Body And Soul

Steering clear of hazardous objects and environments are obligations no less than the above in preserving our bodies and souls.

Parshat D’varim – When Rabbis Err

Our sages warn us of the possibility that great Torah scholars can lead Israel away from serving HaShem.

Judgment And Mercy

We mourn because upon the return of the spies from the Land, the people of Israel mourned and we have still not recovered from that moral failure, and because in the times of the second Beit HaMikdash people couldn’t treat one another with simple kindness.

What Do We Learn From Rashi?

One of the things he said that really moved me was this: 'Do you know what is so beautiful in all of this? That you seem so free and are having so much fun'.

On The Art of Being A Caretaker (Part I)

Initially feeling very overwhelmed is normal for a caretaker. It is, after all, often a 24/7 obligation, often with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Tisha B’Av And The Brave Shechinah In Exile

It is for this reason that the halachos of mourning are relaxed somewhat after chatzos, the time of day when the Holy of Holies was burning to the ground. It signifies, to some extent, a mo’ed, because the Shechinah was freed to be with us in exile all these many years.

How Tardiness Destroyed The Mikdash

Chava’s sin, born of frustration at her husband’s lack of diligence, was thinking she could create life without involving Adam or even Hashem.

What Are Our Priorities?

The special connection between the six days of the week and Shabbat goes both ways. Shabbat, too, is influenced by the content of our week.

Parshat Mas’ei – The ‘Palestinian’ Question

While Israel was obligated to drive the British from our soil, the Torah's approach to the "Palestinian" question might actually be more complicated.

Hashem’s Regret

When we offer fervent heartfelt prayers to Hashem lamenting our estrangement and beseech Him for our redemption, we will inspire Hashem to redeem us speedily.

When a Student must Teach the Teacher 

“I have learned much from my teachers and even more from my friends, but from my students I have learned most of all” (Taanit 7a). 

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Masai: Nipping Evil in the Bud

In every phenomenon the beginning remains always the most notable moment. -Thomas Carlyle

Better To Not Have Been Born

Shlomo also said, I praised the dead who had already died (Kohelet 4:2). Because there is no understanding among the living.

What’s Wrong With My Learning

Let’s look with this eye at the backdrop of the scene for Kabbolos HaTorah. What was the background when Hashem gave the Torah to the Bnei Yisrael at Har Sinai?

It’s Not About The Sheep

So what then is this business about preceding their infants with the sheep? If the sheep were meaningless to them, why did they mention them first?

Five Facts About The Life Of Rabbi Chaim Ben Attar

Most of you never heard of Kurt Rothschild who passed away last week at the age of 101, but it is reasonable to assume that most of you benefited from him in some way.

Enemies of the Creator – Parshat Matot

By waging war on Israel, even if not consciously aware of its inner motivation, a person or group is declaring war against the Source of all Creation.

Generation Of The Wilderness

One thing worthy of note in our haftara is that the entirety of the first chapter is read, but the haftara continues three verses into the second.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Matot: Three Divine Gifts

Take all that is given whether wealth, love or language, nothing comes by mistake and with good digestion all can be turned to health. -George Herbert

The Living Kiddush Hashem

When we gather in the batei medrash to daven and study Torah, and we perform acts of chesed to exalt the Name of Hashem . . . we are righteous and praiseworthy like those who actually gave up their lives sanctifying the Name of Hashem.

The Three Weeks And A Message Of Peace

The Three Weeks is not simply a time to ponder our loss. The Yerushalmi Tractate Peah (chapter 1) teaches us -Any generation in which the Temple was not rebuilt in its day, it is considered as if it were destroyed again in that era.

Torah Shorts: Parshat Pinchas: Deserved Rewards

Obedience of the law is demanded; not asked as a favor. -Theodore Roosevelt

The Daily Chase

Without a regular lesson, without a study partner (because of the schedule in the unit that changes constantly), Noam looked for a slot of free time every day.

When Torah Knowledge and Wisdom are Separated

The most outstanding Torah scholar may not be the greatest mentor and visa-versa. It is wonderful (and convenient) when we can find someone, who is “one-stop shopping.” Yet the story of Rav Kahana shows us that life is not always so tidy.

Legacy of a Zealot – Parshat Pinchas

A true pursuer of peace/completeness is one who identifies the obstacles to HaShem’s Ideal for this world and works passionately to remove them.

Grabbing A Mitzvah

One who does not have that fervor and passion within him should nevertheless act with great enthusiasm and zeal to do the mitzvos, because the external arouses the internal.

Daf Yomi And Nine Lammeds In A Row

I would like to conjecture that in this fervent prayer where we beseech Hashem to listen and to understand, to learn and to teach His Torah, we remember the fact that each of us already learned the entire Torah from a malach during the nine months that we were in the womb.

The Remnant Of Yaakov

The salient point of the navi Micha – in contrast to the message of Bilaam – is that when the time comes for Hashem to redeem His people, all of the historical forces and all of the races and cultures of humanity will fall into line as part of the divine plan.

The Story Of Avraham, Lot, and Mashiach Ben David

Even when they part ways because of the tiffs over grazing land, Avraham promises to always be there for Lot in time of need. He makes good on that promise when he takes on the world “superpowers” and rescues Lot from captivity.


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