Israel says it is transferring about $100 million in tax revenues that were frozen last year to the Palestinian Authority, AP reports.

The Israeli government stated on Wednesday that this is a one-time arrangement, intended to ease the Palestinians’ economic troubles.


Israel froze the monthly payments after the PLO applied to the UN for recognition as a de facto Palestinian state in November. The funds were said to be used to pay the PA’s electric bill of $800 million.

Israel’s monthly tax transfers to the Palestinians — generated by taxes and customs duties that Israel collects on behalf of the PA — are a crucial component of the Palestinian government budget. The PA has been struggling to pay the salaries of its tens of thousands of workers.



  1. Was looking for the cartoon with the big hand over Israel, which was on Fb a while ago. Does anyone know where is is/was? I would like to share it with some friends – you know, the hand of God protecting his chosen people, Israel, as I put it at the time.Any clues folks? Goot go right now, but I will be back…sometime.

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