AOC Backs Ugandan NY Assemblyman’s Anti-Jewish Settlements Bill

The American left has proven once again that it may be walking among us, earthlings, but their consciousness is living on a different planet with its own reality.

It’s a War: NYPD Disperses Pro-Hamas Soldiers in Brooklyn with Great Vigor

Within Our Lifetime, an activist group led by pro-Hamas “Palestinians” organized the rally.

Bomb Threats Target Multiple NY Synagogues

According to a state representative, more than 20 Jewish houses of worship were threatened over Shabbat.

NYU Claims Over Half Arrested for Anti-Israel Riots Not Tied to School

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said "outside agitators" played a key role in pro-Hamas protests at Columbia University.

NYPD Clears Columbia U Building, Arrests Dozens of Pro-Hamas Protesters

21 House Democrats, along with Republicans, pressured Columbia University into taking a tough stance against pro-Hamas demonstrators.

Hamas Protesters Take Over Columbia’s Hamilton Hall, Students Taken ‘Captive’

A class action lawsuit was filed Monday (April 29) on behalf of the Jewish students threatened by pro-Hamas haters at Columbia University.

NYPD Arrest Hundreds of Anti-Israel Activists Near Shumer’s Brooklyn Home

Chants at the demonstration included “Disclose, divest, we will not stop, we will not rest. Disclose, divest” and “Let Gaza live.”

Antisemitic Rage Sweeps NYC’s Higher Education System

Multiple student anarchists have expressed explicit support for Hamas terrorism and urge further violence against Israel.

Columbia U Moves to Remote Learning as Pro-Hamas Haters Seize Control

Last week the Orthodox rabbi on campus urged Jewish students to return home "as soon as possible" and not to come back, due to the danger.

Robert Kraft: No Support for Columbia ‘Until Corrective Action is Taken’

"I am deeply saddened at the virulent hate that continues to grow on campus and throughout our country," the Jewish philanthropist said.

NY Governor Condemns Antisemitic Acts at Columbia University

“On any campus, threatening Jewish students with violence or glorifying the terror of October 7 is antisemitism,” she said.

Israeli, US Officials Weigh in on Murderous American Campus Antisemitism

"American academia must wake up to the threat, a clear and present danger to academic freedom and to the very lives of Jews on campus."

Columbia Campus Rabbi Urges Jewish Students to Leave for Their Own Safety

"It is not our job as Jews to ensure our own safety on campus. No one should have to endure this level of hatred, let alone at school."

LIVE: Chabad’s 50th Mitzvah Tank Parade in New York City

The Mitzvah Tank Parade is held annually to celebrate the birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson of blessed memory.

Columbia University Tries But Fails to Stop Event with Israeli Lawmaker

"The administration in Columbia did everything possible to stop us from talking on campus, making the bureaucratic process for approval of the event impossible."

Anti-Israel Protests at Brooklyn Bridge, Chicago O’Hare, Golden Gate Bridge, Many Other Sites

A coordinated effort on April 15 (tax day) aimed to shut down economic activity at sites throughout the United States and in other countries.

Jewish Man Stabbed in Driveway of Upstate New York Home

The victim is in stable condition, and the Ramapo Police Department questioned and released a "possible suspect."

Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey Offers Active Shooter Training

“There has been a marked rise in Jewish programming across the country and we want to make sure everyone is consciously planning for safety and security at these events."

NYPD Promotes Two Jewish Police Officers

One was promoted to lieutenant and the other has been promoted to sergeant.

The Show Will Go On: Hard Rock Band HaYehudim Forced to Cancel Brooklyn Concert...

The band is not canceling their US tour, starting May 30 in New York, and on June 6 in Los Angeles.

Jerry Nadler Booed for Pushing Aid to Gazans

The loudest boos followed Nadler’s call: “We must do more because we are better than Hamas."

Iconic New York City Yeshiva Defaced by Pro-Hamas Antisemites

The iconic Lower East Side yeshiva was slathered with "Free Palestine" graffiti by unknown Jew-haters.

Antisemitic Hate Crimes Skyrocket in NYC Since Start of Oct. 7 War Against Israel

"By the year's end hate crimes against Jews increased by 14 percent. That's an additional 39 incidents that were reported. . . In 2024, 51% of all hate crimes against the Jews."

Pro-Hamas Goons Target Effy’s Cafe on NYC’s Upper West Side

"This is happening in the zip-code with one of the highest concentration of Jews in the US. We will not let them replay the 1930s in Germany. This time we're fighting back."

Police Arrest 100 Protesters Grouped in ‘Times’ Lobby in Midtown Manhattan

Earlier, they lay on a street at night near a Queens-based printing plant to halt the publication of the city’s major newspapers.

Flatbush Israel Real Estate Event Cancelled Over Fear of Pro-Hamas Gangs

It's not quite clear how canceling a pro-Israel event "keeps the community safe" when threatened by pro-Hamas anarchists, rather than protecting the civil rights of those who choose to attend.

NYPD: Investigation ‘Ongoing’ in Alleged Assault of Jewish Girl in Brooklyn

Video shows the 15-year-old girl being punched in the head.

Pro-Hamas Protesters to Target Israeli Event at Teaneck Synagogue

"These protestors are here because we are here. They are seeking out and targeting Teaneck’s Jews."


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