Finance Minister Yair Lapid said that in three years as many as 70% of Haredim will be enlisted in the IDF, which would be their badge of honor, Reshet Bet reported.

At a press conference in the Knesset Wednesday, Minister Lapid thanked the Jacob Perry equality burden Committee members, noting especially Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.


He pointed out that there have been disputes between himself and Yaalon, and that he appreciated the attentiveness and seriousness of the latter.

Turned to the Haredi public, Lapid said: “I know you believe with all your heart that Torah study protects the nation of Israel, but the principle that all of Israel are brothers protects us no less. Don’t close yourselves off and don’t stand out, we will accept you as you are, but you have to stop treating us as Gentiles.”


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