A One-Sided Ban

    Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

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    Asher is the JewishPress.com's incredible cartoonist.


    1. You know that you are stretching the point and also not looking at the other reasons for what countries were included or excluded. Pakistan is also an ALLY–it doesn’t mean that they are perfect. The Paki government does NOT train terrorists…and where the terrorists camps are, or were, is in such a remote, mountainous place that it is not really controlled territory. Similarly with Saudi Arabia, they are allies and they are not perfect. The funding comes from private funds and private institutions, but they are hopelessly backward. I can go on, but you get the idea. The world isn’t black and white…there are many shades of gray. Further, if you look at where terrorists came from does NOT tell you what is happening now. Look at Europe and you should be able to see a different pattern. Anticipating where we can have problems is important. Trumps biggest mistake in setting the temporary travel ban is in not bringing key stakeholders into the plan–he could have played this much better. I hope that he learns.

    2. Your a self hating Jewish person that can’t see reality of the cartoon it’s hypocrisy no Jews allowed in Muslim countries but a 3 month extra secure vetting process trumps racist!!! Your going to cry for 8yrs if you don’t get over the hate!!! Keep watching CNN and listening to morons tell you opinion instead of fact!!!

    3. So let me get this straight, what you are saying is that the United States should hold itself to the same standards of ethics and freedom as Libya, Pakistan, and Yemen? Maybe those countries are your role models, but they’re not what I aspire to.

    4. Well l love Trump and we do not need people coming to our countries and try to bring their hell with them. The Jews have never made war on anyone or made us ear their food like we do in Australia l do not want to eat food killed with cruelty. The Muslims have been making war ever since time, they are evil killers even in their own families. Their religion is a made up religion. By a person who said the Angel Gabriel came to him, now days they would lock you up and call you a nut. He was a evil man he married a child and told his so called people to kill us. Now tell us we should love them in your dreams….

    5. Not at all Ruth, but I’m pretty sure you and Asher are. He might think he’s pointing out hypocrisy but what he’s really doing is drawing moral equivalency between Arab nations that are virulently anti Semitic and the ban on muslims entering the US. America is, or at least should, be better than that

    6. Let them play they all miss the point anyway. I would not let a Palestinian into Israel at all as they use their children as time bombs, you never hear Jews doing that. They only send rockets back when they send them over to the Jews. Palestinians are also terrorist lovers….

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