The Hasmoneans Of Our Generation

All they knew about her was that she was an older immigrant from the former Soviet Union. And then they discovered who she was: Ruth Alexandrovich, the famous prisoner of Zion.

Chanukah Thoughts From A Gadol

They sing a little, eat a little something, but fail to see what the holiday is teaching us: It's about the power of individuals and the power of faith.

A Heartfelt Chanukah

The Mishkan is the blueprint for the Jewish home.

I See A Menorah All Of Gold

There’s a temptation for earthly leaders to believe that events unfold as a result of their decisions, the exercise of their power.

Lighting Up The Night

Nowadays every home has its own menorah, some with one for every person in the household, to dispel the darkness of each individual – big or small, rich or poor, religious or not yet religious, highly intelligent or unlearned.

Mikeitz: Egypt’s Hebrew Viceroy

Did Yosef seek to transform Egypt into a civilization built on Hebrew values that would repair the world?

The Obfuscation Powers Of The Yetzer Hara

It is the job of the G-d-fearing person to combat the blinding attempts of the yetzer hara at every turn of our life.

TORAH SHORTS: Daily Seductions: Parshat Vayeshev

The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul. -David O. McKay

A Pile Of Shoes

This wanton disregard for the welfare of others is the epitome of chamas for which the world was already destroyed once and, the navi is warning, for which Israel will yet be exiled from her land.

On Sensitivity Training And Shoes

Why does the Torah find it necessary to tell us that they bought shoes with the money, ostensibly a trivial detail?

In Memory Of Eliyahu David Kay, z”l

Several days ago, Eliyahu told a friend that after years in the army, in yeshiva, and in agriculture, he felt that when working at the Kotel he was completely living his dream.

Vayeishev: Yosef & Yehuda

As internal conflict over the Hebrew clan's direction leads to tragic consequences for Yosef and Yehuda, each must discover his own messianic potential.

Guardian Angel

Our Sages tell us that if a person performs mitzvos and does good deeds he will merit to be escorted day and night by angels who guard him.

An Idea To Handle With Care

This Torah portion offers us a yearly reminder: We need to check if people in the public eye are everything they seem to be

Chanukah Power

When we are tired, do we still push ourselves to get up early and join a minyan, or do we succumb to temptation and say our prayers quickly at home before dashing off to work?

Vayishlach: Finally Becoming Israel

As Yaakov returns back home to his land, he and his family are met with new challenges that ultimately transform them into the nation of Israel.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Vayishlach: Your Money or Your Soul

Life is not a having and a getting, but a being and a becoming. -Matthew Arnold

Remember The Sons Of Edom

Esav is the last of all the nations to come into the world. He is a pretender. He uses his strength and deception to humiliate and to conquer others, but in the end he is just a bully.

Jealousy Rots – Envy Can Redeem

She said, were she not more righteous than me, she wouldn’t be privileged to have so many children.

Parshas Vayishlach: The Principle that Saved Yaakov’s Life    

Every physical action affects the spiritual realm, creating cosmic ripple effects; The same is true of the physical world. Every action creates a corresponding reaction in the spiritual world. In essence, our physical world is like an upside-down puppet show

It’s Never Too Late To Find Out Who You Are

After 80 years, I finally know who I am and who my family members are, he said yesterday when he met his cousin in the city of Modi'in.

Vayetzei: Yaakov’s Struggle To Become Israel

Before becoming Israel, Yaakov had to first spend several years in exile learning to be more like Esav.

The Tapestry Of History

It was the enmity of the brothers to Yosef and their selling him as a slave, that was the primary cause for their descent to Egypt and being forced into slavery by the cruel Pharaoh.

The Many Gates Of Tears

Such is the power of tears that it has the ability to transform worlds and to create a new essence of blessing and abundance, no matter who is crying.

TORAH SHORTS: Powerful Vows: Parshat Vayetze

A vow is fixed and unalterable determination to do a thing, when such a determination is related to something noble which can only uplift the man who makes the resolve. -Mahatma Gandhi

Are You an ‘EARTH ANGEL’?

When we come through for others, when we ask how we can help, when we make the difference for them, we bring a piece of heaven down here to earth. Through our actions we build an actual stairway to heaven. 

To Serve And To Protect

Just as Yaakov tended the sheep of Lavan, guiding and guarding them so he could win the hand of Rachel, so Hashem protects his offspring until the end of time.

A Tumultuous Pregnancy

Why would Yaakov want to leave the environment of the womb, a place where a celestial angel teaches the fetus all of the Torah?

Toldot: The Prophetic Destiny Of Rivka’s Twins

How do the character traits of Esav and Yaakov find expression in the rival civilizations they produced?


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