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The Parsha Experiment: Parshat Breishit

In this week’s video, we explore the unexpected link that ties all the stories in Parshat Bereishit (Genesis 1:1-6:8) together. Have you ever considered why God chose to tell us these specific stories from the first thousand years of world history? Maybe Parshat Bereishit may actually serve as a crucial prologue to the rest of the Torah’s story. Until we truly understand the hidden meaning in that prologue, we can’t begin to understand the depth of the Torah in its entirety.


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Rabbi David Fohrman is the dean of Aleph Beta Academy. He has taught at Johns Hopkins University, and was a lead writer and editor for ArtScroll's Talmud translation project. Aleph Beta creates videos to help people experience Torah in way that is relevant and meaningful to them. for more videos, visit: