IDF Reopens Erez Crossing, Thousands of Gazans Return to Work in Israel

Most of those who entered Israel on Sunday were workers and merchants.

Brother of Zakaria Zubeidi Who Staged Prison Escape Dies of Injuries Sustained Friday

The troops surrounded the home of Mahmoud Adbai, a senior Islamic Jihad operative.

IAF Hits Iranian Targets in Syria, 5 Killed – Report

This is the twelfth IAF strike in Syria since the beginning of 2022, according to the SOHR’s count.

Watch: Passing Soldier Stops Terror Attack in Progress Near Beit El

The terrorist attacked a car and was attempting to get inside and attack the passengers.

Yamam Soldier Killed in Jenin Op; Update on IDF Jenin Investigation

There was a shootout during the operation with terrorists who were holed up in a building.

Look Who Claims to Have Shot the Al Jazeera Journalist

Two video analyses and research by Btselem show that the Jenin terrorists were the ones in the best position to have shot and killed Shireen Abu Akleh, and they even claimed they shot a soldier.

Coalition & Opposition Pass Bill Banning Contact with Palestinian Authority’s Security Services

The amendment is intended to change the definition in the law of "foreign agent" to include the PA.

Arab Threw Cinderblock at Israeli Vehicle, Attacked Passengers with Knife and Acid – Neutralized

Meanwhile, IDF, Shin Bet, and police special force Yamam are operating in Bruqin, Samaria, and an exchange of gunfire has been reported.

Arab MK Helps Suspect Escape Police Detention during Abu Akleh Riots

Yasser Arafat’s top advisor on Israeli issues in the 1990s, Tibi has not missed an opportunity to challenge Israeli law enforcement.

This Government Is Losing Control: Watch Arab Mobs Intimidating Israeli Police, Civilians

Meanwhile, on Mount Meron, one police officer pulled a George Floyd maneuver on a Haredi citizen.

Israeli Drone-Maker to Supply Advanced Systems to US Department of Defense

“The small, lightweight and rugged Wolverine is affordable, versatile and has low power consumption,” said the Israeli company Xtend.

IDF Investigates 1,200 Officers in Search of Leak to WSJ on Gulf Attacks

Following the publication, Iran began attacking Israeli-owned ships.

Autopsy Findings ‘Inconclusive’ on Journalist’s Death in Jenin

"Her death is a tragedy but no one should use it for political gains, especially those who violate human rights on a daily basis."

IDF Pounds Targets in Southern Syria – Report

The IDF has remained silent on the reports, as it usually does.

Israeli Navy Captures Gazans Smuggling Materials for Hamas’ Weapons Production

Three Gazan suspects were arrested when they tried to cross into Egyptian waters; subsequent questioning revealed they were working for Hamas, according to the Israeli Navy.

Abu-Akleh Was US Citizen; Bennett: the Arabs Did It

"The Palestinians decided to bury journalist Shireen Abu Akleh within an hour after her death."

Islamist Party Delays Decision on Staying in Coalition Citing Jazeera Reporter’s Death

Ra'am demands a written commitment by the PM to soften Interior Minister Shaked's rigid stance on burning issues in Arab society.

Al Jazeera Reporter Killed in Jenin, Watch Video Proving Arabs Did It

"The Red Crescent immediately evacuated the body so we couldn’t check the ballistics that hit her.”

First Responders Attacked after Fatal Shooting in Galilee Arab Town

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have been attacked for just trying to help.”

IDF Begins Month-Long ‘Chariots of War’ Military Drill

The exercise will probe the logistical processes involved in conflict and apply lessons learned from last year's mini-war.

Israel Returns Bodies of Hadera Murderers to Families in Umm al-Fahm

They clearly planned to carry out a murder spree and were prepared for a protracted confrontation with the security forces.

Israel Reopens Crossings to Palestinian Authority, Except for Residents of Elad Terrorists’ Village

The Erez Crossing will remain closed to the movement of residents of the Gaza Strip until further notice, the IDF said.

IDF Maps Homes of Elad Terrorists

The forces mapped the homes of the terrorists in preparation for demolition, a standard Israeli procedure in response to Arab terror.

Israel Establishing National Guard to Contend with Security Threats Within Its Borders

Naftali Bennett: “The supreme task of the Israeli government is to restore personal security to the citizens of Israel.”

Bennett Celebrates Capture of Elad Murderers, Announces New Civilian National Guard

“Capturing the murderers is not enough. We are at the start of a new phase in the war on terrorism."

Former Gaza Division Commander: Must Eliminate Yahya Sinwar

"There was no engagement, there was no force on hand in a timely fashion, how did they get out of there alive?"


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