IDF Hits Hamas Targets in Gaza, 3 Times in 3 Days

The IDF used a remotely unmanned aircraft (drone/UAV) to attack a Hamas terrorist military position in the Rafah area, in southern Gaza.

Hezbollah-Linked Journalist Reports Within Touching Distance of IDF Tank During Construction of Upgraded Security...

“We are working here to expose the ground in this sector, first of all to reinforce our sovereignty up to the last meter, to the Blue Line."

IDF Attacks Gaza Terror Positions on Yom Kippur

Israeli soldiers were kept busy on the southern border over the Yom Kippur holiday.

Eight Hamas Terrorists Captured Who Used Birzeit University as a Base of Operations

In addition, four other wanted terrorists were captured in the village of Khirbat Karme, located just south of Hebron.

IDF Demolishes Terrorist Infrastructure in Tulkarem, 2 Terrorists Dead

An IDF soldier was moderately injured from shrapnel and was evacuated to hospital for treatment.

IDF Repels Lebanese Attempt to Cross Israel’s Northern Border

Hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah, Iran's proxy in Lebanon, have been simmering for months.

Watch: IDF Strikes Hamas Military Posts After Return of Terror Balloons, Border Violence

Gaza terrorists also launched multiple incendiary balloons across the border on Friday; at least two started fires in Israeli territory.

Avreimel Fried Spends Quality Time with Haredi Troops Ahead of Yom Kippur

Hundreds of Haredi soldiers heard words of encouragement and sang along with the great Avreimel Fried.

IDF Chief Halevi Proclaims Full Readiness, Mourns Predecessor Blamed for Yom Kippur War Losses

Halevi himself has been imprisoned by a destructive conception of his own making.

IDF Confirms Strike on Syrian Army Posts Violating 1974 Disengagement with Israel

The outposts were located in the Ein Altaniya area, a demilitarized zone on the Golan Heights.

Israeli Police Find Stolen Army Tank in Junkyard

The tank was stolen from an IDF training base near the Elyakim Interchange in northern Israel.

IDF Bows to the Court’s Command, Opens Special Forces to Qualified Women

“The chance of a woman on average reaching the physical achievements that a man reaches is significantly lower.”

Mossad, Shin Bet to Recruit 200 Haredi Agents

For the first time in their history, both organizations will recruit 200 yeshiva students 21 years of age and older

MK Ups the Ante on Amiram Ben-Uliel’s Case Calling him a Tzadik

Believe it or not, this story has a happy ending. Ben Uliel may be removed from solitary confinement to the religious ward.

IDF Uses Suicide Drone in Jenin, Raids Home of Terror Leader Amid Heavy Clashes

The IDF confirmed that a Rafael SPIKE Firefly loitering munition -- a Maoz suicide drone -- was used during the raid.

Government Supports Police Use of Facial-Recognition Cameras in Israel

Facial-recognition cameras will be employed to “prevent, thwart or uncover serious crime," according to the bill.

Introducing the IDF’s Next Generation Tank ‘Barak,’ AI and All

The Barak tanks will allow battalion combat teams to fight continuously at a fast pace while exposing the enemy.

Terrorist Neutralized in Jerusalem-Gush Etzion’s Mizmoriya Checkpoint

The terrorist attempted to stab the Border Police at the checkpoint.

Netanyahu: I Suggest the Iranians Not Threaten Us, Nor Should Leftist Protesters

As expected, President Joe Biden will not extend an invitation to Netanyahu to visit him in the White House.

IDF Seals Crossings Between Israel and Palestinian Authority for Rosh Hashana

Humanitarian and medical cases will be allowed through the crossings upon approval of the government Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT).

Israel Foils Smuggling of 16 Tons of Rocket-Making Material to Gaza

Ammonium chloride is a dual-use substance known to be used by the terrorist organizations in Gaza.

At Least 2 Syrian Soldiers Killed in Attack on Coastal Targets Attributed to Israel

“It is worth noting that this is the 27th attack by Israeli forces in Syrian territory since early 2023.”

Gazans Die in Violence on Israel’s Southern Border

During the chaos, the attackers attempted to launch an explosive device over the border into Israeli territory. The bomb exploded in the Gaza Strip.

Gallant Denies Arms Transfer to PA as MKs Lash Out on Oslo Anniversary

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the reports "fake news" after National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir warned of "consequences" if reports regarding the transfer were true.

Syria Says Israel Carried Out Rare Daylight Raid, Killing 2

Syrian state media and other sources carefully avoided identifying the nationalities of the “military personnel” who were killed.

PA Getting US Made Armored Vehicles, Hamas Distraught

Americans understood the PA’s demands and provided it with armored vehicles and modern automatic weapons equipped with lasers.

IDF Reveals New Lifesaving Fireproof Uniform

The fireproof uniforms, which contain special flame retardant fibers in the fabric, are intended for use by Israel's elite forces.

Gallant: Iran Building Terror Airport in Lebanon 12 Miles from Israeli Border

“Nasrallah has apparently forgotten what the true power relations are between Israel and Hezbollah . . . If he makes a mistake, he will become the 'Destroyer of Lebanon'."

Sparks are Flying in the IAF

The advanced drone "will significantly improve the ability to act offensively and effectively according to data that will be received."


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