Efrat Residents Organize Protest After City Approves Entry of Palestinian Authority Workers

The council's security department pledged to closely monitor all phases of entry and exit from Efrat and conduct inspections throughout the day.

Terrorists Torch Farmer’s Mobile Home in Sde Ephraim

The terrorists were armed and wearing IDF helmets and bulletproof vests.

It’s Not your Daddy’s Civil Administration: COGAT Demolishes Illegal Arab Vacation Resort

This week’s action joins a series of significant demolitions that have been carried out in recent months and according to the Regavim movement indicate a welcome changing trend.

IDF Kills 2 Mahmoud Abbas Operatives in Gunfire Exchange

The Palestinian Authority security forces are designated by the Biden administration to take over governing the Gaza Strip after the war.

Study: Paleolithic Era Samaria Mountains Flint Tools Were Designed for Butchering Fallow Deer

"We believe that the Mountains of Samaria were sacred to the prehistoric people of Qesem Cave and Jaljulia because that's where the fallow deer came from."

Shots Fired at Efrat

No injuries or damage were reported.

Gallant Set All Time Record for Administrative Detention of Jews

Menachem Begin who founded Gallant's Likud Party attacked the use of administrative detention, comparing it to Nazism.

2 Israelis Wounded in Terror Ramming Attack Near Itamar in Samaria

Both victims are reported in critical condition. The terrorist escaped.

On Eve of his Retirement, General Fox Continues Aggressive Demolition Campaign Against Jews

“The destruction this morning is a disgrace to Smotrich and the right-wing government."

Israel Cancels Disengagement Law for Northern Samaria

"The State of Israel today corrected in a state and official manner the injustice and folly of the expulsion from northern Samaria."

WATCH: IDF Eliminates Terror Squad in Tulkarem in Drone-Plus-Air Strike Operation

Since October 7, 2023, the IDF has increased the use of combat drones to detect the presence of Hamas and other terrorists waiting to ambush Israeli forces.

AOC Backs Ugandan NY Assemblyman’s Anti-Jewish Settlements Bill

The American left has proven once again that it may be walking among us, earthlings, but their consciousness is living on a different planet with its own reality.

Finally! IDF Demolishes Illegal 6-Story Arab Building near Efrat

Monday's demolition indicate a change in trend that was established by the adjunct minister in the defense ministry, Bezalel Smotrich.

Palestinian Authority Illegally Building a Resort Complex in Gush Etzion Nature Reserve

The Palestinian Authority is taking advantage of the war to continue building a new city in the Ha-Masrek nature reserve atop the Judean Desert in eastern Gush Etzion.

Arab Arsonists Set Fire to Farm Pasture, Attack Firefighters

It was the third such arson attack in the grazing area of the Rimonim Farm, located north of Jerusalem.

Report: 50% Drop in Terrorists’ Weapons Seized Since IDF Dismantled Hilltop Youth Unit

The Desert Frontier unit also offered a solution to a growing problem in the IDF combat units that no one dares mention: Bedouin trackers.

Smotrich Slams ‘NYT’ Settlement Hit Piece as ‘Blood Libel’

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said he is proud to fight for control of open areas in Judea and Samaria.

Stabbing at Yitzhar Junction, Soldier Moderately Wounded

He stopped his car and rolled down the window because he noticed an Arab beckoning to him with his hands.

Israeli Protesters Set on Fire Aid Trucks Sent to the Enemy in Gaza

Germany’s Ambassador to Israel called the incident "shameful."

Palestinian Authority Arabs Torch Joshua’s Tomb

During the visit, the attackers dumped a burning tire onto the tomb while the Jews were praying inside.

Israel Thwarts Islamic Jihad Bomb Plot

The Shin Bet seized explosives ready for use.

Smotrich Excited as Trump No Longer Supports 2-State for Now

History and vengeance are so fungible when you’re Donald J. trump.

Axe Wielding Terror Attack Foiled at Machoch Farm

They were caught between the houses of the residents by members of the local civil defense squad.

‘Civil Administration Will Continue to Develop Judea and Samaria’

Brig. Gen. Hisham Ibrahim, the administration's new head, said the Jewish state is "fighting one of the most just wars in its history."

Israeli Wounded Trying to Remove Booby-Trapped PLO Flag

The flag was incongruously planted in the middle of a field along Route 458, near the Jewish town of Kochav HaShachar and the Arab village of Al-Mu'ayir.

Israel to Recognize 68 ‘Young Communities’ in Judea and Samaria

The move is part of the coalition agreements made with Bezalel Smotrich's party.

Biden Admin Sanctions More Jewish Citizens and Charities in Israel

The moves are the latest actions against Israelis that the Biden administration accused of “undermining peace, security and stability in the West Bank.”

Biden Administration Plans Sanctions on IDF’s Netzach Yehuda Battalion

"I think it’s fair to say that you’ll see results very soon. I’ve made determinations; you can expect to see them in the days ahead."

Ben Gvir Establishes Police Unit to Remove Leftist Provocateurs from Judea and Samaria

Tensions are emerging between Ben Gvir and General Yehuda Fox as both officials claim the right to carry out police actions in Judea and Samaria.


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