Sometimes the Court You Pick Can Make All the Difference

    Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz


    1. There is a French TV-film showing the young Mohamed al-Dura being cornered and shot with his father. The French-Israeli journalist’s comments the film of his partner, a Palestinian filmmaker, and says that the young boy was killed by Tzahal, the Israeli forces. But Tzahal denied.
      The story is painful for Israeli, who feel this is totally unfair.
      And now it seems the story may be quite different.
      This is the video that was shown everywhere during the next 48 h, it roused the ire of the people everywhere, and ignited the 2nd Intifada. This is the video that was shown while Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street journalist, was being beheaded in front of the camera.
      The French press is reluctent to comment. The foreign press must write about it and inform people.
      This judgment of the Supreme Court is exceptional, and a great victory.

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