Hamas vs. Islamic Jihad

    Photo Credit: Asher Shwartz

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    Asher is the JewishPress.com's incredible cartoonist.


    1. There is way too much truth in this presentation. Bullies the world over know only one thing—when they aren't fighting each other…they fight the nearest other to continue the only thing they know. They are filled with hatred which is like a massive brain cramp. I un-cramped a few brains in my younger days, but as I learned, there were always more to take their place. Judging by many of the posts in the comment sections hither and yon, it seems like cramped brain is a problem endemic to the species. If I set up an un-cramping the brain clinic in my neighborhood, I would need to bar the doors in order to take a nap when I'd reached my limit for the day. The terrorist groups are an epitome of the cramped brain syndrome. When your brain is cramped it keeps the neural transmitters from sending signals to the cerebral cortex…among other places ;-).

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