announced their support for Gidon Sa'ar as Prime Minister, and that they would run with him in the next Knesset.

MK Bitan’s Condition Deteriorating

Senior News12 journalist Amit Segal reported on Telegram that "Bitan is in severe condition."

Knesset Committee Extends Corona Restrictions in Public Transport, Aviation

MK Iman Khatib-Yasin (Joint Arab List) said she would oppose extending transportation restrictions due to what is happening in the industry.

Report: Draft Law Proposal Lets Haredim Off the Hook, Helps Them Become Future Taxpayers

The Haredi partners in this coalition are now trying to lead a move to impose a new draft law that fits their needs, which would ultimately be struck down by a raging Supreme Court.

Likud MK David Bitan in ICU with Corona

Following Bitan's diagnosis, at least five other Knesset members were asked to enter solitary confinement.

House Committee Approves Dispersal, Sets Elections on March 16

All 120 MKs will be able to take part in the debate following the first reading of the bill and speak from the podium for ten minutes.


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