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Rudoren Unhinged

Progressive anti-Zionism has become common in politics, college campuses and mainstream media.

A Unique Evil: Jenin And Holocaust Remembrance Day

Palestinian terrorist groups are only coming for the Jews, and the majority of Palestinian society supports them. These terrorists are not a fringe radical group but represent a mainstream sentiment.

Israelis Targeting Terrorists, Palestinians Targeting Civilians

There is no moral equivalence between the actions of Palestinians attacking innocent Jews and Israel defending its citizens.

On Defenses: Provocative and Legal / Unprovocative and Illegal

It is deeply disturbing that Israeli Jews visiting their sacred site is greeted by condemnation by not only radical Islamists, but by the Western media and governments.

Menorahs of Defiance

A story for this, the last day of Hanukah.

The First Dreamer

Foreshadowing the Life Of Joseph

Review Of 2022 New York Congressional Voting And Spending

Looking at it geographically, Democrats won 10 of 11 New York City Districts, while Republicans won 10 of 15 non-NYC districts.

Kanye’s And Palestinian Arabs’ Antisemitism

Palestinians and Kanye are not simply trying to claim a piece of history for themselves and embracing the cultural appropriation of Jews. They are simultaneously trying to rob Jews of their history.

Explosion Of Liberal Extremists In Congress

It is not a dream--Far-left extremists have been winning a frightening number of seats in congress-it's a NIGHTMARE

Black Israeli Woman Runs Marathon. NY Times Calls Israel Racist

Racism? Apartheid? Only in the delusions of the NY Times and Israel-haters

Biden Disrespects Israel and Netanyahu After Election

Biden uniquely snubbed the new leader of the Jewish State. He treated the country as a vassal to take orders...meanwhile, leaders from the around the world had no issue congratulating Netanyahu and discussing collaborating with the Jewish State.

Black Lives Matter Is Driving Anti-Semitism

So Blacks gather even more allies to the BLM movement. Muslims, progressives and anti-Zionists who all feel victimized by "pushy" White Jews. Validating their victimized status, they can no longer be accused of anti-Semitism or racism, and demand reparations.

YU– AND Modern Orthodoxy – Are Non-Binary

students understand that regardless of their backgrounds, the school is run as a modern Orthodox institution.

Times’ Terrible Take On Failing Hasidic Schools

Headline NY Times probably preferred, "Hasidic Jews Stealing YOUR $" but, somehow, resisted, and chose to just make it a major point in the text

If Biden Is Half Right, Is He All Wrong?

The Left is "Right and the Right is ALWAYS wrong in the compass-less mind of Biden

Media’s Divergent Coverage of Abbas’ “50 Holocausts”

Much of the global media covered Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ disgusting comments while he was in Germany, as he tried to gain international support...

Jamaal “How Low Can You Go Man” Bowman Makes False and Vile Comparison

Disgustingly Compares Israeli Actions in Jerusalem To A ‘Military Coup’, ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ And A “Genocide”

Israeli-German Jews Find Empathy For Descendants of Nazis

The small community of Israeli Jews who moved to the epicenter of the Jewish genocide since World War II have made a peculiar peace with this past.

Times Refuses To State Judaism’s Holiest Site

The NY Times article would eventually reveal that the attacker was a “Palestinian man”, it would never clearly state that the victims were all Jewish. Instead, the attack was crafted as between warring countries, continuing a trend of Palestinians and Israelis killed over the past few months.

Judaism’s Particularism Protects Al Aqsa

“There can be only one.“ Highlander (1986)

Biden Bans Abortions

**SPres. supports Palestinian hospitals which ban abortion


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