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February 7, 2016 / 28 Shevat, 5776
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Ariel Sharon

About the Author: Asher is the JewishPress.com's incredible cartoonist.

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5 Responses to “Ariel Sharon”

  1. the ark of israel farewell great hero the gifter of gaza to the disputed peoples who were thrown out of jordan and killed wholesale with pakistan army helping the king to give a push of his own peoples towards israel for living under nonislamic laws of killing looting and plundering own countrymen

  2. In 1988 Sharon advocated giving up 2/3 of Judea and Samaria. In 1995 he expelled 22 settlemets in Gaza and 4 in Shomron. He also advocated giving up Jerusalem as his Kadema party advocates today. He pushed Likud out of his face because they would not give up Jersalem, Judea and Samaria, and formed Kadeama. Today, Likud has accepted this anti-Halacha,anti-history anti-Nationalistic surrender to the Islamo-facists. Sharon is joining Rabin who shook Arafats hand and surrendered to the war criminal. Today, Netanyau went on record TWO STATE solution ipso facto giving up our religious,historical ,national and security sites/lands. Sharon is being feasted upon by an army of Maggots. Over 8,000 Jews were expelled from Gush Gatif and Shomron,each 1000 represent 1 year= 8 years of Sharon in the coma. If Sharon lived in the Chanukah era he would have been executed by the Macabbes,whom at that time they executed tens of thousands of Jewish traitors, who were known as MITYAVNIM. Sharon cut off funding for the religious students and for state benefits for their families. Sharon was a monster!!! Watch Every Wednesday Judaism New York Time10:00Am & 6:00Pm go to bcat.tv,scroll all the way down to Community Media, then click on Brooklyn Public Network,then click on the arrow in Channel 2 In addition, Every Thursday, go to mnn.org at 12:00NOON New York Time go to Judaism 4, click beneath it Watch now!

  3. The Koran preaches in Sura Chapter 5,"Don't make friends of Jews or Christians". In the same Koran Sura Chapter 5, in verse 33,the Koran preaches"Kill them,crucify them,cut off their limbs and throw them out of the land". Islam is genocidal! They stole and occupy parts of our lands! They occupy the Temple Mount that housed the First/Second Temples, the holiest sit in Judaism! The real Jerusalem is the Old City,Silwan etc.,it and all other lands in Judea and Samaria need to be liberated!

  4. I think Sharon knew he made a mistake and regretted that he gave over the Gaza strip to the arabs. but maybe he thought that the world would understand that he would like to make peace with the Palestinians, but not the way the Palestinians showed themselves to be so ungratefull and burn down the synagogues, It must have grieved Sharon greatly and the reason he fell sick. May he rest in peace.

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