Can a Disaster Breed Jewish Unity or Widen the Communal Breach?

Solidarity with the victims of the Mount Meron tragedy is a sign of hope. Still, the impulse to turn it into a political issue and cast blame on the ultra-Orthodox may prove more powerful.

NY Courts Prove Woke Politics Endangers Jews

A “bail reform” law led to the release of violent criminals who struck again and now to that of a man who vandalized synagogues. And still, the ADL and Jewish left are silent.

How Spielberg and the Genesis Prize Funded Anti-Israel Activism

Sur-PRIZE: The Genesis Prize was created to make American Jews more pro-Israel. Instead it’s become just another American ‘foundation’ funnelling cash to the organizations of the anti-Israel Left.

INTO THE FRAY: When Generals Stray into Politics…

This week--despite the resounding failure of the “land-for-peace” formula—3 former IDF generals penned an Op-Ed, urging the Biden administration to “keep open a path to an eventual two-state solution” 

Affluence + Secularism = Boredom = Leftism

People need meaning. After food, that is the greatest human need.

Note to Jewish Groups: Work for Justice, NOT Toxic Race Theories

Americans were relieved by the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial. Still, the JCPA and ADL shouldn’t join with partisans and radicals to exploit it to push a racialist agenda that hurts Jews.

How Palestinian Leaders Treat Their Refugees

They want millions of Palestinians to remain stuck in refugee camps so that the Palestinian leadership can continue milking the world for money.

INTO THE FRAY: When did Palestine become Palestine?

The Palestinian-Arabs’ claim for sovereignty over what they now insist is their long yearned-for homeland arose only after 1967—i.e. when it came under Jewish administration

Re-Branding The Vilest Evil

They are deaf to protestations that there are whole areas of knowledge (even when they conform to the Torah’s perspective) that are only taught to our children when they are no longer children and ready to marry.

Atarot: The Future Of Jerusalem

Atarot's sister-settlement, N'vei Yaakov, has now become two flourishing Jewish neighborhoods – N'vei Yaakov and Pisgat Ze'ev – in which many tens of thousands of residents reside.

Who’s REALLY for ‘Replacement Theory?’ White Supremacists or Liberals?

The ADL wants Tucker Carlson fired for racism. Carlson says his views on immigration are the same as Israel’s. Why both assertions are wrong.

Why Are Whites Hated?

So, too, is America hated for placing the Bible at the center of its value system, its belief in being a "second" chosen people, its freedoms, and its capitalism.

Systemic Racism is a Conspiracy Theory Cult

A conspiracy theory that explains everything in the world as racism.

Palestinian Elections: What the Biden Administration Does Not Want to Know

These Palestinians oppose any recognition of Israel's right to exist; they oppose any form of normalization with Israel; they oppose any peace talks with Israel and have repeatedly denounced any peace process with Israel as an act of treason.

Why Is The Left Ignoring The Murder Of A Pakistani Immigrant?

The mainstream media have a mission that has nothing to do with reporting truth.

Cuomo’s Vaccine Passports and the IBM Connection

Are you a New Yorker who wants to live a normal life? Move to Florida.

Mask-Wearing Represents Fear And Blind Obedience

Forcing hundreds of thousands of people to die alone will go down as one of the cruelest policies ever adopted by American authorities.

Why are Jews and Poles Still Arguing about the Holocaust?

A misleading article about historians and Polish complicity has exacerbated a controversy that distracts us from the need to fight contemporary anti-Semitism rather than relitigate old battles.

Bibi and the Babylonian Talmud

Dispassionate analysis of the political deadlock in Israel will reveal that this state of suspended political animation is the result of nothing more than what the Jewish sages designated as “baseless hatred” among Jews.

How Many American Jews are There? Does it Really Matter?

A new population study claims that there are 7.6 million Jews in the United States. But is it including people like the vice president’s stepdaughter who say they aren’t Jewish?

The American Civil War Is Over Judeo-Christian Values

In America today, more people fear the print, electronic, and social media than fear G-d.

The Left’s Latest Lie: Anti-Asian Racism

You read that right: The number of incidents "soared" and "jumped" to 28 – in a city of 8.4 million people.

Does the Haggadah Teach the Meaning of Life?

A new guide to the book we read at Passover seders offers some food for thought about why there’s more to the holiday than a ritual meal.

Israeli Democracy is Still not in Danger

Netanyahu’s critics are again predicting the demise of democratic rule should he and a right-wing/religious-party coalition emerge from the next election. They’re still wrong.

The Last 3 Dem Governors of New York Sexually Harassed Women

For 20 years, Democrat sexual predators have run the state of New York

How Arabs Discriminate Against Palestinians

Palestinian leaders are much too busy attacking Israel and demanding that the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecute Israelis for alleged "war crimes" against the Palestinians to notice the suffering of Palestinians at the hands of an Arab country.

Sickthink And Sickspeak

Newspeak restricted vocabulary so as to limit the people's ability to think “dangerous” and "subversive" concepts such as personal identity, self-expression and free will.

The Human Need To Feel Important

More and more American women have come to rely on the government, not on a husband. The results have been calamitous.

Democrats Want to Free Criminals, Open Borders and Lock Up Guns

Passing gun laws they won’t enforce to stop the criminals they won’t arrest.

Palestinians: Why Terrorists Support Mass Murderers

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and all of Iran's militias throughout the Middle East have a single goal in common: the annihilation of Israel.


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