The escalating atrocities in Syria may trigger a U.S. military intervention, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told Fox News on Monday. He spoke in the wake of the Hula massacre that left more than 100 dead.

Dempsey said that military options are currently in development.


“Of course – there is always a military option,” Dempsey said.

He added that while military leaders are naturally hesitant to use force, the situation in Syria could require an intervention.

“You’ll always find military leaders to be somewhat cautious about the use of force, because we’re never entirely sure what comes out on the other side,” he said. “But that said, it may come to a point with Syria because of the atrocities.”

Dempsey refused to comment when asked if the Libya model, involving intervention by the U.S. along with other allies.

“I’m sure there are some things that we did in Libya that could be applicable in a Syria environment or Syria scenario. But I’m very cautious about templates,” he said.