Photo Credit: Ramada Hotel

The devoted team at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem is waiting to welcome new and returning guests for an authentic, pampering Pesach experience. “Our focus is ensuring that each guest enjoys an optimal Pesach family holiday at the hotel,” says Yaakov Kessler, the hotel’s Events Sales Manager. “Our goal is to fulfill all expectations in both the physical and spiritual realms.”


The shul is overseen by hotel staff, who ensure the smooth running of holiday services. The kashrus is likewise uncompromising. “We pride ourselves on the fact that individuals who are strict never to eat out on Pesach will nevertheless dine at the Ramada!” says Kessler.

Cuisine at the Ramada has always had a reputation for being of the very highest standard, equivalent to the fare offered at any 5-star luxury establishment in Israel. Now, they’ve raised the bar even higher. The Ramada’s talented chefs took advantage of the closure during the pandemic to expand and update their knowhow and techniques, to the delight of all the guests at the hotel.

An excellent entertainment program is still in the final stages of planning, and judging from last year’s superb lineup, it will not disappoint.

The Ramada features a fully bilingual scholar-in-residence who will deliver inspiring, enriching lectures in both English and Hebrew.

Contributing to the overall festive atmosphere is the sheer size of the hotel, with its spacious outdoor grounds where children can run and play. Kid-friendly Ramada has all the latest activities, including a fully equipped games room for all ages, with features ranging from advanced electronics to a bouncy castle. “We leverage our size to provide as many services as possible for the entire family, all year but especially on the holidays,” notes Kessler.

Click here for the Ramada for Passover.


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