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Survey: 4 in 10 US Jews Conceal Identity, See Far-Left as Serious Threat

22 percent said they had changed their habits when it comes to going out.

State Dept: Gantz Never Warned Us He Was Planning to Outlaw 6 Terrorist NGOs

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price on Monday responded with a huge pivot.

Only Thing Stopping Biden and a PLO Consulate in Jerusalem is the THREAT of...

The U.S. administration is trying to decide: is toppling the Israeli coalition and putting Netanyahu back in office worth the price of the consulate to the PLO?

Israeli FM, Shin Bet Reps Head to Washington to Prove Palestinian Authority NGO Links...

A senior security official maintains that evidence of the links between the six NGOs and the PFLP "leaves no room for doubt."

New York City Workers March Across Brooklyn Bridge, Protest COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

NYC employees have until Friday to receive at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, or be suspended from their jobs.

History Made: UAE Air Force Commander Arrives for Official Visit to Israel

The UAE Air Force commander was received with an honor guard at Palmachim Air Force Base.

Leftist Coalition Members Work to ‘Pluralize’ Western Wall

The Ministry of Diaspora is committed to advancing [pluralization] in Israel and in the Jewish world in general, says Labor Minister Nachman Shai.

Public Health Chief to Knesset Committee: We Fear Vaccine Resistant Variants from Foreign Countries

Dr. Alroy-Preis shared with the committee that the FDA is expected to approve the coronavirus vaccines for children.

While Cabinet Approves Plan to Curb Arab Sector Murders, Arab Politicians Demand Promotion of...

The Kafr Qassem event marked the highest point of mistrust between Israel's Jewish rulers and its Arab citizens.

Report: Israeli Plane Targets Syrian Forces and Allies in Quneitra

The official Syrian news agency SANA ignored the attack.

Folly of the “Economy for Peace” Thesis

 Much like the Oslo illusion, which posited that territorial concessions to the PLO would bring about peace with the Palestinians, the hope that economic easing in the Gaza Strip will moderate Hamas terrorism is a mistaken attempt to apply a Western logic of conflict management to a Palestinian enemy whose definition of the end of the conflict with Israel is not in the West’s political-cultural lexicon.

Construction Begins in Hebron’s Historic Hezekiah Neighborhood

A 31-apartment building is under construction along with two kindergarten buildings.

CDC 6.4 Million Study Shows No Increased Mortality Risk in Corona Vaccine Recipients

The lower mortality risk after COVID-19 vaccination suggests substantial healthy vaccinee effects.

A Satisfied Ra’am Says It Will Support Bennett’s Budget

The obstacle was the provision of budgets to the Arab municipalities at the expense of the Jewish municipalities.

Is Mayim Bialik TOO Jewish for ‘Jeopardy!?’ .

A “New York Times” article raised questions about whether the actress was “neutral” enough to lead the TV institution. But the focus on her support for Israel raises more questions about the newspaper than Bialik

Israel Declares 6 NGOs as Terror Groups — US, EU, UN Not Happy

Israel insists the United States was indeed informed before Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced the classification of six Palestinian Authority NGOs as associated terrorist...

Both Ben-Gvir & Meretz Condemn Bennett’s Area C Housing Plan – for Opposite Reasons

Of the housing units that will be approved in the Jewish settlements only 1,800 will receive the final approval.

U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem – the Bottom Line

If Israel formally refused to give its consent to the decision to open the consulate and the Biden administration went ahead with its implementation, nonetheless, it would put the United States in a position of flagrant violation of the relevant international convention dealing with consular relations between states.

American Express (AMEX) Credit Card Systems Down

AMEX credit service systems were reported down in multiple locations; cards were declined at point-of-purchase, online and by phone.

Traveling to Israel? Here’s the New Entry Plan

It will take effect on November 1 and be updated in accordance with developments and the discovery of new variants of COVID-19.

Turkish Media: 15 Mossad Agents Arrested, All Arabs

The interrogations of the captured spies are currently ongoing, and when those are over they will be referred to the prosecutor's office.

US, Israeli Diplomat, Dangling Saudi Relations in Return for ‘Palestinian Consulate’

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand pick up a trillion bucks (in promissory notes).

US-Israel Study of 94,354 Adolescents Shows Vaccines Effective Against Delta Variant, Reduce Contagion...

These conclusions provide important and well-founded information for parents who are undecided about vaccinating their adolescent children.

Never Trumpers and Black Lives Matter Have the Same Backer

Nothing says political norms like cop killers and racist terrorists.

NYC Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine for All City Workers, $500 Incentive for First Dose

The $500 incentive ends at 5pm on Friday, October 29th, by which point all city employees are required to have proof of at least one dose.

Report: US Urging Saudis to Normalize Relations with Israel, Join Abrahamic Agreements

Jared Kushner met with Jake Sullivan in January and encouraged him to push Saudi Arabia to join the Abraham Accords.

Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz Wins Defamation Suit Launched by Convicted Pedophile

“It’s time to create a legal registry in Israel with information about sex offenders, so parents can properly protect their children from them.”

Bennett ‘Surprised’ by US Pressure on Settlements; Biden to Reopen Jerusalem’s ‘Palestinian’ Consulate

"To declare the establishment of such a consulate while the Prime Minister opposes it is simply to turn the State of Israel into a banana republic."

Internal Security Minster Barlev: Murder Rate Will Continue to Rise in Arab Society

An estimated 400,000 illegal weapons are circulating in the Arab sector (the entire Israeli Arab population is estimated at 1.9 million).


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