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Spain has declared its recognition of a Palestinian State. What if the almost 3 million Muslims in Spain begin violent protests against the country’s 50,000 Jews? Let’s say a fair share of the country’s Catholics join in. Remember that the Catholics ruled Spain at the time of the Inquisition when Jews were slaughtered, forced to reject Judaism, and expelled from the country. Let’s say the protesters block the highways leading to the airports. This tactic has already been employed by anti-Israel mobs in New York and Los Angeles. In addition, it is easy to envision a scenario where all flights to Israel will be canceled, including El Al. How will the beleaguered Jews of Spain escape the country? Does the Government of Israel have an emergency plan to deal with this possibility? 

Brazil has also taken an ugly stand against Israel during the ongoing war in Gaza. The Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil estimates there are about one million and a half Muslims living in the country with 150 mosques. Let’s say the Muslims begin violent protests against the 150,000 Jews in the country. Today Brazil has more Roman Catholics than any country in the world – and estimated 125 million. Suppose even a small fraction join in an anti-Semitic frenzy against the Jews. Remember that from the time of their early childhood Roman Catholics are taught that the Jews killed Jesus. If all flights are shutdown to Israel, who will help the Jews? The Catholic and Muslim army and police? Does the Government of Israel have a plan to deal with a possible emergency situation like this? 


We could present the very same frightening scenario happening in England and France. Jews in those countries and throughout Europe already report a growing uneasiness and fear in their lives and a grave uncertainty regarding their future. Since American Jews are always quick to exclaim, “It could never happen in America!” we will leave the United States out of this discussion. It is enough to ask, has the Government of Israel formulated a working plan that can be implemented at a moment’s notice if we need to secure an emergency evacuation of the Jews from Europe?   

Over 100 Jewish leaders from across Europe met yesterday to discuss operational methods to combat the harassment of Jews on the continent and the rising tide of anti-Semitic hate since October 7. Europe Jewish Association Chairman, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, noted at the opening of the conference: “We are in a battle for the continuation of Jewish life in Europe. Jews in traditional dress or those with mezuzahs on their doors are experiencing relentless harassment. Jewish students face threats to their lives and are excluded from university courses, while hate slogans are freely scrawled on Jewish homes, synagogues, and cemeteries… The State of Israel must urgently develop a practical contingency plan for the absorption of European Jewry into Israel. Unfortunately, this is no longer a hypothetical situation but a real existential threat that European governments are failing or unwilling to address.”  

Furthermore, has the Government of Israel formulated a working plan to house all of the Jewish refugees who may be flocking to our shores if the hounded Jews can find a means of escaping? Where will we put the tens and hundreds of thousands? It would be nice to think that once we assume control of Gaza, and once the Gazans have found new homes in the countries of the world that so love them, then the waves of new olim can be housed in the tents of the refugee camps of Rafiah and in the bombed-out buildings of Gaza City. But in the case where the Gazans are left in Gaza, will “ma’abarot” transition camps be erected in the Negev for the Jews of London, Paris, Madrid and Sao Paulo? Recently, Israel purchased 40,000 tents for new foreign workers from India and Thailand. Has the government of Israel purchased four times that number for the Jews of the Diaspora who will be coming? After all, if the IDF pulls out from Gaza and Hamas rockets continue flying again, the hotels in Israel will once again be booked solid with evacuees from the south, not to mention the havoc which continues in the north. Is the Government of Israel already at work building emergency olim cities as we encouraged them several years ago to absolute zero response? Heaven forbid the day arrive when pictures of refugee Jews in lifeboats are seen floating adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. “Impossible!” you exclaim. “It could never happen!” Read Jewish history my friends.  

One of the foremost Aliyah activists of modern times, Yosef Mendelevich, has recently called for all Diaspora Jews to come home to the Jewish Homeland now.

He and a large group of grassroots Aliyah activists are urging the Government of Israel and all of the related Aliyah and Klita agencies to immediately formulate strategies to deal with this very possible national crisis. On October 7, the country was caught off guard. The Government, the IDF, and the Intelligence network were totally unprepared. Woe that we be caught unprepared for the tsunami of global Anti-Semitism that is sweeping over the world. The writing is on the wall. The time to act is now.  Accordingly, we are organizing an “Emergency Aliyah and Klita Conference” for June 25 at the Hibbah Center in Jerusalem. For more information contact     

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