White House Supports Jordan’s Position on the Temple Mount

President Biden stressed America’s support for a two-state solution to the current conflict.

Herzog Conveys Israel’s Condolences in Abu Dhabi on Death of UAE President

The President also congratulated Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed on assuming the role of President of the United Arab Emirates.

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Against Jerusalem Cable Car Plan

The government said the plan would increase tourism to sites in the Old City that are sacred to all three major religions and relieve the heavy traffic.

IDF Reopens Erez Crossing, Thousands of Gazans Return to Work in Israel

Most of those who entered Israel on Sunday were workers and merchants.

Jewish Families Threatened with Eviction from Hebron’s Beit Ha’Tekuma

The Hebron Jewish municipality maintains the building was purchased by Jewish residents from its prior Arab owners.

Police to Launch Probe Against 2 Arab-Party MKs for Assaulting Officers

Due to the documentation of the two incidents, Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara will have no choice but investigate the incidents.

After 3 Year Hiatus Israel Day Parade Returns to Big Apple

“This year's parade will be marked by the unity among all the movements of the Jewish people and between Israel and the Diaspora, and will be a crushing response to the rise of antisemitism in the United States and terrorism in Israel."

Brother of Zakaria Zubeidi Who Staged Prison Escape Dies of Injuries Sustained Friday

The troops surrounded the home of Mahmoud Adbai, a senior Islamic Jihad operative.

Regavim: Bennett Selling Out the Negev in Exchange for Coalition Stability

"The policy of whitewashing illegal Bedouin settlements is racist and absurd."

IAF Hits Iranian Targets in Syria, 5 Killed – Report

This is the twelfth IAF strike in Syria since the beginning of 2022, according to the SOHR’s count.

Walk-in Day on May 19 for Children’s Passports at US Embassy in Jerusalem

Adult passport renewals will not be included in the event.

Israel Opens Probe into Violence at Funeral for Al Jazeera Journalist

The findings of the investigation will be presented to the Commissioner in the coming days.

Temple Mount Rioter Succumbs to Injuries

Police said the rioter fell and hit his head while hurling rocks, resulting in a serious head injury.

Watch: Passing Soldier Stops Terror Attack in Progress Near Beit El

The terrorist attacked a car and was attempting to get inside and attack the passengers.

Yamina Crisis Worsens – Bennett Fires MK Kalfon, Returns Kahane to Knesset

Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana informed Bennett on Friday he would resign his ministerial post to return to the Knesset and “help strengthen the coalition."

For First Time in Israel’s History, High-Tech Exports Accounted for More than 50%

One-third of the high-tech companies in Israel, which employ around 25% of all the workers in the industry, is located in Tel Aviv.

PM Bennett’s Advisor Quits

Meir is considered an expert on Arab affairs.

Yamam Soldier Killed in Jenin Op; Update on IDF Jenin Investigation

There was a shootout during the operation with terrorists who were holed up in a building.

Look Who Claims to Have Shot the Al Jazeera Journalist

Two video analyses and research by Btselem show that the Jenin terrorists were the ones in the best position to have shot and killed Shireen Abu Akleh, and they even claimed they shot a soldier.

Coalition & Opposition Pass Bill Banning Contact with Palestinian Authority’s Security Services

The amendment is intended to change the definition in the law of "foreign agent" to include the PA.

Arab Threw Cinderblock at Israeli Vehicle, Attacked Passengers with Knife and Acid – Neutralized

Meanwhile, IDF, Shin Bet, and police special force Yamam are operating in Bruqin, Samaria, and an exchange of gunfire has been reported.

Arab MK Helps Suspect Escape Police Detention during Abu Akleh Riots

Yasser Arafat’s top advisor on Israeli issues in the 1990s, Tibi has not missed an opportunity to challenge Israeli law enforcement.

Hebrew U. Study Improves Our Understanding of Human Infertility

The study of zebrafish ovaries discovers new structure vital for normal egg development.

Ma’ale Adumin Bans Entry of Arabs Wearing M-16 Shirts

Arabs began wearing the M-16 logo after the Bnei Brak terror attack, as a show of support for the terrorists.

Russia Angry at Israel for Supporting WHO’s Move Out of Moscow

"Intentional attacks on health care facilities are a breach of international humanitarian law."

This Government Is Losing Control: Watch Arab Mobs Intimidating Israeli Police, Civilians

Meanwhile, on Mount Meron, one police officer pulled a George Floyd maneuver on a Haredi citizen.

Yamina Minister Kahana: Mansour Abbas Is Brave and Good for the Jews

For perspective, MK Mansour Abbas also has a Facebook page...


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