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February 14, 2016 / 5 Adar I, 5776
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Who Are You Calling an Occupier?

About the Author: Asher is the JewishPress.com's incredible cartoonist.

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Comment on “Who Are You Calling an Occupier?”

12 Responses to “Who Are You Calling an Occupier?”

  1. Alan Cecil says:

    All non-native “Americans” are squatters.

  2. Id go back if it was the will of God, but since a lot of my family worked hard & fought & died for this country & in reserching our family, neither bought or kept slaves,& as i am part Cherokee & Shawnee, i suppose i’ll stay.

  3. this argument is irrelevant, of course, still amusing, though. I liked the one with BIbi asking that USA should accept its 1958 borders (when Hawai was not yet a state) better.

  4. Walter Richards says:

    This cartoon assumes that li the Jews, like the europeans,invaded a land
    that they had no connection with and expelled the indigenous population.
    But The Jew RETURNED to a land that they had been connected to for thousands of years and they didn't invade it. they tried to live in peace with the arabs, unlike the Europeans in america, but the Arabs wanted war.

  5. Gil Gilman says:

    Yes…but the United States of America, hurried up and swept that under the rug before Obama walked on it. The trouble is Israel got booted out of their land by interlopers, but unlike Native Americans, have made a consolidated legal, and military effort to reclaim it…and hold it. No one is accusing the indigenous peoples of North America of ethnic cleansing for not wanting European descendants occupying their reservations, unless they become members of the tribe. I've pointed this out before that the U.S. Gov't treats Israel just like one of their domestic dependent nations, wanting Israelis to do precisely what Uncle Sam says, or that giant white bearded fellow will stomp his little feet and shake his little fists…and have hurt feelings.

  6. Jane Smith says:

    Most Americans are uneducated hypocrites. Even so, even most Americans don't agree with 0bama's or Kerry's views on Israel.

  7. I am Cherokee (yeah, I know everyone says that) related to Joseph Vann, and with Jewish ancestry, but Jew by choice. Nobody plans to give me part of the Tennessee Valley. My family did keep slaves probably, and some ancestors helped create people who murdered the other ancestors. We’re all occupiers most likely.

  8. Rosa Alverio says:

    This is a joke!

  9. I doubt if Obama had any connection to the U.S.A before they immigrated to Hawaii? Yet Israel's heritage is Israel.

  10. Janet Sterman says:

    :-) Even Senator Eliz. Warren got in on this commentary! 😀

  11. Judy Evans says:

    "Asher" is indeed an incredible cartoonist!

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