Report: 3 Hezbollah-Linked Terrorists Killed in Israeli Strike on Syrian ‘School’

Israeli leaders have repeatedly declared that they will not tolerate an Iranian threat on its northern border with Syria .

Report: Israel Attacks Iranian Militia in Southern Syria Overnight

Syrian TV reported that a rocket fired from Israel hit a school.

IAF Attacks Hamas in Gaza, Retaliates for Rocket Fire, Terror Tunnel

“Even on days when the south appears to be quiet, beneath the surface terrorist organizations continue their efforts."

Watch: Terror Attack Tunnel Reached ‘Dozens of Meters into Israeli Territory’

The tunnel was found "thanks to the technological and collection capabilities of the underground sensory barrier on the Gaza border."

IDF Destroys New Terror Tunnel From Gaza

Roads and agricultural areas were sealed off, with military personnel setting up roadblocks and checkpoints to make sure no mistakes were made.

Two IDF Soldiers Wounded by Explosive Charge Thrown by Arabs in Shechem

Since the beginning of 5781, seven Jews have been injured as a result of the stones terrorism, including three IDF soldiers.

Iran Reports Crash of Israeli-Made Azeri Drone in Clashes with Armenia

Earlier this week, the Armenian and Azeri foreign ministers agreed on a ceasefire that was mediated by Russia, but have been violating the deal ever since.

FIDF Delivers Emergency Packages To Quarantined IDF Soldiers

During the week of Sukkot, FIDF has been distributing tens of thousands of nourishing meals, personal hygiene kits, and other products.

IDF Soldier Tie Up PA Policemen, Confiscate Their Guns

The PA police blocked the undercover IDF soldiers, instigating the response from the IDF.

Israel Seizes Hamas, PA Funds Transferred to Terrorists’ Families in Israel

Defense Minister Benny Gantzs igned four orders to seize funds transferred from Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to Arabs with Israeli citizenship whose family members committed terrorist attacks.

IDF Stops Terror Attack Near Einav, 1 Terrorist Injured

There were no injuries reported among Israeli forces.

Terrorist Arrested After Attempting to Stab Israelis Near Hebron

The terrorist approached the forces on foot from the nearby vineyards while holding the knife in his hands.

Testing Complete, Israel’s ‘Ofek 16’ Spy Satellite Transferred to IDF Control

Israeli Defense Ministry and Israel Aerospace Industries hand the “keys” to the spacecraft to the military's Intelligence Directorate.

Democrats Introduce Bill Giving Israel Virtual Veto Over US Arms Sales to Arabs

“While I applaud the historic normalization of relations between Israel and both the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, I firmly believe we must continue supporting Israel to ensure safety and security in the region."

WATCH: Hiding In Plain Sight: Hezbollah’s Beirut Missile Manufacturing Site

Turns out you need more than one hour to evacuate a Precision Guided Missile (PGM) manufacturing site, so Hezbollah hoped the reporters just wouldn't notice. Well... we did.

US Army Gets its First Israeli-Made Iron Dome Defense Batteries

Israel’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Wednesday handed over the first two Iron Dome missile defense batteries to the US Army, as part of an agreement between Israel and the US Department of Defense.

IDF Warns Israel Will ‘Operate Extensively’ Against Precision Guided Missile Sites in Lebanon

"The State of Israel and the IDF in particular are monitoring these sites ... and are very knowledgeable in regard to the PGM project. They will continue to extensively operate against it."

WATCH: Netanyahu Reveals at UNGA Hezbollah’s ‘Secret Missile Factory’ Near Beirut Gas Installation, Airport

The weapons facility is similar to the one that exploded in southern Lebanon a few days ago.

More than 20 Arab Terrorist Attacks on Jews Since the Start of 5781

These days the IDF refuses to disclose the exact number of terrorist incidents.

Czechs to Buy Rafael Air Defense System

The Czech decision Followed an international tender process which lasted several years.

Israel and Italy Seal Reciprocal Procurement Agreement

The Israel Ministry of Defense will purchase 5 advanced training helicopters from Italy, increasing the Air Force’s training fleet to 12. The Italian Ministry of Defense will purchase Rafael spike missiles and Elbit Systems simulators in exchange.

Shin Bet Unveils Recruitment of Arab Women by Iran, Hezbollah

In August 2020, Yasmin Jaber, a female resident of the Old City who works at the Hebrew U. National Library, was arrested on suspicion that she had been recruited by Hezbollah.

Attack in Ashdod: This Is How It Looks When a Rocket Hits

The injuries followed a rocket that landed in the city center while the peace signing ceremony was in progress in Washington, DC.

13 Rockets Fired at Israel, IDF Attacks Gaza Strip Twice

The Islamic Jihad announced that the early morning rockets were shot as part of the terror group's "bomb for bomb" equation.

Israelis Fear F-35 Sale to Emirates, Leveraged 2-State Solution to Follow Peace Accords

It would be interesting to see if a Biden administration, should the Democrats win the White House in November, would choose to support the sale.

Satellite Images Reveal Alleged Israeli Strike in Syria Targeted Missile Factory

“The attack intended to weaken missile production in Syria, probably for Hezbollah, by harming its crucial elements,” says ImageSat International.

‘Palestine Action’ Raids Elbit Offices in London Again, 4 Arrested

All in all, Elbit is probably the least vulnerable Israeli company out there, and the attacks on its London offices were borderline silly, seeing as it took them some time to hang their slogan banner upright.


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