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The 22.5% Test

Amazingly, Jews have achieved their enigmatic 22.5% figure despite being the most hated and persecuted people in history.

The Elections that Decided the Future of the Conflict

Israeli voters won’t determine whether peace is possible. That happened when Abbas succeeded Arafat and subsequently refused to hold another vote.

Why Egypt Does Not Want to Help Gaza

Why do Egyptians have to travel all the way to Israel to discuss supplying the Gaza Strip with food, medicine and fuel (through Israel) when Egypt can easily do so through its shared border with the Gaza Strip? The world seems to have forgotten that the Gaza Strip has a shared border not only with Israel, but with Egypt as well.

INTO THE FRAY: Domes and Drones

Will the growing use of drones by the Gaza-based terror groups make the billion dollar Iron Dome and anti-tunnel barrier useless—or at least irrelevant?

Critics Deny Jerusalem’s Past and its Future

A plan for cable cars to take worshippers to the Old City is debatable, but calling it a nefarious Israeli plan to ‘Judaize’ the capital reveals the motivations of some critics.

The Equation That Explains Evil

GI – W = E: Good Intentions (GI) minus Wisdom (W) leads to Evil (E).

Why Arabs Hate Palestinians

"Palestinians bring disaster to anyone who hosts them. Jordan hosted them, and there was Black September; Lebanon hosted them, and there was a civil war there; Kuwait hosted them, and they turned into Saddam Hussein's soldiers. Now they are using their podiums to curse us."

Into the Fray: Will the ‘Right’ Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory …...

It’s not enough to point out the flaws, however fatal, of the “left.” Rather, the “right” must present the public with a plausible and persuasive alternative that does not merely replace a geographic peril with a demographic one.

What ‘Our Boys’ DOESN’T Want us to Know

The problem with the HBO series about the summer of 2014 is not its subject matter, but its agenda of moral equivalence about a conflict whose story demands context.

Understanding Jerusalem Today

In actual fact, Palestinian Arabs have precisely zero national rights to Jerusalem. The nutshell story is that in 1922, the League of Nations issued a unanimously-approved Mandate for Palestine which stated that the entire area, including Judea and Samaria, belongs to the Jewish People. This document was never replaced or modified by any other decision

The Media Master Race

How the media became the enemy of a free press.

INTO THE FRAY: Incentivized Emigration: An idea whose time has come?

Of all the policy paradigms for the resolution of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian-Arabs, incentivized Arab emigration is the most humane if it succeeds and least inhumane if it does not

My Response To Equinox’s Executive Chairman

If you support what the left opposes, the left will do everything possible to destroy your name and your business.

There’s Nothing Worse Than Terrorism in France

Terrorism in France seemingly captures the hearts and minds of people around the world. Is it because of the country’s devout secular nature?

“I Am a Proud Jewish Person”, Says Bernie Sanders Who Pals Around With Anti-Semites

And every time he's defending an anti-Semite, the son of a Polish immigrant, suddenly declares himself to be a proud Jewish person, when he's actually a shameless leftist weasel who colludes and collaborates with the worst sorts of anti-Semites on a regular basis.

On Becoming An American Citizen

I came here from the UK. The capture of the once noble Labour party (sister party of America’s Democratic Party) by extreme Left-wingers and anti-Semites is now complete. A disturbingly high percentage of them come from Britain’s Muslim community where anti-Semitism is off the scale. The identical process emanating from the same extreme Left-Muslim alliance, the so-called "Red-Green alliance," has infected the Democrats.

‘We’re Anti-Israel, Not Anti-Semitic’

And if you seek to destroy the only Jewish state on earth, you are an anti-Semite – even if you don’t hate every Jew.

Denying Entry and Citizenship

The trend of denying people entry to a country because of the perception that they will foment hatred or violence is occurring in several democracies--including the US and UK

The Dismantling Of Society

Taking morality apart one issue at a time

Can Arabs in Gaza Revolt Against Hamas?

The voices emerging from the Gaza Strip are anguished and reflect the Palestinians' growing sense of disillusionment with Hamas. These voices, however, are still small in numbers. Hamas's brutal methods of suppression and torture have deterred a large number of Palestinians from speaking out. These voices will grow only if the international community heeds them and calls out Hamas for its brutal crackdown on Palestinians.

America Is Drowning In Lies About Trump

I could not anticipate how two horrific mass shootings would enable the left – the press, the Democrats, academics and Hollywood – to scream even louder than before that Trump and his supporters are racists and that their racism is why such shootings are taking place.

Tisha B’Av has a Message for a Divided, Troubled America

The curse of senseless hatred afflicts our society. But are we too entrenched in our partisan silos to listen to each other?

Training Future Hamas Fighters In Jerusalem

Hamas today has footholds in several neighborhoods of eastern Jerusalem,


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