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October 9, 2015 / 26 Tishri, 5776
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The Cough

About the Author: Asher is the JewishPress.com's incredible cartoonist.

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9 Responses to “The Cough”

  1. Bruce Finkelstein says:

    Who is db? I thought Hussein was holding Pollard hostage.

  2. A new voice for the perpetually offended…my president.

  3. Seymour Lecker says:

    A good rule is to never ever under any circumstances trust Barak HUSSEIN Obama.

  4. Judith Ross says:

    Sorry Pollard, your life is not worth those that will be lost by sending more terrorists back to continue their killing.

  5. That cartoon is so sad because it is probably true.

  6. Sientje Seinen says:

    I believe Pollard said that he did not want his freedom in exchange for terrorists.

  7. Stephen Berman says:

    In 2015 Pollard will have served 30 years and then he probably will be released as a matter of course as long as he maintains good behavior. I find it sad that Israel would even consider expending any of its political capital in behalf of this American traitor. The court made a correct decision and no exculpatory evidence has subsequently come to light.

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