No Other Place I’d Rather Be

It felt so right to be where I was. I was HOME with my family. Come what may, this is where I was supposed to be. And I fully embraced this belief.

What Was Esther Thinking!!!

Jews had freedom of religion and were able to avoid assimilation no matter where they lived in the empire. They had no legal restrictions to live Jewishly.

A Vow To A Fallen Soldier

In memory of of the Chayalim of the IDF whose lives were prematurely snuffed out when they still had so much living to do.

A Prayer For Eretz Yisrael

We turn to You, the G-d of mercy, You, who we fear and adore, Please heed our prayers and pleas and bring relief, For our battered souls cannot take too much more.

Life After Death

With these real life happenings in mind, I want to suggest that people consider an unusual arrangement that is a win-win for all potential participants as a solution to a complex and emotionally difficult situation.

Israel Is Real

They are all heroes, I thought to myself, those who go – and those who let go.

Will Being A Gever Enhance Shalom Bayit?

While a woman might be initially flattered that her spouse has so much confidence in her and tells her to go ahead and make the decisions, it can backfire.

For Crying Out Loud

Chances are that the members of the band think they are impressing their audience with their talent by equating ear-splitting with cool. In a misguided attempt to win over fans and potential bookings, they blast their music. But their reasoning is totally off.

Putting Your Best Self Forward

Ironically, many people, especially men become put together after marriage, when they are under the loving guidance of their wives who ensure that e.g. missing buttons are sown or stained shirts are dry cleaned and pressed, and fingernails trimmed and clean.

The Ugly Duckling – Happily Ever After?

It’s like being told you’re fat, and even after actually losing weight and looking slim and svelte for years, the person will likely see herself as a fat person masquerading as a thin one.

Sensible Suggestions

Make sure when walking alone on Shabbat and Yom Tov, that you have your name and/or address in a pocket (if there is a eruv) since you won’t have your purse or phone with you.

Jumping Back On The “Swing”

When it appeared that I was going to be okay and the teachers could start breathing again, they asked what in the world made me do such a dangerous thing, jumping off the swing in midair.

Gimpel The Oxymoron

I am convinced that when it comes to expressing one’s feelings or opinions about anything under the sun, Yiddish is one of the best languages to do it in.

Ignoring The ‘Facts On The Ground’

Sadly, those who should be supportive and encouraging may be pessimistic by nature or have their own agenda for not wanting the individual to succeed.

‘Civil’ Divorce

I am well aware that if both spouses had the ability to compromise, capitulate and cooperate in order to emerge with an acceptable division of what is mutually theirs, they most likely wouldn’t be divorcing in the first place.

Belittle Your Kids And They Will Be Little

Kids, and of course adults, have an ingrained need to be validated; to have the ups and downs in their life acknowledged.

Al Chait

We assure ourselves that we will take the high road and refrain from lashon hara or spreading gossip – even if the information is true.

The Middah of being Self-ish

Why consider yourself as being less? Aren’t you also made b’tzelem Elokim – in Hashem's image – and aren’t you worthy of help – from yourself?

Hashgacha Pratis – Divinely Created ‘Coincidence’

The odds of me bumping into this stranger whom I had never met previously, or since, were extremely low except that Hashem had engineered this scenario.

On My Own

It's extremely daunting and time consuming to basically put two strangers together and be a frequent go-between, negotiator, and adviser, but when it happens, and eventually children are born, you become a partner with Hashem in creating worlds.

It’s All Relative

Over the years, I have been asked how I get ideas for my articles – often from conversations with random strangers! That’s actually how I was discovered way back in 1985!

‘I Need To Matter’

One friend told me that her mother did not go to her brother’s high school graduation because he was not the valedictorian but only the salutatorian.

Fighting Haman Through Praise

I have an accomplished friend who is careful to maintain a healthy weight and works out several times a week – yet she cannot accept a compliment.

The Devil, Free Will And Covid

The last worldwide pandemic to hit the global population was the Spanish Flu, over 100 years ago. Over the last few months, I've asked myself why a pandemic now – and for over two years?

The Beginning Of Wisdom…

The beginning of wisdom is rooted in fearing Hashem. I realized that it is a supreme declaration of faith, emunah when one truly fears G-d.

On Our Own

There are subtle signs of a potentially problematic person. I have often said, people should marry people with compatible meshugasim.

Educating Students To Watch Over Their Souls

I'd like to point out certain lifesaving classes that I think would be in the best interest of all students to be taught, and should be part of the curriculum.

A Lesson Of Achdut From Man’s Best Friend

What struck me this time was the fact that these animals have no guyvah chinam – baseless snobbery. (Remember, you saw this phrase first here.)

Money Makes the World – Collapse

There have been numerous tragedies that have resulted in premature death and irrevocable injury – some extremely unlikely to happen, and quite rare, but none were inconceivable.

Judge Of The Truth

There are judges and lawyers both in secular and religious courts who ignored the facts so as to curry favor with the more prominent party in a financial or custody dispute. They frame their actions as being halachically justifiable.


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