Israeli Navy Captures Gazans Smuggling Materials for Hamas’ Weapons Production

Three Gazan suspects were arrested when they tried to cross into Egyptian waters; subsequent questioning revealed they were working for Hamas, according to the Israeli Navy.

Bennett Celebrates Capture of Elad Murderers, Announces New Civilian National Guard

“Capturing the murderers is not enough. We are at the start of a new phase in the war on terrorism."

Former Gaza Division Commander: Must Eliminate Yahya Sinwar

"There was no engagement, there was no force on hand in a timely fashion, how did they get out of there alive?"

Hamas Leader Instructed Arab Terrorists to Use Axes and Knives

"...whoever has a gun should prepare it, and whoever does not have a gun should prepare his cleaver, ax or knife.”

Hamas Threatens Violence as Temple Mount to Reopen to Jews

Due to Muslim violence, the Temple Mount has been closed to Jews for the past 13 days.

Report: Qatar Hemorrhaging World Cup Sponsors Leery of Its Corruption, Abysmal Human Rights Record

The German national team wore T-shirts with the slogan “human rights” before a World Cup qualifying match last year.

Hamas Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attack in Ariel

Hamas appears to be rebuilding its terror infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

Hamas Hangs Huge Eid al-Fitr Banner on Temple Mount

The massive banner on the Temple Mount showed an armed Hamas terrorist,

Arabs Hang Huge Poster with Image of Hamas Fighter on Temple Mount

The Barlevs have long since enshrined themselves in Israel’s short history as humongous failures when it came to defending the country.

W.O.O.C.S. Calls on Leaders to Condemn Hamas Leader Synagogue Threat

The World Organization of Orthodox Communities and Synagogues called on world leaders to condemn Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar after he apparently called to attack synagogues around the world.

IDF Spokesman: None of the Attacks Since Be’er Sheva Were Initiated by Hamas

Hamas may have been big on talk but had not been connected to the action.

Hamas Leader Threatens to Attack Synagogues Abroad Over Al Aqsa Mosque

Sinwar also threatened to launch another war against Israel over "assaults on Al Aqsa" and called on Arabs to prepare themselves.

Israel Gave Honorary Plaque to Jerusalem Mufti Hours Before He Spoke at an Event...

Sabri was received as the guest of honor at the Boys' Elementary School in Isawiya.

IDF Retaliates for Lebanon Rocket Fire, While Hamas Test-Fires Rockets from Gaza

The IDF shelled open areas in southern Lebanon, as well as the area from which the rocket was launched. The IDF also attacked an infrastructure target.

Hamas Government Discovers 4,500-Years-Old Canaanite Statue

A Hamas official stated that the discovery of the archaeological artifact “proves the historical eligibility of the Palestinian people in their land."

Jordan Concerned that Muslim Brotherhood is Taking Over Temple Mount

The reasons for the unprecedented violence at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the presence of green Hamas flags on the Temple Mount should be sought among the Islamic Movement in Israel, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Erez Crossing Closed to Gaza Workers following Rockets, Army Pushes for Quick Reopening

Former Shin Bet chief MK Avi Dichter (Likud): "Hamas has undertaken to connect itself to the Temple Mount and is doing so with considerable success."

IDF Spokesman: Despite Rockets & Retaliation, Gaza Still the Stable Point in the Equation

Bennett took a ride on Netanyahu’s record in dealing with Gaza violence.

Gaza Rocket Lands in Sderot Yard, Third Attack in Four Days

Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi said he expects the prime minister, the minister of defense and the cabinet "not to ignore this rocket attack that miraculously ended without casualties."

Gaza Terrorists Warn Against Jerusalem Flags Parade: ‘Our Finger on the Trigger’

The fate of Bennett's government rests on the goodwill of the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel, a.k.a. the Shura Council.

Gaza Terrorists Fired Russian Anti-Aircraft Missiles at IAF Combat Planes

These same anti-aircraft missiles are being used by Russian forces to defend its navy personnel in Ukraine as they continue their invasion of that country.

IDF Destroys Hamas Weapons Factory After Gaza Rocket Attack

The IDF said in a statement, “The terrorist organization Hamas is responsible for all terror activity emanating from the Gaza Strip.”

Hamas: ‘Southern Lebanon front’ Will Join Any New Conflict with Israel

A London-based Arabic newspaper cited a senior source in the terror faction as saying that the situation “could ignite at any minute.”

5 Arabs Killed as IDF Continues Arrest Raids in Judea & Samaria ahead of...

The Islamist terrorists are especially worried about some Jews managing to carry out the Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount.

IDF Thwarts Large-Scale Pre-Pesach Terror Attack

IDF forces surrounded a house in the village of Silwad, near Ramallah, after receiving credible information of an imminent terror attack that was going to launched before Passover.

Hamas, Allies Celebrate Tel Aviv Terror Attack

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, an ally of Hamas and a protege of Iran, likewise blessed the attack.

Israeli Forces Arrest Hamas Leader in Samaria

Sheikh Hussein Abu Kweik was arrested at his home in Betunia.

Gaza Terror Orgs Decide on Response to IDF’s Operation in Jenin

The terror groups plan to expand their terror attacks on the ground, but not yet with missiles.


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