Survey: 90% of US Jews Concerned About Antisemitism But Won’t Consider Aliyah

Everybody is talking about the weather but nobody is doing anything about it.

My Crystal Ball for Israel, 2022

Looking ahead, this is what I see: A rotten nuclear deal with Iran, conflict with Hamas and Hezbollah, government stability but stagnation, and despite it all – a banner economic year.

Yad Vashem: UN Resolution Means Fighting ‘Nuanced, Complex’ Forms of Holocaust Denial

"We must redouble our efforts to expand and support unfettered and fact-based Holocaust research and education."

Report: History, Heritage & Culture of Mizrahi Jews ‘Massively Underrepresented’ in Israeli Schools

The Farhud, Operation Magic Carpet and Rabbi Shalom Shabazi are unknown in the Israeli education system, the survey found.

UN Passes Historic Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial

The UN resolution on Holocaust denial and distortion was passed on the 80th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference.

Holocaust Survivors Urge Action Against Antisemitic Use of Holocaust Terminology

Since the beginning of 2020, more than 60 million online engagements linked pandemic-related issues with the Holocaust.

NYPD Seeking Woman Who Spat on Jewish Children and Made Antisemitic Remarks

She said to them: “Hitler should have killed you all. I’ll kill you and know where you live.”

Israel Signs Deal to Purchase 3 Submarines from Thyssenkrupp

Apparently, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's objection to establishing a commission of inquiry stemmed from his fear of losing the submarines deal.

Does Judaism Believe that People Are Basically Good?

If people are basically good, what is the Torah for? What are all the commandments for? If people are basically good, why would God need to command us ...?

Israeli Mezuzahs to be Shipped to China Held a Surprise

The creatures were a unique species of harvesting ants that are found specifically in the Negev region.

UAE Seeks to Increase Its Israeli Defense Technology After 3 Killed in Drone Attack

A deadly attack on Abu Dhabi by Iranian-linked Houthi rebels in Yemen left three people dead and six others injured.

Israeli Delegation Arrives in Sudan for Talks

The delegation was set to meet with Sudan's top general, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

Police Carry Out Eviction of Barricaded Shimon HaTzadik Family, 18 Arrested

A large number of police officers arrived at the compound at 3:30 AM and evacuated the tenants.

Will Devotion to Dialogue Stop us from Understanding Another Synagogue Attack?

The Texas hostage-taker wanted to release an anti-Semitic terrorist whose freedom is sought by Muslim groups. Is it Islamophobic to discuss who might have inspired the incident?

Report: 70K Businesses in Israel Failed to Survive in 2021

Only 35,000 news small businesses opened in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Israel to Distribute 25-30M Free COVID-19 Antigen Tests to Population

The government also announced the mandatory quarantine period will be reduced from seven to five days.

Report: Israel Police Using NSO’s Spying App Against Civilians without Authorization

The NSO spyware was reportedly also planted on civilians' phones to gather information against them for future use.

Germans Blindside the IDF, Doubling Cost of 3 Submarines

ThyssenKrupp recently raised the price of three new submarines ordered by Israel's defense ministry by a whopping €1.2 billion.

Israel, US, Conduct Successful Test of the Arrow System Against Ballistic Missiles

The test required the diversion of commercial flights' takeoffs and landings at Ben Gurion Airport to northern routes.

Is a Jewish Majority Sufficient to Protect Israel?

The current government has adopted a post-Zionist ethos and governing agenda. We must reinstate the Jewish consensus around Zionism in our schools, media, and politics.

IDF Draft Law Fails in First Reading — DM Gantz Vows to Reintroduce Measure

The bill would have mandated recruitment of haredi-religious Jews into the IDF, but would have also lowered the age of exemption to 21, for those wishing to stay in yeshiva.

2 Teens Arrested in UK, Possibly Linked to Texas Synagogue Attack

The FBI said its investigation has "global reach," adding the agency has already been in contact with multiple legal attache offices, "including in Tel Aviv and London."

Armed Terrorist Killed at Gush Etzion Junction

A terrorist attempted to stab people waiting at a bus stop at the Gush Etzion junction. 

Houthi Drones Attack 3 Tankers in Abu Dhabi Port, Explosions Ensue, 3 Dead

On January 1, a UAE cargo ship, the Rwabee, was hijacked by Houthi forces.

Jerusalem Arab Barricaded on Rooftop Threatens to Blow Up his Family as Police Attempt...

The father of a Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood family fortified himself on the roof of the house with his children and a gas cylinder.

1,200 Yeshiva Students Bypass Army Blockade to Celebrate Seder Tu B’Shvat in Homesh

On Sunday morning, the family went up to Yehuda's grave, on the thirtieth anniversary of his murder.

Post MLK: Black-Jewish Alliance Replaced By Black Leader’s Antisemitism

The die was cast. The love affair between Jewish and Black Leadership, fomented by two great men, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, was fractured by the Jew-hatred of Dr. King’s successors.

Government Approves NIS 500M for Beit Shemesh Upgrade

The population of Beit Shemesh has grown by approximately 63 percent in the past decade, the highest growth rate among Israel's 15 largest cities.

Supporters Raise Over NIS 2M for Netanyahu’s Legal Defense

Funding campaign organizers wrote: "When the left wing and the prosecution put Benjamin Netanyahu on the stand, they put all of us on the stand with him."

Justice Barak Pushing Netanyahu’s Plea Deal that May Oust Him from Politics Until He...

The deal is very likely, and it's probably going to be struck over the next two weeks – before the AG leaves office on February 1.


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