Hezbollah Built 20-Plus Military Posts Along Border with Israel

Under U.N. Resolution 1701, the Iranian-backed terrorist group is forbidden from operating near the frontier.

Polish Senior UN Official in Lebanon Expresses her Gratitude to Hezbollah

Ammar al-Musawi, the kindly Hezbollah representative who treated Mrs. Wronecka so nicely, is a prominent Hezbollah leader.

Lebanon Court Charges 7 for Attack that Killed an Irish UN Soldier

Hezbollah called the killing of Private Sean Rooney, 23, an "unintentional incident."

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Delivers Live Address, Still Alive and Kicking

“If you do not want another war in the region, you must rein in those crazy officials in Israel.”

Report: 420% Rise in Hezbollah Provocations on Lebanon’s Border

The IDF is concerned Hezbollah is losing control over its members.

Irish UNIFIL Peacekeeper Killed by Gunfire in Lebanon

A second soldier is in serious condition; two armored vehicles came under small arms fire while traveling from southern Lebanon to Beirut.

Israel Warns Lebanon: We’ll Bomb Beirut Airport If Iran Ships Weapons There

Iranian deliveries to Hezbollah via the Damascus Airport have reportedly failed due to repeated Israeli bombing of the facility.

Lebanon has Arrested 185 Israeli ‘Spy Suspects’ since Collapse

Two of those prosecuted allegedly initiated contact with the Mossad through its website in search of work.

Leaking Oil Pipeline Pollutes Sea Off Coast of Lebanon

“The water’s smell is foul, and the oil has polluted our nets and threatened the remaining fish population."

North Korea Helped Iran, Hezbollah Bring Chemical Weapons to Lebanon

North Korean experts reportedly injected thionyl chloride into the missiles under the supervision of an Iranian chemical weapons expert.

Israel Approves Qatari Involvement in Drilling Lebanon’s Natural Gas

Qatar will replace a Russian company that was initially going to comprise one-third of the participating companies.

Report: Hezbollah Brought Chemical Weapons to Lebanon from Syria

According to the report, missiles equipped with warheads containing toxic thionyl chloride, were delivered to Al Qusayr nearly two weeks ago from Masyaf, Syria.

Lebanon: Parliament Failed, Once Again, To Elect a President

No candidate obtained the necessary two-thirds majority.

Israel Signs Deal with ENI, Total Energies on Qana Gas Field

The French energy firm Total Energies holds a 60 percent stake in block nine, which holds the Qana gas field; Italy’s ENI holds 40 percent of the stake.

IDF Lets Lebanese Farmers Harvest Olives on Israeli Side of Border on Humanitarian Grounds

Hezbollah's terrorist army has caused severe direct economic damage to the people of Lebanon, an army official said.

Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Deal Not Quite a ‘Done Deal’

“It is possible there will be a need for political involvement with the Italian government, which owns a third of ENI.”

Lebanon PM in Trouble After Chat with Herzog

"This state of emergency demands we work together. Let us leverage vital regional partnerships as a path towards [a] shared, Renewable Middle East."

Lebanon Says Netanyahu Can’t Change Maritime Border Deal

Netanyahu vowed to “neutralize” the agreement if he returns to the prime minister’s office.

Cholera Epidemic Spreading through Syria, Lebanon, Carried by Civil War Refugees

Israelis have been warned about an unusually high E. Coli presence in northern streams.

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun Ends Term, Dissolves Government – With No Successor

Aoun said in his farewell speech that the country’s judiciary “is not performing its role and the culprits are still outside the courts, perhaps because they are cronies of those in charge,”

Step-by-Step: How Lebanon Out-Negotiated Israel, Amos Hochstein and Yair Lapid

Lebanon could give Chris Voss a masterclass on how to say “no” and get everything you want in international negotiations.

Hezbollah: Maritime Border Dispute with Israel Not Over

Nasrallah said there is still 2.5 square kilometers that have not yet been liberated from Israel.

Nasrallah Declare Gas Deal ‘a Great, Great, Great Victory’

Nasrallah also didn't forget to praise "Areen al-Aswood" and Arab terrorist Udai al-Tamimi.

Lapid Signs Controversial Maritime Deal with Lebanon – Enemy Country Insists on Separate Ceremonies

The Netanyahu government, should it take over in November, God willing, must hire an army of lawyers to get Israel out of this insult to its sovereignty.

Karish Gas Field Gets Final Approval to Start Extraction

US energy envoy Amos Hochstein met Tuesday in Washington DC with Israeli President Isaac Herzog to discuss the maritime border agreement in detail.

Israel’s High Court Clears Way for Lebanon Maritime Border Deal

US energy envoy Amos Hochstein, who brokered the deal, said Sunday evening that the signing ceremony is to be held Thursday.

US Energy Envoy Now Working on Egypt-Jordan-Lebanon Deal

The envoy is expected to return to Beirut next week to submit a US-signed demarcation document to seal the maritime border deal between Israel and Lebanon.

Side Benefit of Gas Deal Negotiations: Israel Stopped Bombing Iranian Shipments to Hezbollah

Hezbollah be able to literally carpet-bomb northern Israel, if not further south.


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