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November 27, 2014 / 5 Kislev, 5775
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IDC Herzliya Campus A Day on Campus

To mark IDC Herzliya’s 20th anniversary, we spent a day following Prof. Uriel Reichman, IDC’s founder and president, and Jonathan Davis, VP for External Relations, around its delightful campus.

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Airport And Tour Service Makes The Journey A Trip To Remember

   Traveling to Eretz Yisrael is wonderful, regardless of how many times one has visited our land. There are so many remarkable landmarks and holy places that one almost does not know where to begin. But after sitting on the plane, which is about a 10-hour flight, and then having to deal with the long lines at passport control once they have arrived, the traveler quickly becomes disillusioned. This long awaited trip to Israel was not how they pictured it to be. Thankfully there are services that work to alleviate the traveling stress that is often associated with flying, especially to Israel.


   One is Menashe Sopher’s Airport and Limousine Service. His cordial employees offer travel to and from the airport and V.I.P. services at the airport itself. The V.I.P. assistants meet and greet the tourist at the aircraft and help him or her in many ways. For one, they proceed to help them by driving them to the passport control area in a V.I.P. van. Then they are expedited through the dreaded passport control lines, by taking them to a fast-track desk, where the process is speeded up tremendously. They then continue to the baggage-claim area, and there the V.I.P. assistants stand by to collect the traveler’s baggage for them. For large families, a porter with a large wagon is provided.


   Once the bags have been claimed, the tourist has an option to take a private van to where they will be staying, once again avoiding the long lines and hustling involved in waiting for a cab. With such a service, the traveler feels treated like a V.I.P. and much more relaxed as he or she embarks on the journey through the land of Israel.


   The V.I.P. Service is also available for passengers departing from Israel. The V.I.P. assistant will meet the tourist at Menashe Sopher’s van, help him with his luggage and whisk him through the security check at a separate area, saving the traveler from having to wait on long lines, and then he will be taken to a fast track check-in desk and on to passport control also without waiting on long lines. The prices are also very reasonable. Aside from airport services, Menashe Sopher’s company also provides transport for groups of any size and licensed, English-speaking tour guides.


   My husband and I recently traveled to Israel and we went on a private tour with one of Menashe’s tour guides, Gideon Abramowitz. At first we both thought we did not need a tour guide, figuring we could look around ourselves and we would find everything on our own. But we eventually decided to use the service, and it was well worth it. We traveled to Tzefat and Tiveria, which is about a three-hour journey from Yerushalayim. Much of the trip there is all desert. Without Gideon, we would not have known what everything was that we passed. He was very informative about the land and its relation to Jewish history and the current land of Israel. He was very knowledgeable in all of Tanach and it really brought the land to life for us. Once we arrived at our destinations, he showed us all the holy sites, which would have taken us a whole day to find on our own. Gideon was very friendly, prompt, and great company too. I highly recommend this tour service for anyone traveling to Eretz Yisrael.


To contact and reserve, e-mail sales@msopherairport.com. To view a full range of all the services visit  www.msopherairport.com.

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Traveling to Eretz Yisrael is wonderful, regardless of how many times one has visited our land.

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