Report: Netanyahu May Dissolve the Knesset, Call for New Elections

Liberman is not the only one refusing to accommodate Netanyahu's demands: the Rightwing Union has yet to be satisfied regarding the two portfolios it demands.

Netanyahu Government Planning School for Illegal Bedouin Settlement Bordering on Israeli Town

Rahma is not the first illegal Bedouin shantytown to use a school as grounds for permanent residence. It is, in fact, the Bedouin communities' modus operandi.

Pompeo: We Hope Trump’s Deal Brings Brighter Future for Arabs, But No Guarantees

He promised that President Donald Trump's "deal of the century" would be unveiled this summer.

PA: German Anti-BDS Law Shows How Israel Using Holocaust to Blackmail the Europeans

The resolution was brought by all the centrist parties in the Bundestag, with the right and left parties offering their own versions.

Greenblatt Tells UN Security Council Hamas, Islamic Jihad to Blame for Gaza Crisis

Greenblatt urged the Security Council to “stop pretending that UNRWA and UN resolutions will somehow solve the conflict."

President to Air Force Special Forces: ‘The Public Knows Little of What You Do’

In 2007, Shaldag was involved in Operation Orchard, the destruction of a Syrian nuclear reactor.

Meet Ashraf Jabari, PA Arabs’ Last Hope

"Twenty-five years ago, the Palestinians were in a terrific situation. Israelis and Palestinians worked together in Hebron. How many people have been killed since 1993?"

Miami Church Suspends Israel Celebration Over Consul’s Pride Parade Appearance

Haiat was told by Delgado that he was concerned that his congregation would be offended by his behavior.

Pollard: Israel Doesn’t Care About Me

"This is the test, will you be willing to fight for one person? And if you're not, then draw your own conclusions."

Terrorist Firebomber Shot North of Efrat

The terrorist was shot in the leg, just as he was about to throw a firebomb onto the highway.

Knesset Modifies Same-Sex Couple Policy for MKs

Israel's 21st Knesset, which has 5 openly homosexual MKs, is amending its forms and granting legislators' same-sex partners more rights.

IDF Safely Returns 2 Children Abandoned by Gazan Parents

The Gazan parents tried to stay in Israel, and abandoned their children at the Erez checkpoint,

Israel Police Intercept Hundreds of Terror-Related Items en Route to Gaza

The confiscated objects included electronic components, military flashlights, lights used for diving, an engraving machine, binoculars, security cameras, routers, a remote-controlled air balloon, a digital microscope, goggles, and biometric equipment.

Second-Temple Era Jewish Bones Buried Properly after Desecration by Arabs

"The State of Israel cannot accept this barbarity, and must provide a broad response to this matter."

Security Prisons to Cut Terrorists’ Luxury Canteen Products by 50% following Civic Group’s FOI...

Warning: reading the list of luxury foods bought by the PA for their terrorists behind bars might cost you your diet -- and your lunch.

Immunity Bill Submitted to Knesset Approval, Will Determine Netanyahu’s Political Future

The PM's mortal enemy, MK Gideon Saar, skewered him over the move, suggesting the amended law would yield "zero benefit" and cause "maximum damage."

PA Sticks with Tradition of Missing Opportunities in Bahrain Economic Conference

Naturally, the PA's "the moon or nothing" approach continues the catastrophic Arab tradition that began with the wholesale rejection of the 1947 partition plan.

Israel Wraps Up Second-Highest Defense Export Year in Past Decade

The close cooperation between the IDF and defense industries, and Israeli willingness to allow clients to produce Israeli technology, are part of the success.

Knesset Speaker: ‘Polish Leadership is Again Trying to Distort History’

Poland is the only European Union country that has failed to pass a law that restores the property to Holocaust survivors and to others dispossessed during World War II or Communism.

Report: Israeli Academics Tried to Kill German Anti-BDS Law

"Contrary to NGO claims that they are engaging in 'legitimate criticism' of Israel, the NGO rhetoric, publications, and activities often violate accepted standards."

Hebrew University’s International Graduate Professor Spouts Anti-Israel Rhetoric

Panteleimon Papadopoulos, a foreign student from Greece who was enrolled in the course, told Im Tirtzu that Golan "created a hostile image of this country which does not correspond to reality."

Israel Indicts Serial Drive-By Shooters, One an Israeli Lawyer, the Other PA Official

According to the Shin Bet investigation, the two men used Zakariya Zubeidi's vehicle in the attacks – a vehicle he had received from the Palestinian Authority as part of his job in the prisoners ministry.

Mubarak: ‘Deal of the Century’ Will Blow Up the Region

Mubarak challenged President Trump's solution. "Projects, investments and cooperation? But what is the political path?"


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