$10,000 Lost in Israeli Train Station Returned to Grateful Owner

“More than I was excited to hear that the money was found, I was excited to see the commitment and mobilization of the railway employees to recover the loss."

More Than Half a Million Visitors at Western Wall Since Start of Sukkot

Some 50,000 people took part in the second Birkat Kohanim ceremony, and tens of thousands have streamed to the Wall daily during Sukkot.

Five Arrested for Spitting at Christians in Jerusalem

Both Israeli Chief Rabbis, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites and multiple Israeli lawmakers all condemned the attacks earlier this week.

Israeli Security Forces Arrest 17 Suspected Terrorists Overnight

The forces seized illegal weapons, terrorist funds, military equipment, firearms, and grenades, the IDF said. The funds were transferred to security forces for further processing.

Annual Jerusalem March Heads to Sacher Park

This year, the march had three parts: a morning walk with three routes to choose from; a celebration in Sacher Park; and the festive parade itself.

3-Yr-Old Girl Wounded in Palestinian Authority Rock Attack

Four Israelis have been killed in Huwara and a number of others wounded since January.

US Secretary of State Blinken to Arrive in Israel for Talks on Normalization with...

Shortly after Blinken’s visit, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is scheduled to fly to the United States for meetings in Washington DC on the normalization process with Riyadh.

Israel Police Wants Rules of Engagement Relaxed to Allow Shooting at Violent Crowds

Police officers today are only allowed to fire when their lives are in danger and are not allowed to shoot in the air to disperse a violent crowd.

Are Israel and Mauritania Holding Covert Talks?

Mauritania and Israel had diplomatic relations from 1999-2010.

Fiji to Open Embassy in Jerusalem in Early 2024

The announcement comes as hundreds of pilgrims from Fiji are in Israel to take part in the annual Feast of Tabernacles celebrations organized by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

OECD Urges Israeli Government to Stop Subsidizing Yeshiva Students, ‘Encourage’ Them to Work

The OECD also recommended the government stop subsidies to yeshiva students, and increase funding for schools in the Arab sector.

IAI, Azercosmos Announce Contract to Sell Advanced Satellites to Azerbaijan

The two companies said they are committed to a successful implementation of the Azersky-2 program, and are looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation in future space programs.

Israel’s Rabbinic, Political Leaders Condemn Attacks on Christian Pilgrims

"An act of taunting nations using the name of religion and the name of heaven is a desecration of the name of heaven."

Israel Launches ‘Anywhere’ Campaign to Attract Foreign Tourism

The campaign rolled out this week in the US, Israel’s fastest growing market, as well as Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain with the US investment being the Ministry’s largest investment.

Netanyahu & Gallant: Iran Won’t Stop Us from Expanding Circle of Peace, Security for...

“The murderous Iranian regime has already succeeded in tearing up countries it has taken over, and now it’s attempting to damage peace efforts, with its threats.”

Netanyahu Meets Ben-Gvir in Bid to Ease Coalition Tensions

The national security minister was excluded from a recent security assessment, and is reportedly frustrated by the coalition's unwillingness to harshen conditions for security prisoners.

Red Alert as Islamic Jihad Test-Launches Rockets from Gaza

While the rockets did not cross the border into Israel, they came close enough to set off the red alert.

Report: Israel Attacked Iranian Militia Base in Syria

Unidentified warplanes were flying over the region when a "violent explosion" was heard.

Air Force Chief to Refusenik Pilots: Report by October 17 or Don’t Come Back

A pilot who will not be on the list as part of the active reserves by October 17 will risk being dismissed from the force.

Watch: Priestly Blessing at the Kotel

Tens of thousands of Jews attended Monday morning’s Birkat Ha’Cohanim – the priestly blessing – at the Western Wall.

Vindictive: Justice Hayut Cancels her Retirement Ceremony to Stop Justice Minister from Speaking

Levin upset Hayut and the powers that be in the judicial system when he refused to appoint Justice Yitzhak Amit to replace Hayut.

Israeli, Saudi Sources: US Obsession with ‘Palestinians’ Harming Normalization

The Saudis are not pressuring Israel to make hefty concessions to the Palestinian Authority.

Chief Rabbi Says Treif Food Makes You Dull, Offending Secular Israelis

Some may not like it, but none of his teachings is without a solid foundation in classical, mainstream Jewish tradition.

Baby Girl Harmed in Terror Attack

The baby suffered cuts on her face from broken glass.

Female IDF Soldiers will Finally No Longer Guard Terrorists after Scandal

The guard said she was threatened into allowing the terrorist's abusive behavior.


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