Top Israeli Security Expert Releases New Gaza Victory Plan

The author attempts for the first time to examine and challenge the assumptions behind accepting an Islamist statelet committed to its destruction on its southern border.

Israel Releases Brother of Commander Whose Terror Squad Snatched Hadar Goldin’s Body

Yosef Masoud is a member of the Izz a-Din Al-Qassam battalion -- the military wing of Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization.

Israel Suspends Qatari Payments to Gaza Families

Israel is reportedly suspending the payments to keep the money from reaching the hands of Hamas, which is backed by Iran.

Iranian Pressure Mounts on Hamas and Hezbollah for ‘Joint Operational Mechanism’ Against Israel

In an Iranian bid to consolidate power against Israel, Tehran is placing heavy pressure on Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to establish a...

How the Gaza Ceasefire Unfolded With Iran’s Consent

No one came to Islamic Jihad's aid, so they were forced to concede.

8-Months’ Intelligence Project Behind the Executions of 6 Senior Jihad Commanders

No matter how mind-boggling Israel’s intelligence capabilities are, they cannot be used to influence change inside the Gaza Strip.

Report: Hamas Aided Islamic Jihad’s Rocket Launchers

The Jihad realizes that as time goes by, they would continue to lose assets and senior commanders.

Gen. Yadlin: Hamas Deterred by Israel’s Latest Strategy, Hesitating to Join Jihad

Israel’s reactive strategy has led to a huge drop in the fear it was inflicting on the enemy.

No News Is Tense News: 24 Hours after Triple Assassination, Israel Still Waiting for...

The next day would bring either a regional war or a puff. Call it Schrödinger’s retaliation.

Israel Assassinates PIJ Anti-Tank Terror Cell in Southern Gaza in Operation Shield and Arrow

The targeted terrorists were eliminated while en route to launch a precision-guided Kornet missile at an IDF tank position near the security fence along Israel’s border with Gaza.

IDF Carrying Out Arrests in the Shechem Kasbah, Hours after the Jihad Eliminations

The security forces are looking to arrest two wanted men suspected of carrying out terrorist attacks.

IDF Hits 16 Hamas, Jihad Targets in Gaza, Iron Dome Performance Re-Evaluated

The IDF Spokesman insisted that Iron Dome’s successful downing of enemy rockets stands at 90%.

Hamas Halts Bitcoin Fundraising, Fearing Anti-Terror Efforts

“This comes out of concern about the safety of donors and to spare them any harm,” the Islamist group said.

Hamas Visit to Saudi Arabia Postponed; PA Chief Abbas in the Kingdom

Riyadh refused to issue visas to the delegation from the Gaza-based terrorist organization, according to Iranian media.

Hamas Gambles and Wins on Saudi Arabia

Saudi reconciliation with the Iranians and now Hamas is a clear act of defiance towards the US and President Joe Biden.

General Brik: The IDF Not Ready for All-Out War

“Even if the Air Force hits the bank of targets in Lebanon we know of, it would be a drop in the ocean."

More Missiles Aimed at Israel Found in Lebanon

The Lebanese Army is allegedly working to dismantle the rocket launchers.

Israelis Stay Close to Shelters after Restrained IDF Retaliation Against Hamas in Lebanon and...

It was more kabuki theater than war, with carefully stylized moves, and a highly controlled outcome.

Israel Retaliates for Gaza Rocket Barrage

Israeli warplanes were spotted over northern, southern and central Gaza and explosions were heard across the enclave.

After 34 Rockets Fired At Israel, Terrorists in Lebanon, Syria Prepare for IDF Retaliation

Lebanon's caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati, meanwhile, made a desperate attempt to forestall an Israeli strike.

Rocket Fire Launched from Gaza at Israel on Seder Night

According to the IDF, at least seven surface-to-air rockets were launched at southern Israel, all of them exploding in mid-air, plus two that were fired towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Hamas Sentences 2 Gazans to Death on Claims of Spying for Israel

The final sentence, handed down Monday, directed that one of those sentenced to death be executed by firing squad; the other is set to be hanged.

Israel Intercepts Hamas UAV Over Gaza Strip

The drone did not cross into Israeli territory and did not pose a threat to civilians living close to Hamas enclave, said the IDF.

IDF Strikes Hamas Post in Gaza

The retaliatory strike cam after an explosive device was blown up adjacent to IDF soldiers near the border.

Shin Bet Busts Hamas Students Terror Ring Run Out of Turkey

Four students from the PA arrested for planning terrorist attacks against Israel.

Mother of Kidnapped Soldier Hadar Goldin Urges American Jewish Leaders to Aid in Return...

“This is not a political issue. It is a humanitarian issue. We have four sons in Gaza. One Ashkenazi, one Sephardi, one Ethiopian, and one Bedouin.”

Arabs Shoot 6 Rockets to Retaliate Shechem Kills, Air Force Attacks Gaza Targets

At this point, life in Israel is back to a normal routine with no special instructions to civilians.

Jailed Terrorists to Launch Disobedience Protest, Threaten Mass Hunger Strike Over Ramadan

PA Arab terrorists in Israeli jails began a campaign of disobedience on Thursday and threatened to launch a mass hunger strike during Ramadan against...


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