KIA: Zili – Yamam’s Counter-Terrorist K-9

9-year-old Zili was killed in action today in Shechem.

After Gaza Operation Lapid a Little Stronger, Netanyahu’s Bloc at 59

64% said Lapid did very well to good in handling the war, and only 17% said very badly to quite bad.

Meet Emirati Princess Hend bint Faisal Al-Qasimi, Privileged Idiot with Twitter Account

It’s OK, friends, our brave soldiers and pilots do not avoid killing children for fear of bad press.

IDF Demolishes Home of 2 Terrorists Who Murdered 3 Israelis in Elad

The demolitions were carried out after the petitions of the terrorists’ families to the High Court were rejected.

The Day After: 15 Gazans Killed by Failed Terrorist Rockets, 35 by IDF Fire

Israel was unafraid to squeeze the Gazans when it came to halting humanitarian support during the clashes.

Over 100 Israeli Properties Damaged in Islamic Jihad Bombings

The Israeli Tax Authority is responsible for compensating the owners.

Report: Islamic Jihad Rocket Kills Another 2 Gazans

Between six to nine Gazans have been killed by rockets fired by Islamic Jihad since Friday.

Erez Crossing Terminal Hit by PIJ Mortar Shells

The Erez Crossing was closed down in advance of Operation Breaking Dawn, thus preventing further human and other damage that could have taken place.

Operation Breaking Dawn Day 3: PIJ Rocket Barrages, Ceasefire Proposals, Terror Echelon Eliminated

IDF fighter pilots struck more than 140 PIJ terror targets in Gaza, killing about 30 people, including the entire PIJ security echelon.

Israel Confirms Comprehensive Ceasefire Negotiations via Egypt

Israel Police sources say current intelligence indicates that riots are not expected to break out in Israel’s mixed cities.

Under Cover of Jihad Rockets Israeli Arabs Throw Boulders on Cars, Busses

Six police cars arrived and searched the area, but no suspects were arrested.

UN Official Expresses ‘Deep Concern’ Over Elimination of Senior Islamic Jihad Terrorist

Within the first 180 seconds of the operation, fighter jets and drones targeted and killed 15 Islamic Jihad operatives, including Taysir al-Jabari, commander of the Islamic Jihad’s northern division.

What is Operation Breaking Dawn About?

Islamic Jihad threatened war after their chief in Jenin was arrested.

Rockets Intercepted Over Jerusalem

The Red Alert sirens went off in Jerusalem, just around 8:14 AM on Sunday.

Full Text of Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s Comments on Gaza Military Operation

“Our fight is not with the people of Gaza. Islamic Jihad is an Iranian proxy that wants to destroy the State of Israel and kill innocent Israelis. The head of Islamic Jihad is in Tehran as we speak.”

IDF Chief Kochavi: Our Goal is to ‘Mortally Wound’ Islamic Jihad

PIJ fires some 400 rockets from the Gaza Strip, including a barrage at Tel Aviv, as the Israeli military strikes terror targets in the Gazan enclave; Iron Dome intercepts 95 percent of projectiles heading for populated areas; Hamas remains on the sidelines.

Rocket, Missile, Smart Bomb – What’s the Difference?

What are PIJ terrorists firing at Israel - rockets or missiles? And what are Israel Air Force combat pilots firing at PIJ terrorist targets in Gaza?

IAF Warplanes Launch Fresh Air Strikes Against PIJ Targets in Gaza

IDF: The tragic deaths of Gazan children in Jabaliya could have been the result of a failed rocket launch. The IDF is investigating the event.

350+ Rockets Fired at Israel by Gaza’s PIJ Terrorists

Three people, including two IDF soldiers, sustained minor injuries from mortar fire in areas along the Gaza border.

Israeli Cities Open Bomb Shelters, Iron Dome Deployed, Airport Routes Changed

The Iron Dome aerial defense system was deployed in central Israel and the capital city, Jerusalem, as well as in the south.

IDF Launches ‘Operation Breaking Dawn’ Against Islamic Jihad in Gaza

In a proactive move designed to minimize casualties, the Israeli Air Force began bombing PIJ targets in Gaza – but notably, not those of Hamas.

IDF Kept Gaza Envelope Under Lockdown for 4 Days in Anticipation of Actionable Info...

Al-Jaba’ri, 50, lived in Shejaiya, one of the largest neighborhoods in Gaza, population 100,000.

Israeli Defense & Security Brass Meet at IDF Southern Command HQ

"The IDF, ISA and all security forces are preparing for any action that may be taken on any front - in Israel's northern, central or southern regions."

Chief Rabbi Lau Issues Special Instructions for a Warlike Shabbat

It is also advisable to make sure that every synagogue keeps a working telephone available for any eventuality.

IDF Home Front Command Issues Guidelines

Operation Breaking Dawn is aimed at eliminating the threat to Israel from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Gaza.

IDF: 15 Islamic Jihad Terrorists Killed in Initial Strike

Iron Dome platforms have been set up to protect the Gush Dan (Tel Aviv) region, the south, and Jerusalem.


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