Netanyahu Returns Home after Successful US/UN Trip

Netanyahu met with some 20 leaders from five different continents during the 6-day visit.

Democratic Republic of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi Announces Embassy Move to Jerusalem

President Tshisekedi said Israel will open an embassy in Kinshasa, Congo’s capitol.

Full Transcript: PM Netanyahu’s Address to UN General Assembly

"I believe that we are at the cusp of an even more dramatic breakthrough: an historic peace with Saudi Arabia."

WATCH: PM Netanyahu Addresses UN General Assembly to Standing Ovations

“Peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia will truly create a new Middle East.”

Majority of Israelis Object to Protests Against Netanyahu in US

Despite the disappointing showing, American and Israeli Media have devoted about half their attention to the protesters’ shenanigans.

Netanyahu Directs Nuclear Experts to Find Saudis a Path to Enrich Uranium

Israeli officials are "quietly working" with the White House to develop a "US-run, uranium-enrichment operation" in the kingdom.

Netanyahu Demands Guterres Change UN’s Negative Attitude Toward Israel

Netanyahu said bluntly that the time has come for the UN to condemn Iranian subversion and Palestinian Authority terrorism against innocent civilians.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Erdan Detained by UN Security After Protest Against Iran

Before walking out, Erdan walked around the hall holding a large picture of Mahsa Amini, a young woman murdered a year ago by the Iranian regime for not properly covering her hair.

Biden, Netanyahu Meet in NYC during UN General Assembly

The bilateral meeting is still a backhanded slap to the Israeli leader, who has yet to receive an invitation to the White House.

At UNGA, Guterres Decries ‘Escalating Violence, Bloodshed’ in ‘Occupied Palestinian Territory’

“In the Middle East, escalating violence and bloodshed in the occupied Palestinian territory is taking a terrible toll on civilians.”

PM Netanyahu Meets with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in NYC

The meeting comes as Israel is finalizing the sale to Germany of its acclaimed Arrow 3 exo-atmospheric hypersonic anti-ballistic missile system.

Biden Repeats Demand for Two-State ‘Solution’ in Address to UN General Assembly

“Israel’s greater normalization and economic connection with its neighbors is delivering positive and particle impacts even as we continue to work tirelessly for just and lasting peace, for Israelis and Palestinians, two states for two peoples.”

UNESCO Names Massacre Area of 3,000 Jews in Erfurt a World Heritage Site

The Old Synagogue was used as a storehouse and then a restaurant and dance hall.

Netanyahu: I Suggest the Iranians Not Threaten Us, Nor Should Leftist Protesters

As expected, President Joe Biden will not extend an invitation to Netanyahu to visit him in the White House.

Israel Slams UNESCO Decision to Label Tel Jericho as ‘Palestinian Heritage Site’

Israel slammed the decision, which it said was made “despite the many and sincere efforts of the Secretary-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, to balance the decision."

Netanyahu to Visit San Francisco, Meet with Elon Musk Before Address to UNGA in...

The Biden Administration appears to be continuing its boycott of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, who is now in his sixth term.

First-Ever Official Israeli Delegation Arrives in Saudi Arabia

The development comes amid a U.S.-led effort to persuade Riyadh to join the Abraham Accords.

Report: Chances Low for Netanyahu-Biden White House Meeting, UN Sideline More Likely

Biden's advisers are concerned that an Oval Office meeting with Netanyahu would damage Biden politically and give a political win to the Israeli PM.

Israeli Left 33% Likelier to View UN Favorably than in 2022, According to Pew

In a new survey, the Jewish state was the country most critical of the international body.

Knesset Members Join Emergency Field Tour of Threatened Archaeological Sites in Liberated Territories

"The story of the Jewish People and Jericho has remained immutable and embedded in Jewish historical consciousness for millennia and anyone who attempts to . . . erase the history of the Jewish People will fail."

More Insanity, UNESCO Prepares to Label Biblical Jericho Sites as ‘Palestinian’

Among the Jewish heritage sites near biblical Jericho are the Hasmonean Winter Palaces, King Herod’s Third Palace, a Byzantine-era synagogue dating back to the 6th or 7th Century CE, ritual baths, and nearby burial caves used by priests of the Second Temple.

UNIFIL Mandate Renewal Postponed Following UK, US Objections

The current proposal limited UNIFIL's freedom of movement in Lebanon.

Hezbollah Opposes Renewal of UNIFIL Mandate in Lebanon

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has warned UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres the potential for escalation on the Lebanese-Israeli border is growing.

Palestinians Preparing Major Diplomatic Assault on Israel

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres is expected to travel to Ramallah after the General Assembly meetings, while International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Karim Ahmad Khan is scheduled to visit in October.

DM Gallant to UN Sec-Gen Guterres: Iran Pushing for Confrontation on Israel-Lebanon Border

The parties also discussed Iranian nuclear ambitions and the spreading of terrorism and weapons.

At UN Security Council Meeting, DC, Moscow and Paris Take Aim at Israel

Washington’s ambassador to the United Nations repeated claims that yet-untried Israeli suspects involved in a deadly incident earlier this month were terrorists.

Israel Pushing Security Council to Expand UNIFIL’s Mandate to Include Hezbollah Posts

On Wednesday, the Treasury Department designated Hezbollah's Green Without Borders a terrorist organization.

IDF, Lebanese, Meet to Ease Tensions, Hezbollah Demanding Village that Wants to Remain in...

Needless to say, the folks in Ghajar village would much rather stay under Israeli rule than Hezbollah’s.

At UN Security Council Meeting, Erdan Quashes ‘Right of Return’

“Let me be clear: There is no ‘right of return,’” the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations said. “You all know this.”

US Proposes Israeli Concession for Removal of Illegal Hezbollah Outpost in Israeli Territory

The U.S. has conveyed to Israel a Lebanese demand that Israel halt construction of a security barrier in a village on the border.


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