It Is NOT Israel Independence Day But Israel REESTABLISHMENT Day

Israel did not become independent from anyone. Jews waited for the British to leave

Pros And Cons Of Muslims Considering Jewish Holy Sites As Sacred Also

The Islamist scars in the holy land have left Jewish sites destroyed

NY Times Highlights Jews’ Frustration With French Media Minimizing Anti-Semitic Attacks

When multiple antisemitic riots were raging across Europe in the summer of 2014, three articles by different Times writers described the mayhem as having an “anti-Semitic tinge,” in a disgusting attempt to minimize the blatant Jew-hatred.

Students For Justice In Palestine: J Street Is The Gateway For Jewish Anti-Zionists

It may finally dawn on the pro-Zionist community that the Jewish left-wing group is a dangerous gateway organization to destroy the Jewish State from within.

J Street Proves Again It’s Progressive, Not Pro-Israel

J Street is a progressive PAC first and foremost, which thinks nothing of standing alongside left wing groups that despise Israel.

Is Intersectionality Anti-Semitic?

The one issue upon all the marginalized can agree

Still Angry At Israel’s Existence: Three No’s, Racism, BDS and Anti-Normalization

The war against the Jewish State began militarily at Israel’s inception, as the armies of five Arab nations invaded Israel in 1948 in a war to...

Under-Educated, Liberal, Black Women Know The Least About The Holocaust

Today, the ignoramuses we churn out are given soapboxes on mass media

A Whoopi Goldberg Teaching Moment: Jews, Race and “The Other”

Black people insist on holding the mantle of Victims of Preference, and cannot let such a security blanket drop for a moment, even when discussing the Holocaust on broadcast television.

80 Years After Wannsee Conference, Arab/Muslim Anti-Semitism Dominates

Angry at the survival of the Jewish nation, Muslim Arab countries purged their Jews. Roughly 99% of the region’s Jews were forced out, an estimated 850,000 Jews

Decrying Antisemitism While Blocking Jews

Several of these blatantly anti-Semitic events were condemned by State Senator James Skoufis, which was appreciated by the Jews in his district. However, many of those Jews may not be aware of the anti-Semitic controversies surrounding Skoufis himself.

UN Secretary General Throws Shade on Israel from Lebanon

various comments made – and parties unmentioned – reveal a dangerous UN bias for the future of the country and region. Guterres called out Israel both directly and indirectly--never favorably.

J Street Pushes to Make Israel a Partisan Issue

Israel's PM Bennett had to smile while being treated as a mere tool in Democratic politics

Consulate Offices in Ramallah

Numerous consulates call Ramallah. Why not the US ?

Settlements For Peace

For too long people have embraced the timeless anti-Semitic tradition that Jews should be banned from living somewhere. Denying the human rights of Jews will never bring peace.

The Obama Administration Weaponized the Jerusalem Consulate

Obama Administration essentially set up an armed Palestinian militia inside the US Jerusalem consulate in 2015.

Considering Israel’s Model for Arabs Applied to Jews in a Palestinian State

Rarely does one hear what an Arab State of Palestine would be like, so perhaps it’s worth a review.

The Place and People for the Bible

Thoughts on the Tower of Babel and its consequences

Trends in Anti-Muslim and Anti-Semitic Attacks Post-9/11

In 2019, an average American Jew was roughly three times more likely to suffer a hate crime than an average Muslim

Evicting 70,000 Dead Settlers From Jerusalem

The PA has not clearly articulated whether its demands for "East Jerusalem" requires the uprooting of the over 70,000 dead Jews on the Mount of Olives,


The anti-Zionist lexicon is changing the very meaning of words in an aggravated assault against the Jewish State and Jews around the world. Everyone should readily recognize the mendacious slander and call out the perpetrators for their libel.

Hamas: Return of the Body Snatchers

If Rashida Tlaib wants to put a pretty picture on Hamas, the minimum she should is to get the political-terrorist group to release the bodies of the two Jewish men who have been withheld from their families for last seven years.

Rashida Tlaib’s Modern ‘Mein Kampf’

Successful race baiters become famous and powerful. They first attract attention which brings in followers, and then money and ultimately true power.

Zionism =Justice

Israel: Something for everyone


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