Mordechai And The Mute

Soon it was time for the cutting of the omer. However, to the great dismay of the people, there was not one among the Kohanim who knew where a barley field could be found.


This person was hotheaded and exclaimed: “You mind your own affairs; I will do as I please!”

The Life Of Privation

Reb David kept quiet and paid no attention to her requests, for he didn’t have a penny in his pocket.

The False Accusation

The prisoner is one of the most honorable people in the country. Even your governor will testify to that fact.

The Long Sleep

A rock sprang up near the place where Choni lay fast asleep and the rock grew up high in the form of a tent, until it encircled him completely.

Respect For Our Fellow Human Beings

Rabi Elazar looked down from his mule and perceived that the stranger was truly the ugliest man he had ever seen.

The Importance Of Kiddush

“I will tell you,” answered Rabi Zakkai. “All my life I have attempted to behave in purity and holiness. I never insulted or dishonored my fellowman. Finally, I never missed saying Kiddush on Shabbos.”

In All Your Ways Recognize G-d

“But,” the people protested, “many have attempted to do as you advise and we see that they have not been able to succeed.”

The Pilgrimage To Jerusalem

Rabi Yehoshua attempted to reassure the hesitant man, “Fear not, my son. Your home and your possessions will be safe..."

In Place of The Baal Shem Tov

Despite his refusal to bow to people, Rav Chaim was a humble and patient man and forgiving to those who insulted him.

Rabbi Elazar Rokeach

“I have never understood this comment of Rashi. Why in the same context does Rashi explain ‘brothers’ to mean ‘sons’ and then ‘comrades’?

Daniel In The Lion’s Den

He loved Daniel very much, but was helpless to do anything in the face of all of his ministers and soldiers.

The Importance Of Kaddish

Rabi Akiva found the woman and saw that her son was indeed ignorant. With the mother’s permission, he circumcised the son and began to teach him all that a Jewish child should know.

Poverty Tests The Man

He found a non-Jew who had a mule to sell and a bargain was quickly struck. Happily, Shimon Ben Shetach rode home thinking: “Now I can do my work quickly and have all the extra time to devote to teaching my students Torah.”

Stories of The Dubno Maggid

But suddenly, now that I am a maggid, a man of Torah, the distance becomes very near. How did the land in between suddenly become lost? How is it that from far it became near?

The Greatest Charity Of All

One day, a woman came to me to rent my mule. She gave me the few coins I normally charge for its hire. But as she turned away, leading the animal behind her, I heard her sob. I walked over to her and asked why she was crying.

The Pious One

If I angrily punished him for insulting me in his time of bitterness, then people would begin to question my objectivity and my judgment.

Rav Elazar Rokeach

In his youth, tradition tells us, he lived the life of a pauper. Many a week he would fast two days, and even during his fast he would sit in the beis midrash and continue his studies.

Shlomo HaMelech And The Three Brothers

“You can have your choice,” said the wise king. “You can choose to take this gold, 100 pieces each, or I can give you each three pieces of advice.”

The Chassidim Of Germany

A search of the premises failed to turn up any sign of the money and suspicion was directed against the shamash who had access to the entire house.

Strength Of Purpose

The day of the bidding for the franchise arrived and the community decided to make one last attempt to get Aptov to change his mind.

Great In Piety

“This way I am purchasing Olam Habah with the mitzvah of building a mikvah,” the rich man explained.

Tales From Volozhin

The agent’s plan proved to be successful. Rich people began to respect him more and more. They increased the size of their donations. One wealthy patron, however, refused to give him any money at all.

Never Be Sad

You are constantly urging people to give charity, and you are instrumental in providing them with great mitzvos.

The Golden Leg

Rabi Chanina prayed and suddenly the room became brilliantly lit and a huge hand appeared and snatched the golden leg and disappeared with it.

Rav Moshe Of Peshvorsk

Naturally, when these angels are called upon to testify concerning the life of the man who created them, being liars, they tell all sorts of false tales concerning this man.

Haughtiness And Knowledge

After he finished he said to them, “Had I not familiarized myself with the subject you would have put me to public shame.”

The Patience Of The Jew

The people trembled in fear. But standing at the side during the whole conversation was young Naftali – who understood Polish and overheard everything that had been said.

Shmuel Hakatan

All day they prayed; all day they fasted. It was to no avail. The skies remained as before, the rain locked in and the land still thirsty.


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