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    The UN Helped Set The Stage For The October 7 Massacre

    Why should Palestinians negotiate a compromise with Israel when they believe that they will achieve all of their aims with global support?

    When Enemies Of The Jews Use “Any Means Necessary”

    For thousands of years, Jews have been hunted, caged, expelled and exterminated.

    Hamas, CAIR, DSA, Within Our Lifetime, SJP Are All Gunning For Jews

    Jews have enemies, and they are public and proud about gunning for Jews. Some are deranged individuals but others are members of organized groups...

    As The US Reels From Socialist-Jihadi Antisemitism, The NY Times Tells Readers That Republicans...

    The uptick in antisemitic hate crimes in the United States is at all-time terrifying highs. Since the October 7, 2023 brutal slaughter by Palestinian...


    It never dawned on American Jews that they were facing a threat as they watched a legal and financial system which was based on fairness and hard work in which they participated and excelled, being trashed as inherently racist.

    ‘Tis The Season To Vote And Donate Jewish

    And what about for us as Americans today? How do we allow terrorist supporters and antisemites to get elected and issue threats on the streets and college campuses?

    Purim And The 2024 Elections

    We are not powerless to stem the tide of hatred

    Purim 2024: Fighting

    We yell “Happy Purim!” As we munch our gar’inim Handing IDF foods in olive green bags.

    UNRWA Is Hamas’s Iron Dome

    ‘Shield’ is an English word which is both a noun and a verb. As a verb, it means to protect something, and as a...

    “Context” For October 7: Palestinians Prioritize Destroying Israel Over Getting Statehood

    Palestinians have shown repeatedly that the desire to eliminate Israel dwarves their goal of self-determination and a state.

    Martin Luther King and Zionism

    “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

    Fire UN Secretary General Guterres

    Rather than demand that the terrorists “be held accountable,” as with Iranians, Guterres urged “maximum restraint” by Israel. Instead of offering condolences to victim families AND the state as he did for Iran, Guterres omitted any mention of feelings towards Israel.

    When Founding Fathers Are Psychopaths And Cowards

    A country founded by psychopaths will in all likelihood be a failed state, prominently featuring cruelty, and a populace blind to empathy and reason.

    The THREE “Two-State Solutions”

    Permanently putting Israel on the defensive with one-sided resolutions makes Israel unwilling to seriously consider the UN on any matter.

    Judaism Is Uniquely Tied To The Land Of Israel

    The Jewish homeland is the land of Israel and its diaspora is the world outside of that land. No other faith has this concept of homeland and diaspora.

    Who Will Protest Or Resign From NY Times For Posting Opinion From Hamas’s Gaza...

    The Times figured that it would give its Sunday platform to a member of this U.S.-designated terrorist organization, as a form of support that people assume only comes from TikTok

    Gazan Civilian Death Toll Explained

    Incendiary comments fly in the face of Israel's concerted efforts to minimize civilian casualties as it tries to eliminate Hamas terrorists.

    Jews Are A Minority-Minority

    Jews are a minority-minority in the United States and around the world, persecuted and unprotected by laws and people who are both proud of their antisemitism and those who think they are fighting for minority rights

    The United Nations Fails Own Resolution To Combat Terrorism

    All countries should demand the resignation of the Secretary General and label Hamas a terrorist group immediately.

    An Open Letter To Progressive Diaspora Jews

    As your “allies” celebrate the most vicious cruelty to Jewish men, women and children, you pause to think that despite shedding almost every Jew and Zionist from your life, your intersectional brothers still see you as a Jew unless you can join them in cheering the slaughter of Jews and destruction of the Jewish State.

    The Dangerous ‘Settlers Storming Al Aqsa’ Fiction

    Wafa, the official media of the Palestinian Authority wrote on September 10 that “Dozens of settlers break into Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

    Every Picture Tells A Story: No Brutal Slaughter Of Israeli Civilians

    NY Times all the lies and the equivocations that are fit to print

    US: “Morally, Historically, and Politically Wrong” About Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

    Why is the Biden Administration so determined to spread anger, division and hate?

    For The Sins Of 5783…

    For all these things, please pardon us

    NY Times Mocks NYC Mayor and Israel

    The New York Times belittled Mayor Adams flowery compliments of Israelis.

    Palestinian Authority “Martyrs Fund” May Soon Fund Killing Jews in the US and UK

    Martyrs are a core part of the Palestinian Arab psyche which goes to the heart of the ceaseless violence in the region. It may soon go global.

    Act Against The Antisemitic Slanderers And Definitely Those In Power

    In the United States today, there are many raging antisemites who have been given platforms to air their putrid rantings.

    Palestinians Utterly Fail Two Tests: Oslo Accords And Gaza Disengagement

    Palestinians have violently opposed Jews living in Israel for a century. The occasional massacres of the 1920s gave way to multi-year pogroms in the...


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