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Dear Wiser,

By the time most readers will be reading this, we will have all hopefully managed to sweep our chometz out the door and passed the bedikas chometz inspection with flying colors. Whether away or at home, we will be appreciating the beauty of the Yom Tov that celebrates our freedom from slavery and the wondrous miracles Hashem wrought for us in the process.


I’ll say this much from my own experience: The harder we work to find and eradicate that hidden or embedded chometz grime, the deeper our satisfaction and sense of well being as we recline at our Seder table in the comfort of home sweet home.

Concerning spouses who try our patience, you’ve got the right attitude. Isn’t it really all about perspective? Just thinking of the spouseless and lonely, or the ill and ailing who can’t possibly busy themselves with preparations for the holiday, makes our “problems” suddenly seem not that problematic after all.

As for so-called “chumros,” this is a subject that would take up an entire column space and then some. Briefly… when it comes to Pesach, many of our undertakings are more in line with minhagim and the preservation of family tradition.

May we merit Eliyahu HaNavi’s appearance this Pesach, to herald the imminent arrival of Moshiach. Le’Shanah Haba’ah b’Yerushalayim — our true Home Sweet Home!


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