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Why Dance? Why Not Learn?

To cross the infinite gulf separating us – as finite created beings – from the infinite Creator, we need to nullify our sense of self-importance.

“Twin Mitzvos”

The Vilna Gaon (cited in Sefer Kol HaTor 1:7) states that one's entire body is involved in two mitzvos: the mitzvah of sukkah and the mitzvah to dwell in the Land of Israel. (the GR"A does not mention Mikvah). It turns out that the mitzvah of sukkah and the mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisrael are like sister mitzvos.

Shade Of Faith

A person only receives the amount of parnassah that was proclaimed for him in Heaven.

‘Amen’ – Not A Simple Word

A person who responds “Amen” with all his might…has the power to open all the gates surrounding Gan Eden.

No, We’re Not Hypocrites

Our soul wants, to be better, different, true. Now the soul prevails over the body, and in the last moments of this journey, we must take something with us, some 'soul food' for the road ahead.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Haazinu: Why Did Yehoshua Repeat Haazinu?

“If God only commanded Moshe to present Haazinu, what was the need for Yehoshua to join in?”

Hashem Is Closer Than You Think

Hashem’s love for us is like the love of parents for their young child; it’s an essential love not dependent upon the child’s conduct.

The Passing On of Leadership – Parshat Vayelech

We're going to talk about something that is probably one of the most practical pieces of advice for today. We're talking about handing over leadership.

The Heart Of Teshuvah

The Angel Raziel read the sefer together with Adam, who fell on his face, shaking.

Where Will I Be Next Year?

What we need to think about now – in Tishrei 5780 – is Tishrei 5781...Shana tova!

How Hard It Is To Trust In Hashem

The fear of success, the fear of being led astray, the fear of losing sight of where we started and the truths we used to know we had to hold self-evident, these were the fears Hashem was telling the Jewish people to have the strength and courage to overcome,

Parshat Nitzavim – Rosh Hashanah

Whereas all people need to be careful of what their words may cause, leaders must especially be careful in this regard.

The Head Needs The Feet

The “head” – the great Torah leaders – are dependent upon all lower “limbs” of our people for their spiritual completeness.

A Defining Moment

A person should never despair of his ability to do teshuvah.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Nitzavim: A Nation of Yentas

Since we are taught that each person is like a universe, to casually dispense with one individual is like dispensing with an entire universe.

Make A Difference

Finally, in a choked voice, the father said, “Yanky has a brother, Mutty, who has been in the hospital with a debilitating illness for many months.”

One Date, Two Birthdays

The path of Chabad, on the other hand, while maintaining the close Rebbe-chassid relationship, emphasizes personal labor in serving Hashem.

Want To Learn A New Zemer?

A friend told me about a niggun for what to me is a new zemer and I have recently begun singing it. It has had a profound impact on me and how uplifted I feel on Shabbos...

Ki Tavo: The Lost Value of Tochaha

Sadly, we live in a world where too many of us reject such remonstration out of hand, deny anyone else’s right to give us the awareness we may not find ourselves. In doing so, in building a society of tochaha-objectors, we lose half the arrows in the quiver, and open ourselves to the risk of never hearing what we need.

The Five Themes Of Elul

These three verses point to Elul as a time for reinforcing the “three pillars upon which the world stands: Torah, service [of Hashem through prayer], and kind deeds” (Avos 1:3).

Saints And Sinners

Although the chacham and rasha are completely dissimilar, they still share a bond as brothers.

Collecting Chance Encounters

Once I learned to treat every person I meet as more than chance and as an opportunity, I was able to expand my collection of superheroes.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Ki Tetzeh: Levinas, Ammon and Moav – On the Neutral Neighbor

Many commentators wonder why not proffering bread and water is considered such a great crime. Because turning away goes from being a sign of neutrality to being an act of hostility.

Emotional Bribery

Leadership is not domination, but the art of persuading people to work toward a common goal.

Be Careful In How You Judge

Even though you think you see the whole picture, chances are that you don’t.


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