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Perhaps, if the protests carry on, if petitions continue to get signed, if people who realize what is happening take advantage of their right to freedom of speech, perhaps then the Met Opera will understand how dangerous this performance is.


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The author is 17 years old and attends Manhattan High School.


  1. We are revisiting John Adams’ agitprop in the guise of "opera", “The Death of Klinghoffer.” Monday, October 20, marked the beginning of a new age of anti-Semitic propaganda…the moral equivalence abyss – good and bad, evil and goodness are even on the balance – into which the world had sunken…to share the terrorists’ side of the story WHY they go kill Jews with impunity and an "opera" that inducts the writer, the composer, the producer, the institution that put the charade on and every actor acting in it in the "hall of fame" of people who have no moral compass, NONE!

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