1,562 New Yorkers Die of COVID-19, Total US Death Toll is 5,810

In New York City, the death toll rose Thursday to 1,562 -- nearly a third of the entire death toll of America.

New Rochelle Young Israel Members Donate Blood Antibodies to Fight COVID-19

Antibody levels will be studied by medical professionals from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center.

Mix-Up Leads to Wrong Coronavirus Funeral in New York

“I’m sorry,” he told the shocked family. “We took out the wrong casket. Please wait while I return this casket and bring out Mr. Grunwald.”

Florida Gov. Joins 30 States, Issues Lockdown Order

In New York City, the death toll has reached 1,139, with a total of 44,915 more people who are sick.

NYC Hospitals Collapsing Under COVID-19 Burden As Death Toll Reaches 1,100

In Israel, 233 more coronavirus patients were recorded overnight Wednesday, raising the total to 5,591, with 21 dead.

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo, Brother of NY Gov Andrew Cuomo, Has COVID-19

The network said he is feeling well and will continue to anchor his 9 pm program from his home.

UJA Giving Another $11 Million to Remedy Coronavirus Damage

Monday's announcement of additional funding came after UJA had pledged more than $23 million in immediate aid last week.

Rabbi Josef Neumann Who Was Stabbed on Chanukah in Monsey Dead at 72

The charges against his assailant are expected to be elevated to murder in the 2nd degree.

US Naval Hospital Ship ‘Comfort’ Arrives in NYC to Assist in Fight Against COVID-19

The ship arrived none too soon: more than a thousand people have already lost their lives across the Empire State.

NYPD Battles Unseen Enemy: 3 Die, More Than 500 Have COVID-19

At least 11 percent of the city's patrol officers, a total of 4,111 officers, were officially out sick by the weekend.

De Blasio: Synagogues That Defy COVID-19 Restrictions Will Close Permanently If Necessary

"Take this seriously. You’ve been warned, you need to stop services, help people practice their faith in different ways.”

NY State Sen. Felder: ‘As a Result of Too Many Making Wrong Choices, People...

"The guidance is very clear and simple. You know what you’re supposed to do and what you’re not supposed to do."

Johns Hopkins: We Did Not Predict the Coronavirus Outbreak Would Kill 65 Million People

The Event 201 exercise did, however, produce a warning that from today's perspective is quite eerie.

Rabbi Avraham HaKohen ‘Romi’ Cohen, z’l, Famed Partisan, Mohel, Succumbs to COVID-19

COVID-19 claimed another treasured member of the Jewish community, a famed Holocaust survivor and Staten Island mohel.

Albany Beat

Screeeeeeech!   That was the sound across New York this past week as the coronavirus ran rampant throughout the state and life as we once knew...

Deutsch Keeps Amazing Savings Open in NY for Passover Shopping

There are some packaged foods that are sold at the store, although most of the items fall within the category of household goods and gifts.

NY UJA-Federation Giving $23 Million in Grants & Loans to COVID-19 Affected New Yorkers

UJA is making $250,000 available for Passover meals to-go that will be distributed to those who are newly isolated or quarantined.

42,660 Coronavirus Cases in US, 21,689 in NY State, 541 Americans Dead, 1,656 Infected...

Monday was the deadliest day so far in the US, with 100 new coronavirus deaths reported.

WATCH: DeBlasio Says NYC Approaching 10K Coronavirus Cases, A Third of US Total

"There's no more gatherings. There's no more events. There's no more big barbecues. All that is gone . . . Probably for months."

65 Chabadniks Came Home from 770 with Coronavirus

The health ministry continues to discuss tightening movement restrictions on the Israeli public, and one of the options being considered is to instruct all adults over 60 not to leave their homes at all.

NYPD Warns Crown Heights Residents ‘There Will Be Arrests’ If They Gather

"These individuals can be infected and can be passing along the illness to many other members of the community. People can die because of their actions."

Lakewood Pop-Up Wedding Hosts Charged, New Jersey Moves Into Lockdown

There were 1,327 confirmed cases of the virus in the State of New Jersey as of Saturday evening, including 16 people who had died.

Satmar Rebbe Diagnosed with COVID-19 Coronavirus

The Rebbe called on his Chassidim to set times for Torah study and to increase their study of Torah in response to the news.

WATCH: Novominsker Rebbe Urges Jews to Comply with COVID-19 Guidelines

We cannot behave the way we did last week or two weeks ago,” the Rebbe said in his message.

New York Goes to Lockdown after 10K COVID-19 Cases Confirmed

NY Gov. Cuomo: “I don’t believe it is going to be a matter of weeks – it’s going to be a matter of months."

Officials Alarmed at Spike of Coronavirus in Brooklyn’s Hasidic Communities

On Wednesday, Haredi reporter Jacob Kornbluh tweeted the video of an outdoor Orthodox wedding with "many participants in a cramped backyard."

Coronavirus Unleashes Panic In Brooklyn Supermarkets

When the butcher came, people lunged at him and began grabbing meat off his tray.

Shuls And Schools Across New York And New Jersey Close Their Doors

At Monsey's Yeshiva Ketana Ohr Reuven, four-year-old Tani Kahana has been davening together with his class on a video chat.

NYC Public Schools Close, Effective Immediately

"To say the least, this is a very troubling moment, a moment where I am just distraught at having to take this action."

Manhattan Synagogues Close Doors for Fear of Spreading Coronavirus

Those saying Kaddish should arrange to have someone say Kaddish on their behalf in places where minyanim are still being held.


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