Israel to Close Crossing Points with Palestinian Authority for Upcoming Holidays

The closure is a standard practice that takes place prior to every Jewish and national holiday in Israel.

PA, EU, Establish Illegal School inside Israel’s Jordan Valley Nature Preserve

"Once these illegal schools are completed, they create a win-win public relations headache which the Civil Administration hasn’t learned to contend with."

Watch: AOC, Liberal Jews, Reach Harmony on 2-State Solution

As long as US liberal Jews and AOC are getting along, we won't make a fuss.

Palestinian Authority ‘Celebrated’ Passover with Illegal Construction Blitz in Area C

For a week or more, no oversight, inspection or enforcement activity is carried out in Judea and Samaria during the Jewish holidays in the fall and spring.

Religious Right’s Victory Frustrates Netanyahu’s Government Building Efforts

The very party that received artificial respiration from the prime minister refuses to return the favor because he relies on an Islamic party.

US State Department Human-Rights Report Returns to Using ‘Occupied’ Territories

However, the report claims the language “is not meant to convey a position on any final-status issues to be negotiated between the parties to the conflict.”

Report: EU Spent Billions on PA Construction Isolating Jewish Settlements

"The European Union secretly provides money, people and planning and legal knowledge to prepare a plan that will . . . impose a de facto terrorist state in the heart of Israel,"

Exposed: PA Grand Plan to Occupy Area C, Israel is ‘Losing Judea and Samaria’

It is described as “a well-oiled mechanism” in which the EU secretly provides money, people and planning and legal knowledge to prepare a plan that will “isolate Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem and establish a de facto terrorist state in the heart of Israel.”

Smotrich Urging Bennett, Saar, to Join Netanyahu in Stopping Arab Expansion Emboldened by Netanyahu

He is suggesting that the only way to correct this borderline criminal neglect of crucial national issues, is to support the man who is most emphatically responsible for them.

Abbas Advisers Want State with ‘Soft Sovereignty’

Thank God, the PA will never adopt these ideas because they include giving up its tight control over its citizens and letting them become the masters of their reality.

Ahead of Elections, Netanyahu Places Cornerstone for New Samaria Neighborhood

The neighborhood being built will be named “Neve Achiad” after Rabbi Achiad Ettinger z"l.

The Ari Fuld Project Donates Tactical Helmets to Efrat’s Counter-Terrorist Unit

Continuing in the footsteps of Ari Fuld, The Ari Fuld Project is looking out for Israel's soldiers.

Israel Vaccinates over 105,000 Palestinian Authority Citizens in 2 Weeks

The Palestinian Authority continues to pay large salaries to jailed terrorists rather than properly invest in health care for its citizens.

IDF Soldiers Foil Terrorist Attempt to Attack Beit El

Two of the suspects were hit by IDF gunfire, according to the spokesperson.

Mazal Tov: Left-Wing Anti-Settlement Petition Results in High Court Ratifying New Jewish Neighborhood

Had it not been for the petitions against Tapuach West, the neighborhood would not have been regulated to this day. So thank you, Holland and Norway, your money was well spent.

Netanyahu Campaign Hits Gush Etzion

Netanyahu blamed the (failed) rotation government on the failure to regulate the settlements in this last government.

ZOA Urges Biden to Not Revoke New ‘Made in Israel’ Labeling Policy

The appeal comes in response to a request by left-wing Jewish groups to rescind the directive put in place by the Trump administration.

Court Paves Way to Make Cave of the Patriarchs Accessible to Disabled

The Palestinian Authority objects to making Cave of the Patriarchs accessible to people with disabilities.

Tom Friedman Accuses Israel of ‘Abraham Accords Washing’ and Ignoring the Much Preferred ‘2-State’

Friedman says "Biden needs to move fast" if he wants to be able to thwart all those efforts in favor of the old, familiar, and bloody 2-state solution.

Abraham Accords Sees Sweet Results in Form of D’vash Business Cooperation

Brian Finkel reached out to Dubai-based Al Barakah Dates Factory, and without knowing he lived in Israel, it became his largest supplier. As the relationship grew, the two companies ended up forming a strategic partnership that is becoming representative of the region.

Zionist NGO Sues for Data on Extent of Israeli Power Company’s Support for Illegal...

"Beyond the safety hazards that accompany unauthorized electrical connections without any supervision, this move constitutes making permanent the illegal construction in the area."

Yesha Council Chairman Cancels Participation in Haaretz Conference Co-Sponsored by B’Tselem, BtS

Last month, B'Tselem launched an international campaign depicting Israel as being an apartheid state.

Report: Left-Wing US Jews Ask Biden to Revoke Labeling Settlements’ Products ‘Made in Israel’

The six anti-Israel Jewish groups warned against the new regulation which "would worsen tensions in the Middle East if allowed to go into effect."

Haaretz Disproves NY Times’ Libel that Israel Withholds Vaccines from PA Arabs

How lucky we are to have Nir Hasson report on Wednesday in "Israel's NY Times," a.k.a Haaretz: "Israel Opens Vaccination Center at Checkpoint to Reach Palestinian East Jerusalem Residents."

WATCH: Unarmed Yeshiva Student Fights Off Armed Terrorist

The young man held off the armed terrorist with his bare hands until he managed to escape.

Promoter of ‘Israeli Apartheid’ Attacks, Betty McCollum is New Chair of Defense Appropriations

"Now my goal with HR 4391 is ... to force policymakers to think about the 3.8 billion dollars in U.S. aid to Israel and how that helps ... the repression of the Palestinian people."

Judge Rejects Handicapped Jews’ Friend of the Court Brief in Cave of the Patriarchs’...

Judge Winograd studied at the Netiv Meir yeshiva high school in Jerusalem and later joined the hesder Har Etzion yeshiva. He served in the Maglan special force unit, and in 1992 was ordained as a rabbi.

Palestinian Authority to Sue the JNF at ICC for Alleged War Crimes

The Palestinian Authority warned Arabs to not be tricked by intermediaries trying to buy land on behalf of the Jews.

Daily Sabah: Turkey to Build Industrial Zone in Palestinian Authority’s City of Jenin

In addition to Turkey’s financial investment of $10 million . . . there is also “a plan for Turkish factories to operate in the [industrial] zone.”


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