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What Anti-Semites Do For Us

“I remember my dad tried to make me Jewish and failed, the local rabbi tried to make me Jewish and failed, my Jewish friends tried to make me Jewish and failed. It took the leader (Corbyn) of the Labour Party to do that.”

Netanyahu Has To Go

Bibi has to go because he turned Israel into a society whose whole is smaller than the sum of its parts.

Does The Left Care About Truth?

Truth has never been a leftist value. For the left, there is always something more important. In this case, it is the humiliation of the president of the United States.

New Mall Exposes Fatah’s True Colors

The mall, however, has already drawn Fatah boycott calls as well as several Arab-hurled firebombs.

A Cautionary Tale of European anti-Semitism

We have come to assume that, like the weather, all we can do in the face of European hatred of Jews is to shrug and move on with our lives.

INTO THE FRAY: Will the “New Right” get it Right?

If the “New Right” is to really advance “Right wing” causes, it must abandon schemes that lead to the Lebanonization or Balkanization of Israeli society & work towards legitimizing the idea of incentivized emigration of the Arab population of Judea-Samaria

Amnesty International’s Rankings for 2017/2018

In what world can anyone seriously consider the reports of an organization that believes that Israel and the United States are worse human rights abusers than Syria and Saudi Arabia?

Build an Aliyah Museum

These Aliyah stories and others like them, such as the Prisoners of Zion who stood up to the Soviet Union and demanded freedom, deserve more than just being commemorated in books, stamps or newspaper articles. A national museum of aliyah, rich in videos, personal stories and artifacts, could serve as an invaluable tool for strengthening the nation's commitment to encouraging and absorbing future immigrants.

BDS Bill Debate is About anti-Semitism, NOT Speech

Rashida Tlaib’s dual-loyalty smear demonstrates why American Jews, who are the real target of the BDS movement, need to speak up.

2019 Will Be A Dark Year

From the French Revolution to this day, the two great aims of the left have been promising utopia to the malcontented and accumulating as much power as possible. All moral values are subservient to these goals

The Polls Are Wrong

Don’t let the headlines that will be forgotten tomorrow demoralize you today. Zehut is preparing a surprising campaign and from our lowest opening point we will finish this campaign, with God’s help, with a huge surprise

The ‘Pittsburgh Platform’ and the Push for a New Jewish Schism

“New York Times” editor seeks not merely to distort the debate about anti-Semitism, but to resurrect a failed attempt to abandon Jewish peoplehood.

On Heretics and Slanderers

There is a gap in the Jewish people, just as there was thousands of years ago: there are those that believe in traditional rabbinic Judaism and those that reject it. There are those that seek to slander and malign fellow Jews to the world and those that condemn such actions.

INTO THE FRAY: “Terror”, tigers and tabby cats…

One cannot but think that if another country treated Jews, wearing “kippot” and “peyote”, the way Jewish minors, accused of “terror” are treated in Israel, it would surely be engulfed in a wave of outrage and condemned for blatant anti-Semitism

Winston Churchill And Israel’s Darkest Hour

The need for Churchillian leadership in today's Israel.

The Left Will Make 2019 a Dark Year

From the French Revolution to this day, the two great aims of the left have been promising utopia to the malcontented and accumulating as much power as possible. All moral values are subservient to these goals

The Real “Symbol of the Conflict”: Neta Sorek

The real “symbol of the conflict” is a slaughtered Jewish feminist peace activist by Palestinian Arabs who infiltrated Israel.

How to Double the Aliyah Rate to Israel

Clearly, Israel needs to do more to attract aliyah, especially when so many potential immigrants are increasingly considering the possibility of emigrating from the lands of their birth.

Tectonic Shifts in Attitudes toward Israel

Muslims show increasing indifference to the breakdown in Palestinian-Israeli diplomacy, but Leftists express growing anger over it. Thanks to a mix of Palestinian public relations expertise and continued antisemitism, the welfare of this small and powerless but fanatical population has transmogrified into the premier global issue of human rights

Agenda for 2019: Defend Jewish Interests, not Partisanship

After a year of division, it’s time for Jews on both sides of the blue-red divide to be willing to take on their allies.

Will Darth Vader Leave The BDS Movement?

Is there any hope for the Jewish supporters of the BDS movement? Is there any hope that, against all odds, many – or some, or perhaps a few – will abandon the Dark Side, that old special hatred to which they’ve allied themselves?

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Our rightist government managed to knock over an inside wall with tweezers as the family of the terrorist looked on and laughed. Yet, the same government displayed amazing perseverance and thoroughness when it came to destroying entire Jewish neighborhoods because somebody there built one meter of his home on ownerless land.


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