WATCH: Israeli Cabinet Officially Establishes ‘Ramat Trump’ in Golan Heights

The government named the new town in an afternoon ceremony on the Golan Heights in the presence of the U.S. mission to Israel.

H.R.2407 Is the Nightmare You Expected from Loony Lefty Democratic Congresswomen

The bill then crafty use of the fact that Israel has ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to bombard the Israeli legal and military system with so much groundless information, it takes one's breath away.

Jewish Website Exposes MachsomWatch’s ‘Les Misérables’ Libel

Local settlers praised the police and expressed their hope that the arrest of these thieves would yield some deterrence to the numerous other Arab thieves in the area.

Saudi Crown Prince: Iran Attacked Japanese Tanker During PM Abe’s Visit

The attacks represent "clear evidence of the Iranian regime’s policy and intentions to target the security and stability of the region.”

Qatar Ready to Pay Israel $11 Million a Month for New Power Line to...

A month ago, al-EAmadi arrived in Gaza with $15 million in cash. Qatar recently also pledged to grant Gaza $180 million.

First Druze Pilot in IAF History Set to Graduate

"This is a moment and an historic achievement for our village and for the entire (Druze) community.”

Reflections On The Torture Of Paul Manafort

what enables Vance, Mueller and Jackson to engage in such evil? The only answer is their politics – the politics of the Trump-hating left. Leftism has given them permission to act vilely and mercilessly while thinking of themselves as fine people – just as evil doctrines have done throughout history.

Liberman: I’ll Do Everything to Unite Likud, Blue & White, Keep Haredim Out

Why would Netanyahu agree to include the politician who so humiliated him in the spring in the next government?

PLO to Punish Arabs Who Danced with Religious Jews at Engagement Party

In response to the threats, a terrified Chief Radi issued a heartfelt apology on his Facebook page, in which he swore to Allah that he was not aware of the Israelis' participation in the engagement ceremony.

Israel All But Admits Waqf Added Mosque on Temple Mount, Disobeys Court Shutdown Order

Jews believe the gate was sealed by the Muslims because of the tradition that this is the gate through which the Anointed One will enter Jerusalem.

Pompeo: Iran Behind Attacks on Tankers in Gulf of Oman

Fars News cited "a prominent Saudi expert" named Hezam al-Hezam, who said that UAE intelligence was behind the attacks on that oil tankers, "in a move to inflame war against Iran."

Make Jerusalem a Priority

Even an interim Israeli government can clean-up the city, stop dithering on construction, rebuff deleterious foreign pressures, and invest in all sectors of Israel’s national capital. It can reestablish forward Zionist momentum – for the greater good of both Arab and Jewish residents, and to secure the national goal of a united, livable and luminous Jerusalem.

WATCH: IDF Strikes Hamas in Gaza for Rocket Attacks, 2.0

More strikes were expected as Israeli combat aircraft maintained an “intensive” presence in the skies over Gaza.

Israeli Cabinet to Lay Cornerstone for ‘Ramat Trump’ on Golan Heights

In a parallel session, the Knesset will vote to make the new name official.

Chabad House / Hesder Yeshiva in Sderot Hit by Gaza Rocket

The attack follows another round of rocket fire aimed at the region from Gaza by less than 24 hours earlier.

Lodz Hosts First-Ever Jewish Festival, Honors City’s Illustrious Jewish Fire Marshal

In recent years, a growing number of these individuals, popularly known as the “Hidden Jews of Poland,” have begun to explore their connections to Judaism

Turkey, Russia, Going Ahead with S-400 Deal, US Suspends F-35 Sale

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday confirmed in a speech in the capital Ankara that the deal to buy S-400 missile systems from...

Two Oil Tankers Attacked in Gulf of Oman

Brent oil crude jumped 4.5% to trade at $61.60 a barrel in Dubai Thursday morning in reaction to the attacks.

Senior Hamas Official: Violence Will Escalate Until Israel Permits Entry of Dual-Purpose Goods

Dual-use items have a primary commercial/civil application but also have the potential for weapons-making applications.

Israel Needs American Jewry, Now More than Ever

The persistent affiliation of the American Jewish diaspora with the Democratic party – a party that is vocally and increasingly critical of Israel – raises concern over what will happen when the US eventually elects another Democratic president. When that happens, the gap between Israel and American Jewry, one of its most powerful and necessary diplomatic assets, will be even bigger than it is today.

IDF Retaliates Against Hamas for Gaza Rocket Attack

Local sources in Gaza said Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists were evacuating “all resistance sites and security sites.”

Israel Imposes Naval Blockade on Gaza in Response to Hamas-led Arson Terror

So far this week, there have been 20 fires started in southern Israel’s Gaza Belt region by Gaza arson terror attacks, using incendiary balloons flown across the border.

UN to Send Deputy Envoy to US-led Bahrain Conference

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan have all confirmed their intention to attend.

Labor Party Leader Avi Gabbay Announces End of Career in Politics

Gabbay blamed “internal disputes, incessant naval-gazing, a lack of mutual loyalty and the fact that we are seen by the public as being only about the politics," for most of Labor's failures.

IDF Says Budget Cut Means Less Security for Jews in Judea, Samaria

One of the security posts to be cut is located in an area of Kiryat Arba where 13-year-old Hallel Yaffe Ariel was murdered.

Red Alert System Changing to Warn Specific Threatened Areas Only

“This move is intended to enable the realization of a balanced lifestyle in times of emergency.”

Jerusalem Mayor Under Attack for Lying About Reason for Skipping ‘Pride’ Parade

Mayor Leon is far from being hostile to the LGBTQ community in Jerusalem, and this year the Jerusalem Municipality even trampled on the free speech rights of anti-homosexual citizens.

NC Pluralistic Jewish Academy Shuts Down Abruptly, But Wait, There’s More

Now here's the kind of coincidence that should be filed under disastrous divine interventions.

Sara Netanyahu Signs $15,000 Plea Deal

Mrs. Netanyahu will pay a fine of 10,000 shekel, and return 45,000 shekel to the state coffers.

Syria Claims Israel Fired Missiles at Strategic Dara’a Overlooking Golan Heights

According to the report, some of the missiles reached their target, causing damage but no casualties.


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