Hamas Fake News – ‘Jerusalem is Under Attack’ and Other False Reports

“We have hit an Israeli jeep with a rocket,” “we have bombed Jerusalem,” “five Israelis killed in a rocket attack” – these are a few of the “news” items the Hamas terror organization has been dispersing since the Islamic Jihad launched an attack on Israel on Tuesday morning.

Hamas Under Pressure to Attack Israel

Islamic Jihad needs the more powerful Hamas to join the fight against Israel.

After Tense But Quiet Night, Red Alarms Resume in Southern Israel

Doctors at Wolfson hospital continue to fight for the life of an eight-year-old girl with a faulty heart who collapsed on Tuesday during an alarm.

Im Tirtzu Launches ‘The People Demand Victory’ Campaign following Gaza Rocket Barrage

The group's activists were seen hanging signs around the country reading, "Bibi – Give Us The Order!"

Gantz Supports Netanyahu’s Call While Labor Senior Questions Assassination’s Timing

Yes, Netanyahu mercilessly takes the lives of an innocent Islamic Jihad human beings.

Schools and Work Places Closed in Tel Aviv as Islamic Jihad Declares WAR and...

The IDF is apparently expecting an attack on Tel Aviv today. Rocket Alerts at 7:59 AM.

Hamas Encouraging Youth Drug Use as Qatar Support Comes to an End

All in all, it's a lot like watching a Cheech & Chong movie, but with a lot more violence.

Report: Saudi Arabia Cuts All Ties with Hamas

The Saudis reportedly made the announcement in a meeting with the United Nations’ Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nickolay Mladenov.

EU Condemns Gaza Rockets – Again – Recommends 2-State Solution

EU's takeaway from the unprovoked attack by Palestinian terrorists on Israeli civilians is that the terrorists must be given their own state.

Report: Abbas to Call for February Legislative Elections, Followed by Presidential Vote

The last time the PA held legislative elections, in 2006, a Hamas proxy party won 44.45% of the vote and 74 seats, and the PLO won 41.43% of the vote and 45 seats.

Tensions on Southern Front as IDF Prepares for Broader Rocket Launches

Member of the Political-Security Cabinet Yoav Galant (Likud) told Reshet Bet radio Sunday morning "there will be no choice but to reach another round of violence in the Gaza Strip."

Israel Retaliates for 10 Rockets Shot at Sderot; One Gazan Killed

As a result of the multiple terrorist attacks, a 65-year-old woman was slightly injured when she fell on her way to the bomb shelter. Five more people suffered anxiety attacks.

Israel Blocks Exit of Terror Operatives Ties to Hamas HQ in Turkey

Hamas’ HQ for its terror operations in Judea and Samaria and their financing operation works out of Turkey.

Netanyahu: Chief of Staff’s Warnings of Approaching War with Iran Not a Spin

"We must make tough decisions that require a government with broad shoulders."

Iron Dome Rockets Launched at Something from Gaza

Gazan claim that they flew a drone over Zikim, the IDF claims they launched at a missile.

Gazans Plan to Emulate Lebanese Anti-Regime Rallies to Protest Against Hamas

Protest leaders called on Gazans to take to the streets on Thursday and protest against the deteriorating economic situation and the Hamas regime.

IDF Downs Drone Flying from Gaza

Hamas has been working on developing aircraft that can be used for surveillance or attack missions.

IDF Releases Dramatic Recording of Special Forces’ Rescue in Gaza

In the recording, the pilot can be heard refusing to take off until all the soldiers are accounted for, despite heavy Hamas gunfire.

Hamas Test-Fires Rocket

Hamas has been working to accelerate the rockets’ flight speed, the fire rate and extend their range with the intent of overcoming Israel’s Iron Dome Defense system.

IDF Attacks Hamas Military Compound in Northern Gaza Strip

"The attack was carried out in response to rocket fire launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory earlier."

Air Force Attacks 15 Gaza Targets Overnight, Netanyahu in Consultations

"If Hamas shoots at us during a live broadcast, it doesn't want us to be here," Netanyahu said in response to these events.

Hamas Denies Responsibility for Rockets Fired at Ashdod, Ashkelon

The rocket fire targeted the port city of Ashdod during the time that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was there speaking at a Likud event.

IDF Confirms Hamas Downed Drone in Southern Gaza

Hamas soldiers deployed along the border with Israel fired at the drone.

Israel Nabs Shipment of Military Fabric en Route to Gaza

The shipment of fabrics and disposable goods was to be shipped from Israel to the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Israeli FM: Next War Will See Elimination of Hamas Leadership

“The next round will be inclusive, and we're trying to avoid it."

‘Particularly Violent’ Riots Friday at Border Leave 2 Gazans Dead

“The demonstrations . . . included throwing a large quantity of IEDs, grenades and Molotov cocktails being thrown."

Hamas-Affiliate Uses British Libel Laws to Humiliate the Jewish Chronicle

The JC is not the first publication to end up paying money to Interpal to avoid a lawsuit. In June 2019, the Daily Mail and Mail Online gave the charity more than $145,000.

On Again: Israel Renews Full Transfer of Fuel to Gaza

Israel is determined to continue transferring the full supply of diesel required to provide electric power to Gaza, regardless of how much of it is paid for by Qatar.


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