Jewish Families Threatened with Eviction from Hebron’s Beit Ha’Tekuma

The Hebron Jewish municipality maintains the building was purchased by Jewish residents from its prior Arab owners.

Brother of Zakaria Zubeidi Who Staged Prison Escape Dies of Injuries Sustained Friday

The troops surrounded the home of Mahmoud Adbai, a senior Islamic Jihad operative.

Watch: Passing Soldier Stops Terror Attack in Progress Near Beit El

The terrorist attacked a car and was attempting to get inside and attack the passengers.

Arab Threw Cinderblock at Israeli Vehicle, Attacked Passengers with Knife and Acid – Neutralized

Meanwhile, IDF, Shin Bet, and police special force Yamam are operating in Bruqin, Samaria, and an exchange of gunfire has been reported.

Abu-Akleh Was US Citizen; Bennett: the Arabs Did It

"The Palestinians decided to bury journalist Shireen Abu Akleh within an hour after her death."

Al Jazeera Reporter Killed in Jenin, Watch Video Proving Arabs Did It

"The Red Crescent immediately evacuated the body so we couldn’t check the ballistics that hit her.”

Terror Attack Foiled in Tekoa, Gush Etzion

The terrorist was shot by local security forces. No Israelis were wounded in the attack.

Israel Reduces Judea-Samaria Housing Approvals in Deference to US Demands

US State Dept: “Israel’s program of expanding settlements deeply damages the prospects for a two-state solution.”

Hamas Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attack in Ariel

Hamas appears to be rebuilding its terror infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

Ancient Samaritan Clay Candle Found near Stone Bath at Mount Gerizim Site

According to II Kings 17, The king of Assyria brought people from faraway lands and settled them in the towns of Samaria in place of the exiled Israelites.

Terrorists Identified, Fatah-Linked Terror Group Claims Responsibility for Ariel Attack

Israeli officials said the two killers did not appear to be linked to any terrorist organization.

Murdered Ariel Security Guard Named

Golev is survived by his parents and seven siblings, all residents of Beit Shemesh, along with his fiancee.

Israeli Forces Capture 2 Terrorist Killers of Ariel Security Guard

The two suspects, both in their twenties, were arrested in the Palestinian Authority village of Qarawat Bani Hassan.

Supreme Court Rejects Peace Now Petition Against New Jewish Neighborhood in Old Hebron

The judges agreed that since the Hebron municipality does not accept planning requests from Jews, the IDF was right to take away those powers.

IDF Mobilizing 6 Reserve Battalions to Guard Breached PA Border Fence

The move will allow enlisted IDF units to maintain their operational missions and training routine.

Court Awards Ahuvia Sandak’s Family NIS 3,000 in Compensation

In January 2021, the criminal case against the four police officers involved in the tragedy was closed by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.

DM Gantz Says Chomesh Will be Evacuated Soon and Evyatar Deal Won’t be Implemented...

Gantz claims that Bennett, Shaked and Sa'ar all know he is going to make this happen.

20,000 Return to Chomesh

Among the MKs present were Religious Zionist party's Bezalel Smotrich, Itamar Ben-Gvir. Quite notably, walking alongside them was former coalition MK Idit Silman.

Despite Ramadan Terror, Gantz Ends Holiday Closure at Crossings with Palestinian Authority

Some 470 suspects were arrested Friday at the Temple Mount, most of them at the Al Aqsa Mosque.

5 Arabs Killed as IDF Continues Arrest Raids in Judea & Samaria ahead of...

The Islamist terrorists are especially worried about some Jews managing to carry out the Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount.

Beitar Resident Barely Survives Lynch in Husan, Car Torched

The mayor of Beitar has repeatedly warned residents to not enter the Arab village.

IDF Thwarts Large-Scale Pre-Pesach Terror Attack

IDF forces surrounded a house in the village of Silwad, near Ramallah, after receiving credible information of an imminent terror attack that was going to launched before Passover.


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