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There!  She found her! Yes, the resemblance was uncanny, eerie, unnerving. She stared at the little girl with big brown eyes and burnt frizzy hair, overwhelmed by the years of memories that had passed. This was the girl who had compelled her… obligated her to do something.  Salty tears streamed down Ellen’s cheeks at their reunion.

“So much has happened since we were last together,” she said out loud to the girl in the photo, her sister, her kindred spirit who had followed her all these years, reminding her to remember, and not forget.


And now she had something substantial to share.  Yes!  The strongest statement that Hitler did not succeed in his mission, the best way to keep him defeated, was to take on the commitment of living a vibrant, joyous Jewish life. This Pesach, the first of many she would celebrate in Israel, she could personally feel redeemed from the bondage of ignorance. Every new mitzvah she would keep would be a celebration: her way of identifying and testifying that she and the Jewish People and the Torah were alive!! Hashem, in His boundless love, had led her to this new place of understanding of what it meant to be one of His beloved Jewish children.


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Chava Dumas is an educator, certified doula, and women's health support counselor. She is the author of “Prepare for Pesach…B'simchah! 40 Lifesaving Lessons to Help You Make It to the Finish Line,” a book that inspires women to celebrate every day of life. She can be reached at


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