PA Envisions Ruling Gaza with Hamas as a Partner

U.S. officials visited Ramallah earlier this week to discuss a plan for the day after the war in Gaza.

Hamas Claims Israeli Hostage Was Killed in IDF Rescue Attempt

Israeli sources believe there are 138 hostages still in Hamas captivity.

Israel to Open Kerem Shalom Crossing to Inspect Gaza Aid Trucks

Egypt is still not allowing displaced Gazans to flee the war and enter the Sinai.

Ben Gvir Authorizes Using Prison Dungeon to House Hamas Massacre Terrorists

Remember how so many in Israel made fun of Ben Gvir’s decree that eliminated Hamas prisoners’ baking their own morning pittas?

2 IDF Reservists Fall in Battle, Including Son of War Cabinet Minister Gadi Eisenkot

IDF reservist Master Sergeant Gal Meir Eisenkot fell in battle in northern Gaza after a booby-trapped Hamas tunnel shaft exploded as he approached. IDF reservists Yonatan Deitch fell in battle in southern Gaza.

Israeli Civilian Murdered in Hezbollah Anti-Tank Missile Attack

Israel Defense Forces responded to the missile attack with combat helicopters, tanks and artillery fire.

Shining the Light of Hanukkah on Israel’s Northern Border

IDF soldiers arranged this poignant display of faith in the miracles of the Hanukkah lights.

Hamas Fired Rockets From Gaza Humanitarian Zone

The rockets were launched near a UN facility. Did the UN notice?

Israel Cancels Visa for Palestinian Authority’s UN Envoy

Cohen canceled the visa over her refusal to condemn Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization.

Harvard, UPenn, MIT Presidents Refuse to Tell House Committee that Calls for Genocide of...

Dr. Virginia Foxx, US Rep. (R-NC): “It is fashionable among too many members of your campus communities to hate Jews. We’ll now be watching."

Fighting IDF Soldiers ‘Thirsty and Hungry for Torah’

"Don't send us material sustenance; send us spiritual nourishment."

Israel Slams UN Secy-Gen’s Attempt to Force Gaza Ceasefire, Protecting Hamas

The resolution will likely fail because the United States, one of the five permanent members of the UNSC, is almost certain to veto the move.

A Chabad House Grows in Gaza

The Chabad House sign was proudly hung in a building in Beit Hanoun which has been damaged in the fighting and is surrounded by rubble.

Fooling Hamas, Israel Released 15 Israeli Arab Women Charged with Minor Offenses in Exchange...

Only one Israeli Arab woman on the list had been arrested before October 7.

IDF Reaches Heart of Khan Younis, Surrounds Hamas Chief Sinwar’s House

Khan Younis, the second-largest city in Gaza, is a terrorist stronghold identified as a symbol of the Hamas military and administrative rule.

200th Cargo Plane Arrives with Military Supplies for the IDF

Some of the past deliveries have been sent by the United States; as of October 20, the US had already sent 45 cargo planes filled with military equipment for the Israeli army.

‘In Their Light’ Kit for Hanukkah Honors the Heroes of October 7

The kit contains eight stories of courage as well as two empty cards so people can add their own heroes.

Is Hezbollah Coordinating Its Rocket Fire with Hamas?

Hezbollah terrorists fired 16 rockets into northern Israeli territory at exactly the same time that Hamas in Gaza launched its massive rocket barrage at southern Israel.

‘March of the Maccabees’ Thursday 7:30 PM Steps Off at Jerusalem’s IDF Square

Marchers are demanding that the entirety of the Israel's capital city, Jerusalem -- including the Temple Mount compound -- be placed under Jewish control.

Israel Calls on Global Leaders to Pressure Hamas into Allowing Access to Hostages

“The Israel Defense Forces will do everything in its power to rescue our hostages and bring them home. We call on others to do the same.”

IDF Soldiers Uncover One of Gaza’s Largest Weapons Depots

The weapons were seized by the soldiers. Some were destroyed on-site, and some were sent for further investigation.

More Than a Dozen Chabad Hanukah Menorahs to Dispel Darkness in Gaza

Tzach of Israel will also be distributing personal Menorahs and sufganiot (Hanukah donuts) to more than 10,000 Israeli soldiers currently deployed in Gaza.

New Report Depicts Disturbing Double Standard in University Responses to Oct. 7 and Antisemitism

The report warns that Harvard and UPenn plans to tackle the spiking Antisemitism on campus are likely to fail in the current climate.

Christians Oppose New Hamas Recruiting Drive in Lebanese Refugee Camps

Hamas seeks to establish a new military force in southern Lebanon because the terror group’s leadership feels betrayed by Hezbollah and Iran

Bye-Bye Houthis: Land Bridge Reportedly Will Operate Between Dubai and Haifa Ports

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have been ramping up their attacks on Israeli-linked and other commercial vessels as they traverse the international waterway.

Israel Warns: If We Lose the War with Hamas, Europe is Next

“Arab capitals, even those nations that are unable to speak openly . . . understand this war has to end with the total defeat of Hamas . . . They also understand [this] in Europe as well as the United States and Canada."

Israel ‘Exacting a High Price from Hezbollah,” Says IDF Chief of Staff

"We know that more forces will be required at the borders, more capabilities and an increased presence alongside the residents, in order to return safely, and that’s what we will do."


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