Iran Pledges Retaliation for US Attacks in Syria that Killed 19

On Saturday more than 20 rockets were reportedly fired against two US bases in eastern Syria.

Judicial Election, Deri 2, Gifts Law Going to Knesset Vote Despite Gallant’s Objection

Netanyahu and Justice Minister Yariv Levin have presented Gallant with an ultimatum.

INTO THE FRAY: Obviating Elections

If the so-called "champions of democracy" succeed in obstructing the judicial reforms, democratic rule will be replaced by mob rule—and Israel will be teetering on the brink of an Orwellian dystopia

Gallant Calls for Temporary Halt to Judicial Reform; Coalition May Have Lost Majority to...

“I am calling for a halt to the judicial reform legislation until after Yom Ha’Atzma’ut . . . for the safety of Israel."

2 IDF Soldiers Wounded in Third Terror Attack in Huwara in Three Weeks

The terrorist allegedly fired from a passing vehicle before making his escape.

Police Rescue MK Rothman from Angry Mob in Ramat Hasharon

Earlier on Thursday, a mob in Petah Tikvah tried to prevent Rothman from raising a glass to usher in the month of Nissan.

Iran Attacks Coalition Base in Syria, 1 Dead, 6 Wounded; US Retaliation ‘Proportionate’

Iranian-backed militias attacked US troops 78 times since the beginning of 2021.


Our origin story has everything to do with who we are and where we are going.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses the Nation on Judicial Reform

The prime minister spoke live following a day of chaos perpetrated by leftist anarchists nationwide.

Anti-Government Anarchists Bring Chaos to Bnei Brak, Greeted with Love

The demonstrators, using the de rigeur bass drum, megaphones, yelling and nonstop horn honking, effectively prevented local residents from going out to do their evening shopping, but were instead met with love.

Minister Avi Dichter Struck in Head by Flag-Wielding Anti-Government Protester

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded "leaders of the opposition immediately stop the anarchy, violence and incitement towards elected officials" and demanded action by police and prosecutors.

Coalition Defeats Ankle Monitors Measure, Ben Gvir Promises More Thoughtful Version

"It’s important to prevent false complaints resulting in damage to innocent men.”

Knesset Passes PM Incapacity Law Blocking AG, Court Coup D’état

Any reasonable person reading the original law understands that it deals with the PM’s medical condition.

Retired US Military Leaders Urge Biden to Arm Israel Against Iran – Now.

The only thing that can stop Iran, they wrote, is “a credible nuclear threat. Only Israel offers that.

Israel and Poland Resolve Disputes, Reinstate Ambassadors

“Poland is a very significant factor in Europe today and together with it we will continue to advance issues of political importance."

New Jersey Opens Economic Development Office in Tel Aviv

“New Jersey offers an incomparable suite of opportunities, and we are eager to support Israeli businesses looking to expand to the United States.

Recently-Discharged Israeli ‘Pilots for Good’ Urge IDF to Bring Them Back ‘Immediately’

“We oppose refusals and are ready to return immediately to operational service.”

Jordanian Parliament Votes to Expel Israeli Ambassador, Covers Up Map of Israel

Jordan recently ranked as the 3rd unhappiest country in the Arab world.

US Rebukes Israeli Ambassador for Amended Law on Jewish Expulsion

These are not new settlements. These are Jewish villages that were ripped from the land.

Syria Reports Israeli Attack on Aleppo International Airport

This was the second time Israel targeted Aleppo International Airport this month.

Biden Administration Pushing Arabs Towards Iran

the agreement is an indication of the growing weakness of the US and the failed policy of the Biden administration in the Middle East. Thanks to the US administration's fragility, the Iranian-led axis of evil has been significantly emboldened as America's erstwhile Arab allies are rushing towards the open arms of the mullahs in Tehran.

Israel Signs Diplomatic ‘Roadmap’ Document with Britain

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to visit London next week for an official visit that will include talks with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Israel Moves Up to Fourth Happiest Country in the World

The United States was ranked at 15, Britain at 19 and France was 21st. The two unhappiest nations were Afghanistan and Lebanon.

Jordanian Islamic Waqf Calls to Fortify Temple Mount Against Jews

“This year we will burn the area as a result of the daily attacks by Jews against Arab worshipers at Al Aqsa Mosque.”

2 Soldiers Wounded in Explosion on Israel’s Northern Border

An IDF engineering vehicle was damaged when a landmine exploded, according to reports.

Released for Publication: Megiddo Terrorist Climbed a Ladder to Breach Northern Israel Security Fence

Israel’s security establishment has become increasingly convinced that the terrorist was sent by Iran’s proxy in Lebanon, the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Economy Minister Barkat: I Will Surrender If the Court Annuls the Judicial Reform

Barak’s announcement was the ultimate attempt to please everybody.

Levin Justifies Reform Downgrading, Will Not Accept Nullification by the Court

A court annulment of the judicial reform would "constitute crossing a red line – which we will not accept."


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