Look Who’s Boycotting Ariel

    Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

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    Asher is the JewishPress.com's incredible cartoonist.


    1. The guy is a real clown, a idiot-in-chief a liar from the word go, a radical from Kenya, a illegal as-hole from hell, give to other countries and Screw your own and if white would have been defeated with no problem but not all black either, half white Bast—, from hell, your next world leader and the anti-Christ, wake up world satan rules you.

    2. Mr. Fox, what an offensive amalgam!
      President Obama isn't everyone's cup of tea (he isn't mine because he is inept in International Affairs and a pushover domestically), but he isn't Kenyan -He was born in Hawaii to an American mother 1 full year after that territory became a member state of the USA- he is a natural born US citizen.
      He wasn't elected illegally -unlike his predecessor who wasn't elected, but nominated by the Supreme Court in defiance of the US Constitution- as the margin for Obama's election didn't allow for any confusion.
      As a matter of fact, hadn't the Republican Party presented superstitious imbeciles stuck in the 12th century, Obama would never have been reelected.
      He isn't the Antichrist – the Catholic tradition demands that the Antichrist be a Pope- as he isn't the Pope. Furthermore, if you're a Jew, you're accepting neither Jesus of Nazareth as Christ (aka Mashiach), nor the four Vatican certified Gospels (including the prediction of the Antichrist).
      Finally, a black person (or a metis) isn't a beast, but a full fledged human and calling him out on this is racist.

    3. How do you know he was born in Hawaii? Have you ever seen his original bc? Some people say his real father was the communist Frank Marshall Davis and have good evidence to prove it. If that is so, he would be a natural born citizen but a liar when he says his father is the Kenyan.

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