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Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City visits at the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest prayer site in the Old City of Jerusalem on August 22, 2023.

WHAT HAPPENED: New York City Mayor Eric Adams visited Israel and extolled the people of Israel for overcoming hardships and creating an incredible country. The New York Times not only ignored the mayor’s compliments to Israeli Jews, it wrote that his comments were incomprehensible.

THE TAKEAWAY: The liberal paper feels that the Democratic Mayor is too illiberal and the Jewish State is unworthy of praise. It wants to make sure that its readership does not get facts but the paper’s jaundiced narrative.


WHY IT MATTERS: The NYT is saturating its news articles with its biases. It will undermine political candidates, countries, and people it dislikes, even when simply relating a quote. It is perfecting #FakeNews and deepening distrust in the media.

DETAILS: New York City Mayor Eric Adams went to Israel for a few days in August 2023, and shared how deeply impressed he was with the food, technology, and people. As he wound up an event discussing battling antisemitism, the current debates about reworking the power of the judiciary, and the “start-up nation” that remarkably produced dozens of billion-dollar companies (“unicorns”), he said the following to the crowd:

“Hard is starting this country being surrounded by people who hated you. Hard is to figure out how to do drop irrigation so you can start growing your own products. Hard is building and being not only a start-up nation but now leading a number of start-ups you’re seeing across the globe. And the reason you’ve survived layers and layers of difficulties and you’re still here, it is not because of the soil but because you’re made of good quality. It’s the people, folks!”

In covering the story, the NYT offered that Adams saying “Israel is a unicorn,” is “a metaphor open to interpretation.”

Unless this reporter has been living under a rock, everyone knows that a “unicorn” is used to describe companies that have achieved billion-dollar status. Israel has a remarkable number of them, despite its small size.

Even if the Times is clueless, how can anyone misinterpret “you’re made of good quality”?

New York Times belittling compliment to Israelis, August 26, 2023

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