Bennett-Lapid-Gantz Are Losing the New Gaza War to Hamas

If Bennett-Ganz-Lapid had killed a squad or two of balloon-fliers, the nightmare would have ended.

Hamas: ‘There Will Be a Response’ to Israeli Air Strikes in Gaza

“The resistance will not allow Israel to impose new rules of war."

‘Heavy’ IDF Retaliation in Gaza for Hamas Arson Balloon Attacks on Israel

At least 48 fires were ignited in southern Israel by Hamas arson/explosive balloons over the past three days.

IAF Flies with US, Italian, British Forces in 2-Week Drill

“There are certain things that only F-35s can communicate to one another.”

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi Set to Visit Pentagon Next Week

Kochavi will be hosted by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark A. Milley.

Israel Warns Hamas: ‘Operation Guardian of the Walls 2.0 Approaches’

Israel’s new political-security cabinet will convene Sunday for the first time under Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

IAI Completes Delivery of 100 Electric Mini-UAVs to Undisclosed ‘European Customer’

IAI’s 50% acquisition of BlueBird Aero Systems, which was recently approved by Israel's government, is tapping into the potential of an emerging trend.

Police Officer Who Shot Autistic Arab Man Charged with Reckless Manslaughter

The Department for Investigations of Police Officers at the State Attorney's Office on Thursday filed an indictment at the Jerusalem District Court against a...

Female Terrorist Multitasking Ramming & Stabbing Ends in IDF Neutralizing

Having failed to kill any of the soldiers, the lady terrorist then got out of her car with a drawn knife in her hand.

IDF Attacks Gaza in Retaliation for Hamas Terror Balloons

Earlier in the day, Hamas launched dozens of terror balloon attacks.

25 Fires in Southern Israel Started by Gaza Arson Terror Balloons

Dozens of Gaza terrorists also clashed with Israel Defense Forces along the border in advance of the Jerusalem Flag Dance parade.

IDF, Israel Police Thwart Arms Smugglers from Jordan

An IDF reservist was moderately injured during the exchange, along with one of the suspects.

IDF Chief Orders Preparations for Renewed Conflict with Hamas over Jerusalem Flag March, Including...

Israel vowed to respond with “a new level of force against any expression of aggression against communities around Gaza, and in any other part of Israel.”

Israel’s NSC Head & Military Secretary to Continue Positions in Bennett Government

Bennett received his first security briefings in his office Sunday night from both men.

Yamina Minister to Haredi Leaders: When Did You Last Pray Lying Down in the...

The most combative among the incoming team was undoubtedly the next Minister of Religious Services (Bennett's old job) Matan Kahana from Yamina.

Zoom Fun: Hebrew U Senior Lecturer Charges Israel with Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs

"If she thinks Israel is so bad, she is welcome to renounce her Israeli citizenship and go live under the Palestinian Authority or Hamas. She won't be missed."

Israeli Defense Companies Sign MOU to Develop New Rocket-Propulsion System

A statement said that the two entities “will expand their existing synergy” for use by the Israeli Defense Ministry, Israel Defense Forces and foreign armed forces.

Ahmadinejad: Iran’s Counterintelligence Chief Was Israeli Spy

"How did they manage to get several vans out of the country with all the checkpoints in this country?" Ahmadinejad asked.

Hamas Tunnel Exposed beneath UNRWA School in Gaza

Someone should send this report to both John Oliver and Trevor Noah, both of whom condemned Israel for killing so many Gazan children.

Ben Gvir, Blocked from March and Temple Mount, Waves Israeli Flag at Damascus Gate

“The very fact that an MK in the State of Israel cannot march in the Old City is a deterioration, a surrender to Hamas, a surrender to terrorism.”

IDF Welcomes Second Advanced Sa’ar 6 Patrol Corvette

The ship was handed over at Thyssenkrupp (TKMS) marine systems dockyards in Germany to the Israel Navy about two weeks ago.

PM Netanyahu Orders Gantz Not to Evacuate Evyatar Outpost – What Will PM Bennett...

Gantz could choose to ignore his new PM's stressful situation and risk a clash, or the two politicians could choose to kick this can down the road.

Israeli Mista’arvim Kill 3 Arabs in Jenin Clash

The funerals of the dead took place early Thursday morning—a curious point that may suggest the PA did not want the locals to turn the burials into an anti-Fatah riot.

Survey: 82% of Israelis Believe Only Full Defeat of Hamas Can End Conflict, Most...

90% support or strongly support the assassination of Hamas leaders, 76% support the cessation of Qatar funding for the Gaza Strip, 74% support stopping the supply of building materials, those that can have dual purpose, into the Gaza Strip.

Syrian Observatory: Overnight Israeli Strikes Hit Military Sites in Syria, at Least 8 Dead

The official Syrian sources did not mention any loss of life, but according to SOHR, the Israeli strikes left many causalities

In New ‘Change’ Coalition It’s Bennett Against Everybody Else

We are beginning to see the reality of assigning the role of prime minister to the leader of a six-member Knesset faction.

Jordanian Terrorists Returned by Israel to Amman

An intended serious attack planned by the pair was thwarted ahead of time "due to the vigilance of the [Israeli] security forces."

Thursday’s Israeli Flags Parade in Muslim Quarter Is Netanyahu’s Final Test 3 Days before...

AG Mandelblit made it clear to Netanyahu and Ohana that going against the professional decision of the police regarding the parade required a political decision.


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