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A Kvelling Grandpa

Dear Kvelling,


Spoken like a true-blue proud zeida! From the sound of it, you have, baruch Hashem, every reason to be proud. But can we honestly place blame solely at the feet (no pun intended) of our less accomplished/less ambitious young? Aren’t their parents in many instances at least partly culpable for having given them everything they need and then some?

Granted, raising children in today’s overindulged society is not easy. And peer pressure, it must be said, doesn’t make things any easier.

It would be nice to hear from other parents of responsible young adults who don’t rely on handouts from their parents to make do. Perhaps these parents can impart lessons and pointers in the fine art of successful parenting.

Mazel Tov on your simcha! May Hashem grant you many more in good health.


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