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The happiest moment of my week is between Shacharit and Mussaf on Shabbat when the Sheli’ach Tzibbur says the Prayer for the Welfare of the State of Israel.

When I hear “Our Father in Heaven, the Rock of Israel and its Savior” I jump up like a spring! I do not change one word.


All the “contrary” evidence in the world does not change how I feel at all, and the more it mocks the more I say this prayer.

I have a desire to jump up and tell the Sheli’ach Tzibbur “Say it again and again!” I have a desire to jump up and kiss him.

Even when the State and the Government desecrate the holiness of Shabbat, I continue to say the prayer for its welfare. Even when they desecrate the holiness of the Land, I continue to pray for its welfare, and I will not stop.

Because this is my country, I have no other, and I love it just as it is.

And this is my Government, yes, this is my Government. I will repeat this a thousand times.

I have serious issues with it, I have dreadful pain on account of it, but this is my Government. When it is replaced by a better Government I will be extremely happy, but in the meantime it is my Government and I will continue to pray for it with all my heart. And when it is replaced, I will pray for the next Government and I will say: This is my Government.

And I will be proud before the entire world: We are no longer a downtrodden people, whose decisions are made by a foreign nation. I have a Government of my own.

Are you listening, nations of the world?

I have my own Government, and I am proud of this.

Governments come, and governments go, but my pride remains eternal.

And if someone were to print a sticker that says: “I say the Prayer for the Welfare of the State of Israel,” I would stick it on my briefcase and on the lapel on my jacket. I would stick it on with pride. Pride is a repulsive quality but this pride is pure like a flower which sprouted yesterday. And if, G-d forbid, this State and this Government enacts laws contrary to our Torah, I will, of course, weep greatly. I will tell everyone that these laws are nullified like dust. But I will continue to say the Prayer for the Welfare of the State of Israel with joy.

There are those who see shadows and there are those who see the light that goes before the shadows, as we learn: “if there are shadows, it is a sign that there is light.” And this light is so sweet.

Therefore, I say the Prayer for the Welfare of the State of Israel.


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