Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry: Review of UNRWA’s Neutrality Offers ‘Cosmetic Solutions’

“Hamas has infiltrated UNRWA so deeply that it is no longer possible to determine where UNRWA ends and where Hamas begins,” a ministry spokesman said.

US Vetoes Security Council Move to Admit ‘Palestine’ into the UN

“Palestine” has permanent observer status in the UN.

Israeli Minister Calls on UN Envoy to Deliver Matzah to Hostages in Gaza

Hamas never delivered the medicine to the hostages either.

UN Security Council to Hold Emergency Meeting on Iranian Attack

Israel demanded an urgent meeting of the Security Council to “unequivocally condemn” Iran’s overnight attack.

Israel Demands Security Council Condemnation of Iran’s Attack

"I expect the Council to use every means to take concrete action against Iran,” Ambassador Erdan tweeted.

UN Human Rights Council Calls to End Arm Sales to Israel

The hate and hypocrisy in the UN continued today...

Iran Vows to ‘Punish’ Israel for Attack on Top IRGC Generals in Damascus

"The evil Zionist regime will be punished by our courageous men. We will make them regret this and other crimes like it, by God's power and strength."

UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon Struck by Hezbollah — Not Israel

The blast was caused by a roadside bomb planted in the Rmeish area by Lebanon's Iranian proxy, Hezbollah.

Russia Urging West to Join UNSC Condemnation of Israel’s Killing Top Iranian Terrorists

"This is another opportunity to test the real intentions of our Western colleagues."

Palestinian Authority Submits Bid for Full UN Membership

The United States has indicated that it will block the move in the UN Security Council.

Japan Renews UNWRA Support at $35 Million, Demands Reports on How Its Money Is...

Japan suspended funding in January after Israel presented proof that members of UNRWA's staff were involved in Hamas's attack on Israel in October.

Four UNIFIL Employees Injured in Explosion in South Lebanon.

The IDF said it did not target any UNIFIL vehicles in that area on Saturday morning.

Starvation in Gaza? Donated Food is Being Thrown Away!

"Waste of food in Gaza. Piles of ready-cooked meals, rice, chicken and vegetables, thrown away just inside Gaza near Rafah crossing."

With the UN on their Side, Hamas Rejects the US Brokered Hostage Release Deal

Mr. Netanyahu, before it’s too late, invade Rafah, and kill the remnants of the monstrous Hamas leadership. Your entire country is with you, even those who can’t stand you.

‘US Abandoned Its Policy at United Nations’

"Today’s resolution gives Hamas hope that international pressure will force Israel to accept a ceasefire without the release of our hostages."

Netanyahu: No Delegation to Washington After US Abstains in UN Ceasefire Vote

"The US has backed down from its consistent stance in the Security Council since the beginning of the war."

China, Russia Veto US Ceasefire Resolution at the UN Security Council

Beijing and Moscow said the draft resolution wasn’t sufficiently strong in calling for a halt to fighting in Gaza.

Alternate Reality: Iran Becomes President of UN Conference on Disarmament

"The Islamic Republic of Iran holding this position while developing a nuclear bomb and being found to have committed serious human rights breaches is an embarrassment for the UN system."

Israeli Protest Movement Vows to Block UNRWA’s Jerusalem Offices

Numerous UNRWA staff members participated in the October 7th massacre.

Israel Can Refuse UNRWA Access to Gaza, Says Ex-Agency Legal Adviser

“Some donor nations, probably led by the U.S., could defund and in whole or in part end UNRWA,” says James Lindsay.

Aid Entering Gaza by Land, Air and Sea, But US Still Finds Room to...

It's not clear why Blinken found it necessary to blame Israel for the inadequacies of America's international partners.

Israel Tests New Route for Humanitarian Aid Trucks Entering Northern Gaza

This was a pilot to prevent Hamas from taking over the aid. Israeli security personnel first checked the trucks at the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

UNCHUTZPA: UN Official Orders Father of Hostage to Remove her Dog Tag

Eli Elbag, father of Liri Elbag from Moshav Yarhiv who was kidnapped by Hamas thugs on October 7, 2023, attended a meeting of the...

White House Pushing Europeans to Support UNRWA Even as Congress Votes to Outlaw It

UNRWA says it will run out of money by the end of March, but the agency does not seem to be gaining the sympathy of Republican lawmakers, led by Chris Smith.

Israel Slams EU’s Decision to Release 50 Million Euros to UNRWA Terrorist Org

The move "legitimizes the involvement of UNRWA employees in terrorist activities and cooperation with Hamas."

Russian UN Envoy: Rehire UNRWA Rapists/Murderers

"We note that these staff members were immediately dismissed before any investigation was conducted, based solely on Israel's allegations."


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