Court Orders Neria Zarog Freed from Police Custody

Despite the court order, Zarog's release is being delayed so police can appeal to the Supreme Court.

European Court’s Verdict Ordering the Labeling of ‘Settlement’ Products Could Trigger US Sanctions on...

This decision mandates religious discrimination, treating Jewish-owned and Muslim-owned businesses differently even if they operate in the same geographic location.

Psagot Winery Commits to Fighting EU Court’s Anti-Semitic Ruling on Labeling

“Even though the ECJ ruled against us , this is just the beginning of the fight. We are not going to accept a double standard,” said CEO of Psagot Winery Yaakov Berg.

Israel Rejects European Court’s ‘Morally Unacceptable’ Verdict Ordering the Labeling of ‘Settlement’ Products

There are over 200 ongoing territorial disputes worldwide, yet the ECJ has only offered a single ruling - related to the Jewish people.

Europe’s Top Court: Israeli Products from Judea and Samaria, Eastern Jerusalem, Golan Heights Must...

International law expert Prof. Eugene Kontorovich added the ECJ’s ruling “is putting a new ‘Yellow Star’ on Jewish-made products."

Police Engage in 5 Hour Stand-Off During Arrest of Yitzhar Resident, 15 Injured

It is unclear why an administrative order was place on Zarog in the first place, and some claim it is because he built his home in Area B.

Jewish Woman Hurt in Arab Stone-Throwing Attack

The 55-year-old woman was taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Anti-Israel Native American Congresswoman Spends ‘Intense’ Visit in Ofra

Haaland was described by an Israeli leftwing blog after her 2018 election as one of eight new congresswomen of color who were certain to cause Israel problems.

Israeli Reporter: Trump Told Israel to Take Over US Aid to PA Security

But that move cutting US aid to PA security forces was initiated by Ramallah, not the US.

Report: Blue&White Ready for Sovereignty in Jordan Valley

Blue&White is ready to go for applying sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea, Zeev Kam reported on Reshet Bet radio...

Minister Smotrich Pushing ‘Sovereignty Through Transportation’

The plan, which includes a $283 million expansion of the road connecting Jerusalem and Gush Etzion, aims to "end the current isolation of Judea and Samaria ... so that the area is just like any other region in Israel," according to the Transportation Ministry.

Gush Etzion Winery Plants Olive Tree in Memory of Deceased Palestinian Employee

His colleagues decided to plant an olive tree in his memory, a tree so often featured in stories about clashes between Jews and Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

Pre-Sovereignty Move: Civil Administration Takes Over ‘Tabu’ Land Registry in Judea, Samaria

Efrat Council Chairman Oded Ravivi said this move "must be followed with the application of Israeli law in Judea and Samaria."

Smotrich Attacks Bennett for Letting Rightwing Bloc Disintegrate

Bennett obeyed the same martyr's impulse that lost his Habayit Hayehudi party 4 mandates to Netanyahu in the 2015 election.

IDF Soldiers Save Arab Woman Injured in Car Accident

In July 2015, the IDF established a new reserves unit dedicated to providing medical care and humanitarian assistance to the Arab population.

Arab Olive Pickers Attack Yitzhar Resident

IDF and police forces arrested the attackers, who arrived outside the settlement as part of the olive harvest.

Russia Tells UNSC Israel Must Stop Judea, Samaria Construction

"Both Palestinians and Israelis must refrain from violence, and aggressive and provocative rhetoric."

Israel, PA, Resolve Calf Boycott Crisis

The PA Agriculture Ministry will establish an "exceptions committee" to ratify permits to import calves from Israel.

Bernie Sanders Promises to Break US Law by Diverting Aid to Gaza

"United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018" ensures that presidents would not be able to suspend US aid as a means of pressuring Israel.

J Street Pressuring Democratic Candidates to Use Aid in Fighting Settlements

God bless Senator Klobuchar who told her hosts: "I am so wedded right now to make sure we are actually continuing the aid.”

Israel Prevents Illegal Arab Construction from Destroying Second Temple Era Palaces

The destruction of archeological findings is commonplace in Judea and Samaria and is often used as a political tool to deny the historical Jewish presence in the region.

Disguised as Agricultural Work, French Pro-BDS Org also Supports Terrorism

Association France Palestine Solidarite (AFPS) helps fund the activities of an organization managed by PFLP terrorists.

Arabs Scrawl Swastikas on Tomb of Joshua Bin-Nun

Some 600 Israeli worshipers on Sunday night visited the tombs of Joshua Bin-Nun and Kalev Ben Yefune, in the Arab village of Kafel Harath near Ariel.

Samaria Resident Takes Gold in 2019 European Acrobatics Championship

Friedman receives an athletic scholarship from the Samaria Regional Council, as well as funding for his flights abroad to participate in competitions.

Sabbath Terror on the Roads of Judea and Samaria

Palestinian Authority terrorists continued to target Israelis in Judea and Samaria, throughout the Sabbath with rocks and firebombs.

Duma Village Arson Minor Defendant Convicted of Terrorist Group Membership

The defendant has already been incarcerated for close to four years, but the final verdict may add time for the terrorist membership conviction.

Israel Publishes Tender for Innovative Waste-to-Energy Facility

Once built, the new facility will serve as the main waste-to-energy treatment plant in metro Jerusalem and surrounds.

Jordan Valley Council Appealing to King Abdullah for Help in Preserving Israeli Lands

October 26 will mark 25 years since the signing of the peace agreement between Israel and Jordan, and that very day, the land lease will be terminated.


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