End of Legislative Session Leaves Unresolved Issues

Ortt also focused his remarks on the lack of public safety legislation being passed in the Senate.

NYC Jews Attacked on Upper West Side During Post-Shabbat Stroll

Following her trip to the hospital, police officers took a report on the assault.

NY Gov. Cuomo: All COVID-19 State Mandates Lifted Immediately; In NYC, ‘Hometown Heroes’ Parade

De Blasio: “We can never thank our essential workers enough for all they’ve done for this city. But we can celebrate their heroism in our streets."

Antisemitism in US More Than Doubled Since Start of Israel-Hamas Conflict

There were 11 physical attacks on Jews during the reporting period, while there were zero assaults during this same period in 2020.

Professor Sol Green, Founder of 2 Social Work Schools, Passes Away in Jerusalem

Professor Green immigrated to Israel with his late wife, Julia z"l, in 1990.

Thousands Flock to Queens Cemetery on Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 27th Yahrzeit

Across the globe, people from all walks of life came together on Sunday to mark the 27th anniversary of the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Third Suspect Arrested for Violent Beating of Jewish Man in New York’s Times Square

The group allegedly knocked Joseph Borgen to the ground and then punched, kicked, pepper-sprayed and beat him with crutches while making anti-Semitic remarks.

Brooklyn Jewish Community Throws Weight in Democratic Primaries for New York Mayor Race

The leadership of the Satmar Chasidim in New York announced that they are backing of Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams for mayor after previously endorsing his closest competitor former Democratic mayoral candidate Andrew Yang.

Despite Homage to Dinkins Who Let Rioters into their Neighborhood, Crown Heights Jews Still...

An NY1 survey this week, two weeks ahead of the June 22 Democratic primaries, shows Adams with 22% of the votes, leading over Andrew Yang's 16%.

Jewish Communal Fund Gives Almost $700,000 in Grants to New York Jewish Charities

The money will help increase supply to a food pantry for low-income New Yorkers; provide Jewish summer-camp scholarships for children impacted by COVID-19; and create a center for preschoolers who need physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Israel to AP: Gaza Building Leveled Because Hamas Tried to Jam Iron Dome From...

"Israel does not suspect its employees were aware a covert Hamas unit was using the building in this way."

New York’s Coronavirus Era Is Coming To An End

“We are in a state of recovery – not emergency – and it’s time New Yorkers are able to return to their daily routines and a sense of normalcy,” said Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay (R – Pulaski, Oswego County).

Zeldin Seals Up Nomination For Gop And Conservative Parties Astorino Could Be Spoiler

With his 80 percent support, Zeldin will not have to circulate nominating petitions next year in order to be on the ballot.

Mask Flip Flop Confuses New Yorkers

"Children wear masks in school, inside. When they are outside the school building, in recess, etc. . . [so] there's no mandate for masks outside."

Albany Orthodox Congregation Petitions To Build Fences, Not Bridges

‘A fence would deter people from coming to shul… We need to figure out how to be safe in an open way and be proud Jews living in the community we live.’

Antisemitism is Prompting American Jews to Hide – Even in New York

"It took years before I was willing to put a mezuzah on my door. I was hiding, I guess. Now, nearly all of my Jewish neighbors are hiding."

NYPD Arrests Two More Men Tied to Anti-Semitic Attacks on Brooklyn Jews

Haider Anjam, 20, and Ashan Azad, 19, were taken into custody on charges of harassment and aggravated harassment as a hate crime.

36-Year-Old Lawyer Has Sights On Chaim Deutch’s Seat

I think my chances are very high. This district is a very conservative district – 65 percent voted for President Trump. I am a Russian speaker, and there’s a very large Russian Jewish demographic in this district.

Agudah Organizes Meeting To Respond To Anti-Semitic Attacks

There have been 63 assaults on Jewish men since the beginning of this year, three more than the same period last year.

Bricks Thrown at Kosher Pizzeria on New York’s Upper East Side Causes Damage

“The only kosher pizza place in the neighborhood, across the street where I go to synagogue, has been vandalized. This is happening everywhere.”

Thousands Attend Pro-Israel Rally in New York

The demonstration, one of 15 organized nationwide, comes after weeks of antisemitic attacks across the U.S. in the wake of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

De Blasio Beefing Up Police Presence in Jewish Neighborhoods to Curb Anti-Semitic Attacks

Over the past few weeks, we have reported several major anti-Semitic attacks in New York City.

Anti-Semitic Mobs Harassed Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn on Shabbat

When the men were locked out of the shul, they tore off the side mirror of a parked car.

AOC and Cronies Attempt to Block Biden-Approved US Arms Sale to Israel

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairperson Gregory Meeks (D-NY) declined to send a letter to the White House to ask for a delay in the sale.

New York Lawmaker Draws Fire Over Controversial Tweet Erasing Israel Off Map

“I stand against apartheid because I believe that all people deserve to live under equal rights, regardless of ethnicity or religion,” said Phara Souffrant Forrest.

AOC Slams Biden for Supporting Israel, America’s Ally

"Biden reinforces the false idea that Palestinians instigated this cycle of violence."


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