Israeli Arrested for Revealing Iron Dome Positions to Hamas

The man split his life between Rafah (Gaza) and Rehovot.

Fatah and Hamas Fight over Gaza’s Offshore Gas Field

Natural gas fields were discovered about 36 kilometers west of the Gaza Strip in the late 1990s.

Prison Service Cuts Fatah Terrorists’ Cable TV to 10 Channels, Hamas to 5

Im Tirtzu said it was "shameful that terrorists receive lavish benefits that are being paid for by the Israeli taxpayer."

IDF Naval Force Launches 2 Rockets to Thwart Dangerous Gazan Naval Activity

Hamas has been making great efforts in recent years to develop and intensify its naval military capabilities

PA’s ‘Freedom of Opinion Order’ is Expected to Lead to Release of Hamas Operatives...

Mahmoud Abbas may start releasing his political opponents and critics from jail to promote a climate of public liberty before the elections.

PA Reassures Biden Administration Hamas Accepts Israel’s Right to Exist in 67 Borders

At best, Hamas is prepared for a long-term truce with the Zionist enemy, which is much less than what Hussein al-Sheikh described – recognition of a Jewish state within the 67 borders.

Fatah Splits into Competing Lists Ahead of PA Elections

The different factions are threatening to publish damaging information about the other factions.

Report: Israel Will Facilitate Transfer of Tens of Thousands of Vaccines to Gaza

To date, more than 50,000 Arabs in the PA and Gaza have been infected with the Corona, hundreds have died and about 50 are hospitalized in critical condition.

Hamas, PA, Agree on July 31 Presidential Elections following 15 Years Without

Both Hamas and Fatah want to place voting stations in the part of Israel's sovereign territory which they claim for the capital of their future state.

Plans for Massive Luxury Mosque on the Beach is Upsetting Gaza Residents

A plan to build the Khalil al-Wazir Mosque in the Sheikh Ajalin neighborhood on the beach in the Gaza Strip is provoking a great deal of criticism on in Gaza.

Disagreements Between Hamas & Fatah Leaders Ahead of PA Elections

There's pressure on Hamas to agree to Fatah's conditions for the election, conditions that Hamas doesn't like.
Jibril Rajoub warned that "a vote for Netanyahu is a vote for war and racism."

EXCLUSIVE: Allegations of Jibril Rajoub’s Involvement in Eliminating Hamas Members Surface as Elections Heat...

Arafat's personal documents seem to indicate that Rajoub was involved in killing a number of Hamas terrorists.

75% of Jailed Palestinian Authority Terrorists Vaccinated by Israel

The Palestinian Authority would rather pay terrorists than pay for vaccines. As for the terrorists, then win twice.

Dozens in Gaza Injured in Home-Based Terrorist Rocket Explosion

“The story of this house is the story of many other homes in the Gaza Strip that have become weapons and missiles warehouses."

Egypt & Jordan Send Message Abu Mazen: ‘Israel Warns of Consequences of Hamas Election...

Hamas stands to take control if any elections are held in the Palestinian Authority.

PA Elections: Jibril Rajoub to US Officials: I Will Work to Ensure Abbas’s Victory

Jibril Rajoub is seeking the chairmanship of the Legislative Council and is behind an attempt to establish a joint list for Hamas and Fatah.

After 16 Years Abbas Declares Elections Risking Hamas Takeover

The only major power on the planet Abbas can rely on to resuscitate the old and tired concept of a Palestinian State is… the Democratic party.

Study Reveals Rampant Anti-Semitism, Hate, in PA, Gaza UNRWA School Materials

Somebody tell the Biden administration before they renew US aid to UNRWA. Check out those textbooks.

IDF Attacks Hamas in Gaza After Shots Fired at IDF Engineers

The attacks came while IDF engineers were carrying out repair operations on the western side of the security fence that borders southern Gaza.

Hamas Source: Biden Administration Will Likely Open Dialogue with Hamas

The latest polls show that Hamas stands to gain control of the Palestinian Authority Legislative Council and possibly the presidency if elections are held..

Disgraced Hamas Commander Claims IDF Has Attack Tunnels Running into Gaza

Using aerial photographs obtained from Hamas drones, Salahiya shows what he says are photographs of pits and dirt deposits, indicative of IDF’s tunneling efforts.

Sharp Criticism in Gaza after Hamas Puts Up Posters of Iran’s Qasem Soleimani

The average Gazan is not happy that Hamas is cozy with Iran, and blames Iran for the murder of Arabs throughout the Middle East.

Egypt Sanctions Hamas, Closes Gaza Embassy

The move is intended to express support for the Palestinian Authority, which demands that Hamas recognize the PA's full sovereignty over the Gaza Strip.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Kick Off Large-Scale Military Exercises with Other Terror Groups

Amphibious beach landings, drones, rockets... everything you need for a large-scale terror attack.

Israeli Lawmaker Warns of Wave of Terrorism if Prisoner Deal with Hamas Goes Through

Zvi Hauser called the deal scandalous and said it will return hundreds of terrorists to the circle of terrorism.

Hamas Source: Israel Not Showing Willingness to Promote Prisoner Exchange Deal

It is unclear as to what Israel is supposed to get from this exchange. Hamas is holding hostage a number of Israeli civilians and the bodies of kidnapped IDF soldiers.

Hamas Holding Elections, Including for Imprisoned Terrorist Leaders

Khaled Mashaal, who previously served as chairman of the Politburo, is expected to receive significant Qatari support in his run against Ismail Haniya, the current Hamas leader.


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