HaMelech Hamishpat

Don't be judges on Mishpat alone.

Rosh Hashanah: The Sounds of Guidance

Good Shabbos, Good Yom Tov, Kesiva Vichasima Tova

The Shofar Blasts – A Clarion Call For Unity

I always found it quite incredible that the first mitzvah that we are called upon to do as Jews at the beginning of the year is to listen. To pay attention to exactly what it is that Jewish destiny is about.

Healing Breached Walls

The Temple’s loss led to the development of rabbinic Judaism, which enabled Torah Judaism to transcend geographic boundaries and take root all over the planet.

Ruth, Alacrity and Mt. Sinai

Boaz wasn’t sure if he would be the “go’el”, the redeemer, for Elimelech’s estate...


Lag Sameach and be careful

Two Passover Questions

2 questions and their answers are an enlightening approach

Everything You Didn’t Know About Charoset

The other purpose of charoset is symbolic. The traditional ingredients of the charoset mixture – nuts, figs, and apples – are used in Scripture to describe the Jewish people.

May One Use Grape Juice For Arba Kosot

We see that the wine for Arba Kosot must be considered chashuv. Rav Moshe Feinstein, in turn, rules that grape juice is not chashuv.

Opportunity Knocks At The Seder (Part I)

It was on the night of the Seder that Avraham was rescued from the four mighty kings. It was on this night that the Jewish people were saved from Sancherev and his 400 battalions. It was also on this night that Achashveirosh had difficulty in sleeping and the seeds of Haman’s downfall were sown.

The Great Dialogue

The month of Nissan comes in the spring; after a long, cold, and lifeless winter, the world comes to life. The reawakening of Nature is (to anyone yet young in spirit and heart, and not soured by the years and embittered by time) a call from G-d to man.

A Purim in War Torn Galitzia

Many Jewish communities have their own unique stories of salvation. When faced with calamity, either from a tyrant, war, or some other impending danger, these communities miraculously escaped. This is the story of a small-town in Galitzia

How the Book of Esther’s Message of Unity Remains Acutely Relevant

As we celebrate Purim, perhaps we should look at the Talmudic interpretation of the holiday to better understand our contemporary era.

The Therapeutic Joy of Purim

“The joy of Purim, the merrymaking, the food, the drink, the whole carnival atmosphere, are there to allow us to live with the risks of being a Jew – in the past, and tragically in the present also – without being terrified, traumatised or intimidated.”

The REAL Lesson of Tu Bishvat

If we believe in our ability to resurrect ourselves and are loyal to it, the land will blossom and give us back love in return.

A Chanukah Carol

A Tribute in 5 Parts to 8 Days and 1 Great Victorian Novelist

Ari Fuld on the Real Miracle of Chanukah

Ari Fuld uncovers and explores the real miracle and lessons of Chanukah.

A Sukkah Allegory

Reb Yisrael and his sons erected their sukkah adjacent to the kitchen door of their palatial home in one of the Five Towns, as they had done for many years in the past...

How Yom Kippur Changes Us

What have you achieved this past year with the help of God, and what would you like to achieve with His help next year?
The Soul of Israel: Yom Kippur - Renewed and Awake

Yom Kippur in a Nutshell

How does Yom Kippur help us focus on the future and on making a change?

Practical Strategies To Be Inscribed For A Good Year

The pasuk implies that only after Hashem extends his rachamim to this person and he is able to remain a compassionate person, will Hashem have rachmanus on him.

Rosh Hashana: The Three Stages Of Teshuva

At root, all of Klal Yisrael is one, an interconnected self. Each of our individual neshamos are part of a bigger whole, like individual cells that make up a single human body.

Why do we Mourn on Tisha Be’av?

Tisha Be’Av asks the ultimate questions, the same ones which Job confronted: Why do we lose what is most precious? Why do we suffer?


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