Honoring Henry Kissinger at 100

Dr. Kissinger is most consequential figure in US foreign policy of the past century. His record regarding Jews and Israel remains controversial, but I think that on balance Kissinger deserves respect.

AI is the Illusion of a Soulless Society

It’s easy to fool people who no longer know what’s real.

The Loyal Non-Jews And The Disloyal Jews

There is a sickening irony that history shows us non-Jews who heroically stood shoulder to shoulder with Jews to protect them but also shows simultaneously, Jews who stood shoulder to shoulder with their foes.

Trashing Nationalism isn’t Defending Jews

Demonizing those who march with Israeli flags on “Jerusalem Day” and conservatives who push back against the Marxist war on the West is equally disingenuous and wrong.

Seeking Jerusalem

We are obligated to be doresh Yerushalayim, to spiritually refine ourselves and draw closer to He who truly owns Jerusalem; to long for God’s revealed presence, seeking to encounter Him with the tools at our disposal. Already today, the Divine Presence peeps at us through the cracks of the Temple Mount retaining walls, there to be seen and experienced, if we only seek it.

A Biblical Law That Would Change American Life

This lie that whites bear animus toward blacks is destroying the American nation.

Celebrating Cynthia Ozick at 95

The illustrious Jewish-American novelist is a penetrating and courageous critic of contemporary society and its attitudes to Jews and Israel.

Can Israeli Resilience Inspire Alienated Americans?

After months of divisiveness, the country immediately united in the face of incessant rocket fire. Will a community unwilling to fight antisemitic progressives learn that lesson?

Godfather of Islamist Campus Antisemitism Plays “As a Jew”

Students for Justice in Palestine attempted to disrupt a Holocaust Remembrance Day event

INTO THE FRAY: Mika – Malicious, Mendacious, and Misleading 

Typical of the deluge of the Orwellian gobbledygook opposing the proposed judicial reform is a recent video by virulent anti-Netanyahu activist, Mika Almog, granddaughter of the late Shimon Peres   

Islamist Antisemitism is Flying Under the Jewish Communal Radar

New report details how Muslim hate groups have rebranded themselves as intersectional allies to Jewish left-wingers.

NY Times’ Unethical War on Chassidic Schools

The newspaper’s 18-part assault on yeshivahs says more about the decline of journalistic ethics and comfort with antisemitism than it does about any alleged academic failings.

Thoughts On The Death Of My Dog

From the first time I asked this question to the present day, in nearly every instance, one-third of the students voted to save the stranger, one-third voted for their dog, and one-third declined to vote.

We DON’T Need a Heritage Month-BUT Neither Does Anyone Else

Pride in our history is appropriate. But wanting official recognition has more to do with the impulse to get in on the intersectional victim racket than combating antisemitism.

President Kamala

The most oppressed woman in America runs for president.

Media Ignores 600,000 Israelis Rallying for Judicial Reform

But tens of thousands of lefties protesting against judicial reform is big news.

Tucker Carlson’s Fall Not as Good for the Jews as the ADL thinks

The former “Fox News” star took many questionable stands. But those who rightly see woke DEI ideology as a threat to Jewish life aren’t cheering his ouster.

Can Israel be Unified?

Israel’s future depends more on repairing a modicum of national unity and even global Jewish accord than it does on countering Iran

Make Cholent, Not War

It was quite clear that from the start, Prime Minister Netanyahu sensed the scale of the trouble and tried to proceed with caution.

Israel at 75: The Sun is Shining

On the 75th Yom Haatzmaut, focus on the brilliance bursting forth from the nation of Israel in realms galore.

Perils of Politicizing Jewish Philanthropy

As the debate about Netanyahu and judicial reform heats up, the umbrella group of Jewish Federations is showing less restraint about intervening in Israeli politics. That’s a mistake.

Slavery, The Left, And Truth

In other words, other countries imported 41 times the number of black slaves into the Western Hemisphere compared to the United States.

Stop Enforcing the Law and People Will Start Killing Each Other

The Left's opposition to police and the justice system ushered in this nightmare.

Only Montana Has the Guts to Ban TikTok

China bought D.C., but it forgot to buy Montana.

‘Occupation’ Myth Drives Antisemitic Terror

The biased reactions of U.N. officials and corporate media to attacks on Israelis as well as to disputes over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount are rooted in leftist lies about Zionism.

Where Holocaust Commemoration Succeeded and Where it Failed

Museums, archives of testimonies and educational efforts preserved the survivors’ legacy. Still, that won’t counter contemporary antisemitic hatred and disinformation.


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