It’s the Economy – Parshat Behar

Israel must organize its society in such a way that reflects Hebrew values while transcending the friction between conflicting economic models.

Pennies from Heaven – Behar

If we had Har Sinai today, the contemporary form of the mitzvah of Shemittah would not apply to farmers, but to computer engineers, doctors, graphics artists, lawyers, stockbrokers and businessmen.

Counting Steps To Greatness

Man is a synthesis of his nefesh habahamis (the animal soul), which has physical needs, and his G-dly soul (nefesh haElokis). Man’s mission is to elevate his nefesh habahamis to function in the realm of his nefesh haElokis.

Our Brother

We are accustomed to transitioning from the sadness of Memorial Day to the joy of Independence Day, but how do we transition in the opposite direction, from independence to mourning?

The Kohanim Who Are Levi’im

The Arizal teaches that the firstborn ought to have had the priesthood by right, except that Kayin abused this privilege and it was revoked from him as a result of his grave transgression.

Uncovering a Lost Secret – Emor

Parallel to the technical, scientific research I discovered many realities that are not intuitively apparent, but when you dig deeper, you begin to truly appreciate.

National Responsibility – Parshat Emor

The awareness that Israel is the national expression of HaShem in this world and that our conduct is a direct reflection of His Divine Ideal should fill us with a deep sense of tremendous responsibility.

The Lethal Challenge of Learning Torah from Others

The pernicious difficulty of keeping self-love in check and not having it warp the way in which we see others is brought to our attention in the story of R. Elazar

Where Should I Sit in Shul?

Rabbi Weiss: The Hebrew word ‘leitz’ is made up of a lamed and a tzadik which means ‘learned’ and righteous’ for the scoffer thinks that he knows better and that he is really in the right.

Mitzvos For Hashem Alone

During those years, many who came to America had no interest in continuing the sacred Torah traditions. R’ Yaakov Yosef dedicated his life to bringing back many who had fallen into a life of sin.

The Next Stage – Yom HaAtzmaut

The fifth of Iyar marks not only Israel's victory against England but also the day we fulfilled the collective mitzvah of sovereignty over our homeland for the first time in nearly 2,000 years.

Servants Without A Master

Again and again Yechezkel recounts all of the miracles Hashem has performed throughout history for His people and all of the ways in which they betrayed Him.

What Did You Take From Pesach?

Don't say the holiday is over and done, but that the holiday has given us something more.

Two By Two – Kedoshim

If someone can overcome and surpass their natural inclinations in their interactions with their fellow man, they will have less trouble observing the mitzvot בין אדם למקום.

Inseparably Connected – Parshat Kedoshim

The Segula is Israel's inner Divine light planted within the collective Hebrew soul and revealed in human history through the Jewish people.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Kedoshim: Seeing the Instructions

What we learn only through the ears makes less impression upon our minds than what is presented to the trustworthy eye. -Horace

Dovid HaMelech’s Single Request

Dovid HaMelech was able to perceive the precariousness of routine and habitual activity that could tarnish the awesomeness, inspiration, and majesty of a special moment.

Standing Out

Rabbeinu Bechaye points out there that there are a few instances in Tanach where chodesh, the month, is synonymous with the new moon at the beginning of the month.

A Sefira Message

...the only pasuk in the Torah that has the same gematria as the two words Eretz Yisroel, is the verse, Hashem Ish milchomah, Hashem Shemo – G-d is the Master of war, Hashem is His Name.

Honoring The Memory & Legacy Of Yehoshua Bin-Nun

Yehoshua was one of Israel's greatest leaders because he represented the ideal expression of the Yosef force - one consciously rooted in, guided by and completely subordinate to the Hebrew mission.

All For One, All As One – Acharei Mot

If Pesach is immediately followed by Acharei Mot that focuses on Yom Kippur, there must be a good reason for it.

Only G-d Knows

One is obligated to make a blessing on bad news, just as he makes a blessing on good tidings.

Apples & Pomegranates – Shvi’i Shel Pesach

What interests me however is why the Midrash chose to emphasize two specific types of fruit – apples and pomegranates. It could just as easily have said grapes, figs, dates, etc. Why not choose fruit of the Shiv’at Haminim?

Pesach Insights: Ensuring The Legacy Continues

It is incumbent upon every parent to prepare a “lesson plan” of meaningful Torah directions to give over to their family on this most meaningful night.

The First Step Toward Holiness

It is often asked what the first step should be in order to come closer to Hashem. Should one first purify himself by abandoning his evil ways, or should he engage in acts of holiness?

Freeing Humanity From Egyptian Bondage

Even had Egypt’s dominance on the world stage declined later in history due to natural circumstances, the Pharaonic worldview would have continued to dominate the thinking of man.

I Was A Slave In Egypt

One of the major messages of the Lubavitcher Rebbe was to utilize every situation in which we find ourselves for good.

The Best Pesach Ever

This is the true meaning of Pesach – to restore the unique relationship between ourselves and our Creator, as individuals and as a collective.

Rich Man’s Bread – Pesach

Let us begin with the facts. We were poor slaves in Egypt – fact! We ate matzos when we left Egypt – fact! We eat matzos to remind us of our poverty of slavery in Egypt – fact????

A Talmudic Recipe For Longevity

Indeed, the very name for Heaven, shamayim, is a composition of aish and mayim, fire and water, which though usually in opposition are fused together peacefully in the Heavens.


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