Israel Uncensored: Living in Sussiya

Arabs Set Fire to Ancient Susya Archaeological Site on Tisha B’Av

The fire consumed a large area of antiquities park and it is yet unclear if damage was caused to finds dispersed throughout the important archaeological site.

Arab Gun Snatcher Arrested in Gush Etzion

The Arab suspect attempted to steal the gun from the policeman.

Greenblatt: Israeli Sovereignty Only with Allocating Land for Palestinian State

Greenblatt was one of the architects of the Trump peace plan which was introduced officially in late January.

Shin Bet Thwarts Popular Front Cell that Planned to Carry out Terrorist Attacks in...

The investigation of the affair underscores the deep links between Iran and Hezbollah and the Popular Front terrorist organization in order to promote terrorism against Israel.

Ari Fuld’s Murderer Gets Life in Prison

Ari's brother, Eitan Fuld, said that "under proper circumstances this man would have been sentenced to death."

Outgoing Chief of University Heads Questions Rejection of Ariel U in Samaria

Ariel University President Dr. Yehuda Danon has accused VERA of boycotting the university due to its location in Samaria, over the Green Line.

Israel Fights UN Discrimination with Green Initiative

The plan calls for giving budgetary support to companies that engage in sustainability and other environmentally friendly activities.

WATCH: Israeli Forces Arrest Terrorists Hours After Failed Attack on Beit El

The terrorists threw a bomb and fired from a passing vehicle at Beit El.

Yitzhar Settlers’ New Mahaneh Israel Party Will Establish Torah-Based Judicial System

Out of the 120 candidates on the Mahaneh Israel party's slate for the next Knesset elections, about 90 are residents of Yitzhar.

Hebron Arabs Sic Attack Dog on Jewish Women, No Arrests So Far

Despite the security cameras at the scene and the description of the suspects the women gave the police, there is no word yet about an arrest.

EU Pouring Millions into Illegal Arab Construction in Area C While Bibi, Gantz, Stand...

Netanyahu and Gantz actually torpedo the chances of a future, more able rightwing government to carry out the sovereignty move.

‘Done Remaining Silent’: Samaria Council Slaps Left-Wing Politician Zahava Galon with Libel Suit

“This is our answer to the hypocritical B’Tselem organization that is trying to tarnish a father who protected his daughter from murder,” Dagan stated at the time.

Group Demands Israel Remove Memorial to 3 Arabs Who Murdered Jews in 1929 Hebron...

As of Sunday, some two weeks after sending the letter and filing the complaint, the monument still stands, according to Ad Kan.

Jerusalem Police Arrest 38 Arabs for Massive Fireworks Launch

At least 15 Arabs were injured from fireworks and gunfire on Saturday.

State Department’s Biased Report Against Israel

Dear President Trump, as a true ally of the Jewish State I am asking you to withdraw the State Department's latest human rights biased report against Israel.

Boomerang: In 2019 Report, State Dept. Erased 95% of Arab Terror Attacks on Jews

"Instead of admitting the truth and apologizing ... the State Department continues to claim innocence, insisting it is being objective."

Netanyahu Government Turns Blind Eye as Trump’s Deal Spurs Arab Race to Build in...

The residents of Kfar Nahlin, located in Area B and bounded by a natural river channel, a few months ago began to seize land outside the village – in Area C

Vatican Warns Jews, Americans, Against Liberating Biblical Lands

The dire need for Israeli sovereignty has nothing to do with the two-state solution, but with the safety of an estimated 3,000 Jewish homes which are once again in jeopardy.

AOC, Leftycrats to Pompeo: If Israel Annexes – Off with their Aid

One sour note: the AOC letter was also signed by Rep Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) who represents the Lower East Side of NY.

PA Ready to Negotiate Peace Provided Israel Cancels Sovereignty Plan, So Not Really

Shaath said that the PLO would not revoke its recognition of the state of Israel as long as the PA leadership is not convinced that all hope for a two-state solution is lost.

PA Deepens Grip on Jordan Valley Ahead of Possible Israeli Sovereignty Declaration

Suddenly the Palestinian Authority remembered there are Arabs living in the Jordan Valley.

Boris Johnson: London will not Recognize Israeli Sovereignty

“I profoundly hope that annexation does not go ahead,” says the British prime minister in a Hebrew op-ed published by a major Israeli daily.

Gantz to Trump’s Envoy Berkowitz: July 1 Not a Sacred Date

Gantz added in the same meeting that before promoting political moves, Israeli citizens should be able to return to work and earn a living again.

Samaria Council Head Invites Trump’s Envoy on Reality Tour

"Any time you want, we will be happy to host you and get introduce you to the places and people the whole world is talking about."

‘Blood’ Fountains in Petah Tikva’s Trump Square

It was a protest exhibit against the coming application of Israeli law in the Jewish settlements of Judea and Samaria.

‘Chaos is Name of the Game’: PA Moves Toward Declaration of Independence

The PA official believes Israel will find it difficult in the near future to cooperate with local institutions managing civilian life in PA areas.

Police Interrogate Gush Etzion Cherry Grower for Letting Air Out of Thieves’ Tires

"I was interrogated as a suspect, photographed and fingerprinted like a criminal."

PA: If Israel Annexes Settlements We’ll Hand our Weapons to the IDF, Let Them...

And so the Arabs have not lost yet another opportunity to lose an opportunity.

Greenblatt Rebukes Ungrateful Settlers, Fails to See Danger of Palestinian State

Jason Greenblatt says he wants to hear from the settlers how the Trump plan can be improved. The settlers have been attempting to do just that, but have been ignored.


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