Jewish Representation Losing Ground In Albany And Washington

I have viewed my stature in Albany through the lens of how that helps me deliver for the people in my district, Myrie told The Jewish Press.

Elizabeth, New Jersey Schools Reopening All-Remote Classes This Fall

All the teachers who said they could not return for “health-related reasons” submitted medical documentation in writing.

Less Is Not Necessarily More

The Department still has not revealed the number of people who were transferred from nursing homes to hospitals and then died there, Gottfried said.

VP at Yitzhak Tshuva’s Company Sued for Holocaust Denial

“No company should tolerate anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial in New York City in 2020, least of all a company with El Ad’s Israeli roots.”

3 Arrested in Slashing of Shomrim Volunteer in Boro Park

The Shomrim volunteer was trying to stop an attack by the four suspects on a man who was sitting on a bench.

Rubbing SALT into A Budgetary Wound

The problem is Mitch McConnell. He’s been unwilling to allow debate on any amount of state and local funding.

NY Jewish Schools Join First Global Network of Israel Educators

Schools participating in the 2020/2021 program include Magen David Yeshiva, Yeshiva of Flatbush, SAR Academy, The Ramaz School and Schechter Manhattan.

While Coronvirus Declines In NY, Jewish Camp Operators Scramble To Provide Children With Learning...

There are free borders, Potosek said. The governor made that pretty clear. We’re not restricting travel.

NYPD Arrests 2 Black Women for Defacing BLM Mural Outside Trump Tower

"The police officer that slipped and fell in the paint is doing OKAY! Praise God! He had a hard fall but is doing very well and fine."

Gov. Cuomo: People Fleeing Pandemic to New York Because It’s Safe

Governor Cuomo threatened to reverse bars and restaurant openings if overcrowding there continued.

Vote Count Complete: Rep. Eliot Engel Routed by Challenger Jamaal Bowman 56 – 40

“The world has changed, Congress needs to change, too,” Bowman said in a statement to the media shortly after he was declared the winner.

Top Brass Warns Cops in Nassau & Westchester Counties to Stay Out of NYC

“It greatly disturbs me that the safety of officers and prisoners are not taken into account when laws are changed."

New York State Troopers’ Union Demands All Uniformed Personnel Be Removed from New York...

"We may be opening them up to criminal and civil liabilities simply by doing the job they were trained to do.”

Sleepaway Camps Become Day Camps In Sullivan County

They (the camp directors) are all disappointed that the kids are losing out and it’s sort of a mission for them.

ADL Offers up to $10,000 Reward for Those Tied to Anti-Semitic Attack in Brooklyn

According to the NYPD, “two men punched the victim in the head” after yelling anti-Semitic slurs at him on a Saturday.

New York Times Writer & Editor Bari Weiss Resigns

"They have called me a Nazi and a racist; I have learned to brush off comments about how I’m “writing about the Jews again.”

New International Mental Health Service for Coronavirus First Responders and Health Workers

The program pairs psychologists and therapists who are part of the PCRU in Israel with frontline workers in the US for a completely anonymous and free session.

Watch AOC Blaming NYC Crime Rise on Un-Defunded NYPD, Late Govt. Checks, Rent

The lies the soon-to-be two-term representative from the Bronx and Queens is spewing are so obvious, she seems to have a hard time convincing herself.

AFT’s Randi Weingarten: American Schools Won’t Be Able to Open ‘As Usual’ This Year

“There’s no way that you’re going to have full-time schools for all the kids and all the teachers the way we used to have it.”

Jewish Man Assaulted by Hispanics in Flatbush Shabbat Afternoon

The victim was walking home from a Shabbat meal when a vehicle with three men identified as Hispanic passed by him.

Close to 160,000 K-12 Students Studied In New York Jewish Schools Last Year

The increase in Jewish school enrollment last year is the slowest that it has been in a while and reflects a mass exodus to New Jersey, says Yossi Gestetner, a co-founder of OJPAC.

New York City’s Changing School Landscape: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

“Blended learning simply means at some points in the week you’re learning in person, in the classroom, at other points in the week you’re learning remotely."

Good Bye, NY Jewish Week, and Thank You for All the Stories

The world of Jewish publishing should be a ride in Disneyland: a haunted house where the walls keep pressing in and the floor is creaking open.

Full Details of the Court’s Ruling that Shut Down NY’s Sleepaway Camps

The case has has morphed into whether the governor has the constitutional right to issue the executive order closing down overnight camps this summer.

Federal Judge Rules Against Opening Orthodox Sleepaway Summer Camps

"Granting injunctive relief to open overnight summer camps runs contrary to the public interest in stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus."

New York Vandals Rip Down Anti-Slavery Statue on 4th of July Weekend

“What to the Slave is the Fourth of July” was an address in which Douglass questioned the premise of freedom and liberty in a nation that enslaved others.

Brooklyn Protesters: Genocide Since ’48 – We Don’t Want Your Jew State!

"The police are our enemies, they were trained in Israel. They're AN IMPEDIMENT TO THE LIBERATION OF PALESTINE."

NY: No Way Sleep Away; Camps: Governor Is Discriminating Court Will Rule Soon As...

Schick also told the court that in a sleep away situation campers are in an insular bubble having no contact with others from outside the confines of the campgrounds.


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