Guardian Angels Founder Curtis Sliwa Attacked, Jaw Fractured in NYC Clash with George Floyd...

Sliwa and his group were attacked by some 300 goons armed with claw hammers, lock cutters, metal bats, machetes, and crowbars.

FBI Investigates After Shooting, Stabbing of NYPD Cops in Flatbush

Commissioner Shea called for the violence against his officers to stop, saying, “Words matter.”

Can NY Jews Go Out After Curfew for Religious Needs?

There have been numerous inquiries about going to the Mikvah or to a Minyan for Maariv...

Cuomo Announces New York City Curfew, NYPD Force Doubled to Deal with George Floyd...

"While we encourage people to protest peacefully, safety is paramount; at the same time we are in the midst of a global pandemic which spreads in crowds."

Massive Billboards on BQE Urges Rioters ‘KILL COPS’ Again

The message calling for the murder of New York City police officers is one that is not new.

George Floyd Rioters Now Using Palestinian Authority Terrorist Tactics in America

A photo was snapped with Rahman holding a black-and-white keffiyeh to her face, possibly to mask her identity.

Day 4 of George Floyd Protests in NYC: Peaceful By Day, Violent After Dark

AG Barr: "It is time to stop watching the violence and to confront and stop it."

US to Designate ANTIFA as Domestic Terrorist Organization

NYPD police vehicles were smashed and torched in New York City rioting Saturday night. Jewish residents in Crown Heights were warned by SHMIRA to remain indoors if possible.

Dairy Food Distributed to Jewish New Yorkers for Shavuot in Brooklyn, Queens

Butter, cheese, and yogurt were provided to needy Jewish families in celebration of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot.

NY Times Runs Names of 1,000 Coronavirus Victims on Front Page as US Deaths...

"In my head, I was always looking to get under 100. ... For me, it's just a sign that we're making real progress,” Gov. Cuomo said.

NY Gov Cuomo: No Answer on Camps, COVID-Linked Inflammatory Syndrome Cases Rising

"Last Thursday there were seven countries and 17 states that found cases. Today, there are 13 countries and 25 states that investigated and found cases."

NYPD Busts 100-Strong Minyan in Williamsburg

The raid followed a 311 complaint from a neighbor.

New York Governor Cuomo: Within LIMITS, Jews Can Return to Shul

Felder: “We worked diligently to allow minyanim in our shuls. I want to thank Governor Cuomo for announcing ... that religious services are permitted.”

NYPD Raids, Shuts Down Chassidic Yeshiva with 60 Children for Violating Coronavirus Guidelines

Chassidic parents in Brooklyn have been complaining that yeshivas continue to operate in secret, and that parents are under "strong social pressure" to send their children there.

Is it Harmful to Wear a Face Mask? NY Gov Cuomo Calls it a...

"“When you wear a mask, you say, ‘I respect you. I respect your health. And out of respect for you I wear this mask.'"

No Big Apple Beach Parties on Memorial Day, Says Mayor de Blasio; But State...

“No swimming, no parties, no sports, no gatherings. If we start to see a lot of violation of those rules, up will come the fences closing off those beaches."

New York City is Looking for Blood (Donors)

“One thing you can definitely do – one thing that will help for sure – is to give blood in this moment of crisis.”

NY Gov Not Ready to Answer on Summer Camps, Mulling COVID-Linked Inflammatory Syndrome in...

"Nobody knows about this virus. I believe it's only 100 kids until you look -- and I think that number's going to go up."

Chareidi Jews Help Turn Tragedy into Treasure, Comprise Half of All US Plasma Donors

"Nobody is going to be saved or helped with the plasma staying stuck in me."

Sunday at NYU: First-Ever Virtual International Conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls

More than three dozen scholars from around the world will gather online to share new research and discoveries on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

FBI Arrests Neo-Nazi Cardozo High School Graduate for Buying Illegal Assault Rifles

Miner was arrested on Tuesday together with his neighbor, Daniel Jou, 40, in a hotel room near La Guardia Airport

Hispanic Couple Arrested for Ripping Off Face Masks of Williamsburg Jews

Of course, it was the Mayor who led the anti-Semitic charge back on April 29, when he attacked Williamsburg Jews who participated in a Police-approved funeral.

Jerry Stiller Who Gave Us Frank Costanza, Arthur Spooner, Dead at 92

His wife Anne converted to Judaism six years after the wedding and insisted that she did not convert under pressure from her husband.

Legal Group Probes de Blasio, NYPD Over Alleged Targeting of Jews in Brooklyn

It comes after New York Mayor Bill de Blasio upset many with a series of tweets about hundreds gathered in the Williamsburg neighborhood for the funeral of a respected rabbi.

3 New York Children Die, 73 Infected with COVID-19 Related Inflammatory Syndrome

Children have been hospitalized with the syndrome elsewhere in the United States and in Europe as well.

Lubavitch Fundraiser Celebrates Pesach Sheni after Recovering from Coronavirus

His wife showed up at his bedside after his recovery, her face covered with a mask, he asked her when was Pesach, and she said, Two weeks ago.

De Blasio Tries To Move On From Post-Funeral Tweet

His lack of leadership during the critical early days makes him indirectly responsible for having killed many New Yorkers.

Socialist Workers Party Condemns Mayor’s Anti-Semitic Tweet

Other folks, not just us, Orthodox Jews, think the mayor's attack on Haredi Jews was about as anti-Semitic as one can be in New York City in the post Father Coughlin era.

NJ COVID-19 Public Health & State of Emergency Extended 30 Days

“Remember, in the absence of a vaccine, or even proven therapeutics for COVID-19, our only cure is social distancing.”


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