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Israeli Security Forces Arrest 7 Infiltrators From Jordan

There was no information released on where the infiltrators were captured, nor whether they were armed.

IDF Downs Drone Flying from Gaza

Hamas has been working on developing aircraft that can be used for surveillance or attack missions.

Israeli Hospital Launches Collaboration with Largest Rehabilitation Facility in China

This is the first type of agreement for Reut Hospital signed with a prestigious and leading medical institution in China.

Friedman: Trump Plan Will Not Evict Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria

“Having seen the experience of the evacuation of Gaza, I don’t believe that there is a realistic plan that can be implemented that would require anyone—Jew or Arab—to be forced to leave their home,” said U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

Terrorist Shot Attempting to Ram Security Forces Near Ramallah

After the incident, residents began rioting, throwing rocks and firebombs at the security forces present. Border Police responded with riot disposal methods.

Shaked Refuses to Sign Bibi’s New Loyalty Oath: ‘Enough Already’

When a couple is married, they don't reaffirms the ketuba every month.

Jordan Denies Permitting Israeli Farmers to Remain in Tzofar Enclave

A Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesman said the consultations Jordan has been holding with Israel concern the termination of the lease – not its renewal.

Netanyahu Requests Pardon for Naama Issachar from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

Both Netanyahu and Rivlin have also personally appealed separately to Putin on the young tourist's behalf.

Russian President to Consider Pardon for Israeli-American Citizen

Netanyahu’s office said he was keeping an eye on Issachar’s case; he discussed the matter with Putin at their meeting, and on the phone.

Israel ‘Disgusted’ by Vandalism at British War Cemetery in Haifa

Vandals smashed and drew swastikas on gravestones of Commonwealth soldiers killed during the two World Wars.

Report: Trump Pullout Draws Anti-Israel Forces Away from Golan Border

Trump is actually restoring the religious balance in the region and weakening Iran's hold on the areas alongside Israel's border.

Israeli Security Raid Turns Up Major Illegal Weapons Cache

The raid turned up 19 pistols, five Kalashnikov assault rifles, and a large quantity of ammunition.

Israelis Protest in Solidarity with Kurds of Northern Syria

The demonstrators held picket signs that referred to the Holocaust, with some of the signs reading, “Never Again.”

Bibi Pleading with Putin over Israeli-American Woman’s 7.5-Year Sentence for 9-Gram Possession

Surely, Netanyahu who swapped more than 1,000 Arab terrorists for one Israeli boychick would find it in his heart to let one hacker go in exchange for an innocent Israeli woman.

IDF, Birthright Team up for ‘Reverse Encounter,’ Bringing IDF Officers to New York, Boston

“We came back a little prouder of what we do. It sharpened something in our sense of mission,” say Israeli officers who visited American Jewish communities.

New Center to Grapple with Torah and Technology, Aims to be an International Resource

A newly established research center at the Jerusalem College of Technology seeks to answer pivotal religious questions, such as: Can you send Alexa voice commands on Shabbat?

Israel Publishes Tender for Innovative Waste-to-Energy Facility

Once built, the new facility will serve as the main waste-to-energy treatment plant in metro Jerusalem and surrounds.

Citing 1973 War, Netanyahu Stresses Importance of Preemptive Strike

By 5 AM on October 6, Chief of Staff Davis Elazar recommended a full, immediate mobilization of forces and a preemptive air strike. He was overruled by Prime Minister Golda Meir.

Yamina Split Back into New Right (3) and Habayit Hayehudi-National Union (4)

An analysis of the recent election results shows that the majority of the Yamina votes came from New Right voters, while Habayit Hayehudi and the National Union lost thousands of votes to Otzma Yehudit.

Jordan Valley Council Appealing to King Abdullah for Help in Preserving Israeli Lands

October 26 will mark 25 years since the signing of the peace agreement between Israel and Jordan, and that very day, the land lease will be terminated.

Attack in Halle Live-Streamed by Terrorist, Shows ‘Anti-Semitism in Europe Increasing,’ Netanyahu Warns

Netanyahu called on German authorities to "continue taking determined action against anti-Semitism." Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a synagogue vigil Wednesday in Berlin.

Arab MKs Irate as Netanyahu Condemns Violence in their Communities

Israeli Arabs—who comprise 21% of the population—are involved in 57% of all murders, 55% of attempted murders, 59% of arson, 45% of robberies, and 26% of drug offenses.

Saudi Soccer Team Catching Flak for Going through Israel to Ramallah Match

Back in 2018, the Saudis refused to play the PA team in Ramallah in a FIFA qualifying match, and the game was played in Jordan instead.

Israel Blocks Departure of 4 Temple Mount Rioters

According to the information presented to Minister Deri, the rioters' departure from the country could pose a risk to state security.

President Rivlin Visits Halfway Facilities on Eve of Yom Kippur

President Rivlin said, “After the month of Selichot – penitential prayers – and during the ten days of repentance, this is the time for forgiveness: to request it and to grant it, as individuals and as a society”

On Eve of Yom Kippur, Liberman Sends Netanyahu, Likud, to [Expletive]

"Today's Likud has nothing to do with the Revisionist movement. It is a collection of apparatchiks."

Physicians on Aliyah: Doctors Arrive to Strengthen Israel’s Medical Status

To date, more than 600 physicians have integrated into the healthcare system through this initiative.

WATCH: Avinu Malkenu Sung from the Ari Fuld Lookout in Oz VeGaon Forest

The video clip shows the magnificent panorama of the Judean Hills as seen from the Ari FUld Lookout in the Oz VeGaon Forest.

Terrorists Attack IDF Soldiers, Worshipers at Joseph’s Tomb

Despite the attacks by terrorists, some 1,000 worshipers were able to pray at the Tomb "on time," the IDF said.

Deri to Revoke BDS Front Man Barghouti’s Residency

“This is a man who works to harm the country . . . so he must not enjoy the right to be an Israeli resident.”


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