New York Ed Department Offers Student Free Field Trips to Museum of Jewish Heritage

The museum visits are the second step in the new anti-hate crimes curriculum for New York City public schools introduced by city officials

Chanukah Machete Attacker Pleads Not Guilty

The federal charges could lead to a death penalty charge against Thomas if Josef Neumann, 72, who is comatose with a fractured skull from the attack, dies, God forbid.

NYPD Releases Video of Subway Station Swastika Vandal

Police waited to release the surveillance video, but are doing so now, hoping someone will recognize the perpetrator.

Cuomo Allocates $680,000 for Security Measures in Monsey, New Square

License-plate readers will be installed on street lights, street poles, highway overpasses, mobile trailers and police squad cars.

Jersey City Terrorists’ Bomb ‘Could Have Killed People Five Football Fields Away’

In addition to that first powerful bomb, there was enough material in the van to create a second bomb like it.

Official Welcomes Installing of 100 Cameras in NY in Response to Anti-Semitic Attacks, Calls...

100 new cameras will be installed in Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Borough Park. The first 30 cameras will be operational by March.

Democratic Candidate for House Accuses Israel of ‘Human Rights Violations,’ Supports BDS

The campaign website also states that “the U.S. government needs to stop enabling conflicts by reducing aid from nations committing human rights violations,” a reference implied of Israel.

Feds Add 5 Hate Crime Charges to Grafton Thomas’ Chanukah Machete Attack Indictment

One of Grafton's victims, Josef Neumann, 70, has not regained consciousness after suffering a skull fracture in the attack. He remains in dire condition.

New York Lawmaker Proposes Changes to Controversial Bail-Reform Law

A concern, especially amid the spate of attacks against Orthodox Jews, is that those who allegedly commit nonviolent hate crimes would remain on the streets, putting the public at risk.

Guardian Angels Arrive To Protect Jewish Neighborhoods

The Guardian Angels’ ultimate aim is to “engage Jews to get more involved, to be more vigilant – and not be as dependent on the mayor, governor, and the police,” Sliwa told The Jewish Press.

NYPD to Include Hate Crimes in CompStat Reports

“You can’t begin addressing the problem of hate violence on the street until you can track it, identify its source, frequency and where it is occurring.”

Mayor: With Violent Crime Rising Gradually in NYC, Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Up 26%

"An increase in swastikas, an increase in hate speech, escalation into shoving, some assaults and a 21% increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes in New York City.”

Neturei Karta on Hand with Anti-Zionist Signs at Mass Jewish Rally in Downtown Manhattan

Their Facebook page even offers sage advice: "How to address Anti-Semitism."

25K-Plus Cross Brooklyn Bridge in Solidarity March Against Anti-Semitism, Including Several With ‘Other’ Agendas

The “No Hate, No Fear” solidarity march kicked off at 11 am in Manhattan’s Foley Square.

Warning: AOC Will Vilify Trump at Mainstream Jewish Rally Against Anti-Semitism

The question is, will the mainstream organizers permit the extreme leftwing Congresswoman to hijack their protest to turn it into an anti-Trump, an, by extension, an anti-Israel fiasco?

Monsey Machete Attack Suspect Grafton E. Thomas Indicted in Rockland County

Thomas was accused to entering the rabbi's home with a machete and trying to kill as many Chassidic Jews as possible.

Watch: Chabadniks Overcome Black Thief-Turned-Attacker in Crown Heights

A number of Chabadniks overcame the thief/attacker. Mamash

Jewish Teen Attacked on Brooklyn MTA Bus

The incident is under investigation by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force.

Exclusive: Kindness for Holocaust Survivor Cecile Low, z’l, Results in Mystery, History & Joyous...

"Her closest relatives are in Israel. We can't find them. They may never have met, but they are her closest kin." We need to find them . . .

Grafton May Have Also Stabbed a Jewish Man in Monsey, Back in November

In addition to the vehicle, the FBI reportedly has managed to obtain the weapon used to stab the victim in November as well.

‘There Were…People Running in Every Direction’: Hero Recalls Moments With Machete-Wielding Terrorist in Monsey

“Thank G-d, I had the presence of mind to go after him to his car. I got his license plate and that’s how he was caught so quickly.”

Monsey Attacker’s Mom: He Was a Shabbos Goy

He "grew up going there on a Friday afternoon to turn off the lights for them.”

In NYC, Anti-Semitic Attacks Skyrocketed in 2019

New York State's new bail reform law allows suspects charged with nonviolent misdemeanors to leave the courthouse without having to worry about bail.

Jewish Woman ‘Physically Harassed’ by Teens in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

The victim quickly snapped a photo of the perpetrators using her smart phone, sent the photo and a description to the Shomrim civil patrol and called 911.

‘Hey, Jew Boy!’ – Brooklyn Teen Threatened by Anti-Semites Armed with Knife

The area has two synagogues within a block of the site where the incident occurred.

No Hate. No Fear. Join New York’s Solidarity March Sunday Jan 5

“The 1.5 million Jews of our great city and region will not stand down. We will not be intimidated.”

Chanukah Machete Attack Victim ‘May Not Ever Wake Up’

"We shall not let this terrible hate-driven attack be forgotten, and let us all work to eradicate all sorts of hate.”

Equating Haredi Judaism with Pacifism, Monsey Pundit Denounces Self Defense

JTA invited Shimon Rolnitzky, writer, activist and Chassidic resident of Monsey, New York to sing a post-pogrom kumbaya.

Giuliani: Mayor de Blasio Responsible for Wave of Anti-Semitism

“The two great lessons of the Holocaust are: ‘Never forget, and ‘Never ignore.’ Never ignore means you have to stand up to the first act of anti-Semitism," Giuliani said.

De Blasio’s New Plan to Combat Hate, Anti-Semitism in NYC

“Diversity is our strength, and we respect the traditions of all who call New York City home. Intolerance will never take hold here."


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