Deepening Our Understanding Of Sefiras Ha’Omer And Shavuos

The forty-nine days of sefiras ha’omer parallel the forty-nine-day process that the Jewish People went through upon leaving Egypt, before receiving the Torah. What is the meaning behind this process?

Lag B’Omer: Seizing Your Life’s Mission

Lag B’Omer is a remarkable enigma which presents a remarkable opportunity


What Tony Robbins is teaching in the 21st century, Judaism has taught since its inception thousands of years ago.

Each of us Must Never Forget the Holocaust

Our best defence is not abstract principle but specific memory

The Hopeful Kippah

"A Yid has hope. This Yarmulke gave me hope during the Holocaust.”

Coffee And The Seder – Good To The Last Drop

No one wants challenges and painful times, but amazingly, often after people have endured such situations, they will assert that now that it happened, they wouldn’t trade the experience.

Purim to Pesach: G-d’s Love for His People and His Land

If the ten days from Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur are Days of Awe,I would posit that the days from Purim to Passover are Days of Love.

Pesach Insights: Ensuring The Legacy Continues

It is incumbent upon every parent to prepare a “lesson plan” of meaningful Torah directions to give over to their family on this most meaningful night.

Ari Fuld on the Holidays | Passover: Freedom vs. Responsibility – 5778 (2018)

Ari Fuld discusses: What are we celebrating on Passover and what are the lessons to be learned?


There is no Jewish holiday and no Jewish experience that more divides the “haves” from the “have-nots” than Pesach.

Chometz v. Matzoh

Pesach is the birthday celebration of the emergence of our people into the international arena

Assimilation is Not the Answer to Antisemitism

Mordechai understood the antidote: To stand firm, to stand strong, and to stand as a proud Jew, a Torah Jew. BE AN ISH YEHUDI, A PROUD JEW!

Letting Them Shine: Purim As Experienced By A New Shver

I am front and center for better or worse. And although I am naturally more comfortable sitting in the crowd than being up front, such is the role Hashem gave me, for better or worse. However, at the aufruf, wedding, and Sheva Brachos, I found myself primarily in a new role.

Royal Wine: This Little One Will Be Great

A bottle of wine is big and heavy, and when you give dozens of mishloach manos to friends and relatives, it can get quite expensive and tedious. Thankfully, the selection of smaller wine bottles and cans has grown tremendously.

Maximizing The Mitzvah Of Krias Megillah

Why 127 provinces? Well, that’s because Hashem wants to give us all the support and merit we can get. Sarah Emainu lived 127 years and Hashem wanted the merit of Sarah to bolster the efforts of Esther HaMalka who was queen over 127 provinces.

Chag Tu B’Shvat Sameach

A great thing creates great strengths, however great strengths sometimes create confusion

Rav Sacks (zt”l) Reflects on Tu BiShvat

If we continue to live as though God had only commanded us to subdue the Earth, we must be prepared for our children to inherit a seriously degraded planet, with the future of human civilisation put into question.

The Meaning of Today’s 10th of Tevet Fast

Asara B’Teves, the 10th of Teves, commemorates the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar that ultimately culminated with the First Temple’s destruction on the 9th of Av the following year.

The 10th of Tevet & The Forgotten Kaddish

On this day we learn to not only look at tragic events, but also on what led up to them. This is all the more important when talking about the Holocaust

Chanukah And The Great Sephardi/Ashkenazi Crossover

In a sense, then, both Sephardim and Ashkenazim may be said to be following the Rambam.

Let us Dream of a Shining Am Yisrael as We Light the Chanukah Candles

We as Jews make sure to dream, but also help others dream! We care about the light, but we also care to shine for others!

Ari Fuld on the Real Miracle of Chanukah

Ari Fuld uncovers and explores the real miracle and lessons of Chanukah.

Chanukah: Re-Examining Our Ideological Battle Against the Greeks

Ideally,nthe physical wisdom of the Greeks and Yefes are to reside within the tent of Shem, for science and the wisdom of the world to be in harmony with Torah. The problem occurred when the Greeks tried to destroy the Torah, which contradicted their ideology, and the Jews were forced to fight for their beliefs. This was the battle of Chanukah.


So many of us are caught in the hamster wheel of life--just get off for an instant to savor the moment

Sukkos: Spiraling Through the Symphony of Life

The same is true for all spiritual circles. The ideal is not to transcend the circular system, but to uplift it, to transform the circle into a spiral, to find innovative ways of creating newness within the circular system, not beyond it.


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