IDF, Standards Institution of Israel Award First Ever Israeli Standards Mark to PA Arab...

This step is part of a broad plan to strengthen and improve the economic ties between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Joining Meretz, Hamas and Peace Now Upset Over President Herzog’s Candle Lighting in Hebron

Herzog’s visit to Hebron is the first of many ceremonies he will be attending throughout the country in honor of the Chanukkah celebrations.

IDF Creates Teams to Fight Settlers’ ‘Hate Crimes’ During Peak in Stone, Firebomb Attacks...

The litany of Arab attacks on Jews should give you an idea of the real menace in Judea and Samaria.

Likud Challenging Bennett, Shaked, to Extend Electricity to Jewish Outposts, Not Just to Arabs

Chairman Taha tried to pull a fast one behind Shaked's back when the Interior Minister was on a trip abroad.

President Herzog to Light 1st Hanukkah Candle in Hebron, Angering Leftist Meretz

The announcement by the president’s office on Wednesday angered leftist members of the government coalition.

Belgium Announces Labeling of Israeli Products from Judea and Samaria

US law professor Eugene Kontorovich stated that the ECJ’s ruling “is putting a new ‘Yellow Star’ on Jewish-made products.”

How Embarrassing! Left-Wing Org Promotes Arab ‘Victim’ Who Turns Out to be a Terrorist

The wounded Arab “farmer” touted by Yesh Din was a terrorist who had stabbed a soldier and served time in jail.

Defense Minister: Iran Tried to Transfer Explosives to Terrorists in Judea and Samaria with...

Gantz also exposed the bases of Shabhar and Qeshm, in southern Iran, from which the Iranian military launches UAV attacks at maritime targets.
Maaleh Adumim, across from E1, near Jerusalem, December 2, 2012.

26 Democrats Urge Biden Administration to Prevent Israeli Housing in E-1 Region

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), who recently visited Israel on a J Street-sponsored trip, is leading an effort expressing “immense concern” over plans to build 3,400 new apartments.

Leftwing Israeli Activist Asks for Guns to Protect PA Arabs from Jews

Palestinian Authority citizens need protection from Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, Shadmi said.

Night of Firebombs and Rock Attacks in Jerusalem

Multiple firebomb and rock attacks were also recorded in Judea and Samaria throughout the night.

PA Launches Military Campaign to Regain Control in Jenin Camp

In recent months, the Palestinian Authority has lost control over large parts of the province.

Report: The PA Uses Alternative Land Registry to Claim Half of Judea and Samaria

Showing far more resilience and decisiveness than his lethargic Israeli officials, Sharaka has recently obtained the Turkish Kushan-land ownership archive.

Gantz Blames Arab Violence on Jewish Settlers, Consolidates Anti-Jewish Action in Judea & Samaria

The pooling of security forces against Jews in Judea and Samaria will include enhanced legal teams to prosecute Jewish terrorism.

5 Visiting Democratic Congressmen Meet with Head of the Binyamin Regional Council

The congressmen had just visited with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh.

Minister Kahana Launches Campaign to Elect Zionist Chief Rabbis

Kahana wants to prevent the election of yet another Haredi rabbi to lead the Chief Rabbinate which is adhered to by very few if any Haredim.

Leaders in Judea & Samaria Hold Emergency Meeting in Battle for Area C over...

Illegal Arab construction directed by the Fayyad plan is strangling the Jewish communities.

Meretz MK Says He Was Misquoted on Social Services Removing Settlers’ Children – But...

But even if he's right, I endorse everything that the above folks said about the Meretz MK. He deserved it.

Jerusalem: 21 Arrested in Protests Over Death of Ahuvya Sandak in Police Chase

The entrance to Jerusalem was stormy Saturday night when 21 demonstrators were arrested during protests following the death of Ahuvya Sandak when a police vehicle rammed the car he was in.

Meretz Environment Minister Silent as PA Polluters Spread Lies & Dirt about Israel

At the Glasgow Climate Conference the PA PM falsely accused Israel of polluting the environment - watch the truth.

Israel’s Supreme Court Rejects Appeal to Block Disability Access Work at Hebron’s Cave of...

The accessibility does not harm at all the sanctity of the place and its unique character . . . the wonder is how this has not been done to date."

South African Diplomat, PA Arabs, Clash with IDF Outside Jewish Settlement

The Arabs refused to budge and the soldiers arrested Munter Amira, a known provocateur who confronted the soldiers.

Attempted Ramming Attack in South Hebron Hills, No Israeli Injuries

A suspicious vehicle came speeding towards the police and tried to run them over.

Yeshiva Har Etzion to Establish New Yeshiva High School in Alon Shvut

Yeshiva Makor Chaim and three yeshiva high schools in Efrat – Orot Yehuda, Neve Shmuel and Derech Avot -- are located in Gush Etzion as well.

How the PA is Polluting Judea and Samaria

The PA is the primary and almost sole environmental contaminator in Judea and Samaria in multiple facets.


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