INTO THE FRAY: Back from the Brink!

The false façade of Blue & White was even more friable and fragile than anyone imagined; under the assault of recalcitrant reality, even the fast-drying Bibiphobic glue proved unable to hold things together.

Jerusalem Steps Up To The Plate

We must ensure that Yerushalayim remains united under Israeli sovereignty with a large Jewish majority. History, ethics, security, and simple logic all indicate that we must stand firm in the face of international Muslim pressure and propaganda.

Suggestions For This Difficult Time

watching depressing, panic-inducing news about Covid-19 24/7 will only make you jittery, anxious, and depressed. It's good for the news networks' ratings, but it's bad for your mental health. Instead, you can read, talk to friends, watch movies, learn a language, listen to music, start a journal, walk outside, garden, or engage in hobbies. Do that project you've never had time to get to. In short, don't preoccupy yourself with the virus.

Palestinians: Fighting against Coronavirus, for Freedom of Speech

Both the PA and Hamas, even during the difficult time of a pandemic, as they have made abundantly clear, do not hesitate to pursue their repressive measures against anyone who dares to speak out against financial and administrative corruption, or expresses views that annoy any Palestinian leaders.

The CoronavirUS is Not Us Versus Them

Some far-left celebrities even accused Israel and Donald Trump's Jewish son-in-law from developing the virus so that they could get rich from selling the vaccine.

New York Times Pushes the Lie of Israeli Apartheid

A complete Times piece on Israel must have #FakeNews in addition to #AlternativeFacts and inversions

INTO THE FRAY: Why Netanyahu Must NOT Step Down

In stark contrast to Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert was indicted on existing interpretation of the law, no “creative” legal precedents were needed to prosecute him, there were no claims of selective prosecution, or allegations of police investigatory misconduct.

Conspiracy Theories in a Time of Virus

Israelis lead in the search for a COVID-19 cure is being twisted to confirm conspiracist suspicions of Israeli profiteering.

Palestinian Leaders Use Coronavirus to Attack Israel

The Palestinian leaders, who are pursuing their efforts to prosecute Israelis for "war crimes," have been concealing from their own people and the international community the fact that Israel is assisting them in the war on the coronavirus.

Why The Remedy May Be Worse Than The Disease

If the government can order society to cease functioning – ordering restaurants and other businesses to schools – due to a possible health disaster, it is highly likely that a Democratic president and Congress will similarly declare an emergency and assert authoritarian rule to prevent what they consider the even greater "existential threat" to human life posed by global warming.

Bibi Said He Would Expand Jerusalem – And Then Came The Elections

The truth must be told. Had Netanyahu actually taken the steps he has so often outlined to build up the Jewish presence in Yerushalayim, Israel would not now be under the gun not to take the steps so necessary to ensuring full Jewish sovereignty in the Holy Land.

Long Live The Lie

Truth, honesty and trust, are under attack like never before and the attack is quite deliberate--Hiilary, Putin, Warren

INTO THE FRAY: No! Not All Votes are Equal!

There is—and should be--a qualitative difference (i.e. a structural inequality) between votes cast for parties that wish to undermine the Jewish nation-state and those who wish to protect and preserve it

Pandemic Panic: Breeding Ground for the Jew-Hatred Virus

Like every other calamity in history, the coronavirus provides an excuse and a platform for anti-Semites. But blame on it those who legitimize hate, not the disease.

Unexpected Crisis Debunks the Trump-Netanyahu Analogy.

The coronavirus panic has hurt the president, but the prime minister’s handling of it reminds Israelis of his best qualities and has changed the dynamic of the government coalition standoff

INTO THE FRAY: Fickle, Faithless, Feckless

There seems no rational explanation for Blue and White's manifestly irrational behavior other than that Netanyahu’s rivals’ seemingly pathological ad hominem hatred for him has totally unhinged them from any reasonable and responsible political action.

We Know Not What They Speak : Evangelical Wordplay Part 1

Despite denials, by partnering with evangelical leaders and organizations, a number of today's Jewish scholars, community leaders and activists are collaborating with missionaries.

What Makes You Better Than Them? (A Purim Tale – Or Is It?)

Hashem gave us our house, but now this man wants it, and we should give it to him. Why do we deserve our house more than he does?

From Hysteria To Hysteria

Unless the coronavirus becomes a worldwide mass killer, it will be fair to say that the hysteria over coronavirus will cause much more suffering than the virus.

3 Elections=2 Basic Facts

The effort to break the logjam established that there is a broad consensus on national security, and that only judges, and not political rivals, can topple Netanyahu.

Who Is Preventing Palestinians From Voting?

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip will have to continue accepting the reality of living under the unelected and totalitarian leaders of the PA and Hamas. For the Palestinians, each Israeli election serves as a sad reminder of the catastrophic failure of Palestinian leaders and the complete absence of democracy under the PA and Hamas.

Ever-Elections, Never-Elections and Controlling Elections

Such is the state of elections today: Israel forever holding elections, Palestinians never having elections and the United States attempting to control the election outcome.

ICE Should Deport George Soros as a Nazi Collaborator

George Soros never paid for a lifetime of misdeeds. And it would also be fitting to start with what may be his oldest crime. The Holtzman Amendment leaves no room for Nazi collaborators in America.

Where was Bernie when Americans Fought for Soviet Jewry?

Sanders is criticized for his attitude towards Cuba, but it matters that while other Jews were protesting Soviet anti-Semitism, the Socialist had other priorities.

The Smart, Good Fight: How To Respond To Campus Anti-Semitism

There is only one thing that a university like Rutgers, given its doubtful history of toleration of anti-Semitic activity, will react to – and that is legal action.

Why The Left Calls Good People Racist

First, truth is not a left-wing value. Second, smearing opponents is not only a left-wing value; it is the left's modus operandi.

Bernie Sanders Went to ISNA Convention w/Supporters of Killing Gays, Won’t Go To AIPAC

Bernie did go to ISNA where there are plenty of supporters of killing Jews, Americans, and other people Bernie hates.

Where Do Orthodox Jews Stand On Abortion?

Yeshiva-educated Jews take pride in making fine distinctions. Perhaps rightfully so. The ability to distinguish – after all – is the basis of wisdom, says the Gemara.


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