Report: Hezbollah Erects 15 Outposts on Israel-Lebanon Border

Once an outpost appears, the Lebanese army and UNIFIL cease visiting the location, a senior IDF source tells Channel 12.

‘Formulating Constructive Directions’: Israel Discusses Gas Field on Border with Lebanon

Lebanon is reportedly demanding additional 1,460 square kilometers from Israel’s economic water, in addition to the 860 square kilometers on which the discussions are already focusing.

Lebanon Closes Egyptian-Syrian (shhh, Israeli) Natural Gas Deal

The World Bank, which has pledged financing, and the United States still must approve the deal.

IDF: Hezbollah Gathering Intelligence on the Border Disguised as Environmental Group

“They will pay the price, them and those who send them,” says OC IDF Northern Command.

Israel Reassures Lebanon Rig Will Not Pump Gas from Disputed Territory

"Locating gas-based energy sources can greatly assist Lebanon’s economy and its citizens, and it is in the interest of the State of Lebanon to advance the dialogue on this matter."

Hezbollah Operates Intel Positions Along Israel’s Northern Border Under Guise of ‘Green Without Borders’

"We know them by name and where they come from. When the day arrives, they will pay the price, they and those who sent them."

Israeli Forces Fire Warning Shots After Lebanese Troops Cross Blue Line

Report: The incident is the third time in the past week that the IDF and LAF have come into close contact.

IDF Prepares for Possible Hezbollah Attack on Rig at Karish Gas Reservoir

The move follows threats that were issued this weekend by Hezbollah, and by the Lebanese government.
A natural gas drill rig in the Mediterranean.

Lebanon Threatens Israel After Gas Drilling Rig Enters Karish Gas Field

Iran's Lebanese proxy Hezbollah warned Thursday the terrorist organization "will not allow Israel to produce natural gas in the disputed territories."

IDF Special Forces Training in Cyprus to Fight Hezbollah

Last year's Chariots of Fire exercise was canceled by the start of an 11-day mini-war with Hamas later named as Operation Guardian of the Walls.

Hezbollah Using Civilian Flights to Hide Iranian Weapons Transfers

“To ensure secrecy, weapons are transported on civilian flights from Iran to Damascus International Airport, exposing civilians to imminent danger," according to the IDF.

US Sanctions Hezbollah ‘Businessmen’ in Lebanon

The United States designated Hezbollah as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) on October 31, 2001.

IDF Downs Hezbollah Drone

Several such incidents have occurred in the past.

Hezbollah Loses Their Parliamentary Majority in Lebanon

Pro-Hezbollah parties did not fare as well as they had in the past in Lebanons elections.

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah: Israel Should Not Prevent Lebanon’s Offshore Drilling

Hassan Nasrallah reported that Americans are heading to Lebanon for negotiations “in an attempt to accomplish Israel’s interests.”

IDF Retaliates for Lebanon Rocket Fire, While Hamas Test-Fires Rockets from Gaza

The IDF shelled open areas in southern Lebanon, as well as the area from which the rocket was launched. The IDF also attacked an infrastructure target.

Rocket Fired from Lebanon Lands in Western Galilee, IDF Artillery Retaliates

The rocket, reported to be a Grad missile, landed between the Israeli communities of Shlomi and Matzuva.

Hamas: ‘Southern Lebanon front’ Will Join Any New Conflict with Israel

A London-based Arabic newspaper cited a senior source in the terror faction as saying that the situation “could ignite at any minute.”

Lebanon Declares Bankruptcy

Lebanon’s economy has been in free-fall for more than two years.

Israeli Forces Thwart Largest Arms Smuggling Op from Lebanon in History

61 weapons and drugs with a total value of approximately NIS 3,500,000 were seized.

Israeli Man Crosses Border into Lebanon, Arrested Upon Return

After spending about an hour in Lebanon, the suspect returned to the border area and was returned to Israel by the IDF.

Lebanese FM: Getting Rid of Hezbollah and its Weapons Would Lead to Civil War

Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib said: "To those who call on us to finish [Hezbollah], I say: We can't. We cannot do it militarily or diplomatically. We need help."

Hamas, Hezbollah Leaders Meet in Lebanon to Discuss Israel

Hezbollah-affiliated media outlets reported that the sides discussed events in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, along with the future of the conflict with Israel and the political situation in the Middle East.

Former Lebanese Justice Minister Compares Hezbollah to Vichy Regime of France

Ashraf Rifi: Nasrallah, an agent of Iran, needs to stand trial for his crimes against Lebanon

What Exactly Does Hezbollah Have in Their Arsenal, and How Dangerous Is It?

An in-depth analysis by the Israeli Alma Research and Education Center shows Hezbollah’s weapons cache is less threatening than the terror organization claims.

The Affair that is Driving Lebanon Crazy – Who is Painting the Star of...

It is believed that the appearance of the paintings on the roads is meant to mock Hezbollah

Drone Entered Israeli Airspace from Lebanon, Iron Dome Launched

For the first time since 2006, there were also sirens in the Jordan Valley Regional Council.


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