Terror Drone from Gaza Shot Down above Southern Israel

The last time a terrorist UAV successfully infiltrated Israeli airspace from the Strip was on Nov. 11.

War Forcing IDF to Return Reservists with PTSD to Service Before Completing Therapy

Prof. Yair Bar-Haim urges an exemption from additional military service for individuals already receiving therapy for PTSD until the therapeutic process has been completed.

Biden’s Floating Gaza Pier to be Dismantled, Gazans Not Starving

At the end, the entire project was simply an expensive disaster, and not solely due to the difficulties encountered by the floating pier.

Israel Rejects UN’s Explanation for Leaving Hamas’s Use of Human Shields Out of Report

Virginia Gamba, special representative to the U.N. secretary-general, told JNS that word count limits left no space to mention that the terror organization embeds deliberately among civilians.

Hamas Planning for Next War ‘The Day After’ in Gaza

Hamas is hiding two battalions of terrorists under civilian cover for the day after.

UN: ‘No Supporting Evidence’ of Famine in Northern Gaza

"...if famine were to occur in Gaza, it is unlikely to be due to any limitations posed by Israel on the food supply entering the Gaza Strip,” the 31-page study concluded.

Report: IDF Knew Weeks Before Oct. 7 of Hamas Plan to Take 200 Hostages

The intelligence memo detailing the terror group's plans was internally circulated on Sept. 19, less than three weeks before the massacre.

Israel: Dozens of Hostages Held in Gaza Still Alive

One-hundred and twenty captives, both living and deceased, remain in the Strip.

Almost 30 Terrorists, Including in Gaza, Get Israeli Gov’t Benefits

Israel transfers 7.3 million shekels to 265 Palestinians in Gaza on an annual basis, primarily disability payments.

IDF Has Destroyed Half of Hamas’s Fighting Forces in Rafah

The military expects full operational control of the southernmost Gaza city in two weeks.

Gantz: Israel Should Withdraw from Gaza for Hostage Deal

"If there is a change in the fighting and our hostages are returned, and we do what needs to be done in the Gaza Strip in a year, or in two years, that's not an issue."

Critical IDF Intel Systems Were Down on Morning of Oct. 7

The Unit 8200 is responsible for some 80% of the information gathered and produced for all intelligence branches.

Israel Agrees to Unilateral Daily Ceasefire in South Gaza for Aid Transfers

The decision comes after discussions with the UN and international organizations.

Israel Grieves as IDF Identifies Eight Soldiers Killed in Rafah, Two in Northern Gaza

"This monstrous enemy . . . will continue trying to destroy us. If we do not stop it – it will not stop. Therefore, there is no alternative to victory."

Gaza Pier Again Being Removed, Ahead of ‘Expected High Seas’

"The decision to temporarily relocate the pier is not made lightly but is necessary to ensure the temporary pier can continue to deliver aid in the future," U.S. Central Command said.

8 IDF Soldiers Die After Their Vehicle is Bombed

Captain Wassem Mahmoud, a 23-year-old Druze officer from Beit Jann, was among those who lost their lives in the explosion.

Survey: 80% of Gazans Believe October 7 Promoted their National Yearnings; 50% expect...

PA and Gaza Arabs believe the October attack has "revived international attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and could lead to increased recognition of Palestinian statehood."

Police: Body Found in Southern Israel Likely of Oct. 7 Terrorist

Police are still waiting for the identification process at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine in Tel Aviv.

Israeli Forces Destroy 800-Meter-Long Hamas Tunnel

The tunnel, which was 30 meters underground, contained several operational spaces and blast doors and reached within one kilometer of the Israel-Gaza border.

Report: IDF Launched Massive Attack on Tent City Outside Rafah

Hagari tweeted on Thursday morning: “Contrary to reports from the last few hours, there was no attack by the IDF in the humanitarian area in al-Mawasi.”

Hamas Conditions Hostage Deal on Permanent IDF Withdrawal, Chinese and Turkish Guarantees

Blinken noted regarding Hamas, “you have to question whether they’re proceeding in good faith or not.”

UNHCR Report Equates Israel with Hamas, Says Both Committed War Crimes

Israel was charged with "extermination . . . murder, forcible transfer, and torture and inhuman and cruel treatment" among other accusations.

Temporary Pier Anchored to Gaza Coast Operating Again After Repairs

Some 1.1 million pounds of aid came across the pier on since Saturday, the U.S. Defense Department says.

Ben-Gvir Attacks Decision to Release 30 Jailed Terrorists

The national security minister bemoaned the move to return them to Gaza without conditions.

Blinken: Hamas Response to Hostage Proposal is Unworkable

“Hamas has proposed numerous changes to the proposal. … Some of the changes are workable, some are not,” the secretary of state said.

At Jordan Event, Blinken Announces $404 Million in New Aid to Gaza, Criticizes Israel

Israel was notably not invited to the conference, which didn't stop Blinken from repeatedly criticizing Israel.

Hamas Rejects Biden Hostage Deal

Blinken: “Hamas could have answered with a single word: ‘Yes.’ Instead, Hamas waited nearly two weeks and then proposed more changes."

Sinwar: We Have the Israelis Right Where We Want Them

His words callously glorified the loss of innocent lives as a necessary sacrifice for Hamas' cause.

Four IDF Soldiers Killed in Gaza, Including Moshe Feiglin’s Grandson

The soldiers were killed when a blast brought down the building they were searching in Rafah. Six additional troops were wounded, five seriously.


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