Moving to Israel Has Never Been Easier – But Don’t Wait! – The Tamar...

Tamar talks about the importance of moving to Israel for you, AND your children. It's also never been easier, however time may be running out. With all that is happening in the States and the rest of the world, whether politically or financially due to the coronavirus and the aftermath of the lock-downs, it is getting harder and harder to apply and submit all the papers and documents one needs in order to immigrate to Israel. Tamar explains how and why. This is an important show you do not want to miss!

The Three Weeks: From Negativity to Positivity – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

This week Rabbi Yitzchak and William discuss the period known as the "Three Weeks." It is the period between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av. This is a time of great mourning in Judaism as a result of the great calamities that took place on these dates and during this period. However, in spite of this seemingly negative period and even with all that is going on in the world, there is a way to take this negative energy and turn it positive.

‘The Disinformation Campaign’ – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

What you see, and what you THINK it stands for, is not what it is, because you are being fed fake news, distractions, deceptions, demoralization and division. Tamar Yonah speaks with Barry Shaw, the International Public Diplomacy Director at Barry explains the tactics that the extreme Left uses in order to gain power, and keep us quiet and docile until they believe that they can take over, peacefully or not.

A Secular Zionist’s Defective I.D. – Phantom Nation [audio]

Israel got off on the wrong left-foot (pun-intended) with the Arab-Muslims

Being a Bridge – Leap of Faith [audio]

On today’s episode of Leap of Faith, Penina speaks with Shani Kramer, who shares her parents’ journeys to Torah and how the next generation has the ability to serve in a way no one else can. Another inspirational episode you don’t want to miss!

Your House is on Fire! God Will Not Send You a Telegram – The...

Many people foolishly think that 'they have time'. However, History waits for no one. Tamar goes on an emotional and powerful rant about how G-d will not send you a telegram when it is time to get out and move to Israel. Why wait until it might be too late? Tamar also shares with you some tips she feels could help you financially in this tumultuous world we are living in now. A very powerful show not to miss, and a 'must share' program.

Israel News Talk Radio Happy 4th of July America! – From Jerusalem With Love...

Orly talks to Jason Meister who is a board member of Donald J Trump for President Inc. Orly also talks about Israeli annexation and wishes the whole world a happy 4th of July.

Walking Into Walls – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

In a Corona world, work, schools. celebrations, camps, restaurants and travel remain paralyzed. The world we've known has changed. And the new normal remains shrouded in mystery. What, pray tell, do we do in the meantime?

America is Dead! Long live Communism! – Political Hitman [audio]

The KGB has been working to destroy America since the 1960s. Their nefarious plan has worked and America in imploding! Howie analyzes the situation.

“A Good Kurd is a Dead Kurd” – According to Erdogan – Beyond the...

Turkey is bombing Christians, Yazidis, and Kurds in the northwest Iraq autonomous region. A Turkish drone strike in the Sulaymaniyah Province killed three civilians. A bomb dropped in the attack landed in a resort near three children and parents in a river. Erdogan says he is “only attacking PKK bases” in the Kurdish autonomous region. Turkish forces occupy 60 villages in the Kurdish autonomous region of Iraq. The reality is Erdogan is attacking civilians pursuing a plan to annex areas that Turkey held during the Ottoman Empire. “Turkey is today’s Nazi Germany. Erdogan believes that a Good Kurd is a Dead Kurd”, says Diliman Abdulkader, co-founder and chief spokesperson for American Friends of Kurdistan.

Sovereignty, Statues, and Shelanu – The Science of Kabbalah [audio]

Your hosts discuss the opposition expressed by other countries to Israel's proclamation of sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria according to the Trump Peace Plan. They continue their discussion about statues being torn down in the U.S. and around the world, as well as the decision by the Israeli Cable Council to suspend the license for Shelanu, a missionary channel targeting Jews for conversion. As always Rabbi Yitzchak and William try to make a connection to these current events with Torah and Kabbalah.

The Communist Agenda and the Second Wave of Corona – The Tamar Yonah Show...

The rebels and their tactics that we are seeing on the streets of America today are taken straight from communist books already printed back in the 1920's and 30's. Should we beware of where this can take us, and how it will change our lives, as well as possibly TAKE our lives?

Sovereignty Now – or Wait for Moshiach – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Sovereignty Now - Or Wait For Moshiach . Why Is It Now Time To Extend Sovereignty

Sovereignty + Packing Up and Moving On Over! – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Will Israel actually apply sovereignty over most Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria? What is the difference between annexation and applying sovereignty, and what do the Arabs think about it? Are some Arabs supporting Israel in applying Israeli law? You will be surprised!

Critical Issuer – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

Israeli sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and Urban uprisings in the United States are the most critical issues this week

Building Trust: From Being Right to Making Right – Soul Talk [audio]

An essential component to any healthy relationship is trust. What is at the core of this trait and how can we develop it within ourselves and our relationships? How can one learn to trust again when they have been hurt in the past? How can a breach of trust be effectively restored in an ongoing relationship that is in sore need of transformation? The answer to these questions is the key to building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Biblical Family Values and ‘The Liberal Left’ – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Tamar talks about everything from the coronavirus closures, to the take over of the streets of America, to the clash between Biblical family values as opposed to the progressive liberal Left.

Northwest Florida Jewish women Join IDF after High School – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

It is unusual to find two young Jewish women from Northwest Florida electing to serve in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) following graduation from high school. Maytal Baurberg of Milton, Florida and Eliana McCulley of Gulf Breeze, Florida met a decade ago in the Yachad...

Interesting Times – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

The period between now and the presidential election in the United States is a fateful decision time for Israel

Wake Up, America – From Jerusalem With Love [audio]

Orly talks to David Bedin about annexation and its consequences. She also speaks to David Vgiles about his candidacy for the US Congress, Arizona, 9th District.

Do the Crime, Do the Time – Howie Talks to a Former Prisoner about...

Howie expresses outrage at a fake hate crime and then talks about police abuse with a former US prisoner.

After Corona’s Second Wave, Get Ready For The Antisemitism Wave – The Tamar Yonah...

Tamar talks about the dangers facing Jews today in the diaspora, and that they need to leave their comfort zones and come home to Israel. A powerful and enlightening show!

More Violence May Be on the Way – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

With all the rioting and protests going on today, we may be seeing even MORE violence, -but not in America. Take a look across the pond, to northern Africa and the Middle East. Libya, Turkey and Egypt are all embroiled in a power struggle that looks like there could be war. Libya's UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), and Turkish imperialism and interests, claim that Egypt's military threat is a 'declaration of war'. Egypt sees a threat to it's own border with Libya and the Turks, and have threatened a 'direct' intervention in Libya if necessary in order to protect its porous border. What will be, and how will it affect us all?

Pandering Jews – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

How far will some Jews kowtow to be part of the crowd, even when said crowd calls for a Judenrein society as well as the destruction of the Jewish state? Void of the accompanying dignity that comes with observance and continual study, Jewish lemmings race headfirst into a sea of sycophancy.

Breaking Free From Baggage So We Can Fly Forward – Soul Talk [audio]

So many of us are weighed down in life due to carrying excess emotional baggage. We may have been carrying the weight of negative emotions for so long that we may not even be able to identify the source of our load so we can more easily let it go. We may know exactly why we are carrying around emotional baggage and see how it's damaging us and our relationships, but still can't let it go. Why is this? How can we break free from emotional baggage that is holding us back from being the best version of self and fly forward towards the healthy, happy me!

Interview with Rabbi Who Sent a Letter to Trump: ‘NO’ to the Peace Plan!...

Well, with US President Donald Trump's 'Deal of the Century' Peace Plan, which is the same formula as the failed 'two state solution' and goes against the Bible, and the fact Mahmoud Abbas has already refused and rejected it, this plan has no where to go.

Can the US regain its competitive edge against China’s Drive for Global Economic Dominance?...

The Communist Party regime of President Xi-jingping is striving for global technological and economic dominance by 2025. Its “Made in China” 2025 plan seeks to have Chinese companies control both domestic and global production in 10 key sectors becoming a superpower.

Calling for Peaceful Talks During a Second Round of The Corona Virus – From...

Peace is the call to China and India Orly speaks about the clashes in The disputed territories of Ladakh and the need of Presdient Trumps help while calling out to the Jewish people to come home and make a life in Israel.


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