Parental Authority: Foundation of Family; Foundation of Civilization

One result of the breakdown of parental authority is that we probably have more child-parent alienation than at any time in American history.

Israel’s ‘Peace Partner’ Is Slaughtering Israelis

The international community, for its part, is so preoccupied with bashing Israel that no one is calling out these putative Palestinian "peace partners" over their role in terrorism. This silence is also encouraging these Palestinian "peace partners" to continue their attacks.

Jerusalem’s New Vibrant Culture Center: Mt. Of Olives

Most importantly, the Jewish presence in the area of the Mt. of Olives, and throughout eastern Jerusalem, has grown significantly in recent years.

Is the World A Better Place With You In It?

My reasoning was that self-esteem needs to be earned, that it cannot and should not be given. People walking around with unearned high self-esteem are often a danger to society.

Long Live The King

The fact that she died in her beloved Scotland, brought a cascade of memories about my own mom and dad rushing back and I cried again.

Imagine: Israel-The Role Model for Arab Countries

On their second anniversary, it can be said that the Abraham Accords constitute an ideological breakthrough of Biblical magnitude.

The Immorality of Identity Politics

Its only liberation is from personal responsibility and conscience.

Why Do Jews Who Worship ‘Social Justice’ Promote “Social Injustice’?

Liberals are backing open borders and loan bailouts that hurt working-class Americans and could lead to a massive wealth transfer from the less well-off to the more prosperous.

Nice People Do a Lot of Damage

Historically, much evil has been abetted by nice people.

The Only Certainty About Ukraine War: It Will Go On

Had Trump or a strong Republican been in office (or at least a less pathetically inept Democrat), Putin might not have gone all in. Now that he’s all in, this war isn’t just going to vanish.

ADL Gets Woke, Greenblatt Should Get Gone

Under its current leader, ADL discarded nonpartisanship. But the inclusion of critical race theory in the curricula it gives schools is not an isolated blunder.

Keeping Up with the Times–in Death

How the NY Times Covered the Deaths of Stalin and Queen Elizabeth’s

Who is the 21st-Century’s Role Model? Queen Elizabeth or AOC?

The world mourned a woman whose dignity and devotion to duty moved all, while America celebrates a woke princess who screams hypocritical self-involvement.

Biden is More Dangerous Than Ever

His only hope for being more than a one-termer is a civil war against Republicans.

Butt OUT!

Washington and Brussels have no business second-guessing Israel’s security operations.

Transgender Historical Revisionism

"The sex and gender binary was produced out of colonialism”.

Arabs to Biden: Do Not Sign the Iran Deal, It Will Start a War

The Arabs... appear convinced that that pouring billions of dollars on the mullahs will eventually bring terrorism and violence to the US and the other Western powers involved in the new deal, if not a major war.

Zionism Won. So Why is it Still Attacked 125 Years after Basel?

The anniversary of Theodor Herzl’s convening of the First Zionist Congress is cause for celebration; however, the ongoing battle to secure Jewish self-determination is far from over.

Brave and Brazen EU 20

On Europe’s insolence towards Israel and its willfully blind reverence for the Palestinians.

An End to the Delusions about Biden, Iran and Israel?

Lapid’s claims about influencing Washington notwithstanding, the failure of Jerusalem’s impotent and belated nuclear-deal protests should be a wake-up call about a shaky alliance

Biden’s Weakness Casus Belli in Iran’s Proxy War Against Israel

Once again, the Biden administration's irresolution has only served to embolden the terrorists and their masters in Tehran, as well as the Russians and the Chinese Communist Party.

Biden Lied, Americans Died

Congressional report exposes Biden's Afghanistan lies.

INTO THE FRAY: Pernicious Paradox: Israel’s Tactical Brilliance vs Strategic Imbecility  

Israel must forgo the forlorn hope of winning Arab amitié. and pursue different strategic goals. The most it can hope for is to be grudgingly accepted; the least it must achieve is to be greatly feared 

After Signed Deal, Iran Prepared to Take Out Israel

Iran is so confident that Biden has abandoned Arab allies in the Mid East they are issuing direct threats not only against Israel but also against ANY Arab country that cooperates with Israel

Your Yeshivos Need You!

Book burnings and academic purges were the hallmark of both the twentieth century’s extremes, right and left. Some of the greatest minds of the time were driven from universities to become, if they were lucky, refugees or if unlucky, concentration camp inmates in Poland or Siberia.

Biden Drops More Crucial Demands to Get Iran Deal

"The issue is not whether the agreement is signed or not.... [T]here is something more dangerous than this: Biden has completely abandoned the Arabs, allies and non-allies alike." — Sayed Zahra, August 20, 2022.

‘CNN’ Gets it Partially Right about anti-Semitism

A documentary acknowledged hate on the Left and the Right but failed to explain the role of critical race theory in mainstreaming it while resurrecting a smear of Trump even as they debunked it.


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