Advice From Rav Hirsch and Rabbanit Mizrahi

Advice for this stressful time: Rav Shlomo Wolbe said that we should pray at the start of the day over crises that we know will come.

It’s All A Matter Of Will

All three individuals can do what was previously thought unachievable because their will and resolve unearth hidden strengths.

Va’eira: The Divine Revelation To Humanity

The ten plagues were part of a deliberate process to educate not only Egypt and Israel but also humanity.

Devotion In Prayer: Central To Yiddishkeit

Although I don't know you... I have heard about you that the spirit of G-d shines in you.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Va’Eira: A Quantitative Approach to Free Will

This story is actually a brilliant depiction of the interplay between divine providence and free will. Without taking away our ability to “surprise Him,” God – when needed – doesn’t hesitate to steer us in the direction He wants.

From Moshe To Moshe

Moshe (which means "drawn out”) was drawn out of the water and he in turn drew the people out of the depths of slavery and ignorance into a life of freedom and Torah.

Sh’mot: The Revolutionary Lawgiver

Did Moshe attempt to create a new Hebrew nation that would replace the children of Israel and be born free from the psychological degradation of slavery?

Do You Really Fear G-d?

If a diamond is exposed to the heat of a flame for 30-45 seconds and then dropped in icy water, it won’t react to the extreme temperature change.

The Aim Of Chassidus: Heartfelt Prayer

It is known among all the world’s religions that it is impossible for all members of a religion to be equally careful in observing the religion absolutely with all one’s heart and soul in all details.

A Scratch On A Diamond

Every act that a person does makes an impact on the world, whether good or otherwise.

The Purpose Of Chassidus – In The Alter Rebbe’s Own Words

Prayer with such devotion helps and aids one to withstand one’s evil inclination all day, even after prayer, to fulfill all G-d’s commandments, whether avoiding wrongdoing or doing good…for its memory remains with a person in his mind and heart all day.

The Tragedy of When We are both Right

So while a proper reading of the Book of Bereshit introduces us to moral complexity, its end pushes us even further. It prepares us for the fact that there is even a level of moral complexity, which we should realize exists even if we may never understand it

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

He responded, “Better that he broke your nose now than broke your marriage later.”

Asarah B’Teves: An Opportunity

This year, Asarah B’Teves falls on a Friday – the only time a public fast day falls immediately before Shabbos. In fact, the fast continues into Shabbos, until three stars appear in the sky.

Wise Marriage Advice

Judaism sees marriage differently. Married life is a microcosm of human interaction in the world at large. Marriage is the best school for learning the laws of human relationships.

VaYigash: Loving the Parents We Have

Here Yehudah faces the challenge of facing up to an uncomfortable truth of his family dynamic, his father’s greater need for Binyamin’s presence.

What Image Comes To Our Children’s Mind?

In a moment of crisis and doubt, Yosef is reminded of his father and mother, of their values, their home, and the moral compass they represent.

The Rebbetzin’s Vital Testimony

When the video was shown to the judge, those present in court say he was obviously favorably impressed by the Rebbetzin’s unexpected statement, which probably sparked his ultimately favorable ruling.

Everything Is A Miracle

The Hebrew word for ring, “taba’as,” has the same root as “teva” (nature).


All agree that the Chanukah candles represent insights

Falling Sick Days Before Your Wedding

My necessary suffering was clear: postponing the wedding, entering isolation, placing my relatives in isolation, treating the headaches and other corona symptoms that had begun to appear. Despite all of this, I had to cope. That was clear.

A Young Boy – And A Talmid Chacham

He tried to size me up based on that one moment. He didn’t take into account all the effort I had been putting in.

A Threat From Outside

Openness to acculturation, assimilation, and the foreign influences of the street leads to the destruction of the sanctity of the Jewish home.

A Victory For Jewish Purity

For chassidim, Kislev features another celebration. On the 19th of Kislev in 1798, the Alter Rebbe was released from Czarist imprisonment.

When God Intrudes on Science

Ramban’s view of yibum has long fascinated me, because of the metaphysics it assumes about a seemingly natural event.

Necessary Vs. Unnecessary Suffering

To our dismay, the pandemic is a fact. But it’s not necessary that we become addicted to screens, to eating junk food, to wasting time, to cutting social ties, to sinking into pessimism. The pandemic doesn’t exempt us from decisions on how to behave.

Countdown to Chanukah: Healing Light

“What new light has been added to your life?”

On The Rebbe’s 92nd Wedding Anniversary

At the time of the wedding, many already realized this son-in-law would one day be the Rebbe Rayatz's successor.


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