A Lesson From Mrs. Gafner

Even at the height of personal anguish it's still possible to demonstrate such sensitivity.

Don’t Make Such A Big Deal Of Yourself

The Ammonites are not interested in learning the truth - they only want to destroy Israel.

Better Late Than Never

Because of the War of Independence and establishment of the state, the event was postponed and never took place. My grandmother would always say that she somehow felt that her life was missing something.

The Incomprehensible Power Of Teshuva

Why must the heifer be red? Scripture likens sin to red because, when a person sins, he forfeits his blood.

With An Eye Towards Heaven

R' Chanina was accustomed to experiencing miracles, and therefore he did not fear the bite of the snake.

Redeeming Relevance: Chukat: The 38 Year Black Hole 

Precisely because the work that the second-generation did take place was less dramatic and required human participation that it created its own more organic resilience, making it a better model

Anti-Zionist Jews

We believe in nonsense and promote ridiculous ideas that can’t be rationally defended and refute themselves as quickly as we utter them.

Listen To Your Wife

The good influence a Jewish woman can have is most effectively exerted in her home, the strongest fortress for moral values.


If we hold him by the hand, who will remove him from our protection?


Before summarily dismissing Korach, let's first allow him to speak and examine his claims – perhaps they will allow us to understand whence his self-immolating uprising.

Take Heed

Rashi explains that the Torah coupled these two incidents together on purpose, in order for us to notice that the spies saw what happened to Miriam, but did not learn a lesson from it. In his words: "And these wicked people witnessed it, but did not learn their lesson."

Kindness And Truth

In the case of Yaakov, there was already a covenant with Hashem and mutual expectations.

The Importance Of Impartiality

They thought that if Hashem was sending them to scout the land, it must be that there were alternatives to invading and conquering it.

Were The Spies Justified In Fearing The Giants?

Bigness is measured from the chin down, but greatness is measured from the chin up. A person may be the biggest and tallest player in the NBA and still be a mental midget.

Redeeming Relevance: Shelach: 10+2 Tribes

Why twelve? If what is really important is the number ten, God could have theoretically created anywhere from eleven to nineteen tribes, and we would still have had decision-making with a majority of ten...

Jews Of Silence

When my father visited Russia, Jews there asked him: 'How many are marching for us in America?' He was embarrassed to tell them how few there were.

Kindle Souls, You Won’t Lose Out

Rav Ovadia said, “So for me it’s permissible, but for you it’s prohibited?”

TORAH SHORTS: Behaalotcha: African Royalty

He that can work is born to be king of something. -Thomas Carlyle

Moshe – The Most Humble Man

The true mark of humility is the ability to accept criticism and be a tolerant person, even to those who mistreat and verbally abuse you.

Half of the T – Winning Team

Why do we need both Hashem and Moshe to inform us that we're moving forward once again? Wouldn't one method, presumably the divine one, be sufficient?

Was It Necessary?

When Ahron saw the nesi’im give their gifts for the Mishkan he felt bad that his shevet did not have a part in the gifts to the Mishkan.

They Deserve To Be Remembered

If the field workers assist us in fulfilling the mitzvot associated with agriculture in the Land of Israel, the caregivers assist us in the mitzvot associated with honoring our parents.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Nasso: Sotah and the Metaphor of Monogamy

I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to suggest that the whole reason God created man, male and female, was for us to better understand our relationship with Him.

Grafting A Blessing

It’s more important for me not to disappoint a fellow Jew.

What’s Your Mission?

The Chasmonaim were punished because they wrongfully adopted a calling that wasn’t theirs.

And Firing At Sderot Is Okay?

It's not normal to permit a reality such as this, and those living near the Gaza border have put up with it for 20 years.

Parshat B’Midbar : Miles from Nowhere

In last week’s parashah, Hashem spoke to Moshe at Mount Sinai. Now, it's referred to as the Desert of Sinai. Is that the same place? Since the people haven't departed the mountain yet, it must be. Yet if so, why change the reference from "mountain" to "desert"?

G-d Isn’t An ATM Machine

After my son, Rabbi Eitam, was murdered with his wife in a terrorist attack, I told my students that no one promised me that G-d is an ATM machine.

Anticipating The Glorious Day

From what spiritual impurity are we being cleansed and how does counting sefirah effect this cleansing?

Bringing G-d Into The World

Even before Matan Torah, Jews studied Torah. From the days of Avraham, there never ceased to be a Torah academy among them.


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