The Big Things Don’t Always Take Care of Themselves

Sins woven into the fabric of a society have a weight individuals’ sins do not. Communities must set standards, make sure people do not forget the nature of right and wrong, however far from it they may stray.

Hearing to See

I wish all of us, parents and teachers, would listen to everything our children ask and say. I dream of our hearing them so well that we can begin to visualize and relate to them as who they can be when they fulfill all their potential.

LeKavod Shabbos Kodesh Nachamu

Why should we rejoice on Shabbos like those who received the Torah?

Greatness Lies In All Us

Not only is a person capable of saying Shema while being tortured and killed; he must do so.

We’ve Fought Education Reformers Before

In the modern era, many nations introduced compulsory education and in the process tried compelling Jews to change their curricula.

The Journey From The Refuge

" Nachamu, Nachamu, is not a repetition, but a Song of Act Two--uf new beginnings and of hope.

The Moon? Aim Closer To Home

“Man reached the moon. But man to man he has yet to reach.”

Hashem Is In Charge

Originally, the brothers condemned Yosef for being a rodef, but in the end they were haggling over his clothing and extra shoes.

Criticize or Praise?

It is the easiest to only praise, to be "all smiles and hearts," but if you truly care about someone, you do not flatter him. You help him become better.

What Does The Moon Landing Teach Us?

The astronauts, too, had to follow every detail of their instructions, utterly negating their own desires.

Parshat Devarm: Mourning the Long Decline

The word eichah is a word we heard from Moshe Rabbenu, calling us to realize we weren’t aiming as high as we could. We could have heeded it then, and put ourselves on a better path. We heard it centuries later, a call to see how we were setting ourselves up for destruction. Two calls we unfortunately ignored, leading to the third eichah, which continues to ring in our hardened ears.

Study Rambam, End Galus

The Jewish people’s affairs are connected with, and depend on, the Torah in its entirety...

Never Stop

The Baal Shem Tov told his disciples that all the dozens of journeys detailed in this parshah exist also in each person's life – from the day of his birth to the day he leaves this world. In every journey, one has to move upwards and learn something new.

Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

Flattery is such a grievous avairah that Tosafos even discusses whether flattery is permissible in an emergency.

Guns Kill People AND People Kill People; American and Gilead

One of the more fruitless political debates in the United States is whether strict restriction of gun permits would add to public safety. One of the reasons it is fruitless is that both sides muster flawed analogies to other societies.

Parshat Pinchas

Ben-Gurion understood both the strategic and symbolic value of Yerushalayim.

Cry With Hashem

He then called out, “Zechariah, Zechariah, I have killed the best. Do you want me to kill them all?”

Rav Herzog – On His 60th Yahrzeit

"Starting today, every child to us is like one thousand children." These words were said by Rabbi Herzog to the Pope after the Holocaust when he went out on a journey to find Jewish children who were transferred to convents and monasteries to avoid deportation to Nazi concentration camps, and were baptized to Christianity there. Rav Herzog wound up returning many children to their faith, people, and homeland.

Parshat Pinchas

Hashem gave us the Torah and we forged a connection with Him. The bond that existed after Har Sinai wasn't temporary, it was tamid, constant.

Do We Really Need Moshiach?

Moshiach, when he comes, will reveal the deeper reasons for every detail of Torah observance – why it is necessary to perform particular mitzvos in specific ways and what each detail accomplishes in the spiritual realm.

Judge Of Character

Having a good eye means one is able to view others positively on an intellectual level.

Thoughts For A Rainy Day

The next time we face a rainy day, let's not feel down.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Pinchas: The Eternal Man

Higher than the question of our duration is the question of our deserving. Immortality will come to such as are fit for it, and he would be a great soul in future must be a great soul now. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Three Weeks: All Doom And Gloom?

During the Three Weeks, the Rebbe recommended learning more Torah, giving more tzedakah, and increasing activities of ahavas Yisrael.

Don’t Forget About Middos

R’ Yisroel Salanter noted that some people are very careful to observe rabbinic mitzvos…but do not take seriously a Torah prohibition like lashon hara.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Pinchas: Are We All Sinners?

In Judaism, since sin is not a foregone conclusion, we hold ourselves fully accountable for it. Likewise do we hold others accountable – if not to us, then certainly to God. And so the daughters of Tzelophad put this out about their father – and about everyone else.

Explosive Potential

Hashem doesn’t ask a person, “What did you do?” He asks, “What are you able to do?”

Learning From The Rebbe Rayatz

The Rebbe Rayatz, however, refused to leave. He considered it his duty to uphold Torah study and observance even under such trying conditions.


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