‘We’re Not Asking to Check their Homework,’ Pentagon Says of Israel’s Rafah Plans

Rafah came up at press conferences of the White House and Pentagon, as well as in conversations with the U.S. secretaries of defense and state.

House Republican Says Hamas Should Be Killed and the World Is Outraged

Some individuals acquire their share in the World-to-Come in one moment.

Israel to US Envoy: OK to Expand Role of Hostage Negotiators While Expanding IDF...

The defense minister also raised the issue of Iranian aggression via its proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Israel Tests Replacing Hamas with Local Leaders in Gaza City District

The pilot program in the Zeitoun neighborhood will include ending incitement in the schools • IDF building security road bisecting the Strip.

Rashida Tlaib’s Sister Planning a Bloody Nose for Biden in Michigan Primary

Did you know Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) has a sister? Her name is Layla Elabed and she is the campaign organizer of a group...

Qaradaghli and Khojaly Massacres Were Precursors to October 7

"When a woman is raped, the humanity of a human being is severely violated.”

IDF Destroys Kilometer-Long Tunnel, Hideout for Senior Hamas Officials

The troops broke through the blockades and identified terrorists in the tunnel, using special means and in close-quarters combat with terrorists.

Israeli Forces Capture 60 Terrorists Hiding in a School

3,150 Arab terrorists were captured in Judea and Samaria since the start of the war in Gaza.

‘We Can’t Trust Qatar,’ Analyst Warns as Israel Evaluates Claims That Hostages Received Medicine

Medicines were found unopened in a Gaza hospital. The hostages never received them.

In Wake of Hamas Atrocities Against Israeli Women, UN Insists Israel Violates Arab Women

Pay attention to Joseph Heller * Meet Pramila Patten * Alternate truth, UN Style * Gaza boy makes bad * Matthew Miller walks into a rape scene * Them racist Jews refuse to rape Arab ladies.

Terror Weapons Found – Again – in UN School in Gaza

The UN school had been used as a humanitarian shelter for Gaza's civilian residents, but what soldiers found was anything but "civilian" equipment.

Eisenkot to War Cabinet: With Only Partial Success It’s Time for Course Recalculation in...

Eisenkot concludes his letter with criticism of PM Netanyahu’s repeated use of the need for “total victory.”

Reuters: Biden Pushing UNSC Resolution Banning IDF Attack on Hamas Terrorists in Rafah

The one saving grace according to Reuters is that the Biden administration does not plan to rush a UNSC vote.

Bedouin Man Charged With Transferring Tens of Thousands of Shekels to Hamas

Financial records found in Al-Okbi’s home documented that he transferred tens of thousands of shekels donated in Negev mosques to a Hamas operative in Gaza for years.

IDF Reveals Video of Bibas Family Just After Being Abducted on Oct. 7

"Seeing this young mother clutching her babies surrounded by a group of armed terrorists is horrifying."

Rafah’s Shadow Economy: Profiteering and Corruption in Egypt’s Border Control

Evidence suggests that control of the Rafah crossing has shifted unofficially to Ibrahim al-Arjani, a Bedouin businessman with close ties to prominent figures including Mahmoud al-Sisi, the son of the Egyptian president.

IDF Finds Iranian Tech Underneath UNRWA Headquarters

The equipment, which apparently originated in China, is being analyzed by the Israeli military and intelligence agencies.

Defying Security Experts, Bibi Dares to Stand Up to Hamas, Limits Muslims’ Access to...

Only Muslims aged 40 and older; Ben Gvir calls spades; When Jews overcrowded Temple Mount; Amos Harel’s farce & tragedy; Fleischman’s choice; Viry-Châtillon will march on you.

Gantz: IDF Will Enter Rafah Unless Hostages Returned Before Ramadan

"They can surrender, release the hostages, and this way, the citizens of Gaza can celebrate the holy holiday of Ramadan," said the War Cabinet member.

IDF Finds Oct. 7 Vehicles, Unopened Hostage Medications at Gaza’s Nasser Hospital

Among the detainees there were terrorists who participated in the massacre on October 7th, who are connected to the abductees and who are significant Hamas operatives, the IDF said.

External Hamas Leaders Shop for New Gaza Chief: ‘Gaza Station Doesn’t Answer’

"The surrender of hundreds of terrorists in the hospitals in Khan Younis proves the Hamas Khan Younis Brigade has been defeated."

Muslim Month of Hate Looming over Israeli Government’s Decision-Making

All this goes on the head of this 6th-century Jewish merchant who hired an illiterate Arab kid as a security guard for his caravan.

Israeli Military Repairs Generator, Provides Food, Water, Fuel to Gaza’s Nasser Hospital

“Medicines were found with the names of Israeli hostages on them” during operations at the Nasser Hospital. "The source of the medications and their use are being reviewed."

Israel: ICJ Ruling Proves South Africa’s Claims ‘Baseless and Unsubstantiated’

"We will continue to fight the blood libel that South Africa is promoting and to uphold our right to defend ourselves against the Nazi Hamas murderers."

Qatar Says Hostages Talks ‘Not Promising’ While Hamas Pulls Out

Hamas: "The movement intends to suspend negotiations until aid is brought into northern Gaza."

With New UN Ceasefire Resolution, Algeria All but Dares Washington to Veto

The North African country, with a long history of being anti-Israel, appears to believe the United States is out of excuses to block the resolution.

Biden: Must be ‘Temporary Ceasefire’ Before Rafah Operation

“I’m hoping that the Israelis will not make any massive land invasion in the meantime,” the U.S. president said. “It’s my expectation that’s not going to happen.”

Intl Court of Justice at The Hague Declines to Block IDF Operation in Rafah

The State of Israel is a member of the Genocide Convention and has made extraordinary efforts to avoid civilian deaths in Gaza during its operations.

Report: Biden’s General Tried Desperately to Stop the IDF from Entering Gaza, Predicted 20...

Foreign armies are showing enormous interest in the air-land-sea combined operations devised by the IDF – quite possibly, the US Marines do as well.


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