A Hearty Good Riddance: Trevor Noah Leaves the Daily Show

I stopped watching Trevor Noah on May 12, 2021, because of this monologue.

Latest Poll Finds Rampant Mistrust of Both the PA and Hamas

Support for armed attacks on Israelis declines and support for negotiations increases.

Palestinian Authority and Armed Factions in Shechem Reach a Truce

The Palestinian Authority has been steadily losing control of they cities they occupy.

Arab Civilian Killed in Shechem after PA Security Forces Arrest Hamas Terrorist

The 53-year-old was shot dead during riots sparked by the detainment of a senior Hamas member.

Shin Bet Exposes Hamas Terror Network in Shechem and Hebron Areas, 7 Arrested

The terrorists were recruited on social media by a resident of the Gaza Strip.

After 11 Years, Hamas and Syria Restoring Ties

The reconciliation between Syria and Hamas was achieved with the help of Iran, the Hezbollah terror organization in Lebanon, and also with Russian involvement.

Ukraine Embassy in Israel Condemns Ismail Haniyeh’s Meeting with Russian FM

Ukraine officially recognized the State of Palestine on November 19, 1988.

After Hezbollah, Hamas Demanding Rights to Offshore Gas Fields

Hamas is demanding “rights to Palestine’s natural resources.”

Hamas Executes 5 Gazans for Treason and Murder

The executions required the signature of Abu Mazen, but Hamas didn't wait for it.

Hamas Operative Sentenced to 12 Years After Diverting Aid Funds to Terror Group

Shortly after being employed by World Vision, Mohammed El-Halabi began to use his position to benefit the Hamas terrorist organization

Gaza Child Killed When Explosives Improperly Stored in Residential Home Detonate

The home in Khan Younis belonged to a member of a Gazan terrorist group, according to the Israeli military.

Gaza Child Killed in Explosion at Terrorist’s Home

A nine-year-old girl was killed in the blast, caused by improperly stored weapons at the home of a terrorist, the IDF said.

Report: Hamas Rings Gaza with Rocket Launchers

Hamas is currently working on producing enough rockets to fire at Israel in the "hundreds" every day for a month.

From Turkey, Hamas Gives Fresh Push to Terrorism Infrastructure in Jerusalem

Hamas’ headquarters in Turkey is engaged in working to establish terrorist infrastructure in eastern Jerusalem.

IDF Neutralizes Hamas Terror Tunnel

It was revealed for publication that the IDF discovered a Hamas terror tunnel in northern Gaza, during Operation Breaking Shield.

In Spat with Hamas, PA Refusing to Pay Medical Bill for Gazans Wounded in...

The Palestinian Authority wants Hamas to pay for its citizens' medical treatment.

The Day After: 15 Gazans Killed by Failed Terrorist Rockets, 35 by IDF Fire

Israel was unafraid to squeeze the Gazans when it came to halting humanitarian support during the clashes.

Chief Rabbi Lau Issues Special Instructions for a Warlike Shabbat

It is also advisable to make sure that every synagogue keeps a working telephone available for any eventuality.

Hamas Warns Jews not to Ascend to Temple Mount on 9 B’Av, Calls on...

The Muslims understand full well the value of the Temple Mount.

Israel Mulls Next Step as Tensions Continue, Gaza Envelope Residents Held Hostage by Safety...

“There is a concrete threat of attempted sniping at civilians or soldiers. This has forced us to take cover. Where there is no choice, human life comes first."

Israelis in Gaza Border Communities Forced to Remain at Home

The IDF also issued a limited call-up of some 100 reservists and a one-off recruitment of special forces to help secure the Gaza border area.

Israel Warns Hamas Via Egypt Not to Escalate After Arrest of PIJ Terrorist Leader

The IDF closed roads in southern Israel that ran along the Gaza border due to concerns over possible retaliation by the terror group.

Education Is Everything: Park Hotel Mass Murderer Earns Master’s Degree behind Bars

His wife said he got top marks and plans to get his doctorate as soon as he is released from prison.

IDF Reveals Hamas Tunnel Networks Under Gazan Civilian Neighborhoods

“If the tunnels collapse, hospitals, mosques, universities, or factories will collapse with them,” warns the Israeli military.

Israeli Navy Thwarts Attempt to Smuggle Weapons to Hamas from Egypt by Sea

Navy boats approached the vessel and called on it to halt, and when he did not respond to their calls, the soldiers fired at it in accordance with open fire regulations.

IDF Attacks Empty Hamas Outpost After Gaza Gunfire Hits Israeli Locksmith’s Shop

The terrorists' gunfire followed the launch of four rockets at Israel from Gaza this past Saturday.

‘Systematic Mistreating and Torturing’: PA and Hamas Again Accused of Crimes Against Humanity

Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine director at HRW pointed out that “systematic abuse by the PA and Hamas forms a critical part of the repression of the Palestinian people.”

Hamas Releases Video of Israeli Hostage Hisham a-Sayed Being Given Oxygen

“Hamas is playing on people’s emotions. It is abusing human beings. . . According to the publication, it is impossible to know if he is alive.”

Israel Dismisses Hamas’ ‘Cynical’ Claims About Deterioration in Health of Captured Israeli Civilian

The security system believes that Hamas’ announcement is psychological warfare, possibly with the aim of pressuring Israel to release terrorists as part of a prisoner exchange before the government falls.

Hamas Embraces Arab Stabbed to Death During Confrontation with Israelis in Samaria

A mob of Arabs attacked a group of Israelis who were on a walking tour in the vicinity of the city Ariel in Samaria.


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