Photo Credit: Pixabay

Natalie opens by recounting Lag B’omer and the terrible disaster at Meron that killed 45 Jews…..and how some comforting words helped with the loss. First guest, Nechama Greenfield, 61, making aliyah this June from Teaneck, NJ to Ashkelon with her husband! She is bringing their small dog, already has her 2 sons here, and is very excited. Next up Natalie meets Gal Stern, (St. Louis – Tel Aviv in 2010) at age 17 – alone; did 6 months of community service, joined the IDF, went to college, traveled the world, married her best friend, and is now living in Tel Aviv working as a software developer. Happy story! Final guest, David Brenner of; David and Natalie have a frank discussion about current aliyah trends…is aliyah slowing down? Verdict: No…it is steady. Note “high-profile” people are simply not making big announcements about their aliyah.


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