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No More Appeals: Supreme Court OK’s Demolition of Ari Fuld’s Killer’s Home

The demolition can be carried out at any time at this point in accordance with the orders of the Israeli Supreme Court.

Police Report Implicates TIPH in Anti-Israel Activities and Violence; Leaders Call to Kick Them...

Israeli politicians and the heads of the Jewish community in Hebron are calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to end the mandate of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) observer mission.

Jerusalem Covered in Snow… for a Few Hours

To the disappointment of many children, not enough snow fell to close the schools.

Greenblatt: Israeli Media Reports on Trump Peace Plan ‘Not Accurate’

"Over the coming period, unnamed sources will peddle narratives to the media & others based on motivations that are far from pure."

Winter Weather Blocking Roads, Slowing Traffic in Israel

The Israel Electric Corporation also said its lightning lab reported 523 lightning strikes between 12 noon and 9 pm.

Friedberg Foundation Cuts Off Rabbi Druckman’s Funding for Supporting Sex Abuser

In 2013, a judge sentenced Elon to community service, and Rabbi Druckman said the judge had made a mistake and should not have convicted Elon.

MK Betzalel Smotrich Wins Chair of National Union Faction

Members of the central committee chose Smotrich over his contender, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel.

Report: World Council of Churches’ Flagship Project Trained 1,800 Anti-Israel Activists

UPDATE: A senior source told TPS that EAPPI activists have been involved in the direct support of terrorism.

Zionist Group Asking Ambassador Friedman to Help Make Solomon’s Pools Accessible to Israelis

"Unfortunately, the site is located in an area under Palestinian control, which is why access to it is not free, as required from tourist, archaeology and tradition sites."

Terror Stabbing Foiled in Kiryat Arba

The terrorist was shot and wounded by Israeli soldiers at the scene.

PA Extends to Israeli Arabs the Prohibition on Selling Land to Jews

"There is no other place in the world that has legislated a death sentence for the 'crime' of selling property to Jews."

Shin Bet to Release Rechelim Detainees amid Accusations of Inflicting Emotional Damage on Innocent...

The boys' rabbi has already told the Shin Bet the boys spent Shabbat night at his table and remained in his vicinity, but, surely, you can't trust a settler rabbi.

Stoning Attacks Damage Israeli Public Bus, Private Car

Israeli security personnel were deployed to search for the attackers.

Centerist, Shmentrist, Kulanu Minister Calling to Demolish Illegal Arab Shantytown, Apply Israeli Sovereignty

Minister Cohen said during the tour, "I arrived this morning to see the Khan al-Ahmar outpost, which the High Court of Justice determined should be evacuated."

Fallen F-15 Fighter Jet Canopy Found Near Hebron

The canopy – a heavy glass dome that covers the pilot and navigator on the warplane – was recovered Monday.

Another Baby Killer to Receive Fat Salary from Palestinian Authority

Barghouti's starting Palestinian Authority 'prison salary' is higher than most other terrorist prisoners.

Top US Evangelical Leaders Slam Airbnb’s Boycott on Israel

Leaders of American national Evangelical organizations sent a letter to Airbnb strongly condemning its decision to “discriminate against the State of Israel” by removing...

Population in Judea and Samaria Grows in 2018, But at a Slower Pace

The reason for the slowdown is the lack of construction by the government.

Suspected Terrorist Neutralized at Tapuach Junction

Police suspect she may be carrying a bomb on her person.

Snow Arrives on Israel’s Golan Heights

There was snow mixed with rain in Gush Etzion, but snow was falling steadily in the Golan Heights.

Shin Bet: Detained Israeli Youths Suspected of Killing Arab Woman

The suspects’ attorneys state the detainees have been subjected to harsh and improper forms of interrogation.

1,000 Demonstrators Cry Out ‘Settlers’ Rights Matter’ in Jerusalem

Rabbi Ohad Karkover called to revoke the powers of the Jewish section of the Shin Bet: "They gave those madmen powers and they don't know how to use them."

Bus Driver Injured In Arab Shooting Attack

Egged Transport's drivers union has announced a strike Sunday morning, in protest of the shooting attack at the line 140 bus, in which the driver was injured.

Police Use Extreme Violence in Evacuating Youths from Amona

"Whenever, for lack of evidence on the part of the Shin Bet, there is a need to excuse the torture of minors in the Shin Bet dungeons, the Shin Bet starts spreading fake news."

Palestinian Authority Terrorist Bombs IDF Forces

In response, IDF soldiers opened fire at the attacker, who fled the scene.


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