Exposed: Hamas Spy Ring Operating in Israel

Hamas recruited Israeli citizens who have family in the Gaza Strip for the purpose of gathering military intelligence in Israel to be used for terrorism against Israeli targets.

IDF Fighter Jets Attack Hamas Targets in Gaza in Response to Balloon Bomb Attacks

Israeli pilots targeted a site that housed a weapons factory and a Hamas military compound.

Like Mushrooms after the Rain: Shaggy Manes at Site of World’s Biggest Tank Battle

Israel and especially the Golan have had a whole lot of rain in January, but for the Coprinus mushroom (דיואית) this is actually the end of the season.

Youngest Statewide Official in the US Visits IDF Base, ‘Grateful for the Alliance’

“The hard-working soldiers of the IDF put themselves in harm's way in the service of Israeli citizens and are dedicated to keeping the peace,” LaTurner said.

Balloon Bombs Land in Ashdod, Gaza Border

One of the bombs was inside a soccer ball. Another landed near a shopping mall.

Israel Fears Renewed Border Fire as 50 World Leaders Begin International Holocaust Forum

Against the backdrop of progress in the negotiations for normalization in the Gaza Strip, the meeting of some fifty world leaders at the Yad...

ICC Agrees with Prosecutor’s Anti-Israel Charges, But Wants Fewer Pages

So they told Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to go back to the drawing board and submit a new request and this time stay below the page limit.

IDF Shoots 3 Infiltrators at Gaza Border

"After our soldiers arrived at the scene, the terrorists hurled an explosive device at them. In response, our soldiers opened fire at the terrorists.

IDF Collects Dozens of Illegal Weapons in Mass Sweep

The forces seized 13 handguns, 25 Carlo submachine guns, two M16 assault rifles and ammunition.

Netanyahu Demands International Sanctions Against International Criminal Court

"I urge all your viewers to [...] ask for concrete actions, sanction against the international court, its officials, prosecutors, everyone."

ISA Director: 560 ‘Significant’ Terror Attacks Thwarted This Year

"In the end, the major objective that must be overcome is the Iranian threat, which is a conventional, nuclear and terrorist threat."

Saying IDF Already on It, State Asking Court to Throw Women’s Petitions on Combat...

And that's how you delude a bunch of women with heart and enthusiasm into thinking there's a chance you'd put them in million-dollar lady tanks and give them the go ahead signal.

Explosive Balloons from Gaza Reach Beit Shemesh

The balloon bomb landed in the town of Mesilat Zion. A sapper dismantled the explosives.

IDF Launches Infrastructure to Detect, Prevent Hezbollah Underground Excavations

It will be monitoring the area as a preventive measure. Should new underground activity be detected, it would be thwarted in the manner applied a year ago.

The Circus is Over: Bennett Orders IDF to Deal with the Violent Radical Leftwing...

Restraining orders will be issued, and the IDF has been ordered to use a firm hand against the violent riots by leftwing anarchists in Judea and Samaria.

Gaza Explosive Balloons Hit Ashdod Beach, Sderot

Hamas sources are claiming that the new balloon attacks are the work of Islamic Jihad terrorists who were loyal to Bahaa Abu el-Atta.

Jewish Man, 22, Stabbed in Hebron on Shabbat

A force from the Nahal Brigade overtook the terrorist without opening fire.

IDF Targets Terror Positions in Response to IED Balloon Attacks

An IDF combat helicopter attacked an infrastructure used for underground activity by the Hamas terrorist organization in the northern Gaza Strip.

German Foundation Funds Anti-IDF Draft Dodging Conference in Tel Aviv

The Mesarvot organization promotes and supports inductees’ refusal to be recruited by the IDF.

Mothers Clash with Anarchists at Jonathan Pollak’s Court Hearing

"There must be a clear message that whomever attacks IDF soldiers will find himself behind bars for a long time," said the Mothers for Soldiers Forum.

Finnish MP Arrested While Attempting to Cut Gaza Border Fence

Meanwhile, to keep things in perspective, Arab terrorists fired a number of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel's southern communities this week.

Chashmonaim Security Lock-Down

Three suspected infiltrators were seen in the town in the early hours of the morning.

IDF Deploys Iron Dome Additional Anti-Missile Systems in Southern Israel

The move comes in the wake of a rocket attack aimed at the region on Wednesday afternoon by Gaza terrorists.

IDF Retaliates in Gaza for Terrorist Rocket Attack on Southern Israel

Arab media reported the “Hamas-controlled civil administration HQ” was targeted by the IDF in northern Gaza.

Syria Blames Israel for Attack on T4 Airport in Homs

The Israeli Air Force last attacked T4 on February 10, 2018, destroying the main observation tower.

Israel’s Bar Association Dis-Appoints Defender of Terrorists

Bereaved parents called the appointment "an unparalleled disgrace" and a "spit in the face of thousands of Israelis who have been murdered over the years."


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