IDF Destroys Hamas Attack Tunnel Used in June 2024 Infiltration Attempt

This past June, four Hamas terrorists tried to infiltrate Israeli territory through the tunnel route that was destroyed.

Gallant Updates Austin on Attempt to Eliminate Deif in Gaza, Situation on Northern Border

Gallant told Austin he ordered the construction of a temporary field hospital along the Gaza border to treat ill Gazan children.

Dichter: Philadelphi Corridor Must Remain in Israeli Hands

"There is no substitute for the presence of our forces on the axis to prevent the flow of arms from Iran to Gaza."

Overnight Hezbollah Rocket Barrages Target Nahariya, Meron

The attacks represent another escalation in the drip-drip ongoing war of attrition launched against northern Israel by the Iranian proxy.

First Draft Notices for Haredi Recruits Expected Next Week

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told the Knesset plenum last week that 3,000 haredi soldiers will be drafted to the military by next summer.

IDF: Half of Hamas Military Leadership Eliminated Since War Began

Thus far the IDF has eliminated six Hamas brigade commanders, more than 20 battalion commanders, and some 150 company commanders.

IDF Bombs UNRWA School in Nuseirat, Eliminates 20 Terrorists

The terrorists planned and directed numerous attacks against IDF troops in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Gov’t Allocates $275,000 for Defense of Oct. 7 Nukhba Terrorists

The Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee on Tuesday discussed a legislative amendment that would halt the funding.

Three Israelis Arrested for Harming National Security at Iran’s Behest

A citizen from Beit Shemesh near Jerusalem, was charged with illegal contact with a foreign agent.

CPI Up 0.1% In Israel in June, Cost of Homes Increases

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reports that prices went up.

Cuban Jewish Delegate Leads GOP Convention in Prayer for Israeli Hostages

"We remember and pray for freedom for the hostages kidnapped and held so cruelly against their will. Lord, please keep them in your sight and hasten the day of their freedom.”

Pro-Israel Influencer Yoseph Haddad Banned from YouTube Again

The few pro-Israel accounts need to be defended,” the IDF veteran said.

Israel Rejects Norwegian FM’s Request to Visit, Cites Recognition of Palestinian State

Norway not only recognized a Palestinian state but refused to recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Yawning Gap bet. Netanyahu and his Negotiating Team on Philadelphi Corridor

Netanyahu has been under enormous pressure from within the security establishment to agree to remove IDF controls from the Gaza border with Egypt.

3 Injured Lightly from Terrorist Fire on their Vehicle in Samaria

The wounded told the medical team that treated them that a cluster of between 8-9 shots were fired at them.

Northern Israeli Evacuees Urge ‘No Compromises’ with Hezbollah

“We cannot negotiate with those who seek our destruction,” Matan Davidian asserted. “We need a strong and clear response to ensure our future.”

Syrian Businessman with IRGC Links Killed in Targeted Air Strike

The strike targeted a vehicle in which two people were riding near the Syrian town of as-Saboura near the border with Lebanon.

EU Prepares to Impose Additional Sanctions on Israelis in Judea, Samaria

One has to question how many Europeans the Council has sanctioned in response to their calls for the extermination of Jews . . . and the State of Israel.

Israel Staked Out the Villa of Hamas’s Khan Younes Division Commander, Waiting for Muhammad...

Israelis who were forced out of Gush Katif by Ariel Sharon’s government in August 2005 identified the Hamas compound that was erased by the IAF on Saturday night as Neve Dekalim.

Israel Strikes Terrorists Hiding in UN School

Hamas used the Abu Oraiban School as a hideout and as a point to direct and launch attacks on Israeli soldiers.

Rosh Pina Kosher Meat Restaurant Charged with Death of Dairy-Allergic Patron

The Health Ministry’s report shows failures on the part of the hospital and Osher’s Leumit HMO.

Google to Buy for $23 Billion Cloud Security Startup Belonging to Anti Judicial Reform...

Rapaport announced in February 2023 that Wiz would withdraw its funds from Israel.

Netanyahu to Meet Biden at the White House on July 22

The U.S. president had been criticized for not inviting the premier to Pennsylvania Avenue.

IDF: Hamas’ Khan Younis Brigade Commander is Dead. No Word Yet on Al-Qassam Chief...

""Mohammed Deif was afraid to die, so he hid in a way that even damaged his ability to command . . . We found him; we will also find those next in line."

Saudi-Israel Normalization Unlikely Before US Elections

Riyadh is also waiting for a ceasefire in Gaza before potentially signing on to the Abraham Accords.

IDF Northern Command Ramping Up Preparation for War with Hezbollah

This weekend a surprise exercise was held by the 920th Reserve Battalion of the 769th Brigade.

Cabinet Passes Extension of IDF Mandatory Service; AG Says ‘Not Constitutional’

"Increasing the burden on those who serve without simultaneously taking action to recruit yeshiva students to distribute the burden will not be constitutional."

Peace Now: Israel on the Way to Complete Annexation of Judea and Samaria

They describe violent Arab harassment of Evyatar’s Jews as “a significant security burden on the security forces.”

Israel’s 53rd Raid on Syria in 2024 Kills and Injures 7 Regime and Iranian...

"The sounds of explosions were heard as a result of the air defenses trying to intercept the Israeli missiles in Syria’s central region and the vicinity of Damascus."

Asharq Al Awsat: Sinwar’s Brother to Succeed Al-Deif as Head of Al-Qassam Brigades

Israel believes Al-Deif, and not Sinwar, was the brain behind the Hamas military force and the architect of the massive tunnel strategy.


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