Erase Jordan’s False Claims in Jerusalem

Israel has good reason to fear that Abdullah and Biden are cooking-up an attempt to impose new pro-Arab “arrangements” on the Temple Mount, with Biden coming to Israel in late June to ride herd on this issue. Note: King Abdullah has no claim to “custodianship” over Muslim and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.

INTO THE FRAY: 2020 Retrospective: Not Quite Impossible, but EXTREMELY Implausible

As the Biden administration continues to bring executive incompetence to yet unplumbed depths, any fair-minded person must feel increasingly compelled to question the authenticity of the 2020 poll

Hippocratic Israel Magnifies Kevod Shamayim in a Hypocritical World

The world knows only how to criticize and demonize Israel. What a shame. But at least Jews should know and appreciate Israel’s humanity. On Yom Haatzmaut, we can all add this to our calculations of kevod shamayim and kiddush Hashem (the glorification of G-d’s name in the world) that has been wrought by the State of Israel.

A Tyranny of Moral Minorities

When the will of 2% of the country is imposed on the other 98%.

The Implications for Israel of a Possible War over the Nile

The simmering conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia over the construction of a massive dam could have grave ramifications

A Chabad House, The Disney Concert Hall, And Free Speech

The great irony in this instance is that the Left labels as an act of hate a man giving a speech titled “Creating Moral Leaders in Children” at a religious Jewish institution.

Exactly Who’s At War With The Truth?

Most of the world’s sympathy lies with the little guy in this fight, but Ukraine has shown itself on the battlefield not to be so little after all.

Does it Matter if an Orthodox Jew is ‘DOXXED’ in an Attempt to Silence...

One need not be a fan of LibsofTikTok to realize that the decision of a major pillar of the media establishment that is owned by a Big Tech oligarch like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to target a private citizen in this way is a deplorable escalation of our political culture wars. That it also carries with it a touch of anti-Semitic incitement only makes it worse.

French Election Proves Poor Choices Facing French and European Jews

While Marine Le Pen is considered a threat to Jewish life, President Emmanuel Macron represents a centrist establishment that has failed to meet the challenge of Islamism.

Albany Beat – April 22, 2022

Conspicuously absent from commenting on the Benjamin matter is Attorney General Letitia James and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, a former state Assemblyman.

Plenty to Give Thanks For–Dayenu!

In grand perspective, see how many benefits and blessings the Heavens have showered upon Israel! It enjoys a strong economy, coronavirus and political stability (at least for the past year), diplomatic and security heft, renewed Aliyah, national resilience that stems from faith, and global Jewish support.

A Plague of Media Disinformation

A magazine conference not only failed to address examples of the media spreading lies, but it also gave a platform to those who spread it, including former Pres. Obama.

 Embrace the Abraham Accords Already! 

Western progressives are dissing rather than embracing the Abraham Accords. This is a tragedy

Why Palestinians Celebrate the Murder of Jews

It is time for the Biden administration and other Western donors to start banging on the table and demanding an end to the poisonous campaign to delegitimize Israel and demonize Jews. Until that happens, we will continue to see Palestinians dancing and handing out candy because Jewish blood flows at their feet.

Left Wages War on Childhood

Leftists demand safe spaces for themselves but take them away from children.

In the 21st Century, anti-Zionism Means Antisemitism

Prior to 1948, debates about a Jewish state were common. Today, as a Chicago synagogue proclaims its hostility to Zionism, it means siding with those slaughtering Israelis.

Save the Bennett Government!

The Bennett-Lapid government answered the desire of many Israelis for leadership that is neither radical left nor radical right. And it has real achievements.

Kicking Russia off UN Human Rights Council Means Nothing

Efforts to reform a body that traffics in anti-Semitism won’t work as long as tyrannies like China and Cuba remain members. The United States should leave and defund it, not try to fix it.

What Brings You More Joy: Your Child Getting into a Prestigious College or Getting...

From a very early age, using a happiness scale of one to 10, I have never aimed to be a 10. I always assumed that those who experience 10s are also likely to experience threes.

Violence Against Diaspora Jews is NOT Israel’s Fault

If the terror surge spreads elsewhere, the reason will be the normalization of anti-Israel hate and complacency about Islamist radicalism, not Jews bearing the burden of “white privilege.”

Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick

We are witnessing the crumbling of presumed alliances and the blurring of heretofore supposed friends and foes.

Israel: A Tale of 2 Parallel Universes

Israel seems to exist in two parallel, contradictory worlds. One is a false, hackneyed, out-of-date, and threatening universe where recalcitrant and violent Palestinian leaders are venerated, and admirable Israeli leaders are criminalized. The other universe is real, promising, forward looking, and stabilizing, and is marked by a peace dynamic that runs from Jerusalem to Dubai, Manama, Rabat, Cairo and Amman; and from Jerusalem to the most important leaders in the world.

Summit No Compensation for U.S. Betrayal

The meeting in the Negev with officials from the Arab world is historic. But while helpful, these new allies don’t solve the problem created by Biden’s appeasement of Iran.

As Panic Plagues Media, Dems and Never-Trumpers, ‘The Donald’ Calls Putin’s Bluff

Putin pretends to be a loose cannon, but Trump can actually pull it off.  Trump understands that Putin is bluffing and therefore he can be bluffed, which is why we wouldn't be dealing with this whole mess if 2020 had turned out differently.

Stop the Russian Invasion of America

Biden wants to protect every border except our own.

Zelensky’s Holocaust Denial Should Be a Red Line for Jews

A combination of Holocaust minimization and exploitation, which quickly becomes inversion with the Ukrainians as the new Jews and the Jews as the apathetic people ignoring genocide.

Envoy from Failed Past Presses Towards a Problematic Future

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides isn’t just out of touch with the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He sees his job not as fostering good relations, but telling Israelis what they can and cannot do.


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