Jewish Groups Demand IRS Probe CUNY in Wake of Commencement Hate Speech

Goldfeder and Ostrovsky asked IRS Commissioner Werfel to review whether CUNY Law is engaging in political or lobbying activities.

Tens of Thousands Cheer On Marchers at NYC’s 2023 Celebrate Israel Parade

This year, more than 40,000 marchers, floats, marching bands and musical performers are making their way up the city’s iconic Fifth Avenue from 57th Street to 74th Street.

Further Details on the Harassment of Simcha Rothman in New York

Simcha Rothman describes the attack on him and his wife on Friday night.

NYPD Rejects Anarchists’ Complaint Against Rothman; Next: Ruin ‘Celebrate Israel Parade’

What damage can we expect from these dedicated rebels on Social Security on Sunday? Here is their itinerary.

Rothman: Israel Parade Judicial-Reform Protesters ‘Make Our Enemies Happy’

The pro-Israel parade in New York on June 4 should be a time of unity, even as protests are welcome elsewhere, Simcha Rothman told JNS.

Anarchist Falange Manhunting Simcha Rothman in Downtown Manhattan

They're all boomers. It’s a perfect combination: fascistic aspirations and Social Security.

At Jewish Heritage Month Event, Mayor Rails Against Antisemitic CUNY Speech

“I would have stood up and denounced them immediately!” declared the mayor of New York City if he’d been on the commencement stage when the remarks were delivered.

Lee Zeldin Attacks Gov. Hochul for her Silence on CUNY Law Antisemitic Incitement

“Kathy Hochul’s cowardice and silence ... further signals that it’s open season on Jews at CUNY.”

Suleiman Othman Receives 2 Months in Jail for Attacking a Jew in Brooklyn

“Considering today’s soft-on-crime policies such as bail reform and trendy anti-police rhetoric, it is exceptionally rare that a perpetrator of a hate crime gets jail time."

Feds Fund Renovation at Interfaith Medical Center in Crown Heights

“Interfaith has been providing high-quality, compassionate care and 21st-century care in 20th-century infrastructure.”

18 Days Later, Rage Erupts over CUNY’s Choice of Hate-Spitting Arab for Commencement Speech

Mohammed’s commencement ceremony speech was live-streamed on the CUNY Law School’s YouTube account and deleted a few hours later.

Well Financed Anarchists Plan to Ruin Israel Day Parade in NYC

So, how can the anti-judicial reform anarchists mess with the parade? We caught their email.

NYC Mayor Urges Lawsuits to Fight Antisemitism on Social Media, for ‘Feeding Hate’

“We have to combat hate with education. An attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us.”

Survey: Only 36% of NY Jews Think their State Is on the Right Track

58% of Jewish registered NY voters favor Biden, only 31% Trump.

Highland Park Meat Restaurant Closing After 16 Years

Park Place Kosher has announced it will close its doors on Sunday night, June 4.

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman Announces Resignation

Gorman did not name his successor but added that the board is mulling three “very strong” candidates for the post.

Study: New York City Sinking Under its Own Weight

"Every additional high-rise building constructed at coastal, river, or lakefront settings could contribute to future flood risk."

World’s Most Expensive Bible Sold for $38.1 Million

The precious bible was acquired by Ambassador Alfred H. Moses, 93, who lives in Washington DC, and who gifted the manuscript to the ANU Museum in Tel Aviv.

‘Israel @ 75: Renewing the Hope’ is Theme for NY’s ‘Celebrate Israel’ Parade

It will be the task of Israel’s New York Consulate to secure accommodations, travel arrangements and security for every official and his or her entourage.

Astoria Assembly Member Pushing Bill to Boycott Israeli Settlements

Queens Democrat assembly members believe the bill is “dead on arrival.”

Adams: Public Schools Need to Emulate Yeshivas, Not the Other Way Around

“People are asking questions ... about what is happening in our yeshivas across the city and state, while at the same time, 65 percent of black and brown children never reach proficiency in the public school system."

Teen Gang Leader Arrested for Attack on Crown Heights Jews

The gang leader, age 14, was arrested Wednesday after being identified in surveillance footage of the attack, where he is seen punching one of the boys in the face.

New York Passes $1B Plan to Overhaul State’s Mental Health Care

The budget funds new residential units, increased inpatient capacity and outpatient services, expands school-based mental health services, and closes gaps in insurance coverage for behavioral health services.

New Jersey is Second-Hardest Hit State for Lyme Disease. New York is Third.

After being in heavily wooded areas, do a tick check. It’s important to look behind knees, under arms and on the scalp.

‘Brooklyn Made’ to Launch at Industry City

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce partnered with Wells Fargo Foundation, Industry City and the Brooklyn Community Foundation to launch the shop.

New York State’s $229B Budget Includes Yeshiva Priorities

Security funding, free meals for school children, an expansion of a child tax credit, and the saving of close to $92 million in funding for Jewish schools are among the items on the Jewish community's list.

Brooklyn Subway Station to Undergo $500M Overhaul in East New York

The renovation will include seven new elevators, a new street entrance, structural improvements, and a new coat of paint.

New York State Set to Ban Natural Gas (Restaurants are Exempt)

Last year, Hochul signed a state law banning the sale of gasoline-fueled automobiles by 2035.

New Jersey-Israel Trade Jumped 11 Percent in 2022

New data shows that Israeli projects were responsible for more than 200 jobs last year statewide.

Disabilities Lawsuit Seeks to End NYC’s ‘Open Streets’

The plaintiffs argue Open Streets makes it impossible for seniors and those with disabilities to successfully access those areas.


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