What the Media Tell You to Believe

It is hard to imagine greater proof than that comment of the power of mass media and of the left. That a normal woman would celebrate her daughter’s choice not to be a mother and not to make her a grandmother can only be described as deranged.

Will Lebanon Fall into the Hands of Iran?

The mullahs in Tehran are doubly dangerous: they aspire not only to develop nuclear weapons, but also to occupy Arab states

While Military Leaders Lie, White Men Die

White male military suicide rates show who’s really suffering from systemic racism.

Health In Our Time

Ha Ha Ha! America…you may have secured your ambition of “No Taxation without Representation” from us, but WE have secured “No Transmission or Contamination from SARS-CoV-2 EVER again.”

In Bad Taste: Ben & Jerry’s BDS Problem

The ice-cream company bowed to pressure to boycott Jerusalem and the West Bank. Still, their latest attempt at political virtue-signaling won’t advance peace, help Palestinians or silence critics.

Why is Supporting ‘Freedom of Worship for Jews’ on the Temple Mount Controversial?

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s statement deserves support, but it will have diplomatic and political repercussions.

The Palestinian Christians Defending Hamas

There is at least one person, however, who has not gotten the memo about Hamas. It’s Rev. Alex Awad, a Palestinian Christian who resides in America and is a US citizen.

Are Jews REALLY United Against Antisemitism?

A D.C. rally against Jew-hatred struck many of the right notes, but the poor turnout, combined with obvious divisions between left and right, illustrates the dismal Jewish crisis response.

Iran’s Brooklyn Terror Tests Biden

If the administration continues pursuing appeasement despite the latest evidence of Iranian intentions, it guarantees that efforts to restrain the regime after sanctions are dropped will flop.

The Best Thing Most Americans Can Do To Make America Better

If religion is irrelevant to moral behavior, why are almost no violent criminals regular churchgoers?

Does Israeli Law Play Favorites In Sheikh Jarrah?

It is critical to emphasize this point: The controversial houses were built in the Jewish neighborhood of Shimon HaTzaddik, and not, as most news reports would have you believe, in Sheikh Jarrah.

The Palestinian Jihad Summer Camps

They have enough funds to launch camps to brainwash and indoctrinate their own children, but are not prepared to invest in rebuilding homes that were destroyed or damaged during the last Israel-Hamas war.

Be Safe: Don’t Visit Your Dying Parent. Don’t Leave Your House. Don’t Get Married....

Children, in particular, have been so coddled that American children of the last two generations have probably had far less joy and far more fear than children of any previous American generation.

Who Was Karl Marx?

A new book delves into 200 years of his evil influence.

The Palestinian Police State

These [Palestinian] leaders have turned the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of the West Bank into a police state where political opponents are beaten to death, arrested, tortured and intimidated.

Iran’s Christian Boom

As a clandestine phenomenon, the practice of what are sometimes called Muslim Background Believers (MBBs). Iranian MBBs tend to be fervently pro-Israel.

Prioritize Prayer, not Politics

When everything public is seen through a partisan lens, tragedies like the Surfside disaster still bring communities together and remind us about what is most important.

The Palestinian Jihad Summer Camps

They have enough funds to launch camps to brainwash and indoctrinate their own children, but are not prepared to invest in rebuilding homes that were destroyed or damaged during the last Israel-Hamas war.

Obama and the Broken Nation He Made Come Of Age

A generation doesn’t remember life before the crises he created.

Did Jews Emigrate To Germany In The 1930s?

To this question there is only one possible answer: They do not believe what they say about America.

The US-Backed Palestinian Human Rights Violations

When Palestinians despair of any improvement in the PA leadership, they move towards Hamas and other terrorist groups that are seen by many Palestinians as a better alternative to Abbas and his Fatah faction.

Perceiving Academia’s Decline Already in 1971

It startles to realize that the academy's low reputation began so long ago and is not something recent.

Biden’s Terror Strategy: Republicans are the NEW TERRORISTS

If you disagree with the Democrats, you’re a “domestic terrorist.”

INTO THE FRAY: Naftali Goldfarb or Gonen Bennett?

In a single act of rash duplicity and deceit, Naftali Bennett provided the left with a plumb prize, from which it has been precluded for years: Broad access to positions of governmental control and influence.  

Online Anything

It would be convenient for my argument if I could dismiss all the people who offer online rabbinic courses as frauds and all those who take part in them as charlatans, but that would be untrue.

The Moral And Religious Case Against Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is, in the final analysis, a bad secular idea.

Bibi, Thank You for Your Service!

Netanyahu has been an excellent leader, but is now the focus of national dispute.

Why Pro-Israel Hasbara Fails

A compelling story is about struggle.

The Lessons Menachem Begin Left Us

As Israel prepares for a change in leadership, a new documentary film on one of the country’s founding fathers is a reminder of what his successors can learn from him.


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