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Palestinian Authority Arson Terror Alive and Well in Gush Etzion

Palestinian Authority terrorists attempted to set fire Thursday night to the beautiful forest cloaking the majestic Judean hills around Rosh Tzurim.

Shiloh Bloc Residents Block Arab Construction with Their Bodies

A new Arab city is currently being built adjacent to the Israeli communities of Amichai and Adei Ad, apparently a part of the Fayyad Plan.

Regavim: Civil Administration Protecting Illegal PA Construction – ‘Bureaucracy Has Bested Democracy’

Regavim claims the Civil Administration is granting post-facto “legalization” to illegal structures built by the Palestinian Authority.

Civil Administration Using Regulation Act to Spare Illegal Arab Homes Slated for Demolition

"This is a definite case of government by civil servants," Regavim said.

Report: Mandelblit to Allow Settlers’ Private Land Purchases in Judea, Samaria

"Prohibition of real estate transactions on the basis of national affiliation causes some discomfort," seeing as it's hard to find a more racist exercise of apartheid against a specific ethnicity in purchasing land.

The Ultimate Givers of Yitzhar

Over the past five years, ten Yitzhar residents donated their kidneys, and they did it to save perfect strangers.

Naftali Bennett Talks English, Finance and Elections in Gush Etzion

Bennett focused much of his time discussing free markets, deregulation, and the importance of only voting for a party guaranteed to pass the electoral threshold.

‘Jordan Valley is a Good Start, Beginning of the Road,’ Say Sovereignty Activists

"One must be vigilant and make sure that this is not a partial "compensation" for withdrawals elsewhere in Judea and Samaria."

Border Guard Police Foil Terror Attack at Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs

The would-be attacker was a 15-year-old Arab resident of Hebron.

Terror Victim Nahum Nevies Regains Full Consciousness

Nahum and Noam Nevies were hit by a terrorist's car near Elazar in Gush Etzion.

Ad Kan Forces Meretz Leader to Beg Forgiveness from Settlement Security Chief

"I apologize from the bottom of my heart and ask for his forgiveness."

PA Wants to Declare Joshua Bin-Nun’s Altar on Mt. Ebal a Palestinian Heritage Site

The PA's governor of Shechem claimed the ancient Jewish site is threatened by the occupation and settlers.

A Dream Project Commemorates Two Loving Souls Cut Down in their Prime

More than two decades before Ari was killed, his close friend, Yehoshua Friedberg, an Israeli soldier, was kidnapped and killed by Palestinian terrorists on Purim 1993.

United Hatzalah Graduates First NREMT Course in Efrat, in Ari Fuld’s Memory

United Hatzalah now has 18 new EMTs in the beautiful rolling hills of Judea.

Gush Etzion Terror Ramming Victim Discharged from Hospital

Noam will continue rehabilitation treatment on an outpatient basis at Hadassah's Mt. Scopus Medical Center campus in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu: We Are Discussing Applying Israeli Sovereignty to Ma’aleh Adumim

“We’re building new homes here. We'll build another Elkana and another Elkana and another Elkana. We will not uproot anyone here, there will be no more Gush Katif."

Eugen Gluck, Among Earliest Philanthropist to Support the Settlements, Dead at 92

Gluck formed a bond with former MK Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz of Bet El, in Samaria.

Watch: Security Forces Stop Arab Takeover of Jewish Land in Gush Etzion

To date, only about 30% of Judea and Samaria lands have been registered and regulated. This reality is fertile ground for fakery, illegal construction and land grabbing.

Trump May Reveal Deal of the Century Before Israel’s Elections

Last week, Trump said, “We will probably wait for the release of the Middle East peace plan until after the Israeli elections.”

Unconfirmed Report: Dolev Murderers Caught

The two terrorists are residents of Kobar village in the Ramallah area, home of the terrorist who carried out the murderous attack in Halamish.

Watch: IDF Manhunt for Dolev Spring Terrorists

According to local sources, the three suspects were pulled out of their beds and arrested.

Smotrich: Israel Must Reinstall Check Posts in Judea and Samaria

"Maintaining the quality of life of the Arabs is not worth losing one Jew to murder."

Yitzhar Residents Fight Fire for Second Time This Month

The fire caused tens of thousands of shekels of damage within the community.

Yamina’s Ultimate Solution for High Cost of Housing: Move Half a Million Israelis to...

The plan was conceived based on forecasts that in the coming decades the population of the State of Israel would double, from about 8 million to 16 million, alongside growth in the per capita density index.

PA Threatens to Arrest LGBT Group for Violating the Ideals of Palestinian society

Of course, Al Qaws, which would not have come to life without active support from Israeli Jews, is an avid supporter of the BDS.

Vile Woman Rejoices in the Massacre of 67 Hebron Jews

And so they fester, generations of Arab Jew-haters whose "Palestinian" identity begins and ends with murder, and with literally nothing else.

Teenage Gush Etzion Terror Victim Shows Some Improvement

Nahum and Noam were hit by a car driven by an Arab terrorist on Friday afternoon.

Tlaib’s Grandmother: ‘I Hope God Will Destroy Trump’ After Tlaib Rejects Visit

Many in the media, both news and social, suggested not allowing in the two exceptionally hateful women was somehow anti-Democratic. Does democracy mean turning the other cheek? Wrong religion, folks.

Yitzhar Residents Evacuated, Flames Destroy 2 Homes

Two homes and a stable were destroyed before firefighters were able to get the flames under control.


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