To Audit, Or Not To Audit: Lebanon’s Government Cabinet Blames Israel Either Way

Lebanon’s new Cabinet is blaming its latest auditing problems on the Jewish State.

Israel Security Agency Thwarts Effort to Recruit Spies for Hezbollah

Two Arab-Israeli women taken into custody on June 6 • Lebanese terror group uses ex-Israeli Lebanese journalist for recruitment.

IMF Chief: Lebanon Going Down Fast with No Adults in Charge

The reason for refraining from doing reforms is that they touch the clientelism and nepotism widespread throughout the Lebanese political system.

Lebanese Army Blowing Things Up Near Rosh Hanikra

The Lebanese Army is reportedly holding exercises with UNIFIL near Rosh Hanikra.

Hezbollah Chief to Lebanese People: ‘We Will Kill [You]’ Before Giving Up Weapons

In a televised address to the Lebanese people on Tuesday, Hassan Nasrallah threatens that those in Lebanon who try to use the economic unrest in Lebanon to weaken his organization will be killed.

African Infiltrator Crossed into Israel from Lebanon, Part of Growing Trend

"We see here an almost exact repetition of the steps that took place at the beginning of the 2010 wave of infiltration from Egypt."

Lebanese Demonstrations Turn to Riots Against Government, Hezbollah in Central Beirut

“As long as there are militias stronger than the state, it (the government) will not be able to fight corruption.”

It’s Official: France Will Not Designate Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization

France defends the legitimacy of Hezbollah's “political wing,” which is an artificial distinction that even the group itself does not recognize.

IDF, Lebanese Army Face Off in Confrontation on Israel’s Border with Lebanon

IDF: "We will not accept infiltration operations out of Lebanon and will act as necessary to prevent and deter those who try to infiltrate.”

Lebanese Prime Minister Visits UN Peacekeepers Near Israel’s Border

UNIFIL was “necessary and urgent” within the context of “violations by Israel of Lebanon’s sovereignty by land, sea and air,” said Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

IDF Troops Shoot Man Who Crossed Lebanese Border into Israel

The suspect was spotted by the soldiers during routine operational activity as he crossed the Blue Line from Lebanon into Israel.

Congress Members Push for Suspending US Assistance to Lebanese Armed Forces

Signees of a letter state that Hezbollah and the LAF “are no longer two separate entities,” adding that “by continuing to provide this assistance we are contravening U.S. law by funding a terrorist organization.”

Israel Insists on Major Changes to Operations of UNIFIL in Southern Lebanon

“ ‘You can’t inspect, so why you are there?’ ” posed Danon. “ ‘You have to be more active, you have to move freely and inspect all sites.’ ”

Report: One Dead, Dozens Wounded in Clashes as Lebanese Currency Crashes, Food Prices Soar

Banks burned, army vehicle set alight after protests in the city of Tripoli deteriorate into rioting as Lebanese currency hits record lows.

COVID-19 Pandemic Provides Israel with Unexpected Benefit in Lebanon

Hezbollah dominates the al-Dahiyeh district, a Shi’ite-controlled group of suburbs in southern Beirut.

Israel Attacks Car with Hezbollah Officials Near Syrian Border

The first missile launched from the Israeli drone missed the vehicle, giving the passengers time to escape before the second missile hit.

Hezbollah Commander Assassinated in South Lebanon

Younis was found dead next to his car, with several gunshot wounds as well as stab wounds.

Charges Filed Against Israeli Woman for Spying for Hezbollah

The woman sent photos to Hezbollah from around the country.

Report: Hassan Nasrallah Infected with Coronavirus

The Hezbollah terror chief reportedly met with a high-level Iranian delegation.

Lebanon’s Government Votes to Default on $1.2B Debt

It’s the first time Lebanon has defaulted on its sovereign debt. The vote was unanimous.

Hezbollah Leader Calls Deal of the Century a ‘Zionist Plot,’ Warns Clash with US...

The terror chief was speaking at an event honoring Hezbollah “martyrs” as well as Iranian allies killed by Israel and the United States.

Iran Seizes Control of Lebanon’s Government via Hezbollah

“I don’t see any reason why residents of Beirut can go on sipping coffee in coffee shops while we are being bombarded by rockets.”

Jewish Officials Aid Lebanese Shiite Cleric to Arrange Refuge in France After Death Threats...

“We are working with the French authorities to legalize his status there as there is a fear for his life if he returns to Lebanon.”

Lebanon Forms New Hezbollah-Approved Government

"I deal with the administrative policy that benefits the Lebanese citizen, but political disputes have no place in my dictionary."

Hundreds Injured as Lebanon Protesters, Security Forces Resume Clashes

By late Sunday night, however, heavy rain helped to empty the streets surrounding the Parliament.

IDF Launches Infrastructure to Detect, Prevent Hezbollah Underground Excavations

It will be monitoring the area as a preventive measure. Should new underground activity be detected, it would be thwarted in the manner applied a year ago.

Beirut Violent Fighting Between Protesters and Police ‘Winding Down’

Throughout the clashes, church bells and muezzin calls to prayer were sounded, in an effort to quiet down the violence, as hundreds of protesters fought security forces behind barricades.

Increased Ties Noted Between Hezbollah and Lebanese Army

Researchers not the increase in Shiites serving in the LAF, and the close family ties between LAF troops and Hezbollah terrorists.


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