Israel Retrieves 3 More Bodies of Murdered Hostages

As of May 8, Israel has verified the death of 38 hostages who had been abducted by Hamas and taken to Gaza on October 7, 2023.

IDF Assassinates Hezbollah’s Chief Drone Maker, Hits Drone Production Facilities Deep Inside Lebanon

"Those missiles are "unguided tactical missiles, with great destructive capabilities and a warhead weighing up to 120 kg., produced by Hezbollah."

Hezbollah Fires 30-Rocket Barrage at Northern Israel After IDF’s Targeted Assassination

Hezbollah operative Muhammad Ali Nasser Faran, 35, was responsible for significant weapons manufacturing and proliferation of infrastructure.

IDF Troops Dismantle Terror Tunnels, Primed Rocket Launchers in Rafah

The troops are also continuing operational activities in the northern Gaza town of Jabaliya and around the Netzarim Corridor in central Gaza.

US Installs C-RAM to Protect New Gaza Floating Pier

The pier has already been attacked several times by Hamas terrorists, first with mortar fire and then with explosive suicide drones.

WATCH: Geert Wilders Says, ‘Until the Very End I Support Israel’

"For me and my party it is not difficult to understand who we support."

Hamas Strategy Working: Israel Seeking Hostage Release that Means Stopping Decisive Rafah Operation

The vicious plot that began on October 7, 2023, paid great dividends for Hamas on May 22, 2024.

Germany Says Will Stand by ICC Arrest Warrants, But Warns It’s Not a Done...

"The public statement that Israel has the right to self-defense loses credibility if our hands are tied as soon as we defend ourselves."

Israel Govt Spokesperson: ‘Please Don’t Look Away. Watch the Film.’

"The world must look at this cruel atrocity. Those who care about women's rights must speak out. All those who believe in freedom must speak out."

IAF Inaugurates New 139th Battalion of the Aerial Defense Array

"We will know how to expand and intensify the offensive if required . . . with massive firepower which will remove threats and change in the security reality in the north . . . The force is prepared for this.”

IDF Destroys Hamas Compound in UNRWA School, Eliminates Another Oct. 7 Terrorist

The destroyed compound contained weapons, including mortars and explosives, as evidenced by the numerous secondary explosions after the strike.

Israel Caves, Returns AP’s Equipment Despite Violation of Al Jazeera Ban

The live video feed was back up by early Wednesday, Associated Press said.

Biden Admin Gives $50M to ‘Climate’ Group Glorifying Oct. 7 Massacre

"The path to climate justice travels through a free Palestine . . . As we work to free Palestine, Palestine is freeing us."

Netanyahu: US Has Three Times the Number of Deaths from Starvation as Gaza

"That's like saying that, well, I'm issuing, you know, arrest warrants for FDR and Churchill, but also for Hitler."

Hallelujah! Sullivan Okays IDF Action in Rafah

Under the headline, “US Encouraged by Israeli Changes to Plans for Rafah Operation,” Bloomberg reported Wednesday morning, citing a US official, that The United...

Nearly 70% of Gaza Aid at US-Built Pier Stolen

No aid was delivered to the UN warehouse from the floating pier on Sunday and Monday.

Pentagon Admits: None of 569 Metric Tons of Aid that Crossed US Pier has...

"Very shortly, I think you'll see aid starting to be delivered," said Air Force Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder, the Pentagon press secretary.

Israel Seizes Associated Press Equipment for Violation of Al Jazeera Ban

"The confiscated camera broadcasts live on the Al Jazeera channel, contrary to the law, from the northern Gaza Strip, including the activities of the IDF forces, and endangers our fighters."

New AI Guide Helps Fights Workplace, Campus Antisemitism

The innovative technology ensures that Jewish professionals always have a reliable resource at their fingertips to help fight antisemitism.

WATCH: IDF Eliminates Terror Squad in Tulkarem in Drone-Plus-Air Strike Operation

Since October 7, 2023, the IDF has increased the use of combat drones to detect the presence of Hamas and other terrorists waiting to ambush Israeli forces.

North American Student Leaders Arrive in Israel for Briefings, Strategies

Israeli officials, residents and peers are helping the students develop innovative strategies to combat antisemitism and anti-Israel propaganda on campus.

In Sderot, Children Bless the IDF as Rockets Rain Down from Gaza

Although the rocket fire from Gaza has been greatly reduced since the start of the war on October 7, 2023, the attacks are continuing.

Once Again, Israeli Forces Find Weapons in Gaza UNRWA Facility

IDF soldiers found weapons inside a UN Relief and Works Agency facility in Jabalya. No surprise there.

Explosions Heard in Homs, Near Lebanon-Syria Border

Iran typically transfers its advanced weapons and explosive suicide drones on trucks to Hezbollah via Syria's western border.

Israeli Forces Eliminate Hundreds of Terrorists and Tunnels as Gaza War Continues

The soldiers located dozens of tunnel shafts and a number of significant underground tunnel routes which are currently being explored and destroyed.

Hague Prosecutor Wants Arrest Warrants Against Sinwar and Netanyahu

Netanyahu who failed to punish the Ramallah gang in 2015 will have to stay out of most of Europe in 2024, where he could be arrested.

Hamas Reaped Half a Billion Dollars from Gaza Aid Since Oct. 7

Hamas terrorists divert at least 60% of the goods entering Gaza for their own purposes. The US wants to ship in even more.


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