Report: Netanyahu to Back Russian Narrative on Poland’s Role in WW2 for Naama Issachar’s...

The assumption on the Israeli side is that Netanyahu would be obliged to support the narrative that the Russians are currently advancing against the Poles on the actions taken by the two countries in World War II.

‘Trump Effect’ Takes Iran: Regime Carpets Country with American and Israeli Flags

Probably the most overlooked aspect of the “flags on the sidewalk” phenomenon in Iran is that, as the regime paints those flags everywhere, hoping Iranians will step on them, it is basically symbolizing its – the regime’s – effective “occupation” by its obsession with the Great Satan and the Little Satan.

UK Finance Ministry Freezes Hezbollah Assets

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs, applauded the move.

Gaza Explosive Balloons Hit Ashdod Beach, Sderot

Hamas sources are claiming that the new balloon attacks are the work of Islamic Jihad terrorists who were loyal to Bahaa Abu el-Atta.

Jewish Man, 22, Stabbed in Hebron on Shabbat

A force from the Nahal Brigade overtook the terrorist without opening fire.

Hundreds of Arabs Riot on Temple Mount on Hamas, Fatah Orders

Friday's mass prayer at the Al-Aqsa Mosque was conducted as part of separate calls from Hamas and Fatah to turn Friday's morning prayer into a protest prayer.

New Polls Show Blue&White Widening Gap Over Likud

Center-left-Arab bloc wins 58 seats, rightwing-Haredi bloc with 55 seats, Liberman remains the decider.

The Soleimani Killing: Trump’s New Approach to the War on Terror

Soft power and coercive diplomacy tools have not worked for almost 20 years against “peaceful Iran” (as Obama used to call it), and America has opted instead to exercise hard power. Trump’s order to kill Qassem Soleimani exposes once again the vast gap between the US and Europe on the problem of Iran.

IDF Targets Terror Positions in Response to IED Balloon Attacks

An IDF combat helicopter attacked an infrastructure used for underground activity by the Hamas terrorist organization in the northern Gaza Strip.

Report: Russia’s President Putin May Bring Naama Issachar With Him to Israel

"The conversation . . . strengthened the Prime Minister's optimism that the issue of the release of Naama Issachar is advancing towards a solution.”

Hamas Calls for Mass Prayer Rallies on the Temple Mount and Cave of the...

Jordan’s news agency reported that Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount had “performed Talmudic rituals.”

Finnish MP Arrested While Attempting to Cut Gaza Border Fence

Meanwhile, to keep things in perspective, Arab terrorists fired a number of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel's southern communities this week.

Knesset Lists Submitted: Allied Zionist Right Dumps Otzma Yehudit

Naftali Bennett stood on his hind legs and stubbornly refused to add Ben-Gvir to the united list.

Why Do Neoconservatives Support Israel?

Israeli leaders do not share the neoconservatives’ pro-democracy perspective. Israel aims to develop good relations with authoritarian regimes to avoid conflict, and, in the Arab world, Israeli leaders are often more frightened by the prospect of a democratic government led by antagonistic political factions than they are of iron-fisted dictators who prefer to avoid hostilities with Israel.

IDF Retaliates in Gaza for Terrorist Rocket Attack on Southern Israel

Arab media reported the “Hamas-controlled civil administration HQ” was targeted by the IDF in northern Gaza.

MK Gadi Yevarkan Defects to Likud from Blue & White

We have so much to do, so much to fix, in the struggle over violence, over discrimination, over equality."

EU Warns Iran: Comply with JCPOA Nuclear Deal or Face Return of Sanctions

There is evidence Iran was violating the JCPOA from the first day it was signed.

Russian Speaker Blames Poland for Facilitating Nazi Death Camps

This finger-pointing at the country whose population was deemed most likely to collaborate with the mass extermination of Jews is the tip of a new Russian propaganda drive.

Syria Blames Israel for Attack on T4 Airport in Homs

The Israeli Air Force last attacked T4 on February 10, 2018, destroying the main observation tower.

INTO THE FRAY: Terminating Terrorists and Assessing Assassinations

Whatever the operational efficacy of targeted assassinations may be—or not be—the conscience of every decent individual should rebel at the thought that arch-purveyors of terror should be permitted to pursue their deadly profession with impunity

It’s Official: Bennett – Shaked – Smotrich Running Together, Habayit Hayehudi Abandoned

New Right chairman, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett declared: "It's a big day. We've reunited our home." Of curse, we also broke the home apart in the first place, last February, but that was two elections ago.

Smotrich – Peretz Alliance Dies Amid Violent Clashes, New Right Emerging as Sole Survivor

Make their slogan: "The party with internal fisticuffs only some of the time."

Young Israeli Diplomat Torpedoed Russia’s Attempt to Move $17 Million to UNRWA

The risk was that Israel would remain alone, or at most with US support, while the EU countries would vote in favor of the pro-PLO Russian proposal.

Jersey City Terrorists’ Bomb ‘Could Have Killed People Five Football Fields Away’

In addition to that first powerful bomb, there was enough material in the van to create a second bomb like it.

Tiberias Mayor Ron Kobi Barricades Himself in Municipality Office

Tiberias Mayor Ron Kobi has been informed that he’s out of a job, but he’s not willing to go quietly.

Attack on IDF Soldiers Added to Lawsuit Against Anarchist Pollak

Pollak was recorded in no less than 12 incidents, including as part of a group of rioters who threw stones at IDF soldiers, rolled burning tires towards the soldiers, and fought with Border Police.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Vows to Avenge the Death of Soleimani Against US Forces

"The response to the American crime is not a single operation, but rather a long path . . . That means all American bases are a target."


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