Introducing Paul Ryan

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    1. a genius whose goal is to destroy what's left of the middle class, repeal women's rights, remove the social security net from the elderly and the disabled, in order to pad the pockets of the already insanely rich. Once for all trickle down economy has never worked, it will never work, the only thing that trickles down is garbage, not money.

    2. No, if you look at the records, Reaganomics left the US with a record deficit and a record unemployment. Bush Sr. and Jr. did the same. The only president who left us with a healthy surplus, jobs, and Ok retirement was Clinton. I'm no Obama fan, but as a woman and the mother of 3 young men trying to find decent jobs, I couldn't in good faith vote for the tandem Romney-Ryan

    3. Muriel, the whole "repeal women's rights" thing is such a red herring. Every election cycle the left brings out the war on women nonsense. It is ridiculous. I am surprised you fall for it. The President can't over turn Roe v Wade. Thinking that there is some conspiracy about that is no different than the loons who are worried about sharia law becoming the law of the USA. Birth control is available and in no danger of being 'repealed'.

    4. I'm not worried about the sharia law. I worried about the Christian zealots. They've already closed most of the access to contraception and abortions to the poor women in Texas and most of the Southern states. Just because I'm from California, where such thing is unlikely to happen, doesn't mean I live in a bubble. It's not a conspiracy, because it's not hidden: Romney and Ryan have both said quite publicly that they will push for the Congress to cut deeply in the safety net for the poor, the disabled, and the elderly, and to implement an ultra "pro-life" agenda in which no abortion will be allowed, not even to save a woman's life.

    5. Paul Ryan sponsored a bill which claims that " the life of each human being begins with fertilization, cloning, or its functional equivalent, irrespective of sex, health, function or disability, defect, stage of biological development, or condition of dependency, at which time every human being shall have all the legal and constitutional attributes and privileges of personhood"

      This means that, had the bill passed, states would have the right to ban all abortions with no exception for rape, incest, or the life of the mother. On top of which, in those states, if a woman was raped and wanted to have an abortion in another state, her rapist could sue her to stop the abortion.

      That's not a red herring, that's removing civil rights as well as the right to life from women to grant them to fetus which cannot use them.

    6. You should look into what a President or Vice President can and cannot do. You are being fed a whole bunch of propaganda and fearmongering from people who want to scare a vote out of you. The SUPREME COURT has made a decision about abortions, and that is the law of the land. No President can change that. It would take a constitutional amendment, and that would take ratification by three-quarters of the states. You can pass a law that is unconstitutional, but it wont last very long. The Supreme court would strike it down, based on Roe v Wade.

    7. Muriel Coudurier-Curveur Oh, and it untrue that Romney and Ryan have said publicly or privately that they will push for the Congress to cut deeply in the safety net for the poor, the disabled, and the elderly, and to implement an ultra "pro-life" agenda in which no abortion will be allowed, not even to save a woman's life.

      In fact they want to SAVE entitlement programs before they go bankrupt. Are you watching Greece?

    8. Well Greece was riding the American coattail and when we took a nosedive it took one too. Since it didn't have the back-up resources of the US, it's crash was even more catastrophic and it may not recover at all. The Medicare replacement by a voucher is on par with a gradual suppression of Medicare because it's coverage will not augment at the same rate as the cost of medical care and the Social Security wouldn't be at the edge of bankruptcy if the Congress and the government stopped "borrowing" from it to balance their books and fund their pet projects. As far as Ryan's "pro-life" agenda, I stand by what I said: he did sponsor a bill to give personhood to fetus, thereby forbidding any abortion whatsoever and removing from women any right over their body while pregnant. Once again, I am no fan of Pr. Obama, but I honestly think that Pr. Romney would be an unqualified disaster for the US.

    9. The US is 16 trillion dollars in debt and adding top that debt each year at an alarming rate. There is a limit to the 'back-up resources'. When the money really runs out, then the cuts to entitlement programs will have to be deeper and will hurt more people. The voucher program is not as you describe. I can't possibly explain it in detail here, but only those who can afford it will have to pay after the 'voucher' amount is used. The poor and middle class with continue to have the same coverage. AND most importantly anyone 55 or above today will see absolutely NO change to their coverage. The rest of the population will have lots of time to prepare. AND no, that is not what the bill means. The Supreme court decision was not about the fetus. AGAIN I tell you that no one can simply write a bill that over turns the Supreme court. You are engaging in fear mongering. As I said, this happens every election cycle. During the eight years George Bush was president, as measured by yellow page ads for abortions, access to abortions grew. Not exactly something I celebrate, but it is the law of the land. It is not really up for debate.
      Yes there are challenges. That is the system that creates better laws.

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