Gang of 3 Hunts Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn’s Flatbush Neighborhood

New York City Councilmember Kalman Yeger commented in a sarcastic tweet, “Guarantee that assaulting Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn won’t ‘free Palestine.’ ... They'll be caught."

Jamaica Queens High School Kids Wilding for Palestine, Pro-Israel Teacher Hides in Locked Office

“Hundreds of kids flooded into hallways and ran amok, chanting, jumping, shouting, and waving Palestinian flags or banners.”

Judge Ejects Pro-Hamas Protesters, Sentences Arab to 7 Years for Assaulting Jewish Man

Before sentencing, Musa apologized to his victim and the Jewish people and told the court he went to Times Square to “emotionally support Palestine and spread awareness.”

Jewish Congressman Who Condemned ‘Settler Violence’ Gets a Taste of ‘Pro-Palestine’ at Home

Why is Dan Goldman spreading vicious lies that he borrows from extreme anti-Israel groups?

Watch: Pro-Hamas Demonstrator Ripping Down US Flags, and Other Outrageous Footage

And additional videos of pro-Hamas demonstrations in the US and Europe.

Pro-Hamas Groups Convince NYC Schools to Join Thursday’s Massive Hate Event

JVP lies: "Our government is repeating misinformation that accuses Palestinians of atrocities that are completely unproven."

Cornell Student Faces Felony Charge for Death Threats to Jews

In one post, Dai allegedly threatened to “stab” and “slit the throat” of any Jewish males he sees on campus, to rape and throw off a cliff any Jewish females, and to behead any Jewish babies.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer Weighing a Run Against Squad Rep. Bowman

Despite their heavy presence in Westchester County, Jews are far from being in the majority in Bowman’s 16th District.

NYT ‘Helping’ Hamas, Reveals IDF Locations, Tactics Daily

On Monday (October 30), the Grey Lady laid out a map of Israeli military positions in Gaza, including type of vehicles and approximate size involved.

Thousands of Anti-Israel Protesters Shut Down NYC’s Grand Central Station

The New York Police Department said at least 200 protesters were arrested.

Shabbat Table Set Up in Times Square to Honor Israeli Hostages

Pro-Israel groups on Friday morning set up a Shabbat table for the 200+ Israeli hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7.

Crown Heights to Face Pro-Hamas Shabbat ‘March for Gaza’

Rabbi Yaacov Behrman: "Many people have expressed concerns regarding both safety and the potential trauma to our children."

New York City Has an Antisemitism Problem Despite its Pro-Israel Mayor

The sad reality is that truth, facts, logic and rationality have no place here, or in any other arena when antisemitism reigns supreme.

NYU Hillel Students Launch 24-hour Service and Learning Fundraiser in Response to 10/7

I believe that these funds are going to supporting our previously demoralized campus community as well as providing what we can to Israel.

Emergency Breast Milk Campaign Sends 6,000 LB of Donated Milk to Bereaved Babies in...

"The milk will travel to Israel under refrigeration and begin to be distributed South of Israel before it goes up North."

NYC Prepares for Hamas’ Global Jihad Day

The NYPD ordered all officers to report in uniform, beginning Friday, in response to the call by Hamas international representative Khaled Masha'al urging Muslims worldwide to stage protests.

Dozens of NY Law Enforcement Personnel in Israel as War Began

The officials were in Israel for an international counter terrorism and antisemitism training program at the time.

Guilty Pleas: Attackers of Jewish Man in New York Face Years Behind Bars

Mahmoud Musa, Mohammed Othman and Mohammed Said Othman will be sentenced later this month for their assault on Joseph Borgen in May 2021.

New York City Under Water for First Days Yom Tov Sukkot

More than seven inches of rain fell in Brooklyn and more than six inches of rain was reported in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, with peak rainfall amounts of three inches per hour.

Meng Announces $1.65m in Security Funding for Jewish Entities in New York

Eleven facilities got the maximum amount, $150,000, under the Nonprofit Security Grant Program.

Agudath Israel Warns US Officials Against Meddling in Israel’s Internal Affairs

“The United States would rightly resent another nation’s attempts to influence our own internal political affairs. Members of Congress and other American officials should ponder that."

Pro-Israel New York Rally Set for Thursday, Sept 21, 6 pm – Be There!

"We want Israelis, the majority of whom voted for the current government and many of whom have rallied in its favor in Israel, to know that we support them, and we love the Jewish homeland."

New York State Green Lights Election Reform

The new law allows New Yorkers to vote early by mail, and also allows same-day voter registration on the first day of early voting.

Mount Sinai Closing Down Beth Israel

St. Vincent's in the Village, which used to serve Catholic patients from Little Italy, closed down in 2010.

Democrat Sam Berger Beats Republican David Hirsch in Queens Assembly Seat Special Election

Republican Hirsch managed to get a much bigger share of his voter base to the polls than the Democrat Berger.

Haaretz Lets Tom Friedman Publish the Vile Stuff Even the NY Times Won’t

Friedman’s and Shikma Bressler’s antisemitism are identical and as such represents the crumbling of the last shred of liberalism on the left.

In GOP v. DNC Race for NY State Orthodox Vote Speaker McCarthy Has the...

The nice folks in Satmar could probably teach the Speaker a thing or two about anti-Zionism.

Sacked NY State Antivaxxer Teachers Reinstated with Back Pay

Altogether, an estimated 2,000 teachers were fired in NY State for refusing the vaccine.

Mayor Adams Warns Asylum Seekers Will ‘Destroy New York City’

48 years ago, on October 30, 1975, the New York Daily News ran its immortal headline, “Ford to City, Drop Dead.”

Surprise, Surprise: New York Times’ Anti-Hebrew Antisemitism

"For some, the language symbolizes far-right Israeli militarism.”


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