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Abbas Declares All of Israel is a “Painful Settlement”

Palestinians are spending considerable energy to reeducate the world on manufactured “facts” rather than acknowledging the basic history, dignity and rights of Jews. Sadly, universities are listening.

“I’ll Take Terrorism for Millions of U.S. Dollars, Alex”

47 Israelis were killed by Arab terrorists during Trump’s term, the lowest tally in any four year span going back decades. Enter President Joe Biden in 2021, and...

NY Times Manufactures “Palestinian East Jerusalem” Narrative

The facts that Palestinians are the most anti-Semitic group in the world, voted a Holocaust denier to the presidency and a terrorist group with a charter which reads like a combination of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the forgery Protocols of the Elders of Zion to 58% of its parliament, never make it into the pages of the anti-Zionist Gray Lady.

The Hate Crime Offenders

Perhaps it is time to look at hate crimes through the other side of the prism.

3 1 4, Hebrew Pi

Hebrew pi is infinite and constant, just like God's promise

Importing Peaceful Ideas to the West Bank

Arabs from the West Bank have a more nuanced attitude towards Israel. Their opinions change depending on current events.

The West Bank / Gaza Coronavirus Gap

Why do Gazans want the vaccine while West Bank Arabs do not?

NY Times Considers Notion That Terrorism Against Israel is a Matter of Free Speech

The 2,000-word article ended with an exchange that suggested the public square deserved to hear from Leila Khaled:

NY Times Alternative Facts on Palestinian Elections

The New York Times once again wrote an article about Palestinians considering holding elections that could only be called #AlternativeFacts if one wanted to be charitable.

Progressive’s Coronavirus Contagion

The reality of the need to be able to secure borders for the protection of citizenry has never been more apparent

Brooklyn Chanukah Donut Crawl 2020

A picture=1000 Thousand words BUT ZERO calories

Abbas Failed To Capitalize on Trump’s Gift

Embracing terrorism and the public challenge of Trump’s demand to stop rewarding terrorism was too much.

Follow the Money: Democrats and the Education Industry

The big money to the Biden campaign came from the usual Democratic loyalists like lawyers and lobbyists but the Education sector was even bigger,

Progressive New World Order Flips the Holocaust From Anti-Semitism to Woke Fodder

Jews are becoming victims again, this time of progressives who see the ashes of Jews as merely fuel for woke causes.

Trump’s Term: Lowest Tally of Israeli Deaths From Palestinian Terrorism

Despite the tragedies, the last four years have been the safest ever.

Facebook’s Censorship IS a Problem

Censorship is a cruel hack that silences opinions and stories that stray from today’s new strictly-enforced orthodoxies.

On History and Civilization from the Bible to Columbus

Important events should be marked by their history and consecrated by the related timeless message, whether in regards to man or land.

NY Times ‘Recharacterizes’ Hamas as a Right-Wing Terrorist Group

After a decade of not referring to Hamas as a terrorist group in hundreds of articles which mentioned it, the Times did so FOUR TIMES in a single article as it linked it to a far-right extremist movement. Yet Hamas is not a right-wing movement but an Islamic one

The Cultural Appropriation of the Jewish ‘Promised Land’

The “promised land” is commonly used as a metaphor for a perfect society. Let’s strive for that perfection by acknowledging that its foundation is the Jewish State of Israel.

Socialists Take Page from Arab Playbook

{Originally posted to the author's blog} There is a major battle underway between Socialists and Capitalists in America which is using a template that the...

Victims of Preference

As a Jew, I’m jealous of Black people.

WHY The Progressive Assault on Israel

One upon a time, history was written by the victor. In modern times it is re-written by the 99.8% with smartphones and social media accounts. And we are not winning

BLM Does Not Celebrate Father’s Day

Does BLM believe that fathers have no right or say in the upbringing of children? The platform is seemingly deliberately omitting fathers, which leads to a reading of the entirety of the clause above as a motion to get society to fill the gap left by Black men who are not part of a “nuclear family” unit.

Americans Welcome the Philosophy of ISIS

And so it seems today with a new religion with a single truth which demands complete purity: #BlackLivesMatter #WhitePrivilege #DontSayAnythingCounterToWokeNarrative.

YouTube Enhances Hatred of Israel and Extinguishes Hate for Palestinians

Try this yourself (you don’t really need to as I just did it). Type in “I hate Israel” and “I hate Palestine” in the YouTube search bar and be amazed by the results.

“The Death of George Floyd” Opera and The Humanity of Derek Chauvin

How does one compare the killing of a 6’4” 225-pound man in a physical tussle to the point blank shooting of a wheelchair-bound elderly man and subsequent tossing him off a boat while on an anniversary cruise?

6-Day War Created Both the “West Bank” and the Notion of a Palestinian State

For the United Nations, there was no plan for a Palestinian state until 1967; there were Palestinian Arab refugees who were to become Israelis and there were Jordanians, those who had lived in the “West Bank” before Israel’s war of independence.


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