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A Lesson Of Achdut From Man’s Best Friend

What struck me this time was the fact that these animals have no guyvah chinam – baseless snobbery. (Remember, you saw this phrase first here.)

Money Makes the World – Collapse

There have been numerous tragedies that have resulted in premature death and irrevocable injury – some extremely unlikely to happen, and quite rare, but none were inconceivable.

Judge Of The Truth

There are judges and lawyers both in secular and religious courts who ignored the facts so as to curry favor with the more prominent party in a financial or custody dispute. They frame their actions as being halachically justifiable.

A Shabbat Prayer

It’s one thing if you are responsible for your own misfortune, but so much more unbearable if you did all the right things and someone else who was not paying attention, or who took safety shortcuts, or used shoddy materials, caused horrific, irrevocable harm.

Be My Guest

Visitors have to be mindful when they are visiting family in a private house, that they are not in a hotel, where they feel it's ok to leave a mess for someone else to clean up.

Ruth – A True Torah Jew

Ruth knew that Torah was the fount of all spiritual and emotional growth. And like the sage Hillel,... Ruth too was willing to suffer both physically and emotionally to honor her vow to be a Torah Jew.

Understanding Genocide through Covid

The teacher was so distraught and horrified, both by the murder and his undeniable failure to get through to his students, that he packed up and left.

Covid on Wheels

There are dissenting opinions by health experts globally, especially now, a year later, but it’s not that simple to uproot yourself and go to a less hysterical jurisdiction.

UnSpoken Lashon Hara

As a consequence of these negative thought processes, opportunities to achieve one’s goals are flitted away, having never been given a chance to develop.

Silver Linings In Stormy Clouds

If one can’t watch the simcha live, there is the option to view it in its entirety at a more convenient time.

Journalistic Integrity – an Oxymoron?

The city decided to have a forum at which people could express their opinion for or against Sunday closures. My parents had a shoe store and I decided to argue on their behalf as to why they should be allowed to open on Sunday.

Beware The Bulldozers

A situation that I’m sure happens way too often is when a friend or relative pressures someone who can’t afford to lose money to “invest in a sure thing.”

Learning From A “Poor” Squirrel’s Folly

Without fail, as I would approach the curve and continue on the sidewalk that was near the road, there would be one or two squirrels recklessly darting into the road, pausing and darting back as they sensed a car driving by.

Thinking Outside The (Chalitzah) Shoe Box

In the book of Ruth, we learn that Boaz married his late kinsman's childless widow. King David was a descendant of this union – and Moshiach.

Human Coronaviruses

Uttering this plea is my verbal version of going after rodfei Yisrael. In Jewish law, one can initiate pre-emptive self-defense, and "take out" someone before they do it to you.

Bittersweet Tears Of Separation

It was the mask. A very cute mask with a witty message – but nonetheless, I realized that the mask represented something deeply distressing. Forced separation.

Post-Virus Wake Up Call

We tend to eat too much; smoke, and under exercise. For some, the only significant movement they do is walk to shul and back – but only because driving is forbidden on Shabbat.

Perspective: Silver Linings In Dark Clouds

Tthe kids will become creative and inventive and innovative. One teenage sibling I know, with a talent for sewing, is teaching her younger siblings how to use a sewing machine, including the boys.

Magen David – A Purim Fantasy

Like an oversized umbrella it covered the entire land.

Who Is Going To Pay The Bills?

The consensus was that it had become exorbitantly expensive to be a frum Jew.

Time To Emulate The Maccabees

I always feel that it’s important to fight back – even if you are going down, at least the opponent will have a scratch or bruise as well.

If It Is Broke

Whether there is a medical issue, a mental health illness or an addiction, it must be confronted. The first step to "fixing what is broke” is facing reality and admitting that something is broke.

Spiritual Mindfulness: Embracing Hillel

She is afraid to ask for the going rate for her skill set, aware that she is replaceable – and she needs the income from her job to help support her family.

Spiritual Awareness: Sometimes It Takes A Banana Peel

She would not focus on what she didn't have, but on what she did have.

Medical Mindfulness

It’s important to be mindful of changes not just in yourself, but in the activities, habits and personality of family members and close friends.

Mindfullness – Part II

There is another element to mindful walking that I want to point out – being on guard against those who deliberately want to disturb or cause harm.

Heads Up: Mindful Walking

Remember how as children we were told to look both ways before crossing the street?

Jumping The Shidduch Queue

When parents insist that their children, especially their daughters, wait for an older sibling to get engaged/married before green-lighting them to enter the “parsha,” they are sabotaging their futures.

Guarding Against Amalek

Truth be told, if you were to ask graduate students in ancient history who Amalek was, you’d likely get blank stares.

Reality Check

Being positive and upbeat is a valuable weapon in the battle to stay healthy.


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