Bennett on the Lebanon Agreement: This Is Not the Deal I Approved

Prime Minister Lapid for his part turned to the age-old strategy of "when in doubt – lie through your teeth."

Ayelet Shaked Calls for Transparency and Knesset Vote on Lebanon Agreement

The public does not know the details of the agreement with Lebanon.

Former US Ambassador David Friedman Baffled by Israel-Lebanon Deal on Gas Fields

Friedman tweeted, "No one then imagined 100% to Lebanon and 0% to Israel. Would love to understand how we got here.”

Netanyahu: Lapid’s Gas Deal a Surrender to Hezbollah, We Are Not Bound by It

“Yair Lapid shamefully capitulated to Nasrallah's threats."

Lebanon, Israel Receive Draft Maritime Border Agreement

Israel’s political-security cabinet is set to meet Thursday – by which time, Lebanon’s answer should be received – to discuss the draft.

Report: Lebanon Expects Written Offer on Maritime Border with Israel Within Days

"The written offer that Hochstein will send is expected to arrive in Ba’abda before the end of this week."

American Jew Detained in Lebanon on Suspicision of Espionage after having Visited Israel

Lebanese security forces arrested the individual, who has since been released, after discovering he made the reservation for his hotel in Beirut from the Jewish state.

Beirut: Israel-Lebanon Deal in ‘Final Stages’

The deal currently on the table would guarantee Lebanon’s rights to extract natural gas and oil in specific fields in its exclusive economic zone, Pres. Michel Aoun says.

Nasrallah Issues Fresh Threats as Karish Gas Field Nears Extraction

"We will not allow that oil and gas be extracted from the disputed Karish field before Lebanon obtains its rightful demands."

Lebanese Official: Maritime Border Talks with Israel ‘Nearly Complete’

“We’re talking about weeks—actually days—to finish the delineation issue,” says the head of Lebanon’s General Security Agency.

IDF: Silence on Northern Border ‘More Deceptive Than Ever’

The chief of staff's words reflected warnings from US intelligence and the IDF of a “reasonable possibility” there will soon be a military confrontation with Hezbollah.

US Intelligence, IDF Warn Hezbollah Preparing for War

Many Lebanese fear Hezbollah's threats could jeopardize a maritime boundary deal with Israel that could reboot the country's crashing economy with gas extraction.

Lebanon-Israel Maritime Border Deal Getting Closer

If successful, the talks will end a dispute that has lasted more than ten years.

UN Renews Mandate of Peacekeeping Force UNIFIL in Southern Lebanon

Israel has long accused UNIFIL of failing to stand up to Hezbollah.

US Warns Hezbollah Amassing Weapons on Israel’s Northern Border

“The . . . containers placed by Green Without Borders obstructs UNIFIL’s access to the Blue Line and is heightening tension in the area. . . this so-called environmental group is acting on Hezbollah’s behalf."

Israel, Lebanon Draw Closer to Maritime Deal

The portfolio for the talks has now moved from the Energy Ministry to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Russian Firm Withdraws from Energy Consortium Drilling Near Disputed Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border

Block 9 is the focus of the current dispute between Lebanon and Israel over their mutual maritime boundary, thus delaying any exploration in that area.

Hezbollah Chief Again Threatens Israel Despite Impending Maritime Border Deal with Lebanon

Lebanon and Israel are close to sealing an agreement on the maritime border, a Lebanese official said.

Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Pulls Out of Competition to Avoid Facing Israeli Athlete

Charbel Abou Daher pulled out of the competition in Abu Dhabi after a draw placed him against Israeli athlete Yonatan Mak in the Youth B 48-kilogram weight class category.

American Mediator Denies That Israel Rejected Lebanon Offer

American mediator Hochstein: Israel has yet to respond to the Lebanese proposal.

Report: Israel Rejected Lebanon’s Proposal on Mediterranean Natural Gas Field

US envoy Amos Hochstein spent 3 days in Tel Aviv to discuss the demarcation but faced a decline in Israeli Interest.

Macron to Lebanese Newspaper: Lebanon ‘Would Not Survive a New Conflict on the Southern...

Macron also said he wanted to see those responsible for the Beirut port disaster being put on trial and punished.

Lebanese Archbishop Carried Medicines and More than $460,000 from Israel to Lebanon

Mohammad Raad, Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc leader, called the archbishop’s delivery of cash and medicine a “national betrayal.”

US Energy Envoy Makes Unannounced Stop in Israel After Talks in Lebanon

Hochstein reportedly met with Prime Minister Yair Lapid and other top officials to discuss the dispute on the location of Israel’s offshore Karish natural gas field.

Grain Silos Partially Collapse at Beirut Port, Revisiting 2020 Trauma

Officials had some warning of what was to come, as the tilting northern portion of the silos began to lean over even more heavily last week.

Lebanon ‘Optimistic’ Over Chances for Maritime Border Deal with Israel

US special energy envoy Amos Hochstein was expected to arrive in Beirut this weekend to continue his efforts at mediating a deal between the two sides.

‘Maritime Border Dispute with Lebanon on Verge of Solution’

Report: Israel assesses that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s recent threats are an attempt to frame the pending agreement as Hezbollah achievement.

Nasrallah Threatening War Over Mediterranean Gas Drilling

Nasrallah said he had been suffering from serious coughing bouts and had difficulty speaking.

Israel Warns Lebanon Over Hezbollah ‘Aggression’

"Hezbollah's aggression is unacceptable and is liable to lead the entire region into an unnecessary escalation."

Hezbollah Demands Israel Hand Over an Old Railway Tunnel in Rosh Hanikra

Hezbollah demands Israel dismantle a concrete barrier built in the 1940s at the exit of the tunnel facing Lebanon, and transfer sovereignty over the tunnel itself to Lebanon.


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