Report: Israel Attacks Iranian Militia in Villa on Syria’s Northern Coast

“The people woke up at around 4 AM today to the sound of violent explosions, which caused a state of panic among them.”

Investigation: Most Casualties From Gaza Stampede Were From Trampling

After looting the trucks, a group of Gazans began approaching the IDF soldiers.

As War Protracts, Knesset Raises Age of Exemption from Reserve Duty

For some specialized professional, the exemption age was raised from 49 to 50.

IDF Releases 40 PA Arab Administrative Detainees on the Day of Eli Double Murder

Traditionally, the holy month of Ramadan is when Israel goes out of its way with occasionally insane goodwill gestures, and in return, Muslims murder more Jews.

2 Israelis Killed by Palestinian Authority Cop in Eli Terror Attack

The victims were shot at the gas station at the entrance to Eli. The terrorist was killed by Israeli security forces.

Israeli Self-Defense Groups Train Haredim to Protect their Neighborhoods

So far, some 1,500 Haredi volunteers have joined the project, receiving training from Hashomer HaChadash.

Jewish Settlement Enterprise as Response to Violence Continues in Face of Universal Objections

All three actions have already been approved by PM Netanyahu and his cabinet, calling them “an answer to terrorism.”

Syria Blames Israel for Major Attack on Iranian Targets in Damascus

The strikes targeted a barracks belonging to pro-Iranian operatives and the other a residential building that was reportedly a stronghold of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) military force.

Gantz, Eisenkot, Gallant Pressuring Netanyahu to Yank Ben Gvir from Temple Mount Decision Making

Sowing strife and dissent * Gallant on automatic * The State Dept. and religious freedom, don’ get me started * Let 1,000 Hamas flowers bloom.

Investigation Explodes Myth that Israel Targets Journalists

Media reports claiming vast numbers of journalists have died in the Gaza conflict are based on nothing more than Hamas propaganda, report reveals.

Rubio: ‘Unsettling’ That Foreign Courts Can Block US Weapons Shipment to Allies Amid War

The Florida senator wrote to the U.S. defense secretary after a Dutch appeals court’s decision threatened to halt delivery of U.S.-made F-35 parts to Israel.

Tuesday Hamas Said No Way to Biden’s Monday Promise of a Sunday Ceasefire

This might be a good time to knock on Yahya Sinwar’s door asking for a cup of flour.

White House Demands Israeli Commitment to ‘international Law’ in Using US-Supplied Weapons

The Americans have taken the gloves off, not against Netanyahu, but against the State of Israel.

Netanyahu Responds to Biden’s Warnings and Threats

Netanyahu pointed out that US citizens overwhelmingly support Israel over Hamas.

Chilling Footage from a Hamas Fighter’s Camera in Gaza

The footage exposes Hamas’ method of firing the anti-tank missiles from built-up areas and inside buildings, as well as how the enemy operates in the area.

IDF Retaliates for Hezbollah Rocket Attacks on Mt Meron, Mt Dov

"Approximately 35 launches were identified crossing from Lebanon into the area of Mount Meron in northern Israel."

Arab Report: Gaza Ceasefire Will Also Apply to Lebanon

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant: “We will continue the fire and we will do so independently from the south, until we achieve our goals" to push Hezbollah back to the Litani River.

IDF Kills Islamic Jihad Commander in Judea and Samaria

Two other terrorists were killed in armed clashes that broke out in Tubas and al-Fari'ah camp early Tuesday, according to Arab media reports.

Sderot’s Residents Return Home With Mix of Hope And Anxiety

“In the past few weeks, you can clearly sense the city coming back to life. New stores are opening, and neighbors are returning with their children. It’s a very joyous atmosphere,” said a Chabad rabbi in Sderot.

Biden: ‘My Hope is by Next Monday, We’ll Have a Ceasefire’

“My national security advisor tells me that we’re close,” the U.S. president said, per the pool report.

IDF Eliminates Hezbollah Commander Hassan Hossein Salami

Hezbollah announced Salami's death "with great pride and honor" but did not refer to him as a commander.

IAF Attacks Hezbollah Weapons Sites in Ba’albek, 100 km North of Metula

The attack targeted three sites, including Hezbollah weapons warehouses, in Ba'albek, 100 kilometers north of Lebanon's border with Israel.

Netanyahu to Fox: Israel has Plan to Remove Civilians from Rafah

Israel is readying a major military offensive in the last Hamas stronghold in southern Gaza.

IDF Denies Claims Top Brass Ignored SIM Cards Suddenly Activated in Gaza Prior to...

"The claim that the Chief of Staff knew about a thousand SIMs that were turned on at midnight and did not inform anyone about it is a false accusation."

IDF Destroys 10km-Long Terror Tunnel Linking North & South Gaza

The forces gained operational control over the tunnel shafts, investigated the tunnels and then destroyed a large part of the network.

David’s Sling Intercepts Hezbollah Missile Aimed at Israeli UAV

According to Arab media, Israeli warplanes launched airstrikes on a neighborhood in the Beka'a area, 100 kilometers (62 miles) deep into Lebanon, for the first time since the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

War Cabinet Reviews IDF’s Operational Plan for Rafah

The war cabinet also approved a plan for providing humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip in a manner that will prevent looting.


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