Biden’s Betrayal

The realization of our ongoing Jewish solitude, or perhaps a more accurate word is isolation, is a hard one for many if not most Jews to accept.

Blinken: Only Nation Building, Not Fighting Terrorists, Can Defeat Terrorists

The lesson of Oct 7 is to stop the nation-building and defeat the terrorists.

Biden Risks American Lives to Protect Hamas

No American should die to protect Hamas or its supporters in Gaza.

Israel Needs a Strong Spine

Israel has no choice but to stiffen its spine; and in some matters to grow a spine. More than ever before, Israel must reject impossible international dictates and demands.

Never Trumpers Dump Biden After Israel Betrayal

"I’ve heard from a LOT of reliably anti-Trump people - I mean really, really, anti-Trump people - who have had it with Biden tonight."

Yom HaShoah after Oct. 7: How Holocaust Education Failed

A generation of young Americans was taught to universalize the Nazi war on the Jews, leaving them vulnerable to being seduced by antisemitism and woke lies about Israel.

Another Passover with the Jewish People Under Siege

The Haggadah teaches that “in every generation, there are those who rise against us.” It has never been more relevant.

Empty Black Taxis

It isn’t the benefit of hindsight that make Chamberlain’s claims so risible. Plenty of his contemporaries saw exactly how ridiculous their Prime Minister’s confidence was and how catastrophic his appeasement of Germany had been. An empty black taxi indeed.

INTO THE FRAY: Misplaced moral outrage-moronic, mendacious, or malevolent?

Israel seeks to minimize civilian casualties, while Hamas seeks to maximize civilian casualties and use them as a propaganda tool.

Communists Betray Workers, Teachers Unions Betray Students, Civil Rights Organizations Betray Black People

Most civil rights organizations are also essentially left-wing groups. They use alleged concern for black people to attain and retain power, but they harm blacks considerably more than they help them.

Biden Knew Before

"Iran communicated through the Swiss channel that its strike on Israel was complete"

Swastikas Are Progressive Now

Vandalizing synagogues with swastikas is good, leftists argue.

The Ultra-Orthodox “Vacation Draft” Plan

Everybody knows that the rapidly growing and politically muscular Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Israel can no longer altogether avoid military and/or national service. But haredi leaders will not relinquish their rigid communal structure of full-time and lifetime-long Torah study. And nobody can draft haredi Israeli Jews against their will – no matter what the Supreme Court rules or the Knesset legislates. So here is my national service plan for haredi men during “bein hazmanim,” their long semester breaks.

Targeting the “Head of the Octopus”

The tectonic threat of Iran to Mideast and global stability must be countered head-on.

The Big Chill–Again

Israel must resist America’s fantasy framework for a swift, dangerously indecisive, end to the Gaza war.

Ramadan 2024 in the Old City and Elsewhere

Is Ramadan a holy month, or one of terrorism and warfare? The answer is "both."

My Wife’s Black Anesthesiologist Wasn’t An Affirmative Action Hire

Had I had any suspicion that this was a clinic that engaged in affirmative action, I would have wondered about this anesthesiologist: Was she chosen, at least in part, because she was black?

Why an Oct 7 Memorial Needs Warning Signs and Guards

This is what it takes to keep leftists and Islamists from trashing it.

Israel’s Global Isolation is Caused by Antisemitism, not Bad Policies

The answer to the Jewish state’s diplomatic dilemma is victory. Heeding the world’s demands to stop the war and let Hamas win will only make it worse.

Into the Fray: Elections: Now is NOT the Time

When Israeli voters next go to the polls, over what led to the grim events of Oct. 7, their choices must not be driven by uninformed rumor, ill-informed speculation, and misinformed emotion.

State Dept Complains Israel is “Writing Off Their Reputation Damage”

“The Israelis seemed oblivious to the fact that they are facing major, possibly generational damage to their reputation.”

Israel As ‘A Pariah’ Among The Nations

Had Mr. Schumer told the truth, he would have said this: Israel’s being a pariah among the world’s nations tells us much more about the world’s nations than about Israel. Just as it did a mere two generations ago.

A Despicable Speech by a Despicable President

"This was not a State of the Union address, it was a fascistic campaign rally."

Biden’s Problem is with Israel-Hating Dems, NOT Netanyahu

The administration’s efforts to spin attacks on Jerusalem that validate Hamas propaganda as a critique of the prime minister and his policies are an effort to appease the left.

Illusions And Delusions

We can’t rely on anyone else; we never could. Whatever we can do to create shalom and unity within our people, is what we have to do.


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