IDF Intercepts 3 Hezbollah UAVs Heading for Karish Gas Field

Two of the drones were shot down, for the first time, by Barak missiles from the Saar 5 Class Corvette INS “Eilat." The third UAV was shot down by an IAF F-16 fighter jet.

Watch: Prime Minister Yair Lapid Delivers His First Speech Upon Taking Office

"The State of Israel is bigger than all of us. More important than any of us. It was here before us, and will be here long after us. It doesn’t belong only to us. It belongs to those who dreamed of it for thousands of years in the Diaspora, and also to those yet to be born, to future generations."

Panels Politics Poll following Knesset Dissolution: Netanyahu Government with Shaked, Meretz Eliminated

On paper, had all the eligible Israeli Arabs exercised their right to vote, they could win between 20 and 24 seats.

ARABS to Biden: Shut Down Iran’s ‘Expansionist Project’

The Arabs are saying that they expect the Biden administration to reverse its stance on the mullahs and act in accordance with reality: that Tehran poses a catastrophic threat to America's allies – all of its allies, Arab and Israeli alike – in the Middle East.

Ben & Jerry’s Condemns Parent Company Unilever’s Decision to Sell Rights to Israeli Franchisee,...

“Unilever rejects completely and repudiates unequivocally any form of discrimination or intolerance. Antisemitism has no place in any society."

Antisemitic Thug Charged with Federal Hate Crime in NYC

Court documents say Saadah Masoud also attacked and threatened two Jewish men in two separate incident last summer in Brooklyn.

It’s Final: Israeli Elections on 7 Cheshvan, 5783 (November 1, 2022) and Interim Prime...

"They promised change, talked about healing, experimented, and the experiment failed.”

Terrorists Open Fire on Worshippers inside Joseph’s Tomb, 3 Injured

IDF soldiers returned fire and threw tear gas cannisters at the Arab terrorists.

Roe v. Wade Is History BUT…

the Debate about ABORTION Reveals Rot at America's Center

Bennett Says He Won’t Run in Next Election; Knesset Might Not Disperse

Bennett said he would remain as alternate prime minister during the tenure of Yesh Atid chairperson and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid as prime minister.

Cool Victory: Unilever Grants Ben & Jerry’s Israel the Right to Continue Selling in...

In the end, Unilever announced on Wednesday that it had sold its Ben & Jerry’s business interests in Israel to Zinger.

Disgraced IRGC Officer Tells NYT: Israel Seriously Undermined our Most Powerful Intelligence

Taeb’s removal was a public acknowledgment by Tehran that in order to confront the Israeli threat they had to bring in a new leadership.

PA Poll: Support Drops for PLO, 2-State Solution, Rises for Armed Intifada

When asked what is the main problem confronting the PA Arabs today, largest percentage, 26%, said it was unemployment and poverty.

ZAKA’s Disgraced Yehuda Meshi Zahav Dead at 62

In 2003, Meshi Zahav lit, as one of the founders of ZAKA, a beacon at the torch lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl.

Supreme Ct. Decision: Reality Check for Young Women and their Choices

The whole issue is saturated with irony. With regard to men and women, most of what feminism fought for has hurt women and benefited men.

Israel Downgrades Travel Warning for Istanbul to Level 3 – Still Dangerous

"The NSC recommends the urgency of travel to Turkey be evaluated in light of the possibility of continued Iranian efforts to carry out attacks there in future as well."

Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Says He Does Not Support AIPAC

"I am not seeking their endorsement and would not accept it even if it were offered."

Hamas Releases Video of Israeli Hostage Hisham a-Sayed Being Given Oxygen

“Hamas is playing on people’s emotions. It is abusing human beings. . . According to the publication, it is impossible to know if he is alive.”

It’ll Be a 6-3 Court for a While Now: High School Football Coach Wins...

Expect these exchanges between the 3 Jewish liberals and 6 Catholic conservatives to persist.

Study: Southern Arab Population Growth Double that of Jews; 80% of Murders Take Place...

A substantial number of young Arab men who want to marry will not be able to find a wife, which will increase the levels of social violence.

Truth Behind the Anti-Israel ‘Apartheid’ Smear

It was necessary to attack Israel’s heart. To create an illusion of discrimination against the Arabs living in Israel. Not the Palestinians – not the refugees – but the Arabs of Israel itself. By doing this the anti-Israel industry could delegitimise Israel’s very existence.

Stunning 1700-Year-Old Mosaic Opens in Lod at Shelby White and Leon Levy Mosaic Archaeological...

The Lod Mosaic features, in detail, mammals, birds, fish, plant species and even vessels. Its design is influenced by the mosaics of North Africa.

Israeli Teachers Back on Strike

The dispute centers on the issue of how much a beginning teacher should be paid.

Russian Missile Strike Decimates Ukraine’s Kremenchuk Shopping Mall, 1,000+ Civilians Inside

More than a thousand civilians were inside the mall when the two missiles struck, Zelensky said.

PA Adds 70 Illegal Structures in Khan al Ahmar, Arrests Arab ‘Traitors’ Who Sold...

PA Prime Minister Shtayyeh announced projects enhancing the resilience of Palestinian residents in Masafer Yatta in the district of Hebron.”

Report: Israeli, Saudi Military Chiefs’ Meeting Suggests Regional Defense Alliance Already in Place

The meeting was convened after US fighter jets intercepted Iranian UAVs on their way to attack inside Israeli territory.

Israel’s Democratic and Jewish Soul is NOT at Risk

Beware false election narratives from both the left and right. Do not let radical electioneering disfigure a noble reality. Israel continues to be a free, enlightened, creative and exciting place.


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