HBO Releases Trailer of ‘Our Boys’ on the Kidnappings that Preceded the 2014 Gaza...

Filmed in Israel, "Our Boys" is based on the true events which led to the outbreak of war in Gaza.

Egypt Pushes to Finalize Agreement between Israel and Hamas

Egyptian pressure on Hamas is meant to soften the terror group’s stance vis-à-vis Israel and the PA while detaching it from Qatari influence.

Hamas-led Gaza Border Violence: 6,000 Rioters, 0 Deaths

Some 6,000 of those Hamas-led rioters were gathered at the border hurling rocks, flaming Molotov cocktails and other improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at IDF soldiers.

Hamas ‘Restraint Activist’ Shot by IDF in ‘Misunderstanding’ on Gaza Border

IDF: “In retrospect, the IDF force which arrived at the site identified the restraint activist as an armed terrorist and opened fire due to a misunderstanding. The event will be investigated."

Netanyahu Promises Surprise Campaign in Gaza

Earlier, a Hamas man was killed on the Gaza Strip border by IDF fire and the terrorist organization threatened retaliation.

Hamas Holds Territory-wide Surprise Military Drill to Simulate IDF Invasion of Gaza

The training exercise included a simulation of the capture of Israeli special forces operating in Gaza, as well as a general mobilization of Hamas reserve personnel.

Mideast Envoy Greenblatt: US Not Seeking Regime Change in Palestinian Authority

“We have to deal with everybody to make this work,” said U.S. special envoy for Mideast peace negotiations Jason Greenblatt. “We cannot make a comprehensive peace unless we make sure that we are dealing with the representatives of all the Palestinian people.”

IDF Discovers Yet Another Hamas Terror Tunnel

The tunnel was discovered while building the underground Gaza barrier wall.

Another Son of Hamas Founder Flees, Blasts Terror Group’s Corruption

Hamas leaders in Turkey “live in fancy hotels and luxury towers, their kids learn at private schools and they are very well paid by Hamas,” says Suheib Yousef.

Shin Bet Arrests Hamas Explosives Expert Who Crossed into Israel on Humanitarian Permit

The expert, Fadi Abu al-Sabah, 35, caught the Hamas' attention when he contacted a physician in Gaza and paid her to prepare false documents purporting to show that he could not receive proper medical treatment in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas’ Weapons Tests Set Off Alarm in Israel

Hamas has been working to accelerate the rockets’ flight speed, the pace of fire and extend their range with the intent of overcoming Israel’s Iron Dome Defense system.

Netanyahu Approves Project to Build Hospital for Gazans Near Erez Crossing

The prime minister has thus far approved the measurement stage of building the hospital, to be funded by a private American organization.

What Truce? 7,000 Rioters at Gaza Border, 14 Fires in Southern Israel

The so-called “truce,” negotiated by Egypt and United Nations officials, was to go into effect on Friday morning.

Hamas, Israel, Sign Agreement to Stop Incendiary Balloons, Renew Fuel Shipments

In recent days, the balloon terrorism from Gaza has resumed in full force and on Thursday ignited at least 25 fires in Gaza vicinity communities.

Exposed: Hamas Has a Sleeper Cell Inside UNRWA

Hamas and UNRWA coordinate their activities. Hamas notifies UNRWA of its actions and tells them when to stay away so they can later claim innocence.

Report: Qatari Money Trickles to Hamas’ Military Wing

Al-Quds reported a dispute between Israel and Hamas over the list of beneficiaries of the Qatari aid.

Report: Hamas Shoots Terrorists Who Prepared to Launch Rockets at Israel

The two were reportedly members of an Islamic State (ISIS) affiliated group.

Gaza Terrorists Improve Arson Balloon Technology

How much longer should Israel allow Hamas to determine the fate of her southern residents?

WATCH: IDF Strikes Hamas in Gaza for Rocket Attacks, 2.0

More strikes were expected as Israeli combat aircraft maintained an “intensive” presence in the skies over Gaza.

16 House Republicans Demand Twitter Ban Hamas

They reminded Dorsey his company had already banned ISIS and Hezbollah, and argued that, like those two, Hamas also advocates the indiscriminate murder of Jews.

Senior Hamas Official: Violence Will Escalate Until Israel Permits Entry of Dual-Purpose Goods

Dual-use items have a primary commercial/civil application but also have the potential for weapons-making applications.

IDF Retaliates Against Hamas for Gaza Rocket Attack

Local sources in Gaza said Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists were evacuating “all resistance sites and security sites.”

Watch: IDF Foiled Hamas Rocket Making Materials Smuggling on the High Seas

On May 11, Israel's security forces foiled an attempt to smuggle materials intended for the manufacture of missiles by the Hamas terrorist organization in...

Private Donations and Bitcoin: Hamas Devises Ways to Survive Financially

The financial sanctions on Iran are taking their toll on Tehran’s terror proxies, including the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip.

Military Intelligence Chief: Hamas Leery of War, Hezbollah Rockets Inaccurate

On the situation in the Palestinian Authority, the head of Military Intelligence pointed to some deployment at the field level in anticipation of the day after Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

EXPOSED: Senior PA Ministers Caught Laundering Money for Hamas in Malaysia

An intricate affair of fraud, corruption, and money laundering by senior Palestinian Authority (PA) officials who transferred the funds to Hamas terrorists training in Malaysia has been exposed.

Gaza Terrorists Replenish Rocket Stock While Saudis Launch War on Hamas

The rearming is part of a Hamas pressure campaign to relax the tight Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Jihadi Forces in Gaza Threaten Participants of Bahrain Economic Summit

The summit is to serve as a major step towards the unveiling of President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” peace plan.

IDF Shrinks Gaza Fishing Zone – Again – After Arson Attacks on Israel

This is not the first dance of the fishing zone between COGAT and Hamas, nor the second, third or fourth.

FBI Arrests NJ Man for Giving ‘Hamas’ $100, Threatening to Blow Up Trump Tower

Xie said he wanted to enlist in the US Army so he could "learn how to kill."


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