Kotel Plaza Expansion Plans, Phase II

    Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

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    Asher is the JewishPress.com's incredible cartoonist.


    1. I am not Jewish, but I stand with Israel staunchly. Wondering why the women of the wall are looked down on? Why isn't it ok for women to pray at the wall? Just curious…

    2. The Problem is not their praying, the problem is that they seek to provoke and to cause a desecration of one of Judaism's Holiest sites through the manner which they want to come to pray. As you are not Jewish, I will give you a Christian example, would it be proper for a group of women to dress up in the Pope's vestments and hold a mass in a chapel in the vatican? Or would that be considered blasphemy or in the least a mockery? These women are mocking Judaism by coming to a holy place and impersonating men's ritual garments. Does this make sense to you? They are welcome to come pray attired as women

    3. I think you also need the point of view of a masorti jew: this women are not desecrating our holy place. The guy who said that it's like a group of women dressed up in the pope's vestments, clearly thinks that any ordinary male jew has, for women, the same santity that the pope has for catholics.
      Tallits (praying shawls) are not forbidden for women. Women were absolved of using them MANY centuries ago, when our only 'duty' was being a housewife and a mother, and there was no time to pray and wear ritual garments.
      Now women work, and have their men to help with house cores and children. As a liberal jew I consider men my equals. Therefore, I don't see any man as 'holy' as chrisians see the pope. And I wear a tallit when I pray.

    4. first of all I am a christian and I don't think the pope is holy, any more than I am holy. we are all in need of the mercy of G-d, the pope included, and as Christ the head of our church shed His blood for same, the pope is also subjected to Christ as head of the church, and therefore not His representative on earth as Christ and His Word lives within our hearts, and G-d holy spirit searches the hearts of mankind and makes our requests known to the.
      Father G-d. through Christ our Lord. nothing about the pope having special standing, he is just a man like Peter, who also denied Christ three times and who asked "depart from me Lord for I am a sinfull man".

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