Gaza Fence Riots Cancelled on Account of Heat, Ramadan Fast

The Friday riots were supposed to be an extension of the "Nakba Day" commemorations of the defeat of the Arabs in Israel's War of Independence.

IDF Foils Smuggling of Drones, Military Equipment through Gaza Crossing Using Mail Bags

172 suspicious packages were identified as dual-use items by a COGAT officer at the Erez Crossing, who confiscated the suspected equipment ordered online.

Qatar Starts Disbursing $30 Million in Gaza, $100 Per Family

Israel has already begun to implement the understandings with Hamas by extending the Gaza fishing zone to 15 nautical miles last Friday and opening the border crossings.

Qatari Envoy to Arrive in Gaza with Funds on Monday

“As of now, we only know that he is planning to oversee the distribution of funds to poor families. We will not know any other details until after he arrives.”

Islamic Jihad: The Big Attack on Israel Will be in the Summer

Islamic Jihad leader Ziad Nahle said in an interview last week that he foresees an all-encompassing war with Israel that would include rocket fire on all Israeli cities.

Investigative Report: Mass Emigration from Gaza Threatens Future of PA

Some 36,000 Gazans have left the Strip in recent months, with the majority heading to Europe.

Hamas Aggression Rewarded As Border Crossings Reopen

Israel is complying and the situation in Gaza is returning this morning to the routine of the days before the sudden attack a week ago Saturday.

Corbyn Rallies for Freeze on Arms Sales to Israel, with Ahed Tamimi Looking On

"The Labour Party is united in condemning the ongoing human rights abuses by Israeli forces."

Hamas Threatens the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Via Its TV Channel

"If the occupation changes its mind or evades ... there is no doubt that the resistance will have the last word."

Analysis: Latest Attack on Israel a Result of Internal Arab Strife

Qatar, Iran, Egypt, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are in a complex power play, as part of a war of prestige, allegiance and influence.

Qatar Rewards Hamas’ Violence to the Tune of $480 Million

While Hamas and the PA are half a billion dollar richer, Israel, with a growing budget deficit of more than 3% and counting, is licking its wounds.

Netanyahu’s Nemesis in Likud Attacks His Decision on Gaza

"Since 2015, when he attacked the Likud and the prime minister ceaselessly, Gideon Sa'ar has had only one goal: to topple Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

Gantz, Lapid, Labor, Call Bibi’s Ceasefire Another Surrender to Hamas Extortion

Rubbing Netanyahu's face in it, Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh warned: "Finally, if the Israeli occupation does not implement the ceasefire understandings, the battlefield will witness more escalation."

Israel Assassinates Hamas Official in Charge of Transferring Iranian Money

"A citizen was martyred and three others were wounded by Israeli fire at car in the center of Gaza City."

Report: In Preparation for Invasion, Hamas, Jihad, Deploying Portable Russian Kornet Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

The Kornet is capable of penetrating 1,000-1,200 mm thick steel armor – in other words, armor that's close to 4 feet thick. Its range is between 100 yards and 3.5 miles.

IDF Continues Attacks on Gaza, Moving 7th Armored Brigade to Border

According to the IDF Spokesperson, since the beginning of the fighting, eight people have been killed in the Gaza Strip.

Latest Numbers from Gaza Attack + IDF Video

A father of 4 has been killed by one of the 492 Gazan rockets launched at Israel.

Caught in the Rocket Alert [videos]

Videos taken as the rocket alert went off.

Report: Israel Attacking Neighborhood of Senior Hamas Leaders

If the report is accurate it represents a major policy change for Israel.


Some photos of an Israeli home in Nahal Oz hit by a Gazan rocket.

200+ Rockets Shot at Israel, Multiple Injured, IDF Attacks Gaza

The IDF announced that it had identified about 200 launchings, and that dozens of them had been intercepted by Iron Dome rockets.

Israel Air Force Strikes Hamas Terror Targets in Gaza in Retaliation for Attacks

Two large fires were set in the Eshkol Regional Council district on the eve of Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day as a result of terror balloons from Gaza.


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