Judicial Reform Controversy Emboldened Israel’s Enemies

[T]he reports about military reservists threatening not to report for duty created the impression among Iran's mullahs and their terror proxies that the Israeli security establishment had been seriously undermined and was on the verge of collapse.

London’s Muslim Mayor Picks Tranny Hookers Over Queen

Instead of a statue of Queen Elizabeth, Trafalgar Square will feature "transgender sex workers"

An Invitation To Three Remarkable Jewish Women

I have written here before about Facebook’s abysmal and ongoing inaction over antisemitic content on its site. Much worse; since October 7, has been its Fact Checkers interventions to quell and stifle posts supportive of Israel or condemning Hamas.

Biden, Egypt Warn Israel Not to Finish Off Hamas

"A military operation now in that area cannot proceed."

Biden Warned Israel Not to Enter Rafah, Israel Entered and Rescued 2 Hostages

"On the second floor, Louis and Fernando were held by armed Hamas terrorists"

INTO THE FRAY: Comparing Coalitions

While the current coalition is far from unblemished, things could be worse—and have been, recently.

Leaked Iranian Gov Docs Show Soros Group Acted as Foreign Agent

Should Soros and allies be arrested for failing to register as foreign agents?

The Super Bowl Will Again Feature Two ‘National Anthems’

Meanwhile, the NFL continues to paint "anti-racist" slogans in end zones and play the "black national anthem" before important games.

Banish UNRWA From Jerusalem

Today, UNRWA maintains extensive office facilities in Jerusalem, including its local headquarters as well as the UNRWA Microfinance Department on Shlomo Zalman Shragai Street between Ramat Eshkol and Maalot Dafna, even as UNWRA does not recognize this area as Israeli Jerusalem.

Kamala Keeps Pushing Biden to be More Anti-Israel

In Kamala’s Jihad, I noted her long history of collaborating with Islamists and her pressure campaign on Biden to take more of an anti-Israel...

Biden’s Playing Politics with Gaza War, NOT Bibi

Netanyahu is trying to defeat Hamas. The administration’s efforts—and its fictional “doctrine”—seek to depose the Israeli prime minister and re-elect the president.

UNRWA Exists To Help Fight The War To Eradicate Israel

The revelation of ties between the U.N. aid agency and Hamas is a small part of the problem. The real issue is the purpose of the institution, which has always been to perpetuate the conflict.

19 Years Ago, The LA Times Published A Column On Antisemitism On US Campuses

To make matters worse for many Jews’ psyches, not only has the institution they most revere turned out to be a moral wasteland and the most congenial place for enemies of the Jewish people – and of the United States (but that is another story) – at the same time, the people whom many Jews have most feared, conservative Christians, have turned out to be the Jews’ most loyal friends.

Israel’s War on Hamas is the Least Deadly War in the Region

So why does the media describe it as “among the deadliest… in history”?

Biden Permits Pro-Hamas Protests in U.S., Demands Israel Stop Hostage Families From Blocking Hamas...

"Any aid to Hamas must be conditioned with disarming its forces and returning all hostages"

My Shot At A Razzy!

The thought of massive numbers of demonstrators marching on America’s streets waving the chilling black flag of Al Qaeda and winning acceptance from the American government and people is beyond insane.

The ‘Rabbi’ and ‘Peace Activist’ Who Cheered the Hamas Oct. 7 Attack

“When I heard the initial reports of Hamas’ attacks on Israel this past Saturday... my first reaction was ‘Good for them.'”

Into the Fray: Incredible Imbecility

By MARTIN SHERMAN The historical record bodes ill for initiatives to engineer a Pax Israeliana (an Israel induced peace) between Israel and its Arab adversaries.

Pro-Hamas Insurrection Attacks White House, Force Evacuation

"The Secret Service made no arrests associated with the march"

Don’t Look Away from the Primary Cause of an Antisemitism Epidemic

As shocking incidents pile up and surveys show prejudice growing, the way woke ideology grants a permission slip for Jew-hatred cannot be ignored.

Protesting Truckers Got Martial Law, Hamas Thugs Get Coffee From Cops

What we’ve seen in Canada, as well as previously in the UK, is a political establishment dominated by leftists and in bed with Islamic terrorists.

Hamas Supporters Declare War on Christmas

“How many of y’all would come out on Christmas Day and ruin their Christmas?”

When We Got Scared

Whether the epidemic of anti-church/anti-state attacks are coordinated or spontaneous, they combine to achieve a common goal. They fracture the French nation and drive a wedge between good people on both sides of France’s religious racial/divide.

Can Biden’s Cognitive Dissonance let Israel Win the War?

The president’s rhetoric continues to turn against the Jewish state, but as long as the military aid keeps flowing, his appeasement of anti-Israel Democrats won’t save Hamas.

The Myth of Escalating Settler Violence

An ugly, fringe phenomenon being falsely puffed up to "balance" the crimes of Hamas.

This is Why America Forgot How to Win

When wars are run by politicians, the end result is a defeat that comes from never really trying.

Muslim Lives Matter. Jewish Lives Don’t.

The vast difference between how Paul Kessler’s killing and the wounding of the Muslim men were treated is a microcosm of the political bias and media narratives.


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