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The votes have been received and tabulated, and the winner in the Monitor’s first-ever readers’ Favorite Websites poll is …  Jewish World Review, the daily webzine that, hard to believe, is the fruit of one man’s labor.

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky started Jewish World Review in 1997 on a shoestring budget and a lot of ambition; six years later he’s still got the shoestring budget, though you couldn’t tell from looking at his site, with its comprehensive roster of nationally known columnists and feature writers.


Honest Reporting came in a close second, with the Drudge Report, everybody’s obligatory stop while web surfing, coming in just a handful of votes behind in third place.

The top 20 vote-getters:

1) Jewish World Review (

2) HonestReporting (

3) Drudge Report (

4) (

5) Front Page Magazine (

6) Arutz Sheva (

7) MEMRI (

8) Aish (

9) National Review Online (

10) Best of the Web Today (

11) Ha?aretz (

12) Palestinian Media Watch (

13) World Net Daily (

14) The Jerusalem Post (

15) Imra (

16) Media Research Center (

17) Israpundit (

18) New York Times (

19) Andrew Sullivan (

20) Little Green Footballs

Honorable Mention:

Free Republic ( (

Jewsweek (

Town Hall (

Power Line (

The Monitor finds it difficult to argue with the readers’ picks. There are, however, a bunch of websites that in the Monitor’s view merit constant attention but that didn’t crack the top 20 or the honorable mentions in terms of votes received.

They are:

Democracy For The Middle East (

Real Clear Politics (

Times Watch (

Atlantic Blog (

Blissful Knowledge (

The Weigh In (

Right Wing News (

Spinsanity (

Baseball Musings (

The Monitor thanks all who participated in the poll.

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