The Great Consolation

The Lubavitcher Rebbe points out that this powerful exchange between the Jewish people and Hashem emphasizes our extraordinary special relationship with Hashem.

Even More Harm Than We Think

A Jew has the power to bring merit to all of mankind.

We Don’t Even Realize What We’re Missing

We are like poor people who do not know they are poor and how rich they could be.

Between Hope & Despair

The Tisha b'Av experience is a spiritual affliction, "Acedia," a "sadness, a disgust with life, which comes from our inability to get along with ourselves, our disunion with God."

Redeeming Relevance: When Moshe Threw a Book Across the Classroom

Most of Devarim is Moshe’s series of parting lectures to the Jewish people. Two things about them are clearly felt – the first is that they are long, often abstract and sometimes even appear repetitive; and the second is that Moshe accordingly uses diverse tactics to keep the Jews listening.

What If…?

On Shiva Assar B’Tammuz, the sin of the golden calf occurred. If we had not sinned on that day, Moshe would have come down from Mount Sinai without breaking the tablets and would have given them to us with great celebration.

Know Your Father

Even though he knew it was possible he would forfeit his inheritance, he refused to dishonor the grave.

Glimpsing The Beis HaMikdash

Most of us aren’t on this level and don’t actually see it, so what’s the point of telling us we’re being shown this vision?

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Devarim: Biblical Demigod

The fame of heroes owes little to the extent of their conquests and all to the success of the tributes paid to them. -Jean Genet

Parshat Devarim: Avoid Shifting Baseline Syndrome

What baselines have we accepted? What properly unacceptable behavior has become common, ordinary, the baseline we didn’t stop to notice?

Happy Or Miserable? It’s Your Choice

You write the story of your journey through life. You choose whether to give pleasant or unpleasant names to the stations along the way.

A Path To Moshiach

Since the Torah – which is the epitome of truth – states that studying about the Beis HaMikdash is like building the Beis HaMikdash, it must be so, even on a physical level.

The One & Only Way to Be Spared from Harm

In a lecture delivered by Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto shlit”a regarding contemporary times, he describes the singular proven method to merit salvation in these days...

Words Are Extraordinarily Powerful

The Ari writes that in the future, the 22 letters of the aleph beis will descend and, through them, everyone will be resurrected.

Redeeming Relevance: One Law Fits All?

The notion that all men are created equal is a modern myth. The truth is that all men are created differently

What Should We Do?

What do we do in the face of this corona that has not disappeared as we expected?

A Leader Must Care

Yehoshua humbled himself with purity of heart for the sake of Heaven, and engaged in the menial tasks of setting up chairs and preparing the beis medrash.

Shiva Asar B’Tammuz – A Yom Tov?

Now is an excellent opportunity for whoever has not yet participated in this rewarding study to start, thereby uniting with hundreds of thousands of other Jews around the world.

Parshat Pinhas: Trusting One Fanatic

Sometimes, life requires immediate action that cannot be fully predicted or prescribed.

It Took Seven Years…

A birthday marks the day one’s soul descended to earth to fulfill its unique Divine mission. It therefore is an opportunity to take stock of how well one is accomplishing one’s mission.

Before It’s Too Late

Each day of a person’s life in this world is a gift, borrowed time, to learn more Torah and do more mitzvos.

Balak: The Blessing of Isolation for Israel

So I ask you, who’s stronger HaShem, or Trump, Johnson, the EU and UN?

Does Anyone Care About Privacy Anymore?

Each tent faced a different direction so that no one could see into the tent of anyone else.

Redeeming Relevance: All You Need is One Good Man 

a different leader of the next generation steps up and takes action. That leader was Pinchas...True leaders like Pinchas don’t come out of leadership schools. When the time is ripe, they simply emerge. 

Parshas Chukas: A Reason to Transcend

Must there be a reason for everything?

Lies Never Win

Korach was the hero of the hour. His ratings and the spirit of the times were on his side.

Keeping The Peace

Tefillah is only m’drabbanan, but the avoidance of machlokes is m’doraysa.

Viewing The World Through A Divine Lens

By expressing, in terms they could comprehend, the Torah’s profound mystical secrets, he provided his disciples a window into his own overarching perspective and exalted vision.

Parshat Hukkat: Moshe and Aharon’s Lack of Emunah

With Moshe at the rock, I wonder whether the Gemara implies Moshe had trouble believing words alone could do the trick.

Idleness Is Deadly

The nation had nothing to do. There was no mission to accomplish, no sense of urgency, and about this our sages wrote: "Idleness leads to boredeom and boredom leads to sin."


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