Photo Credit: Jewish Press

Professional cake decorator Terry Lefkowitz recently hosted an Emunah event in her Miami Beach home. The cake decor class introduced participants to the world of layering, frosting and decorating. Terry expertly guided her “students” using tools and techniques in a thoroughly delicious hands-on program.

Though the gathering was a fun time for all, Emunah’s objective remains quite serious. Its mission is to alleviate the burdens of Israel’s social problems, strengthen the fabric of Israeli society, help provide education and social services, and provide emergency aid to Israel’s citizens during times of crisis.


To learn more or to donate to this worthy cause, visit or call 305-538-1222.

Décor Class participants (left to right): Ruchama Roth, Lisi Wolfson, Rachel Reinberg, Sandy Jacob, Robin Jacobs, Marcia Herschmann, Marilyn Gray, Vivian Gluck, Shuli Bossewitch, Instructor Terry Lefkowitz and Sharon Budwick.