Torah Shorts: Parshat Shmini: Ritual Distancing

Distance has the same effect on the mind as on the eye. -Samuel Johnson

Now’s The Moment Of Truth

Will we still remember the importance of eating healthy now that we can again eat whatever we want outside?

Sparkling Like Diamonds

You can imagine how great this person’s joy would be upon hearing this news and how he would count the days to his release from prison and his marriage to the princess.

Embarrassing Oneself To Honor Hashem

When R’ Lopian finished speaking, the disciples were astounded to see their rebbe, R’ Schwadron, lie face down on the ground.

Freedom For…?

Freedom is not only about rights or privileges, but also about responsibilities.

If You Really Want It

The Hebrew word for despairing – me’ya’eish – is spelled with two yuds, which spell the name of Hashem.

Not Just Chassidim, Not Just Frum Jews – Everyone

The Rebbe wasn’t worrying about Lubavitcher chassidim, chassidim in general, or even observant Jews – he was worrying about one Jew who may be isolated from Torah in one corner of the world!

What Is Freedom?

Freedom is the ability to strive to find the good where no one else sees it. And also to articulate it, with passion.

The Greatest Segulah: Saying Thank You

If the malach wouldn’t have struck him, Nevuchadnezzar would have disgraced all of David HaMelech’s praises and songs in Sefer Tehillim.

What’s The Answer To The Four Questions?

The Four Questions were composed as a prelude for the father to fulfill his biblical obligation. But what often happens is that a big to-do surrounds the Four Questions while the answers are not given the attention they deserve.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Tzav: The Temple’s Sophistication and the Chumrot of Pesach

Although there is a strong basis for our propensity to be more stringent on Pesach than we are during the rest of the year, we should not turn that into a blanket attitude in which stringency is always followed, regardless of the other values at stake

What Do We Mean By ‘Our’ Freedom?

The Shechinah is [so to speak] together with the Jewish people when they are in exile, and when they’re redeemed, Almighty G-d has dictated a redemption for Himself as well. He will come out of exile with them.

It Happened In Mezhbizh

Hashem seeks people who are willing to subjugate their hearts to Him.

A Wasted Year?

I never thought I would get so excited over a conversation with friends around a dinner table. I never was so enthusiastic about candies thrown at the bridegroom when he received an aliyah to the Torah.

Vayikra, Sacrifice, and Rambam

Korbanot, a Once and Future Aspect of Temple Service

A Different Perspective On Cleaning

How far we are from those distant halachic discussions regarding a public oven for several families...

Pekudei: Continuing The Work Moshe Began

It's important to recognize the internal development of the Hebrew tribes from the Exodus from Egypt to the Brit Sinai and consecration of the Mishkan.

Open Your Heart

When the incident was related to R’ Tzvi Pesach Frank, he remarked, “This young girl is destined for greatness.”

Only G-d Decides

The determination of who’s Jewish comes from Almighty G-d. No human being, or body of human beings, can make this determination.

Vayaq’hel: Actualizing The Mishkan

If Dan is the extreme expression of Yosef in the same way that Shimon is of Yehuda, what was the importance of appointing tribesmen of Yehuda and Dan to lead the construction of the Mishkan?

Redeeming Relevance: Women, Beauty and Religion 

The easiest way out of my problem would be to say that the Mishkan was designed based on people’s need to be impressed

Ki Tisa: Crisis Of The Golden Calf

A mistake that nearly had catastrophic results for the entire people of Israel ultimately revealed Moshe's true greatness as a national leader.

Walking Into Freedom – Every Day

We are supposed to prepare for the 14th of Nissan, the day of the Exodus from Egypt. To study the holiday, to go through the Haggadah and, mainly, to go forth into freedom ourselves.

Torah Shorts: What Was Aaron Thinking!? (Ki Tisa)

I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day. -Abraham Lincoln

Hindsight Is 20/20

You won’t understand the logic of events as they occur because “My face may not be seen.”

Amalekite Perfectionism

Haman has oceans of honor but he’s lacking one drop. Everyone bows down to him, but he needs Mordechai to bow down, too. If not, all the honor he has received means nothing.

The Power Of A Child’s Prayer

The great R’ Elchonon Wasserman noted that children form the foundation of the Jewish nation.

Tetzave: The Purpose Of The Kohanim

By submerging individual identity into the collective Hebrew nation, the kohanim work to cleanse the children of Israel from all transgressions and to inspire the people with a powerful show of kedusha.

Where Did Mordechai Get His Strength?

Halacha tells us to obey the law of the land (Nedarim 28a), but this instruction applies only to material matters, not to spiritual matters.


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