Despises A Liar

Suddenly, it appears that the Satan has become pious. In addition, he causes you to gossip, which in itself is a terrible sin.

Crossing The Yam Suf

A miracle occurred throughout the world: all the waters in wells, caves, rivers and even in glasses also divided and remained so until Bnei Yisrael passed through the sea.

Rav Yaakov Loberbaum

While still a young man, his fame spread quickly and many communities wished for him to lead them.

The Translation Of The Torah

By having a powerful army ready and prepared to do battle at a moment’s notice. But he should be discreet in using the army. He should carry a big stick but speak softly.

The Translation Of The Torah

Aristeas remained in Jerusalem viewing the sights. He was honored by being permitted to view the services in the Temple when the priests officiated.

The Convert

Onkelos, however, was unhappy. Something within his soul told him that his life was empty and lacking in the important things that make one’s existence meaningful.

The Long Sleep

Choni was astounded at what he had heard. “Apparently, I must have been sleeping for 70 years,” he thought to himself.

Rav Avraham Abush (Conclusion)

I ask myself how I dared to accept the lofty position of rav in this community when I know that I am not worthy of it.

Reb Aryeh Leib

When Reb Aryeh Leib heard this he said, “Congratulations, you have succeeded in hitting upon the same answer as the Vilna Gaon.”

Helping The Poor

But the furious merchant would not listen to his word and slapped him across the face – twice! Rav Avraham Abush suffered the blows in silence, refusing to use his name or prestige to protect himself.

Rav Avraham Abush Of Frankfurt

Even on the coldest and snowiest days one could see Rav Avraham Abush standing at someone’s front door, asking for help for a needy person.

A Jester Saved The Jews

They all gathered in the main synagogue to formulate a plan of action. At the height of the discussion, someone suggested using Nachumka.

Rav Ephraim Zalman Margolis

Rav Ephraim Zalman would therefore dress modestly – he would not purchase silk or satin clothes, which were very expensive, although he could well afford it.

A Letter From Shabbos To The Ibn Ezra

The Ibn Ezra awoke with a start. Rushing into his library he picked up a sefer given to him by a talmid. Sure enough, it attempted to prove that Shabbos was to be observed from Saturday morning until Sunday morning.

The Civil War Against The Maccabees

Every day a casket filled with gold would be lowered from the walls of Jerusalem and in return the army of Aristobulos would send up cattle for the korbanos.

No Evil For Good

I am the daughter of Rav Nechuniah, the one who has dug all the wells and water holes for the people, and I fell into this pit last night. Please help me to get out of here for I cannot do it alone.

Saving A Soul

All the disciples were eager to accompany their master and they all piled into the coach.

Honoring One’s Father And Mother

Before the startled eyes of the people, she rushed at her son and began to beat and slap him.

Rav Heshel Of Krakow

What is so great about being able to fill a kiddush cup from a bottle of wine? Let us see if you can use your wisdom to fill the kiddush cup from an empty bottle.

The Esrogim

Nadav was lifted on the horse and he hung on for dear life as the soldiers charged swiftly through the city streets.

Fulfilling Their Wishes

Our sages have advised us that we should repent one day before we die. Inasmuch as no persons knows when he is to die, he should therefore consider every day his last day.

Who Is Wealthy?

They praise the man who, in the midst of his sorrows and suffering, does not lift up his voice in complaint to G-d...

Saving A Soul

“Suddenly the Baal Shem Tov looked out of the window and exclaimed, ‘We too have a spiritual soul to save! Hurry get the coach and horses ready – we have a journey to make.’

Puzzling Solutions

The yearning of man is to do kindness’ refers to the fact that all people, especially the poor, want to do good deeds.

Will Moshiach Be A Chassid?

How is it possible that the two contradictory events, happiness and tragedy, evoke the same reaction?

The Shaagas Aryeh

Both giants of Torah rose higher and higher in the intellectual battle, each one asking and the other answering.

Rabbi Chaim Tzanzer

He would often ask: “Why is it that all the tractates of the Talmud begin with page two and not page one?”

Answering The Doubters

Why does your G-d grow angry at the idolaters? Is it not more logical for Him to pour out His wrath upon the idols themselves?

The Castaway

Whatever the heathens have made has not been for the good of the world but only for their own pleasures.

Moshe And The Wondrous Staff

Ordering his servants to take Moshe out of the pit, he had him brought to his home, where he was bathed and given fresh clothing.


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