Title: What Do You See in Your Neighborhood?

Author: Bracha Goetz

Publisher: Judaica Press



   When I sit on the couch with my son and daughter, both toddlers, they love to pick out one of the board books from the “What Do You See?” series for us to cozily read together.


   The joy in their little faces is clearly evident as they listen to the delightful rhymes and point to the bright and colorful photos that they can recognize on every page. When there is a new word for them to learn, we look at the pictures and play “Can you find…?” The children get very excited seeing pictures of other adorable little children eating, playing, and singing.


   With the newest addition to the series just released, What Do You See In Your Neighborhood, we tour the familiar sights that young children actually get to go and see. Together we go for a walk, stop at the park, attend their playgroup, go to the store, ride in a car, visit the doctor, and even peek in shul – all while still cuddling on the couch.


   All the “What Do You See?” board books display regular daily objects and activities in an age- appropriate and enjoyable manner. It is a charming way for toddlers to increase their vocabulary, while learning about the everyday life of a Jewish family.


   The book is available at local Judaica stores and from the publisher at judaicapress.com.