Hundreds Injured as Lebanon Protesters, Security Forces Resume Clashes

By late Sunday night, however, heavy rain helped to empty the streets surrounding the Parliament.

IDF Launches Infrastructure to Detect, Prevent Hezbollah Underground Excavations

It will be monitoring the area as a preventive measure. Should new underground activity be detected, it would be thwarted in the manner applied a year ago.

Beirut Violent Fighting Between Protesters and Police ‘Winding Down’

Throughout the clashes, church bells and muezzin calls to prayer were sounded, in an effort to quiet down the violence, as hundreds of protesters fought security forces behind barricades.

Increased Ties Noted Between Hezbollah and Lebanese Army

Researchers not the increase in Shiites serving in the LAF, and the close family ties between LAF troops and Hezbollah terrorists.

Nasrallah Threatening from Safety of Beirut Bunker: US Will ‘Pay the Price’ for Killing...

"When we are victorious, we are victorious. When we are martyred, we are also victorious.”

IDF Chief of Staff Kochavi: ‘Sometimes War is a Solution’

"It won't be a war fought for just a day or two. I can't promise short wars... National resilience will be called upon."

Old Jewish Cemetery in Beirut Devastated by Storm

The collapsed wall has revealed fallen tombstones with Hebrew writing on them, which can be seen from the street.

Police Clash with Protesters in Lebanon Overnight, Dozens Injured

Late Saturday afternoon, Hezbollah counter-protesters arrived from the Shiite-dominated part of the city, and clashed with the anti-government protesters.

Drug Bust on the Lebanon Border

The Alawite village of Kafr Rajar, situated on the Israeli-Lebanese border, is divided between the two countries.

UN Report ‘Reveals Hezbollah’s Cynical Use’ of South Lebanon as Base of Operations Against...

The report documents several incidents in which Hezbollah clashed with UNIFIL troops and restricted their movement in southern Lebanon.

Lebanese Businessman Donates Hitler’s Top Hat and Nazi Items to Israel

EJA's Rabbi Margolin announced that Chatila will join a delegation of European politicians travelling to Auschwitz, where he will receive an award for his actions.

US Rejects Israeli Request to Condition Financial Assistance to Lebanese Armed Forces

U.S. assistant secretary of state for Near East Affairs David Schenker said “we have confidence in the Lebanese army, and we think they are important partners in the fight against Sunni jihadists.”

France Steps in to Help Solve Lebanese Crisis

The World Bank has warned this week that Lebanon's failure to quickly form a government that meets protesters' demands would likely cause an even faster failure of the local economy.

In Slap to Hezbollah, Trump Halts Aid to Lebanese Army, Ignoring Congress, State Dept.,...

Israel has asked the US and its NATO allies to condition aid to Lebanon on shutting down Hezbollah’s missile accuracy project in south Lebanon.

Banks Reopen in Lebanon

Customers discovered, however, there were new limits on some of their transactions.

Hariri Sets Conditions for Return to Lead New Lebanese Government

The problem, however, is that it takes months in Lebanon to form a coalition government; last time, it took Hariri nine months to do it.

Lebanon’s President Asking PM Hariri to Stay On as Protests Continue

Lebanese financial institutions plan to reopen on Friday and brace themselves for a certain run on the banks.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri Resigns After 2 Weeks of Protests

Saying he had "reached a dead end," Hariri added, "No one is bigger than the nation."

IDF Thwarts Attempt to Smuggle Drugs Across Lebanon Border

The IDF identified suspicious individuals on the border near the village of Rajar

Lebanese Demonstrators Trample Israeli Flags to Prove Patriotism

The Israeli flag on the ground is to "prevent people from saying the demonstration serves foreign interests, or is funded by foreign embassies."

Lebanese Protesters Plan to Form a Human Chain Across the Country

Lebanese protesters plan to form a human chain across the country

Netanyahu: Chief of Staff’s Warnings of Approaching War with Iran Not a Spin

"We must make tough decisions that require a government with broad shoulders."

Watch: Anger in Tripoli after Lebanese Army Fired on Civilian Protesters

Lebanon's Red Cross Tweeted that three wounded protesters had been hospitalized.

Lebanon’s Banks Brace for Dollar Run

Lebanese nationals working abroad are a key source of support for those back home, sending $1.2 billion to the country in 2018.

Report: Lebanon’s Hariri-led Government Expected to Resign

The decision was reportedly made Friday at a meeting between Hariri and Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun.

Hezbollah and Citizens Battling it out in Beirut

Hezbollah is not popular among many citizens of Lebanon.

US Marks 36th Anniversary of Beirut Barracks Bombing

“The truck set off the largest non-nuclear explosion on Earth since the Second World War.”

Lebanese Army Protects Anti-Govt Protesters Against Hezbollah, Amal Supporters

The intervention came after Prime Minister Saad Hariri said he would not allow anyone to intimidate or attack the protesters.

Gazans Plan to Emulate Lebanese Anti-Regime Rallies to Protest Against Hamas

Protest leaders called on Gazans to take to the streets on Thursday and protest against the deteriorating economic situation and the Hamas regime.

Lebanese Christians Quit Government Amid Anti-Corruption Riots

“This government is incapable of taking the necessary steps to save the worsening economic and financial situation in Lebanon."


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