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Watch: Prominent French Jew Attacked in Paris by Yellow Vest Anti-Semites

The philosopher was cornered in the doorway of a building, where he was cursed and insulted, and told to 'go back to Tel Aviv.'

Labor Union Chief Quits Histadrut to Join Benny Gantz in Knesset Run

Nissenkorn said he would join the party list in running for the next Knesset, albeit saying goodbye to Histadrut “with a heavy heart.”

Watch: IDF Officer Wounded in Gaza Border Violence

At least 11,000 Hamas-led Arabs took part in attacks on IDF soldiers and attempts to damage the security fence along the Gaza border.

Nasrallah: Arabs Collaborate in Warsaw Conference to Normalize Israel, Abandon ‘Palestinians’

Nasrallah also denied claims that Hezbollah has cells in Latin America, while stressing his support for Venezuela.

Police Interrogate Litzman on Suspicion He Blocked Extradition of Haredi Pedophile

Litzman is suspected of illegally using the powers of his office to influence a psychiatric evaluation of Leifer's mental fitness to stand trial.

Update: Polish President Pins Netanyahu Quotes on Malicious Media Manipulation

The Poles are considering the cancellation of the Visegrád States' conference scheduled to take place in Israel next week, and moving the event to Warsaw.

Israeli Left’s Unabashed Militarism

The Israeli Left’s obsession with toppling PM Benjamin Netanyahu has driven it to embrace a military “dream team” bent on overthrowing a civilian ruling party. This echoes the all-too-common phenomenon of Third World military juntas seizing power to “save the nation” from “corrupt politicians.” Generals brought to power as “national saviors” in times of deep crisis have often been the harbingers of populism, authoritarianism, and fascism.

Bayit Yehudi, National Union Sign Deal to Create Joint List for Upcoming Election

Under the agreement, former IDF Chief Rabbi Rafi Peretz will head the joint list. Both parties will receive an equal number of mandates.

Pence Demands EU to Withdraw from JCPOA, Joins Bibi at Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Memorial

Pence warned "the Iranian regime openly advocates another Holocaust" in the Middle East. He added that the Islamic Republic the "greatest threat to peace and security" in the region.

Amazon Cancels Plans for New HQ in NYC

"There are currently over 5,000 Amazon employees in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island, and we plan to continue growing these teams."

Surprising Republicans, Democratic House Unanimously Condemns Anti-Semitism

The Democrats are determined to never again fall into these Republican traps, which Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership have already taken care of when they condemned Ilhan Omar.

Gantz Appoints Female Haredi Candidate from Beit Shemesh

Interestingly, Gilinsky-Yankelevitch is on the record as supporting the segregation of women in the Haredi community.

The Religion of ‘anti-Israelism’

The State of Israel, to the social justice warriors, prophets, and congregations is the outcome of all problems that Jews embody. This is antisemitism to the core.

Netanyahu Lauds ‘Excellent Meeting’ with Oman’s Foreign Minister in Warsaw

Netanyahu is also set to meet with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the sidelines of the gathering.

Mandelblit Quashes Zilber’s Scheme, Ariel U. Gets Its Med School

Minister Bennett noted that "there is a serious shortage of doctors in Israel, and there is a need to establish a school, and there is a university that is suitable for this."

Shurat HaDin Warns Giant Cryptocurrency Brokerage Hamas Is Using Its Platform to Raise Bitcoin...

Shurat HaDin's founder Nitsana Darshan-Leitner wrote Coinbase CEO and crypto billionaire Brian Armstrong he was in violation of US anti-terrorism laws.

Madagascar, Philippines, Williamsburg, See Measles Resurgence

New York may soon follow California and Vermont with legislation that makes vaccinations mandatory.

Netanyahu, Nasrallah, Exchange Very Public Messages over Israel’s Strategy in Syria

Opening a second front against Israel is an old Hezbollah dream, and now that the terror group's fighters are back from the Syrian front, Nasrallah et al are trying to revive it.

Different Dividing of Jerusalem

A new Jerusalem Institute of Strategy and Security report lifts the lid on Palestinian activity aiming to undermine Israeli authority in eastern Jerusalem, effectively turning its Arab residents into “citizens” of Ramallah, rather than Israel.

Israel, Iran to Join Russia-led Free Trade Agreement

Each nation is to sign its own free-trade accord with the bloc; adversaries won’t be able to trade freely with one another.

Israelis Protest in Terrorist’s Neighborhood in Hebron

“The time has come to return to a policy of reprisals in which the terrorists’ environment is seen as responsible for the terror it produces.”

Labour General Secretary: Only 12 out of 673 Anti-Semitism Complaints Resulted in Expulsion

Labour received another 433 complaints about people who turned out not to be in the party at all.

Venezuela’s Alternative President Guaidó Will Renew Ties with Israel, Consider Jerusalem Embassy

Israel was the first nation outside the Americas to recognize Guaidó's presidency.

As Democrats Condemn Omar’s Anti-Semitism, Campaign to Declaw AIPAC Gains Ground

Let's not kid ourselves, AIPAC, the ADL, and several other lobbying groups are our bulwark against the repeat in the US of the war against the Jews being waged today by crypto-Nazis and neo-Nazis in Europe and the Middle East.


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