Palestinian Post-paid Terrorism

The PA pays the terrorists and their families based on how long they spend in Israeli jails which is correlated to their crimes – more dead Israelis equals more jail time and more money. This contract is considered sacrosanct by PA Pres. Abbas

While Lying About Israel, Democrats Demand Nothing of Palestinians

Israel is not becoming a wedge issue for American politicians but a symbol of Democrats abandoning the western world

Even The NY Times Needs to Fire David Halbfinger

What is Sunday without the NY Times? A much better day.

Liberal Senators Look to Funnel Money into Gaza

Warren joined Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Barbara Lee in asking ask Pompeo to provide financial relief to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem and Joe Biden

Ramat Shlomo is not a vacant plot of land, it is not privately owned by Arabs and it is not located in the middle of Judea and Samara / the West Bank. It is an established Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem.

U.N. Doesn’t Care About Middle-Aged White Male Victims of Covid-19

But the United Nations made a special call out for the young women in Africa when older white men in Europe are dying by the minute.

The CoronavirUS is Not Us Versus Them

Some far-left celebrities even accused Israel and Donald Trump's Jewish son-in-law from developing the virus so that they could get rich from selling the vaccine.

New York Times Pushes the Lie of Israeli Apartheid

A complete Times piece on Israel must have #FakeNews in addition to #AlternativeFacts and inversions

Ever-Elections, Never-Elections and Controlling Elections

Such is the state of elections today: Israel forever holding elections, Palestinians never having elections and the United States attempting to control the election outcome.

Antisemitism Includes the Denial of Jewish History

Limiting the definition of antisemitism narrowly to the Holocaust and Israel ties the two together in a false narrative that the world gave Israel to the Jews as penance for European crimes of antisemitism, which in turn produces more antisemitism

Organized and Disorganized Anti-Semites

Either way, Antisemitism is pervasive and pernicous

The Tikkun Olam Brigade and the Taped Banana

The fancy Art Basel art fair in Miami sold a remarkable item for $120,000 in December 2019: an actual ripe banana duct taped to a wall.

Chanukah and Fighting on Sabbath

Synagogues are now debating whether they need to hire police officers to guard their houses of worship, or at least have people within the community be on alert, perhaps armed.

The War Against Israel and Jewish Civilians

An average Jew is three times more likely to suffer a hate crime than an average black, and twice as likely to be attacked as an average Muslim

The Fourth ‘No’ of the Khartoum Resolution: No Return of Palestinian Refugees

What’s more, the no peace/ recognition/ negotiations with Israel not only prevented any pathway to peace for all the Arab actors with Israel, it slammed the door shut on Palestinian refugees having any chance of returning to homes in Israel.

Palestinian Arabs De-Registering from UNRWA

UNRWA Refugees are demanding de-registration from UNRWA to become regular refugees under the UNHCR which cares for every other refugee in the world.

Goodbye Mahmoud Abbas

Proudly announcing the funding of terrorism and inciting terrorism at the floor of the United Nations is the answer to Abbas’s own question about why the PA cannot be allowed to become a country in its current orientation.

There’s Nothing Worse Than Terrorism in France

Terrorism in France seemingly captures the hearts and minds of people around the world. Is it because of the country’s devout secular nature?

Denying Entry and Citizenship

The trend of denying people entry to a country because of the perception that they will foment hatred or violence is occurring in several democracies--including the US and UK

From “You Didn’t Build That” to “You Don’t Own That”

While Sanders wants to destroy capitalism immediately, Warren is simply seeking to establish the mechanisms to kill investment and motivation. Her long-term goal is to let capitalism choke under the weight of government

Muslim Women Debate Anti-Semitism

Omar, Sarsour and fellow Muslim woman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) are proud anti-Zionists who attack Israel with “apartheid” charges,

Muslim Women Debate Antisemitism

According to the ADL, once a country passes the 95% Muslim population threshold, almost every single man and woman hates Jews

The NY Times Will Not Write About the Preferred Violence of Palestinians

The Times presents a fake narrative to its readership that the Palestinians are in favor of a two-state solution and are valiantly engaged in nonviolent protest to achieve their aims, despite every Palestinian poll which shows the opposite. But facts do not matter for the Times; the editors have chosen the good people and the bad people in every story

Linda Sarsour as Pontius Pilate

Sarsour is part of a new wave of Muslim jihadists.

The United Nations is Beyond Criminal Prosecution

Politicians at play: They compete vigorously to get in power, to stay in power, and to remove the other party from being in power. Whether laws are or are not broken, the opposition party goes into high gear to bring the ruler down.

Names and Narrative: Zionist Entity and Colonial Occupier

This relationship cannot yield peace with the current Arab mindset, only a bitter divorce with two parties forever fighting over children who will never grow older.

The Ultimate Chutzpah: A New Form of Holocaust Denial

May 2019: Outright lies and inversion of facts took a curious turn. Instead of only manufacturing a narrative that Palestinian Arabs are victims of Jewish aggression and racism, a new voice directed the message that Palestinians were the saviors of Jews.

The New York Times Excuses Palestinian “Localized Expressions of Impatience.” I Mean Rockets.

The horrible anti-Israel bias of the NY Times has been going on for roughly a decade however, one cannot help but marvel at the entirely new expressions concocted at the paper to excuse the Palestinian war crimes.

Calls From the Ashes

The sentiments were that destruction of these particular Christian houses of worship were an affront to people of all faiths, not just Christians. If only the Jews in Jerusalem could get an iota of those sentiments.


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