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“Early demands for dismantling or changing it to a light water reactor is void,” the IRNA agency added.

While the outside building and architecture of Arak may technically remain “intact,” that word, as utilized by the IRNA, seems to espouse a fundamental misrepresentation of the agreement.


The agreement specifically calls for Iran to “redesign and rebuild a modernized heavy water research reactor in Arak, based on an agreed conceptual design, using fuel enriched up to 3.67 percent, in a form of an international partnership which will certify the final design.”


Code Pink Is ‘Thrilled’ With Iran Deal

The radical activist group Code Pink is “thrilled” with the West’s nuclear agreement with Iran, hailing it as a “victory for peace-loving people around the world.”

Code Pink joined scores of progressive groups urging supporters to “take action” by imploring lawmakers to support the deal.

Some of those groups participated in a private strategy conference call with White House officials earlier this month in which they discussed ways of convincing lawmakers to support a deal with Iran.

“VICTORY!” Code Pink wrote in an e-mail to members Tuesday. “The nuclear agreement is a great victory for peace-loving people around the world. … We are thrilled that after 30 months of grueling negotiations, a deal has been reached and we have averted another war in the Middle East.”

“Unfortunately,” Code Pink warned, the Republican leadership in Congress now has 60 days to sabotage the deal, putting us back on the path to confrontation with Iran.”

The activist group is asking members to “Take action and urge your Representative and Senators to support the deal!”

The group sends supporters to a petition posted at the titled “Defend the Iran deal and stop Republicans from starting a war with Iran.”

The petition is sponsored by Code Pink and other far-left organizations, including CREDO Action, Campaign for America’s Future, Demand Progress, Daily Kos,, and Progressive Democrats for America.

Some of those groups participated in the conference call with the White House, which was organized by the anti-nuclear weapons advocacy group Ploughshares Fund.

The Ploughshares Fund opposes America’s development of a missile-defense system and itself disburses financing to scores of anti-war groups.


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