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When The Absence Of Pain Is Pleasure

30 Nisan 5770 – April 14, 2010
There is an old joke that describes a passerby who sees a man repeatedly hitting his head against a wall. Each time his head hits the wall, the man yelps in pain. Concerned, the first man runs up to him and asks why he keeps banging his head when it obviously hurts when he does so. The man answers, "Because it feels so good when I stop."

An Adult Child’s Response To Mother’s Day Woes

4 Tammuz 5767 – June 20, 2007
Last week, I wrote an article about mothering yourself, particularly on Hallmark holidays like Mother's Day.

Mothering Yourself On Mother’s Day

27 Sivan 5767 – June 13, 2007
I am writing this article on May 13, Mother's Day this year (though it is being printed at a much later date).

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