United Hatzalah Volunteers Perform CPR on 2 Shooting Victims in Arab Triangle

Israel's Arab community has been awash in a seemingly endless deluge of fatal shootings, between rival clans, within clans, and within families.

Israel Nationalizes El Al – 17 Years After Privatization

The deal is conditioned on El Al signing collective bargaining agreements with its employees that reflect efficiency measures required by the Finance Ministry.

Israeli Head of Public Health Resigns: Coronavirus Policy Lost Its Compass

"It is clear that in a situation of widespread community morbidity, the disease will also extend to the protected sub-populations to a large extent."

Netanyahu Government Turns Blind Eye as Trump’s Deal Spurs Arab Race to Build in...

The residents of Kfar Nahlin, located in Area B and bounded by a natural river channel, a few months ago began to seize land outside the village – in Area C

Edelstein: ‘Still More to Be Done’ in Fighting COVID-19

“The virus is changing its behavior and we must adjust ours accordingly.”

Israel Closing Clubs, Gyms, Bars, Event Halls in Hopes of Containing COVID-19 Pandemic

National Security Council head Meir Ben-Shabbat: "We are one step away from a total closure."

Israel Set to Appoint First-Ever Bedouin Ambassador to Head Eritrea Mission

Ishmael Khaldi, who has held several Foreign Ministry positions since becoming Israel’s first Bedouin diplomat over a decade ago, is known as a staunch defender of the Jewish state.

Mossad Chief’s Tenure Extended by Six Months Due to ‘Security Challenges’

Yossi Cohen was asked to extend his term in office by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and will remain in office until June 2021.

Israel Expecting 250,000 Olim in Next 5 Years

The Jewish Agency’s call center is flooded with inquiries, an increase of 50% from English speaking countries and 70% from French-speaking countries.

Terrorist Who Murdered Avraham Hassano in 2015 Sent to Life in Prison

Alttiti was also ordered to compensate the Hassano family with NIS 1.8 million.

Rafael Signs with Abu Dhabi Group to Develop Solutions Against Coronavirus

This joint initiative brings together some of the region’s most active players in the response to COVID-19.

Rachelle Fraenkel: Hamas Sought to Curse Israel But Blessed Us Instead

“In a problematic situation, when it is possible to be so critical, it is important to find the good, to connect with it, to love it, to increase it and then let it grow and look at reality,” Fraenkel said.

IDF Attacks Gaza Terrorists in Retaliation for Rocket Fire

Israeli combat helicopters targeted a Hamas military post in the area of Zeitoun, east of Gaza City.

Netanyahu: Happy Independence Day, America!

“Thanks for being such a close friend and ally!”

Israeli Social Workers to Launch Strike

"This will be the largest social services strike to ever take place in the country.”

Netanyahu: ‘Very Strong’ COVID-19 Resurgence is ‘Emergency Situation’

“If we do not block the spread of the coronavirus we will have neither health nor an economy.”

Southern City of Arad Preparing for Wave of Aliyah

Some 10,600 immigrants currently reside in Arad, about 36% of the population. Most of the immigrants in Arad came from the former USSR, as well as from the US, Argentina, the United Kingdom and France.

Finally: National Council of Young Israel Takes on BLM Anti-Semites

NCYI President Farley Weiss condemned the marchers who “desperately seek justice and an end to racism" and "are themselves engaging in abhorrent and hypocritical behavior that fans the flames of bigotry and hate.”

Israel’s Latest Source to Balance Ailing Budget: Facemask Fines

"I do not plan to vote for or support raising the fine to NIS 500. It's excessive," the Knesset committee chairman said.

German Lawmakers Attack Jewish State’s Sovereignty Plan, Say ‘Silence is Not an Option’

“Germany killed 6 million Jews in World War II, in the Holocaust, and now Germany wants to tell Israel how to defend its security,” said Marcel Goldhammer, a journalist with both German and Israeli citizenship.

Global Parliamentarians Express Support for Israeli Sovereignty

Hundreds of parliamentarians from 20 countries wrote such a move has the potential to bring peace and prosperity closer to the region.

2nd Lieut. Becky’s Family Came from Canada for Reunion at President Rivlin’s Residence

Becky concluded the meeting with a bashful smile, thanking her commanders in Hebrew for helping her to reach this point and to the president for hosting her and her family.

Netanyahu Warns Israelis COVID-19 Restrictions Are Back: ‘We Need to Change Direction – Right...

A maximum capacity of 50 is to be allowed at bars, wedding halls and clubs; no more than 20 people at all other gatherings.

Israel Heading to Elections if Annual Budget Isn’t Approved, says Finance Minister

“The public is in desperate need of reform and financial aid” regardless of politics, says Finance Minister Israel Katz • Coalition deal sets Aug. 15 deadline for the passing of a biennial budget.

Sovereignty Movement Goes All Out to Support Netanyahu’s Move

The movement promises to continue its activities with the ministers, members of Knesset and politicians to bring about essential changes leading to the first step of sovereignty.

Vatican Warns Jews, Americans, Against Liberating Biblical Lands

The dire need for Israeli sovereignty has nothing to do with the two-state solution, but with the safety of an estimated 3,000 Jewish homes which are once again in jeopardy.


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