Ari Fuld on Shavuot: On the Indigenous People of Israel and Why There is...

Ari talks about the holidays of Shavuot and Yom Kippur, the Shofar that connects the two holidays, and the indigenous people of the Land of Israel.

Why Do We Read Megillat Ruth?

The Reading of Megillat "Ruth" on Shavuot has its roots in Masechet Sofrim.

Why Weren’t the Non-Jews Under the Mountain?

Judging from the sources in the Talmud, there is more than a tinge of ambivalence about the non-Jews being left out of Matan Torah....

Keep the Fire Burning

Like all of the holidays since Simchas Torah, each community and individual needs to navigate how to observe and experience Lag B’Omer while a war rages in our homeland.

Yom Ha’atzmaut In The Shadow Of October 7

This year we savor Jewish sovereignty more deeply than in the past, when we may have taken it for granted.

Ari Fuld on the Holidays | Passover: Freedom vs. Responsibility – 5778 (2018)

Ari Fuld discusses: What are we celebrating on Passover and what are the lessons to be learned?

A Little Dvar Torah for Passover

To see God’s Hand in our world is represented in the “bread of faith” known as the Matzah. To lose sight of God’s Hand in this world is represented by the Chometz.

The Seder and the Plague of Loneliness

Kindness is greater than charity; we must open our homes to those in need of connection.

A Pesach Torah: Jerusalem 2024: “Every Generation …”

The Vilna Gaon says that the Haggadah is a handbook for the entire path of history the Jews will travel from Avraham to Messiah

Celebrating Chol Hamoed

The Exodus is central to our belief system and antithetical to Avoda Zara.

Cleaning House (And Mind)

What is the significance of the counterintuitive approach advanced by the Raavya? What is gained by making bedikas and biur chametz intrinsically important within thirty days of Pesach, rather than simply ways to avoid problems once Pesach begins?

The Machine Matzah Controversy: A History – Rabbis, Matzah, and Invention

The Ksav Sofer also dismissed the square matzah concern by stating, In the merit of the four-cornered matzos, may Hashem redeem us from the four corners of the earth.

Make Seder Out Of Chaos: Kosher ADHD And The Pre-Pesach Web Series

Recognizing the need for targeted support during the holidays, Kosher ADHD offers pre-chag events to go over the aspects of the holiday that are most challenging for individuals with ADHD and their caregivers.

Modern Day Miracles

The myriad Jews doing so much for Am Yisrael – such as going on missions, attending rallies, donating funds, advocating on social media, picking vegetables, returning to serve in the army, sending gear, making tzitzit, purchasing tefillin, and saying Tehillim – all serve as the glue that is bonding and unifying us in these challenging times.

Finishing The Job: Purim’s Secret Hidden in Jerusalem & Gaza

If you want to learn a mind blowing short & powerful class on Purim before the Holiday, Tehila delivers again!

Tu B’Shvat – Message In A Tree

The quintessence of the story is that Abraham wanted to make it well-known to people that they should recognize G-d as the Creator and be grateful to Him. In order to get the audience for this message, he planted an eshel tree to make his place known and easily found.

A Miraculous Tree Of Life

My father and his brother Paul survived inside a hollow tree, in the extremely cold Polish winter. How?

HaMelech Hamishpat

Don't be judges on Mishpat alone.

Rosh Hashanah: The Sounds of Guidance

Good Shabbos, Good Yom Tov, Kesiva Vichasima Tova

The Shofar Blasts – A Clarion Call For Unity

I always found it quite incredible that the first mitzvah that we are called upon to do as Jews at the beginning of the year is to listen. To pay attention to exactly what it is that Jewish destiny is about.

Healing Breached Walls

The Temple’s loss led to the development of rabbinic Judaism, which enabled Torah Judaism to transcend geographic boundaries and take root all over the planet.

Ruth, Alacrity and Mt. Sinai

Boaz wasn’t sure if he would be the “go’el”, the redeemer, for Elimelech’s estate...


Lag Sameach and be careful

Two Passover Questions

2 questions and their answers are an enlightening approach

Everything You Didn’t Know About Charoset

The other purpose of charoset is symbolic. The traditional ingredients of the charoset mixture – nuts, figs, and apples – are used in Scripture to describe the Jewish people.

May One Use Grape Juice For Arba Kosot

We see that the wine for Arba Kosot must be considered chashuv. Rav Moshe Feinstein, in turn, rules that grape juice is not chashuv.


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