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Keep Out Terrorists

Islamic terrorist bombings in Belgium; Islamic terrorist truck attacks in New York City, France, Germany, and Spain; and knife attacks in England are symbolic of the violent Islamic extremism pervading the world.


Muslim attacks on non-Muslims have proliferated in Europe over the years because Europe murdered six million Jews and replaced them with 50 million Muslims. European countries should stop absorbing immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa and deport potential terrorists. Additionally, the U.S. should pay attention to the problems in Europe and keep out immigrants from countries that spawn terrorists.

Some liberal religious organizations and individuals believe we should show compassion and open our borders to all people, as we have to some extent in the past. But previous immigrants entered the U.S. to build better lives for themselves, assimilate, and contribute to our country. In contrast, many contemporary immigrants from the Middle East do not want to assimilate, and some are prone to violence.

Donald Moskowitz
Londonderry NH



Looking For Old Mirrer Classmates

I graduated the Mirrer Yeshiva in 1969 and am looking to form a 50-year reunion. I have contacted most of my class; however, I can’t seem to locate the following nine people. Chaim Yitzchok (Howard) Berkowitz, Yechezkel Chencinsky, Avrohom Shlomo (Alvin) Dickman, Avrohom Yaakov Eliyahu (Abram) Geller, Chaim Shabsi (Chaim) Lipnick, Cholfon (Alphonse) Sakkal, Ari Silverman, Yisroel Dovid (Israel) Spitalny, and Yisroel Zvi (Yisroel) Steinberg.

If you know the whereabouts of any of these nine people, please contact me. My number is 718-866-8620 and my e-mail address is

Victor (Zev) Zilber


Declare War Now

If I had the ear of Prime Minister Netanyahu, I would urge his government to declare war (officially and before the world) against the Islamo-fascist regime of the Iranian Republic.

The declaration should emphatically assert Israel’s intention to assist Almighty G-d in the destruction of this evil power with the goal of liberation of the wonderful people of Persia and the benefit of all freedom-loving people of the world.

The declaration should include and target all the regime’s proxies of terror (such as Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.).

Hopefully, the world will join this righteous project before being plunged into a disaster promulgated by this soon-to-be nuclear powered monster. Hitler could have been stopped before his evil mania caused the loss of 60 million innocent souls.

Jerrold Terdiman, MD
Woodcliff Lake


Call Secretary DeVos

It was heartwarming to learn of the historic visit by Secretary of Education DeVos to an Orthodox high school where she personally saw the excellent education provided by private school. Now is the time for her to call on Congress to sponsor and pass without delay the proposed “Civil Rights Act for Equal Educational Opportunity.”

This bill will empower all American parents to provide their children with the best that education has to offer for half the cost of their local public school, saving U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars annually while improving educational opportunities for all – and restoring liberty.

To help her to overcome the multi-billion-dollar pressure from the Progressive Ruling Class, call her (202-401-3000) and point to the principles that made America great as clearly defined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

This is also the perfect time for us to call on our Representatives in Congress (202-224-3121) to sponsor and pass this bill without delay, and thereby become certified as a “Constitutional Candidate” at

Just as the kosher symbol on packages tells us which products Jews may eat, the certification provided at this website informs all voters who, among their candidates, are committed to set our government back on the Constitutional track, with liberty and justice for all.

Israel Teitelbaum
Alliance for Free Choice in Education
Morristown, NJ


Lies, Lies, And More Lies

Kudos to The Jewish Press for publishing Rabbi Yaakov Menken’s op-ed – “Dismantling The Palestinian Lie” – which reviews lies concocted by Arab Muslim leaders for the purpose of denigrating Jews and the State of Israel.

For example, when the PLO was founded in 1964, its objective was not to create a Palestinian state but to destroy Israel. So-called Palestine, as Rabbi Menken writes, “has never been an independent Arab country or community, nor has Jerusalem  ever been an Arab capital.” Anyone who calls for dividing the State of Israel to establish a Palestinian nation is denying historical facts – and accepting lies.

In its zeal to destroy the State of Israel and eliminate the millions of Jews who live there, Palestinian leaders and their brainwashed disciples are now trying to break through the barrier that separates Israel from Gaza. Perhaps recognizing the futility of the effort, Hamas’s leaders are now also indiscriminatingly firing rockets and mortars into nearby Israeli villages and towns.

Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, has demanded that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, along with other  terrorist organizations, “cease all violent activity and provocative actions, including along the boundary fence, and cease putting civilians at risk through their actions.” I am anxious to learn what will happen… and can only hope for the best.

George Epstein
Los Angeles