Title: The Preparing for Pesach Companion:

You really CAN make Pesach with a SMILE

Author: S. Salel

Publisher: Self-published



   Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own personal helper in the sometimes ominous task of making Pesach? Your own friendly advice source and assistant guiding you each step of the way toward successful Pesach preparation?


   The Preparing for Pesach Companion offers the next best thing – a concise, upbeat, easy-to-follow and very practical guide to the ins and outs of preparing our homes and ourselves for the Pesach Yom Tov.


   In these difficult times, many people feel overwhelmed. As Pesach approaches, it is all too easy to become even more overwhelmed with the labor-intensive tasks of Pesach preparation adding to our everyday stresses. But particularly now it is even more important for each of us to make a concerted effort in helping our children appreciate the beauty of our Jewish holidays.


   Approaching Pesach with dread, and an “it’s so difficult, I can’t do this” attitude, can send a negative message to our children. Instead, we must make Pesach exciting for them. With this motivation in mind, Pesach becomes more exciting for us as well. The positive attitude in the home begins with the mother, and this helpful guide is a great asset in making that frame of mind possible.


   This eminently readable book is a nuts and bolts guide on how to make Pesach. It doesn’t deal with specific halachos, but is rather a cheerful “how-to” step by step process of negotiating the weeks leading toward Pesach.


   The premise of the book is that tasks seem overwhelming only when viewed as one huge insurmountable ordeal. If you divide and conquer, breaking the greater goal up into smaller, more manageable, prescheduled tasks – then any job is do-able.


   Mrs. Salel offers the wisdom gleaned from her years as an experienced homemaker/writer combined with proven and effective time-management techniques. The book offers clear and concise hints and tips on how to clean for Pesach, including chapters on cleaning the kitchen, as well as suggested shopping lists, and hints on how to plan shopping trips to best maximize your time.


   Some of the most helpful features found in the guide are:


   ● a special “making Pesach for the first time” shopping list;

   ● a family-friendly preparing for the seder guide;

   ● great tips on budgeting for Pesach;

   ● a clear and easy to use personal pre-Pesach calendar.


   New features for this year include:

   ● a special chapter on Birkas Hachamah;

   ● a chapter on Pesach kitchens;

   ● a chapter on eruv tavshilin;

   ● updated zemanim for erev Pesach for cities across the globe.


   This handy Pesach helper is sure to become your new best friend. Pick up a copy of this valuable resource today, and before you know it – you will be making Pesach with a smile!


   The Preparing for Pesach Companion is available in Jewish bookstores and grocery stores across the country. To order your own Preparing for Pesach Companion, please contact the author at 732-901-1105.

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