13 Terrorists Arrested in IDF’s Operation Break the Wave

In addition to the arrests, the fighters located and confiscated illegal weapons and ammunition, as well as the equipment used to produce them.

Greece, Mossad Foil Terror Cell Plans to Attack Israelis

The terrorists allegedly planned to attack a Jewish synagogue that also functions as a restaurant in central Athens.

Five Arrested for Attacking Israeli Cars Near Betar Illit

Over the last few weeks there were several incidents of Molotov cocktails and stones being thrown at vehicles on the highway in that area.

Insubordinate Pilots’ Ground Crews Won’t Serve Until Judicial Reform Is Fully Implemented

"So far, we have gathered more than 200 signatures from second-class soldiers and we are handling additional responses."

IDF Reservists Suspend their Protest: ‘We Decided to Give Talks a Chance’

Brothers in Arms is estimated at several hundred IDF reservist soldiers and officers.

Chief of Staff Sends Letter to All IDF and IDF Reserve Soldiers

The letter was in response to the growing number of reservists who are refusing to show up for duty, especially among the pilots.

IDF Chief of Staff: ‘No Place for Protests in IDF’

"Each of you has a personal responsibility to show up for the mission and to carry it out without any extraneous consideration."

Gallant in Action: Extends Administrative Detention of Young Jewish Man on Eve of his...

Four months ago, Yared was arrested on an administrative arrest warrant, despite a court ruling to release him.

Military Threatening Netanyahu with Coup to ‘Save Democracy’

The PM ordered his defense minister to stay away from the microphones and spoke to the nation himself instead.

Marva Program Changing Young Jewish Lives with a Pinch of IDF

The program inducts these young people as soldiers and takes them through a shortened enlistment process.

Israel Intercepts Hamas UAV Over Gaza Strip

The drone did not cross into Israeli territory and did not pose a threat to civilians living close to Hamas enclave, said the IDF.

Syria Reports Israeli Attack on Aleppo International Airport

This was the second time Israel targeted Aleppo International Airport this month.

2 Soldiers Wounded in Explosion on Israel’s Northern Border

An IDF engineering vehicle was damaged when a landmine exploded, according to reports.

Israel Thwarts Arab Terror Cell Planning Jerusalem Shooting

Terror operatives in the Gaza Strip were working to recruit and train young Arabs in Judea and Samaria to carry out terror attacks.

Released for Publication: Megiddo Terrorist Climbed a Ladder to Breach Northern Israel Security Fence

Israel’s security establishment has become increasingly convinced that the terrorist was sent by Iran’s proxy in Lebanon, the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

State Dept. Report: Israeli Prisons Won’t Let Transgender Convicts into Female Population

They also complain that Israeli security prisons don’t let murderous terrorists go on furloughs.

Israel Labels Fireworks as Explosives in Temporary Order

The decision will allow the country’s security forces to ban fireworks during the upcoming Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which begins later this week.

Netanyahu: I Expect IDF Chief of Staff to Deal with Mass Insubordination

"There needs to be a genuine, substantive, and fair discussion of the judicial reform."

Islamic Jihad Accuses Israel of Assassinating One of Its Leaders in Syria

The organization's statement also referred to the high number of Arab casualties since the beginning of this year.

Israeli Forces Eliminate 4 Terrorists in Jenin Operation

Spokesperson for Hamas and PIJ both threatened retaliation for the raid.

Northern Israel Security Situation Update

A gag order was placed on the security situation following the bombing near Megiddo.

Navy Hires Rafael to Maintain Navy’s Next Generation Typhoon Cannon

Was there something wrong with the maintenance provided in-house by the Navy?

Israeli, US Air Force Pilots Launch ‘Red Flag’ Drill As Concern Grows Over Iranian...

“One thing has to be made clear – loud and clear. Israel will not allow Iran to possess weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons aimed at Israel.”

Israeli Forces Thwart Terror Attack in Netanya

The terrorist, who was wrestled to the ground by security forces, was found to be carrying a knife.

AG Postponing Bill Extending Immunity to Israeli Soldiers

Otzma Yehudit, which initiated the bill, issued a defiant statement, saying a decision has not yet been made on postponing the bill.

Syria: Israeli Strikes Iranian Positions in Tartus and Hama Provinces

The Syrian Arab News Agency said that a “burst of missiles” was fired just past 7 am from the direction of northern Lebanon.


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