Reports: Jihad in Crisis, Weighs Total Split with Hamas for Allowing IDF’s Devastating Blow

The Jihad military wing also wants out of the Friday "return marches" in protest of Hamas's inaction.

On Again: IAF Warplanes Retaliate in Gaza Overnight

After the ceasefire, volleys of Jihad rockets were launched at 7:00 AM, then around 11:00 AM, close to 5:00 PM, and once more at 10:00 PM.

Gaza Crossings Reopen, Fishing Zone Re-Expands

The moves comes following a 48-hour closure due to the rocket fire from Gaza.

US Nat’l Guard Bureau Chief Says Israel’s IDF/National Service Model Would Be Good for...

The program places an important emphasis on women’s empowerment and development of women’s leadership in 11th and 12th grades.

Iron Dome Intercepts Gaza Rocket Attack, Latest Breach of ‘Ceasefire’

The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system intercepted one rocket heading for a densely populated area in southern Israel.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett: Rules of the Game Have Changed – No Limitations on...

Bennett said that the IDF killed some 20 terrorists in the last 48 hours, in an operation dubbed "Black Belt."

As Expected, Rockets Launched at Israel After Ceasefire Commences, PRC Takes Credit

The Popular Resistance Committee (PRC) terrorist organization in Gaza took credit for the attack.

Operation Black Belt Hit All Its Targets; Bennett: It’s Not Over, We’ll Keep Hitting

Bennett on Wednesday declared that while the results of the quick and punishing campaign in Gaza were extremely satisfactory, there was still a great deal to do.

Mayor Pete Condemns Jihad Rockets Unconditionally But Dems Don’t Love It

This is one of those stories that involves very little input from the writer. It's all right there, in the exchange of tweets. It...

‘Breaking the Silence’ Touring US while IDF Combats Gaza Terrorists

“We call on US Jews to support the IDF and its soldiers at this time and to not take part in the vilifying of the IDF.”

IDF Eliminates Another Jihad Commander Before Ceasefire Commences

Since the assassination of Baha Abu al-Atta on Tuesday morning, Israel has eliminated 32 terrorists, most of them members of the Islamic Jihad.

Netanyahu: ‘Israel Will Do Whatever Necessary to Restore Quiet, Security to Residents’

Netanyahu said Israel is “in the midst of a campaign,” and said defense officials “hope it will be as short as possible.”

Peeping IDF Drone Confirmed Abu al-Ata’s Identity, Location Ahead of Attack

A drone was seen hovering over Abu al-Ata’s home and those of three other senior PIJ officials about two weeks prior to the attack.

22 Terrorists Eliminated, 350+ Rockets Fired at Israel

“We are determined to fight to defend our country ... Therefore, they have but one choice – to stop these attacks or take more and more blows. The choice is theirs."

Hamas Fake News – ‘Jerusalem is Under Attack’ and Other False Reports

“We have hit an Israeli jeep with a rocket,” “we have bombed Jerusalem,” “five Israelis killed in a rocket attack” – these are a few of the “news” items the Hamas terror organization has been dispersing since the Islamic Jihad launched an attack on Israel on Tuesday morning.

IDF: At Least 3 Enemy Rocket Crews Eliminated by Israeli Strikes

Islamic Jihad vows to continue attacks • Gaza medical officials say 19 killed in strikes so far • Israel assembles forces on Gaza border.

Al-Hayat: Israel Told Jihad via Mladinov If Rockets Continue, Chairman Al-Nakhalah Is Next

According to Al-Hayat, Israel said that the Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad is not safe from liquidation—he is also targeted.

Gaza Now: 1 Dead, 2 Injured in IAF Renewed Attack

The same source reported this morning that a number of "martyrs" arrived at al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in the middle of the Gaza strip.

After Tense But Quiet Night, Red Alarms Resume in Southern Israel

Doctors at Wolfson hospital continue to fight for the life of an eight-year-old girl with a faulty heart who collapsed on Tuesday during an alarm.

Israel Air Force Destroys Attack Tunnel, Terror Targets in Gaza

The IDF has attacked PIJ training compounds, underground weapon manufacturing sites and weapon storage facilities, among other targets.

It’s Official: Defense Minister Naftali Bennett

PM Netanyahu passed on the baton to his worthy successor.

Netanyahu: ‘Israel Not Interested in Escalation But Ready If Necessary’

Netanyahu called PIJ terror commander Baha Abu Ata a “ticking time bomb” and said his assassination had been approved by Israel’s Security Cabinet 10 days prior.

Islamic Jihad Rocket Hits Sderot Factory, Fire Fighters Forced to Take Cover

Firefighters worked to put out the fire before it could cause too much damage.

Im Tirtzu Launches ‘The People Demand Victory’ Campaign following Gaza Rocket Barrage

The group's activists were seen hanging signs around the country reading, "Bibi – Give Us The Order!"

IAF Attacks 2 Islamic Jihad Rocket Launching Terrorists on a Motorcycle

The attack was carried out to remove an immediate threat, and a hit was detected.

More than 50 Rockets Fired at Israel Tuesday Morning

According to Walla News, following the escalation in the south, the IDF is starting to call up reserve forces for the defense of the Gaza Strip envelope.

Tough Day for Jihad Bosses: Akram Ajuri Assassinated in Damascus

The attack in Damascus coincided with a Tuesday morning IDF attack in Gaza that killed another Islamic Jihad leader, Baha Abu Al-Ata

Gantz Supports Netanyahu’s Call While Labor Senior Questions Assassination’s Timing

Yes, Netanyahu mercilessly takes the lives of an innocent Islamic Jihad human beings.


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