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“Welcome,” he cried. “I thank you for the blessing you gave me. It has brought me fruit beyond my wildest dreams.”

Aba Yehudah then told them all that had happened, how he had lost his money and then discovered the fortune.


Hearing all this, Rabi Yehoshua answered, “I am very happy to hear this. I want you to know that though you only gave a small amount the last time we were here, we placed your name at the very top of the list.”

Aba Yehudah heard these words and asked, “I am deeply touched. But why did you do this?”

“We knew that your desire to give was greater than your ability,” replied Rabi Yehoshua.

And taking out the list, Rabi Yehoshua showed him that his name was, indeed, at the top, far above others who gave greater amounts. Taking him by the hand, Rabi Yehoshua placed him at the head of the leaders of the city, saying, “That which a man gives shall broaden him, and before the great will it place him.”


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