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Liberman: ‘Likud Bigwigs Already Eulogizing Netanyahu’

Liberman claimed that the Likud is investing serious efforts in persuading the leaders of the Joint Arab List not to cooperate with Blue&White.

Joint Arab List Chairman Ayman Odeh: ‘Without Us, Benny Gantz Cannot Win’

Odeh also said his faction won't sit with Liberman because his "program is racist, and it is against our public in the most straightforward manner."

2.5M Visitors to Western Wall in Jerusalem During Tishrei

The Rabbi of the Western Wall, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, said it is hard not to be amazed by the sight of so many people visiting the Wall.

Blue&White Confirms: Arabs Invited to Coalition Talks; Liberman Not Discounting Cooperation with Arabs

Oded Forer, deputy of Israel Beiteinu leader Avigdor Liberman, considered by everyone to be the kingmaker of current Israeli politics, told Reshet Bet his party did not refuse cooperation with the Joint Arab List.

Arab Converted by Rabbi Karelitz Jailed by Palestinian Authority Since Yom Kippur

"The man's grandfather saved 26 Jews in the 1929 pogrom in Hebron. Now that he is in danger, we have a historic obligation to help him."

The Purpose of a Gantz Government Is Not Legislation But Destroying Netanyahu

The major player in the next 28 days, other than Gantz, is Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Liberman, who can make or break a Gantz government.

Is Political Islam Declining in the Middle East?

The lack of a reaction to the death of former Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi and the absence of religious demands by protesters in Algeria, Sudan, and Iraq suggest that political Islam is waning after the defeat of ISIS three years ago.

Israeli Security Forces Arrest 7 Turkish Infiltrators From Jordan (Updated)

There was no information released on where the infiltrators were captured, nor whether they were armed.

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Everything on the Table’ Over 2-State Solution

Warren is not the only Democratic presidential contender criticizing Israeli sovereignty in areas captured during the 1967 Six Day War, more than half a century ago.

Trump Says Israel, Jordan Asked Him to Keep US Troops in Syria

“We’ve been asked by Israel and Jordan to leave a small number of troops in a totally different section of Syria, near Jordan, and close to Israel."

Netanyahu Returns Mandate to Form Government

Rivlin announced in response that he would immediately pass the mandate to Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz.

On Bibi’s 70th Birthday Putin Talks Pardon for Naama Issachar

President Putin also called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his 70th birthday

Pelosi, Abdullah II, Meet, But King Won’t Attack Trump’s Syria Pullout

The king's press release only got to the Syria question in paragraph 5.

Lebanese Christians Quit Government Amid Anti-Corruption Riots

“This government is incapable of taking the necessary steps to save the worsening economic and financial situation in Lebanon."

US Army Chooses Israeli System to Protect Tank Crews’ Lives

The fact that the world’s most powerful military chose an Israeli active protection system to protect the lives of its tank crews is historic.

Israeli Toddler Dies on Flight from Thailand to Tel Aviv

"The Israeli Embassy in Moscow is in contact with the family and the Jewish community nearby, and is helping to make arrangements for the toddler's body to be transported home as quickly as possible."

Pence, Erdogan, Give Kurds 120 Hours to Vacate War Zone; Pompeo: Won’t Happen to...

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz: "Of course, what is happening in Syria should remind us of one principle - that we must maintain our ability to defend ourselves."

Turkish Sources: Erdogan ‘Threw Trump’s Syria Letter in the Trash Bin’

Erdogan was very upset by "Trump's mixture of threats and locker-room banter," so much so that he ordered his troops into Syria that very day.

UK, EU, Reach Brexit Deal

Should Johnson's Brexit deal not receive Parliament's approval, it would likely lead eventually to a general election.

Shaked Refuses to Sign Bibi’s New Loyalty Oath: ‘Enough Already’

When a couple is married, they don't reaffirms the ketuba every month.

Israeli Arabs Welcomed in Saudi Arabia: Diplomatic Breakthrough or Cynical Ploy?

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s calls to invite Israeli Arabs to live and work in Saudi Arabia could be either a diplomatic breakthrough or a cynical ploy. If the former, it could indicate that at long last, the Arab world is awakening to the possibility that to fully enter the modern world, it must normalize relations with Israel.

Bernie Sanders Endorsed by ‘The Squad’ for Democratic Presidential Nomination

Sanders is leading the field of Democratic presidential candidates in fundraising together with Elizabeth Warren.

Jordan Denies Permitting Israeli Farmers to Remain in Tzofar Enclave

A Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesman said the consultations Jordan has been holding with Israel concern the termination of the lease – not its renewal.

Analysis: VP Pence Visit to Center on US Thermonuclear Bombs Stored in Turkey

“We have Israel nearby, as almost neighbors," Erdogan said. "They scare [other countries] by possessing [nuclear weapons]. No one can touch them.”

Report: US Launched Cyber Attack on Iran following Oil Fields Missiles

The cyber operation, in late September, which impacted computing hardware, targeted the Islamic Republic’s ability to "spread propaganda.”

EU Members Suspend Arms Sales to Turkey After Air Strike Kills Journalists in...

One journalist was killed immediately in the strike. Three were injured, including one who died the next day. A total of 15 civilians died.

Netanyahu Requests Pardon for Naama Issachar from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

Both Netanyahu and Rivlin have also personally appealed separately to Putin on the young tourist's behalf.

Egyptian Army to be First to Operate Hundreds of Upgraded T-90 Tanks

According to information released by the Egyptian army, it is preparing to arm more than 1,000 new T-90s, upgraded to billions of dollars, for deployment.

Turkey Boasts ‘Neutralizing’ 595 Kurds in Syria Operation; Kurds, Assad, Forge Coalition

With American support and training, the Kurdish-led SDF has become a professional army with close to 60,000 recruits.

Bennett to Blue&White: Meshuggeners, Get Off your Perch

"The government will be run in rotation. Netanyahu first. Then Gantz. Why? Because Gantz must have a training period."


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