AOC-Endorsed NY Congressman Jamaal Bowman Had ‘Thoughtful Conversation’ with Israel’s Consul General

Israeli consulate spokesman Itay Milner said, “The progressive movement and the State of Israel share common goals."

Jewish Republican Lee Zeldin Announces Bid to Run for Governor of New York

“I’m ready to go all-in on this mission and bring New York back from the brink and return it to glory,” said the congressman from Long Island.

Monsey Chanukah Machete Attacker Declared Unfit for Trial

He was once arrested for punching a police horse.

Israeli-American Pitcher Makes History in NYC

“Pitching at Yankee Stadium felt pretty good. This time, it was better because there were fans. It was definitely an experience.”

NYC Beaches to Open for Memorial Day

"We're going back to the schedule we've had for years and years, and that is a very good sign."

Watch: AOC, Liberal Jews, Reach Harmony on 2-State Solution

As long as US liberal Jews and AOC are getting along, we won't make a fuss.

3 Girls Spit at Jewish Man, Bite Cop in Williamsburg

The three girls, one of them 13 and the other two even younger, threw garbage and spat at the man.

NYC Convict Arrested After Slashing Hasidic Father, Mother and Baby in Manhattan

The attacker, released just last month from prison, was incarcerated for several years after a conviction for attempted murder.

New York Mayoral Candidate Yang says BDS is ‘Nonviolent,’ but ‘Anti-Semitic’

Andrew Yang was asked to clarify his stance on the BDS movement following conflicting remarks he made at a forum on March 18 that was hosted by Emgage, a Muslim-American advocacy organization.

Watch: Man Snatches Shtreimel, Man Escapes with Stolen Shtreimel

The thief was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and gray sweatpants. Needless to say, he would stand out should he walk the streets in his new shtreimel.

Albany Beat

This situation cannot and should not be resolved in the press; I believe the best way to get to the truth is through a full and thorough outside review and I am directing all state employees to comply with that effort.

Tel Aviv U Innovative Research May Save NY Jewish Boy from Rare Neurological Syndrome

Two-year-old Eli Reich suffers from the rare neurological syndrome FOXG1 that stunts his brain's development, and his window of opportunity is closing fast.

Dozens of Jewish Institutions Tied to Tycoon’s Alleged Money Laundering Scheme

It should be stressed that the US authorities have not accused the Jewish institutions of any wrongdoing, but their connection to what will likely become an unsavory affair is discomforting.

NY Gov. Cuomo Stripped of Sweeping COVID Powers

“This legislation creates a system with increased input while at the same time ensuring New Yorkers continue to be protected.”

Nassau Democrat Calling for Cuomo’s Resignation over Sexual Harassment Complaints

This may be a good place to ask, what is it with NY governors and their predilections?

Dov Hikind Leads Rally Outside NBC Protesting SNL Joke

The show is equally as crass regarding Black, Hispanic, and Asian sensibilities, in a milieu of a shock-tolerant bon ton.

Andrew Yang Walks Back Tough Anti-BDS Stance During Muslim Democratic Club forum

New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang said he has an issue with organizations that don’t disavow “very, very violent tactics” towards Israel, though he doesn’t have an issue with individuals or activists “making a case for what they think is right.”

Haaretz Disproves NY Times’ Libel that Israel Withholds Vaccines from PA Arabs

How lucky we are to have Nir Hasson report on Wednesday in "Israel's NY Times," a.k.a Haaretz: "Israel Opens Vaccination Center at Checkpoint to Reach Palestinian East Jerusalem Residents."

Albany Beat: In Defense of Andrew Cuomo

Personally, I have thankfully never received the governor’s wrath. In fact, I feel I have had a welcoming relationship with the Cuomo family.

Cuomo Directs Hate-Crimes Task Force to Investigate Swastika at Rego Park Jewish Center

Surveillance footage shows a suspect drawing a swastika on a “private property” sign at the Rego Park Jewish Center in Queens, N.Y.

Two NYC Jewish Nursing Homes Become Corona-Only

More than 15,000 nursing home residents in NY State died from the coronavirus, but the state reported only about 8,500 deaths.

Andrew Yang Tells Jewish Agenda Mayoral Forum He Won’t Enforce Core Curriculum Subjects in...

“I do not think we should be prescribing a curriculum unless that curriculum can be demonstrated to have improved impact on people’s career trajectories and prospects afterwards.”

Double Masks Required for Visitors at Manhattan Federal Court

“Until vaccine-induced population immunity is achieved, universal masking is a highly effective means to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2 when combined with other protective measures."

New York Mutation of COVID-19 Discovered in Big Apple

“Based on the dates of collection of these isolates, it appears that the frequency of these isolates is increasing,” the scientists noted.

Cuomo Pleads Guilty Only to Delaying Info on Nursing Home Corona Deaths – Not...

On March 25, the Cuomo administration barred nursing homes from refusing applicants infected with COVID-19.

BLM Riots in NYC: Cops Injured, Police Cars Damaged

One police officer was bitten on the leg. Eleven people were arrested but none were held overnight.

Federal Court Rules Against Cuomo’s Limitations on Capacity at Houses of Worship

They will now return to the 50-percent-capacity limit that was in place before the New York governor’s zone plan.

AOC Drives ‘Law & Order Democrat’ Chuck Schumer Down a Progressive Slope

It's good to be the king, but then, inevitably, those folks with the pitchforks and guillotines show up at your door and ask if you could please step outside for a moment.

NYC, NJ & Entire Northeast Being Walloped in Season’s First Serious Snowstorm

“Please, just stay in and stay off the roads. Let our road crews, power crews and our first responders have the roads to themselves.”


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