Israeli Supreme Court Blamed for IDF’s ‘Tactical Pause’ Fiasco

Court hearings are putting pressure on the army to let more supplies into Gaza, observers say.

US Singles Out Israeli Green Card Applicants with Hostile Questions on IDF Service

"For me, the feeling is as if questions were copied from the Office of the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague," said one Israeli applicant.

Israel Confirms Killing Senior Hezbollah Commander in Airstrike

Fadel Ibrahim was working to improve the capabilities of Hezbollah’s ground forces.

Airstrike Kills Hamas’s Top Sniper

The former Hamas sniper also participated in the October 7 attacks.

US Envoy Amos Hochstein Says Talks Failed, Can’t Stop Hezbollah’s War with Israel

Hezbollah has never complied with the directives in the 2006 ceasefire agreement, nor has the Lebanese Army, which was tasked with enforcing it together with UNIFIL.

Israel’s Right and IDF Spokesman on Warpath as Army Brass Is Accused of Planning...

"IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari was formerly the assistant and chief of staff to Eisenkot and Gantz,"

Israel Warns of All-Out War in Response to Hezbollah Propaganda Film with Drone Footage...

"We know what Hezbollah are about. We know what their capabilities are, and we know precisely how to deal with them."

Terror Drone from Gaza Shot Down above Southern Israel

The last time a terrorist UAV successfully infiltrated Israeli airspace from the Strip was on Nov. 11.

IDF Green-Lights ‘Operational Plans’ for Lebanon

The plans were "authorized and validated" by Northern Command head Maj. Gen. Uri Gordin and IDF Operations Directorate head Maj. Gen. Oded Basiuk.

War Forcing IDF to Return Reservists with PTSD to Service Before Completing Therapy

Prof. Yair Bar-Haim urges an exemption from additional military service for individuals already receiving therapy for PTSD until the therapeutic process has been completed.

Biden’s Floating Gaza Pier to be Dismantled, Gazans Not Starving

At the end, the entire project was simply an expensive disaster, and not solely due to the difficulties encountered by the floating pier.

Report: IDF Knew Weeks Before Oct. 7 of Hamas Plan to Take 200 Hostages

The intelligence memo detailing the terror group's plans was internally circulated on Sept. 19, less than three weeks before the massacre.

DM: Iran Trying to Introduce Weapons into Jenin

In response to Iran's efforts, Israel is "beefing up the standby units with advanced weapons and drones, and establishing intervention teams."

Key Congressional Democrats Agree on Arms Sale to Israel

the Biden Administration is asking Congress to approve the Israeli purchase of 50 F-15 fighter jets, air-to-air missiles and Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) kits.

Israel Confirms Killing Key Hezbollah Rocket Operative as US Envoy Arrives

The IDF added that fighter jets struck other Hezbollah targets in the southern Lebanese area of Meiss El Jabal.

IDF Has Destroyed Half of Hamas’s Fighting Forces in Rafah

The military expects full operational control of the southernmost Gaza city in two weeks.

IDF Warns Hezbollah is Jeopardizing Lebanon’s Future

"Israel will take the necessary measures to protect its civilians until security along our border with Lebanon is restored."

IDF Creating New Brigade for Old Warriors

Among the re-enlisted fighters are many whose children are now on active duty, including many fighting in Gaza.

Gantz: Israel Should Withdraw from Gaza for Hostage Deal

"If there is a change in the fighting and our hostages are returned, and we do what needs to be done in the Gaza Strip in a year, or in two years, that's not an issue."

High Court Orders State Comptroller to Suspend Probe into Oct 7 Intelligence Failures

Numerous watchdog groups as well as the IDF and State Attorney's Office have opposed the probe, and urged the Court to issue a restraining order against it.

INS Komemiyut Joins Israeli Navy in Haifa Port

"Sailors of the INS Komemiyut, today you have completed a voyage of thousands of miles. The end of the voyage is the beginning of the journey for you."

Critical IDF Intel Systems Were Down on Morning of Oct. 7

The Unit 8200 is responsible for some 80% of the information gathered and produced for all intelligence branches.

Is There a Humanitarian Pause in Gaza? Not Really.

Netanyahu and Gallant said they learned about the IDF's planned ceasefire from the media.

Israel Agrees to Unilateral Daily Ceasefire in South Gaza for Aid Transfers

The decision comes after discussions with the UN and international organizations.

Israel Grieves as IDF Identifies Eight Soldiers Killed in Rafah, Two in Northern Gaza

"This monstrous enemy . . . will continue trying to destroy us. If we do not stop it – it will not stop. Therefore, there is no alternative to victory."

El Al Ends Discounts for Donation Baggage to Israel

The Israel Defense Forces maintains there are no shortages of equipment. However, troops in the field tell another tale.

8 IDF Soldiers Die After Their Vehicle is Bombed

Captain Wassem Mahmoud, a 23-year-old Druze officer from Beit Jann, was among those who lost their lives in the explosion.

Senior Hezbollah Official Escapes Israeli Navy Rocket that Took Down 3 Story Building

The attack followed the IDF killing of Talib Sami Abdullah, another senior Hezbollah official in Lebanon.

IDF Soldiers Wounded in Hezbollah Anti-Tank Guided Missile Attack on Manara

During the evening hours, Hezbollah and the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza launched simultaneous rocket attacks from the north and the south.


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