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IDF Unveils Hezbollah’s Precision-Guided Missile Production Complex, Supplied by Iran

However, in recent days Hezbollah operatives have been moving the most sensitive and expensive equipment out of the facility, fearing an Israeli attack on the site.

Netanyahu: Man in Beirut Bunker Knows Why He’s There

"We will continue to do everything necessary in order to maintain the security of Israel ... and to act against the threat of precision missiles."

Former Lebanese PM Slams Hezbollah’s Attack

He famously sobbed in 2006 as he described the effects of the war on the Lebanese people during a televised address at the conference.

IDF Polishes Its Psychological Warfare Against Hezbollah

The dramatic scenario was planned from the ground up, with every bit of minutiae attended to, even including the bandages.

Bahrain Tells Citizens to Leave Lebanon

Bahraini citizens were told to leave Lebanon "given the events and developments in the country that require everyone to take precautions."

Update 6:20pm: Hezbollah, IDF Skirmish on Northern Border – No Israeli Casualties

IDF: "A short while ago, fires broke out in the Lebanese border area. The fires originate with operations by our forces in the area.”

Reports: IDF Shelled Southern Lebanon

IDF aircraft were reported to have dropped flammable material on a grove in the area known as Stara Farms, with the aim of clearing the local forest to expand the exposed territory.

UN Security Council Renews Toothless UNIFIL Mandate

As the U.N. Security Council prepares to formally review the size of the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon and vote on its renewal, America and Israel are pressing for more authority to counter Hezbollah.

IDF Exposes Hezbollah’s Missile Accuracy Project Led by Iran

According to the IDF, it was decided to expose the project in order to deny Hezbollah the ability to hide the existence of its Iranian-sponsored manufacturing sites in Lebanon

Lebanese Army Fires at IDF Drones

The drones “completed their mission” and returned to their bases unharmed, the IDF stated.

Report: Beirut Drones Struck Hezbollah Precision Missile Factory

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization said it intends to respond with a “surprise” strike against Israel.

Analyst: Hezbollah will Attack Israel; Israel Facing Mass War on 2 Fronts

Nasrallah may follow through with his threats, and he may be currently planning the assault with his military chiefs.

Rouhani: Change in Iranian Terrorism Only If US Lifts All Sanctions

Rouhani was secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) for 16 years, and he boasted how he was using talks with Western powers to buy time to advance Iran's nuclear program.

Iran: Retaliation Against Israel Will Be ‘Shocking and Crippling’

The Iranian Parliament's General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said on Monday that the response to Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and Syria is...

Images Confirm Crashed Drones in Beirut from Iran, Not Israel – Prove Hezbollah Lied

The Israel Defense Forces did not comment, citing Israeli policy not to comment on "foreign reports."

Hezbollah Peddling Drugs to Teens in Syria, Locals Joining the Drug Dealing Bandwagon

Cannabis and cannabis products are the primary product being sold to kids in Syria by the Hezbollah drug network.

Turkey, Russia, Laying Claim to Mediterranean Off-Shore Gas

Since 2009, offshore oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean have been the subject of territorial disputes between Turkey on one side and Greece, Cyprus and Israel on the other.

Syria Opens Border Crossing with Iraq, Will Serve an Iranian Bridge to Lebanon

The upgraded Albukamal crossing is expected to serve as an Iranian land bridge through Iraq to Syria and from there to Lebanon, posing a new threat to Israel’s security.

Clashes Follow Lebanese Government Shutdown of Palestinian Refugees’ Illegal Enterprises

Back in 2005, Lebanon's labor ministry allowed Palestinian refugees to engage in professions from which they had been barred since 1948.

Syria Reports: Mutliple Dead, ‘Many Wounded’ in Multi-Pronged Israeli Attack

Damascus, Homs, and Tartous are among the areas were Iranian military sites were attacked overnight.

Trump’s Deal: Rail, Highway Connecting Gaza and PA, $50 Billion in Economic Projects

This is a well thought out plan, aimed at the actual source of suffering of Arab society, and offering realistic solutions. Heck, I'd love to see Israel adopting these principles.

Lebanon ‘Will Pay a Heavy Price’ if Hezbollah Attacks Israel, IDF General Warns; Drone...

Hezbollah’s allegiance is and has always been to the Supreme Leader of Iran and not to the Lebanese people, the general warned.

Muslim Brotherhood Representative in Southern Lebanon Assassinated

Lebanese sources say that Jarar was threatened by Hezbollah prior to his assassination over his pro-Syrian rebel stances.

UK Govt Hushed Up 2015 Hezbollah Bomb Plot in London

It appears the UK didn't want to undermine the recently signed Iran nuclear deal, by exposing the Hezbollah terror plans.

Runaway Lebanese Monkey Captured in Israel

The agile little creature is being repatriated under negotiations with the assistance of United Nations mediators.

Netanyahu: Hezbollah Receives $700M Annually From Iran, But Israel ‘Not Deterred’

"All of the Arab states know it. This is one of the things that is bringing them to a renewed closeness with us.”

US State Dept: Hezbollah Withdrawing from Syria

JewishPress.com was the first to report on Hezbollah's pending withdrawal from Syria.

Take a Look Inside Hezbollah’s Biggest, Baddest Terror Tunnel

In the bucolic southern Lebanese village of Ramiya lies a deadly trap below the surface, aimed at Israel.


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