Preparations Underway for Sukkot 5784 at the Western Wall Plaza

Due to the high demand and the public's desire to participate in the traditional ceremony, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation will hold this year's Birkat Kohanim service twice.

Protest Leaders Shocked as Israelis Reject their Extremist Message

Protest leader Shikma Bressler was upset. Some group dared to splash the entire side of a building in Tel Aviv with a gigantic ad...

On Israel’s Northern Border, Smoke but No (Gun) Fire – Yet

Lebanon claimed it exchanged smoke bombs with Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday for the second time in a week.

Reform Jews Get Snippy on Adult Circumcision Funding in Israel

High Court, Government, clash over financing non-Orthodox adult circumcisions.

Israel to Expand Holocaust Survivors’ Testimony Project

"We are committed to looking after the rights and the well-being of Holocaust survivors. We will pass their memories on to coming generations and we will always take care to ensure our future."

Ben Gvir, Protesters Cancel Dueling Prayers at Dizengoff Square

The public prayer scheduled for Thursday evening was intended to assert the rights of Jews to pray peacefully – with a mechitza – in a public space.

100 Progressive Jews Boycott Elon Musk, Urge Big Advertisers to Join

Jonathan Greenblatt has managed to elicit the support of his fellow Jewish progressives against the offending X and Elon Musk.

Israel Officially Joins the US Visa Waiver Program

It’s expected the arrangements will be completed by November 30, officials said.

Anarchists Who Crashed Yom Kippur Prayers Drove Secular Israelis Back to their Yiddishkeit

Only Ben Gvir can turn a fledgling movement of secular Israelis who are curious about their tradition into a train wreck of monumental proportions.

A Belligerent Ben Gvir Declares Public Prayer in Protesters’ Faces at Dizengoff Circle

"On one side is Ben Gvir, on the other side Ehud Barak and his emissaries. In the middle, there is an entire nation that’s simply fed up with extremism."

Oy Vey Survey: Another Problematic “Poll” by “Nishma”

It is like the street demonstrations in Israel. One side gets a zillion people in the streets 38 weeks in a row, while the other side holds only two large rallies during that same time. Does that mean one side is stronger by 19 times (i.e., 38-2)? Or does it reflect that one side has enormous leftist-zillionaire funding from America that the other side does not? And that one side uses such street tactics while the other side, uh, votes instead?

IDF Hits Hamas Targets in Gaza, 3 Times in 3 Days

The IDF used a remotely unmanned aircraft (drone/UAV) to attack a Hamas terrorist military position in the Rafah area, in southern Gaza.

History Made: Israeli Tourism Minister Arrives in Saudi Arabia for UN Conference

"Tourism is a bridge between nations," Katz said. "Partnership on tourism issues has the potential to bring hearts together and create economic prosperity.

Yesh Atid Candidate for TLV Mayor: If You Fail to Meet my Liberal Standards...

Those oxymoronic statements belong to morons who do not understand the meaning of the term “liberalism.”

Antisemites Crash Yom Kippur Prayers in Tel Aviv with Gantz & Lapid’s Support

“One protester positioned herself behind a very elderly woman in a wheelchair who came with her Filipino nurse."

More Than 2,000 Taken to Hospitals on Yom Kippur

The medical teams responded to 3,025 calls. Of those, 295 people fainted and suffered dehydration, and 2,069 people were evacuated to hospitals.

IDF Attacks Gaza Terror Positions on Yom Kippur

Israeli soldiers were kept busy on the southern border over the Yom Kippur holiday.

Rosh Yehudi: Yom Kippur Prayers Will Take Place as Planned at Dizengoff Circle

It remains to be seen whether the anarchists will be brazen enough to crash the public prayer service.

IDF Demolishes Terrorist Infrastructure in Tulkarem, 2 Terrorists Dead

An IDF soldier was moderately injured from shrapnel and was evacuated to hospital for treatment.

How To Bring About A Less Divisive New Year In 5784

Both sides need to decide on their own now that there will be no more victories of one side over the other and that from now on, key decisions on the country's future will have to be made by consensus.

WATCH: Erev Yom Kippur Selichot Ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

"These prayers unite the entire spectrum of the Jewish people in this emotional month, at the place that unifies us."

IDF Repels Lebanese Attempt to Cross Israel’s Northern Border

Hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah, Iran's proxy in Lebanon, have been simmering for months.

Watch: IDF Strikes Hamas Military Posts After Return of Terror Balloons, Border Violence

Gaza terrorists also launched multiple incendiary balloons across the border on Friday; at least two started fires in Israeli territory.

IDF Chief Halevi Proclaims Full Readiness, Mourns Predecessor Blamed for Yom Kippur War Losses

Halevi himself has been imprisoned by a destructive conception of his own making.

Academic Freedom Isn’t An Excuse For Antisemitism

A Palestinian event featuring Jew-haters at the University of Pennsylvania shows that in the age of DEI loyalty pledges, some forms of prejudice are tolerated on campuses.

Netanyahu Directs Nuclear Experts to Find Saudis a Path to Enrich Uranium

Israeli officials are "quietly working" with the White House to develop a "US-run, uranium-enrichment operation" in the kingdom.

Agudath Israel Warns US Officials Against Meddling in Israel’s Internal Affairs

“The United States would rightly resent another nation’s attempts to influence our own internal political affairs. Members of Congress and other American officials should ponder that."

WATCH Fox News Interview: Saudi Arabia’s Mohammad bin Salman Guarded But Optimistic on Deal...

“Every day we are getting closer to an agreement with Israel,” he said. “For us, the Palestinian issue is very important. We need to solve that part."

Pro-Israel New York Rally Set for Thursday, Sept 21, 6 pm – Be There!

"We want Israelis, the majority of whom voted for the current government and many of whom have rallied in its favor in Israel, to know that we support them, and we love the Jewish homeland."


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