UNRWA ‘Strongly Protested’ Tunnel Discovered Under Gaza School

“A man-made cavity underneath the grounds of an UNRWA school in Gaza” was discovered.

Days After Jerusalem Bombings, UN Official Says ‘Palestinians’ Have ‘Right to Resist Israel’

A UN spokesperson said he wasn’t aware of the video and refused to comment.

UN Adopts Outrageous Resolution to Mark Arab ‘Nakba Day’

"How can you expect that Palestinian leadership will compromise on any of their absurd demands, when every single one of their absurd UN resolutions are adopted?

Israel’s UN Mission Documents Jewish Expulsion from Iran, Arab Nations

The exhibition was held Tuesday, one day before the UN’s “Day to Mark the Departure and Expulsion of Jews from Arab Countries and Iran”.

US Ambassador to UN: ‘Deeply Concerned’ About Sharp Escalation in Violence ‘Between Israelis and...

"The lopsided focus on Israel at the United Nations. . . has brought Israelis and Palestinians no closer to peace,"

Ukraine Asked for It: Israel Abstains on Anti-Russian Resolution, Putin Welcomes Netanyahu’s Return

Netanyahu may restore Israel’s good relations with Putin after it has been wrecked by provisional PM Yair Lapid.

Ukraine Votes to Send Israel to Hague Criminal Court, Upset Israel Rejects Ukrainian Asylum...

This month there has been an increase in the daily entry of Ukrainians to Israel, which today stands at 217.

NGO Monitor Watchdog Alleges ‘Sham Hearings’ by Controversial UN Commission

NGO Monitor said it was not invited to this week’s Commission of Inquiry hearings, in which PA Arab NGOs designated as terror organizations challenged NGO Monitor’s evidence of their terror ties.

Palestinian Authority to End Push for International Court Ruling on ‘Occupation’

The PA wants Israel to end to Operation Breaking the Wave which has been destroying the terrorist infrastructure in Shechem.

Iran Attempts to Reboot Talks with UN’s IAEA Nuclear Watchdog

IAEA head Rafael Grossi has said several times the agency will not close its investigation until a satisfactory response is received from Iran.

UN General Assembly Aims at Israel – Not Iran – Over Nuclear Proliferation

The resolution, submitted by Egypt and supported by all members of the Abraham Accords, called on Israel to “accede to the Treaty without further delay” and ... not “develop, produce, test or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons."

Pro-Israel Orgs Respond to ‘Oxymoron’ Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry

Speakers at press conference organized by StandWithUs include the parents of a 5-year-old boy who died during a Hamas bombing.

UN Commission: Israeli ‘Occupation’ is Illegal

The report ignores the "actions of the dozens of terrorist entities seeking the destruction of Israel," the Conference of Presidents notes.

US: Iran’s Sale of Suicide Drones to Russia Violates UN Resolution

Report: Iran plans to send Fateh 110 ballistic missiles to Russia as well.

Israel’s Erdan Slams ‘Lie-Filled Rant’ at UN by Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas

Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan said Abbas's remarks "were completely detached from reality" and "further proved his absolute irrelevance."

Erdan: Sanctions Not Enough to Stop Iran

will not be obligated by any international agreement that endangers our existence. We will not hesitate to protect ourselves and. . . Iran will never have the bomb.”

Lapid Set to Call for Palestinian State in UN Address, Blasted by Coalition Partners

The revelation was hailed by Israel's left wing, but it was condemned by Lapid's own coalition partners.

Biden at UNGA: ‘Give the Palestinians State to Which They Are Entitled

"A negotiated two-state solution remains in our view the best way to ensure Israel’s security and prosperity for the future," Biden said.

Calling Jews ‘Enemies’ and Gays ‘Disgusting’, Qatari Envoy Loses Bid for UN Human Rights...

Instead, Patricia Hermanns, the ambassador of the Bahamas, was appointed to the post.

Israel’s Defense Minister Warns UN ‘Iran has Tripled Uranium Enrichment’

“Iranian activities spread terror and could even spark an arms race. I am here because I believe that together we can prevent it, and the time to act is now."

IAEA ‘Not in Position to Assure Iran Nuclear Program is Exclusively Peaceful’

"Despite the Agency’s stated readiness to engage with Iran without delay to resolve these issues, Iran has not engaged with the Agency."

Report: UN Refugee Agency Accepted $50 Million from US-Designated Terrorist Group

A pro-Israel advocacy group warns of potential peril of an U.N. agency’s funding by organizations linked to Hamas and Al-Qaeda.

Sarah Weiss Ma’udi Becomes First Israeli to be Appointed to Cabinet of UNGA President

Sarah Weiss Ma’udi will serve as a Senior Adviser and Deputy Team Leader for the Legal, Budget and Reform Team.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Calls on US to Leave UNHRC Over Antisemitism

“Why do we continuing paying for the UNHRC that continues to pummel the lone democracy in the Middle East, while allowing... worst human rights abusers to escape serious scrutiny or action?

UN Renews Mandate of Peacekeeping Force UNIFIL in Southern Lebanon

Israel has long accused UNIFIL of failing to stand up to Hezbollah.

US Warns Hezbollah Amassing Weapons on Israel’s Northern Border

“The . . . containers placed by Green Without Borders obstructs UNIFIL’s access to the Blue Line and is heightening tension in the area. . . this so-called environmental group is acting on Hezbollah’s behalf."

Iran Rejects IAEA’s ‘Excessive’ Inspection Demands, Steps Up Underground Uranium Enrichment

Iran has been using IR-6 centrifuges for more than a year to enrich uranium to up to 60 percent purity – a short hop from the 90 percent purity needed to create an atomic bomb.


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